Amazing Home Theater Experience Complete Package described by George Walter at Rayva

ruling hey how’s it going Rob from the
tech reps I’m here with George from Rayva Home Theaters and you guys know I get excited this
is probably gonna be my mission you’re gonna be hearing me talk a lot about
Rayva Home Theaters I’m gonna let George introduce it and I’ll ask him some
questions as we go sure George a little bit of background
okay thanks Rob mmm this is our basic Rayva Home Theaters package and
really what’s exciting about it it’s all inclusive everything you see here
the engineering the interiors the electronics Rayva Home Theaters does something a
little special instead of the traditional way of every home theater is
a project where you pick all the different pieces parts with Rayva Home Theaters it’s a
product everything you see is all pre engineered to meet your expectations and
performance levels and we’d love to show it off one of the things you talked
about one of the things that I love I keep telling you guys just as Gary Vee
told me that uber does not sell taxi service they sell time and as George
gave a class today we were learning about Rayva Home Theaters one of the things that kept
ticking in the back of my mind is you guys having to pick out a projector does
it match the screen do I have the right speakers am I going Atmos
am I gonna do panels am I gonna do the car but what about the seats and that’s
only half of it and George made a great point in that meeting that how much time
he’s going to be able to save you guys and I just want to talk to you about
that sure I mean when would we conceived of this we realized that the time is one
of the things that you can’t get back we talked to dozens of dealers and as a
community we all struggle to get that time resource our integrate art
installers are overworked we can’t get quality installers so we said okay how
do we make them more efficient and how do we really make this jump profitable
because so many dealers told us that well we planned on it being a two-week
job and it went to four weeks or went to six weeks once that clients build you
can’t get that money back so when we started from square one every decision
we made was to save time to make it more efficient so we don’t cut holes in the
walls to do in wall speakers we mount them on the walls all the panels are all
calculated exactly where they’re gonna go and you just follow the template so
you can install this whole room we’ve actually done it a few times in two days
where normally it’s two weeks so conservatively conservatively we tell
people you can get it done in less than a week but we feel very confident it’s a
two-day job everything you see one of the most important things to me when I
open up the business you guys know is I wanted to get out of bed and sell
something that I believe in I took a couple of days thinking about coming up
here and meeting these guys and one of the things a lot of you guys said to me
was Rob who’s doing theaters I think we need to refocus back on theatres and
there is a game or media room and play with these guys and some other really
interesting stuff I’ll talk to you one-on-one about but bring up the point
VIN bruno’s in the area I’d like to bring him in but uh George just tell us
what Ben said about where the kids go when you have made the investment like
this sure kids go where they feel comfortable where they’re entertained
where the fun happens you know and that’s why when we talk to families who
have a theater like this they say that’s where the kids hang out they bring their
friends over sometimes they sit in here and do their homework why because it’s
comfortable it fits what they want to experience they may watch you know a
YouTube video which is part of school or they may watch their favorite cartoon or
they may want to movie anything is possible but it’s the right environment
you want your kids in a place in the home where they feel safe and they feel
comfortable and I think it comes down to the investment and you guys having a
conversation with the homeowner whether they looking to buy a boat that they’re
gonna use three times a year up here in the Northeast maybe they’re looking to
put a pool in this thing is gonna be all year-round fun and even if you could
just pan around to this whole theater it’s just an experience just to come in
here and I don’t it’s just a great investment I think it Reba we’re
passionate about theaters and we love to show off what we do so if you’d like to
come up here and experience this get in touch with us our doors are always open
this show room is up in Valhalla so if you guys are in the area even if you
come up to New York on a trip and you want to check out the showroom we’d love
to have you you local guys we need to get you in here ASAP just to get the
experience we all know as kids or even as adults whenever we walk into a home
theater there’s an emotional roller coaster it takes a son and that’s
something that happens in our brain and we got to bring that back to the home
world I hope we can so George I appreciate your information you give
them the website sure you can reach us Rayva Home Theaters

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