I really wish I had a taller tripod but
I dont so here we are hi my name’s Erica and I have a retinal
eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa which attacks my retina and causes me to
slowly lose my vision and because I have this eye disease I usually try to look
for things to just make my life a little bit easier so something that has changed
my life completely is the audio description feature for Netflix and
sometimes Netflix the description can be very overwhelming just because it tends
to over describe what is going on which I totally get because it wants you to
have as much of the visual information as like a normal viewer would have but
with that being said I love to go to the movies and a frequent theater that me
and my boyfriend go to is AMC and I’ve come to find out I don’t know how I
didn’t know before but they also have audio description because I’m a big ole
kid around the time where detective Pikachu came out I tried the audio
description and to my disappointment the device didn’t work fast-forward sometime
now I wanted to see spider-man with my boyfriend so a little bit before we
headed to the theater I tweeted AMC Theaters and I let them know like hey
like I try to use your audio description before it didn’t work I’m gonna try it
tonight let’s see what happens they asked me what theater was I told them
they said they would try to work on having them fix their devices whatever
so we make it to the theater and my boyfriend goes up and he asks for the
device it’s not that big I want to say it’s this is a pretty big cell phone but
it was like from here to like where this crease is about this big is how big the
device is and it comes with a basic like cheap little headphone we get the device
and my boyfriend let them know that last time I try to use the device and it didn’t work
nothing came on ziltch so spider starts and the device is not working I
didn’t want my boyfriend to miss like the whole beginning of the movie but he
didn’t mind and he ran over to where we got the device and he let them know hey
it’s not working what’s a deal they swap it out for a different one and the new
one worked at this point I’m like a giddy little child because it was
actually really good it’s definitely less description than the Netflix like I
said Netflix tends to over describe and at least the AMC version describes very
well like the big action scenes that being said that’s also the biggest con
because the movie can be loud and then the audio description is very low and it
can be overpowered by like the action and the speakers and all that stuff so
when I caught myself doing throughout the movie
which I didn’t mind actually is when the action was like really loud I would
raise the volume really high and listen to the description and then when
I noticed the movie was about to get lower I would lower it just so I don’t
distract the people around me hearing my crazy description or whatever is
going on with all that being said I feel like my back is starting to hurt kind of
like hunching over here but this is important overall it was a very good
experience AMC props to you because I really
appreciate that I love going to the movies and I felt like even though I
enjoyed it I was only gaining about like 70 percent if I’m lucky of the movie
now I get like a whole picture of what the movie was about the physical
nonverbal humour and all that stuff I definitely want to say try the device if
you haven’t already and definitely if the device doesn’t work try to send
somebody over I don’t know your friend your family your boyfriend whoever to go
and swap out the device because they all essentially should work but AMC and
their audio description devices have a history of not working I mean I looked
it up online and a lot of them just never worked for people like me
it will change your whole movie experience and I will definitely say that
I am going to continue using this accommodation for every movie I go to
for now on because it’s so good and I felt that watching this movie was way
more of a pleasant experience anyway you guys that is my rant my back is super tired
from the hunching over but definitely go use the devices definitely visit an
AMC and if any other theater does this like let it be more known oh one more
thing a suggestion for AMC not that you’re watching this but if you were
it’d be super cool if the feature is actually built into your AMC app
so when you do buy the ticket you buy the movie if you got the audio
description to start on your customer’s cell phone and have them use their own
headset that would be way easier but I’ll take it for what it is right now
and I’m so grateful and everybody else I’ll see you next one


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