AMC, Month in Review September

Welcome to AMC Month in Review, your vantage
point for our leadership’s engagements and focus areas. This month, Army Materiel Command’s commander
General Gus Perna met Chief of Staff of the Army, Gen. James McConville; Perna presided
over the activation and assumption of command ceremony for the U.S. Army Medical Logistics
Command; and Redstone Arsenal senior commander Lt. Gen. Ed Daly spoke with members of the
Redstone Community Relations Committee during a luncheon. Let’s take a look at some of these key events
from September 2019. On September 16, Chief of Staff of the Army
Gen. James McConville met with leaders from Army Materiel Command to learn how AMC is
working to meet the Army’s modernization and reform initiatives, and enabling readiness
at the tactical and strategic levels. Gen. Gus Perna, commanding general of AMC,
highlighted several recent and ongoing AMC initiatives supporting Army objectives, including
supply chain improvements, exercise support, facilities investment, Organic Industrial
Base modernization, and support for Soldiers and families. On September 17, Gen. Gus Perna presided over
an activation and assumption of command ceremony where Col. Michael Lalor became the first
commander of the newly formed U.S. Army Medical Logistics Command. I am confident that Col. Mike Lalor is the right commander at the right time to assume command AMLC was stood up as part of a restructuring
to become the Army’s primary medical logistics and sustainment command, responsible for managing
medical materiel readiness and the medical supply chain across the total force. We are ready for the challenging road ahead. Enabling the care of America’s sons and daughters on future battlefields You are ready. We are officially on the clock On September 27, Lt. Gen. Ed Daly, senior
commander of Redstone Arsenal, met with members of the Redstone Community Relations Committee
during a luncheon at The Summit on Redstone Arsenal The Committee consists of about 50 business,
professional and elected leaders working to address priorities important to the future
of Redstone Arsenal. In terms of the expansion, the growth and quite frankly; the resourcing and objectives across all these different portfolios’ and different organizations absolutely phenomenal. This is a great time to be in the Tennessee Valley Community partnerships and a diverse mission
set make Redstone Arsenal a worldwide leader in terms of science and technology, logistics,
space operations, missile defense and homeland security. To find out more about these topics visit
AMC’s webpage and thanks again for checking out AMC, Month in Review.

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