AMERICAN Visits $5 VIP Movie Theater in Mexico ! 😱🇲🇽

What is going on members of the Barrio? It’s Jon and tonight I have a date with Adriana. I’ve been hearing all about these VIP Movie theaters In Mexico that cost a little bit over 5 dollars For admission And you get this crazy cool experience With the leather couches I’ve seen photos, I’ve actually never gone Until tonight And Adriana and I are about to go Let’s see what she has to say about this Have you gone to these theaters before? No it’s my first time I heard about it to But it’s my first time And i’m ready for the couches and the popcorn And what movie are we going to be seeing? Thor And that was totally your choice not mine I love Marvel The next step is we have to call an uber Uber is such a cheap option in Mexico We are going to be going about 20 minutes away For approximately four dollars A very cheap night is about to begin And the uber is here So let’s get in We have arrived at this mall Which has the movie theater Interesting story from the Uber ride The driver actually asked me to go to the front seat Because he said the police would hassle him otherwise Have you ever heard of that? No.. not about the police About taxis or something Like that. but never the police Yeah apparently there is some sort of a grey area With Ubers in this town Anyways we’re at the mall It looks like a pretty upscale place They even have a Fuddruckers here I never thought I would see a Fuddruckers in Mexico Let’s get inside this theater I don’t know if they’re going to care about me having the camera I’m just going to say I’m Jon the gringo.. Good idea? Great idea. There’s actually two types of movies you can get here You can get the VIP which we did Or the regular ones Can you see the difference Have you ever been in a movie theater like this? You know what seats we are? D5/D6 This is pretty sweet I’m not going to lie This is exactly what I thought it would be Your table Thank you And to top it off We’ve got sushi on the menu You can even order martinis while you watch a movie What are you going to order? I don’t know i’m overwhelmed I think i’m going to order some sushi for sure Just for the novelty to say I ordered sushi during a movie in Mexico Okay This is the button you press When you want the waiter to come Right there The waiter was telling me that you can order Food even during the movie And you can even tell them to break it up If you just want to have your beer come first And your sushi come 30 minutes later They do it however you want Hey guys they started the previews So I have to stop filming We’re going to catch up as soon as the movie is over Alright the movie has let out It is after midnight And a couple of final thoughts One the customer service could have been a little bit better They forgot one of our orders I think Adriana didn’t get her popcorn for a while I don’t know what did you think? Yeah it took a while And also it was a little bit distracting. I was distracted by the people asking for food And the waitress coming and going I don’t know, i’m not sure What about the movie? I’m not a huge science fiction fan Thor I thought was okay I’ve never seen the other movies in the series I think it’s important to watch it so you can catch some of the jokes Of the movie But it was good I would do this again It wasn’t to expensive At least by U.S standards $11 dollars for sushi and beer Was a pretty good deal I thought Yeah definitley, if you have been in New York You know how expensive it can be Alright guys hope you enjoyed this little fun vlog We’ve got a lot more coming out from the Yucatan The mall is closing you can hear all these crazy sounds Around us Make sure you’re subscribed if you are new here Thank you so much for watching Until next time


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