American’s FIRST time at a movie theater in Mexico!

You’re laying on it, so we can’t get it? Are
you protecting it? Buenos dias, amigos! I am Maddie and I’m Jordan
And we are Tangerine Travels. We are at Cinépolis In Centro Magno which looks to
be insider another really really nice mall.
If you’ve been watching any of our videos for the past couple days though, you do know
one thing for certain, we have put on miles and miles and miles of walking to
make them happen. So today, we kind of want to do a little bit of the opposite
and sit down and relax at the movies! And This is our very first time at the
movies in Mexico. It was one of our favorite things to do in the States. Yeah
so, going to movies is something that we really, really enjoy doing. But since
we’ve been in Mexico, we haven’t had the opportunity, and also I think kind of we
had these preconceived notions we still don’t know entirely what it’s like. If
this mall is any indication, it’s probably going to be a pretty darn nice
theater, but we still as far as the language the movies going to be in
we have no idea. Is it going to have subtitles, Is it going to be dubbed? No matter what,
we’re excited to be here, and also not even sure what movie we’re going to watch. But
let’s go check it out. The matinee ticket price, it looks like
60 pesos. And what else do we have here… General admission is 74 pesos. This is
something we’ve never seen before, movie ratings here instead of G, PG, PG-13,
are the typical ratings in the US. There’s AA, A, B, B-15, C, and D.
They start at AA for your children’s, and then they go from there to…
I guess. D, solo for, just for adults. Da dults, dus for dadults. And here
we have an automatic ticket machine. We’re gonna choose Ready Player One at
1:50, we are not part of their loyalty club, adulto, dos. Before tax it’s 103,
after-tax it’s 120. And I think we’re getting the matinee
price, even though it said that started at 3 p.m. Oh. What seats? It looks like we can
pay with tarjeta de credito (credit card). Visa, MasterCard, American Express. [laughter] Palomitas (popcorn). So we’re actually having to walk around
the mall and explore a little bit because As it turns out they don’t let you into
the theater until about 15 minutes before. Also, the theater itself, it wasn’t
open yet. Everyone was wondering why we were walking around. We were there at
about like 12:45 and I don’t think the theater was actually open yet. Which is a
little bit different than we’re used to in the US, where theaters open at like
10:00 or so. So you can see a movie in the morning. Hello. Good afternoon. Anything else? A large popcorn. Butter? Yes. Yes, please. Anything else? That’s everything. 95. So I don’t really know if we needed to
do this but we rented out the entire theater. I’m just kidding, it’s completely
empty right now though. We’re the only ones in here. We got some popcorn here,
which is 54 pesos for a grande, so a large popcorn. It’s a liter of water, 23
pesos. And Jordan, the sugar lover, getting a bunch of candies. I didn’t get very much
but you can choose how much you got, Which we’re about 20 pesos each. Kind of
expensive for the small amount that you’re getting of each of these. Compared
to the popcorn, and the water, and some of the other prices, this (the candy) is maybe one of
the more expensive options. If you got a bottle of water in a u.s. movie theater,
you’d be paying $4 and it wouldn’t be this big. Same with the popcorn, I mean
this is a, you can see here, pretty good sized popcorn. In the US, this is
probably gonna be like six, seven, eight dollars. These aren’t the type of
reclining seats that you would find at some of the newer ones (theaters). They recline a
little bit, so they’re, they’re still comfortable seats. Oh yeah. The previews haven’t
started yet, but there are ads in here And they’re all in Spanish. However, the
music that’s playing right now is in English, so it’s a Spanglish experience. We just got out of the movie, but we
couldn’t say as much as we wanted to before because the lights went off and
it was completely pitch black in there before the previews had even started. But
we were a little bit confused right off the bat because some of the previews
were in English, some of them were dubbed some of them were in
Spanish, and some of them had subtitles, so it was a complete
mixture of all of them, and it wasn’t until just now, we started looking up at
all the movie posters and we saw some save they’re dubbed, some say they’re
subtitled, And other say they’re in Spanish, it’ll say sub-diddly-ada, or something, doblada, or Español. Ours was subtitled, so our movie was in
English with Spanish subtitles. This was, I feel like a pretty normal movie going
experience. I would be interested to see what the VIP experience looks like. One
of our subscribers recommended that but that theater was just a little bit farther
and we wanted to walk to this one. That’ll be for the next time, going to
the movies part 2. We ended up seeing the movie Ready Player One because it was
the most convenient time. I thought it was really good movie! It held my attention the whole time. I was
pretty much sitting on the edge of my seat, or actually breaking his hand. [laughter] cuz it was
kinda scary in some parts. I don’t like scary movies. But we would recommend it.
We hope you enjoyed coming with us. Our very first time ever going to the movies
in Mexico. So you’ll have to join us next time for the VIP experience.
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