Americans Watch K-Dramas For The First Time

– I presume these are South Korean dramas. Yeah, I don’t know what North Korea… I guess North Korea has
enough drama on its own. (“Clementine” by Chappell
Production Music) – I don’t know. Maybe there’ll be some dance numbers? – I expect what I see in the music videos, just without the music. – Things are kind of
amped up a little bit. – I literally didn’t even
know this was a thing. (electronic music) – So this school is super, super posh. – “This school is chosen for
the sons and daughters of God.” Did I read that right? – So if you don’t go to this school, you’re a piece of (bleeps). – I don’t approve of any of this. – All these guys in sport coats are just taking down the
one dude in a sweatshirt so we know who to root for. – Beat the crap out of him just now. – Where are the teachers? – Yo, run! – Now we have a girl riding a bike and she’s got this ingenious
dry cleaning hanger on the back of her bike. – I need that setup. – She’s a peasant. – She seems like a girl we
could all identify with. – They’re still beating him up! – They’re going to run into
each other and fall in love? – “It’s better to burn out
than to fade away,” Kurt Cobain Good to know Kurt Cobain
exerts such a strong influence on Korean media. – There’s a bunch of punks! Okay, I like it now. – This one guy’s straight up
got like, Busta Rhymes hair. – This guy’s got the most
preposterous wig of dreadlocks. – All right, it could be 2070 or 1983. – I feel like I’m having a good time when I’m watching these guys. – Somebody worked hard
stacking those cardboard boxes. – Their one friend is… dead? – Summing things up from
afar, go to your friend. Make sure he’s okay. – I’d be surprised if this guy didn’t die. – Mmm, he would have
hurt himself really bad. – This reminds me of when the
Jonas Brothers had a TV show. – They just had more
fun than I’ve ever had in my entire life. (electronic music) – It’s like they name these things just by spinning a wheel of words. – I love the name “Coffee Prince” ’cause I consider myself
kind of a Coffee Prince. – Oh, they’re racing. – Whoa, yeah, now we’re driving around. – He’s like a little kid. – Why would he think it would be okay to come in to the bathhouse like that? – No, she is a girl. Give her her money. – “No, you’re a guy.” Oh, geez, that’s so mean. – Bathing and showering with
a bunch of other naked women. Then you’re like, “Guys,
let’s get some noodles.” – Got a little Mulan situation going on. – Who the hell is this guy? Is he the Coffee Prince? – “I miss you so much “that my eyeballs are about to pop out.” I say that all the time. – He knows he looks good. – This guy’s like a
Korean Patrick Bateman. – I think he’s talking
to his mom like this, sort of flirting with her over the phone. – She works in a coffee plant? And he’s wealthy? What kind of (bleeps) son is this? (electronic music) – It did not reflect what
I thought it would be, but I liked them. – They really seemed to hang
on one element of a story for a good length of time. – The plots are crazy. – It’s kind of reminding me of the energies of a
Nickelodeon show, or something. Like, real fun. – “Boys Over Flowers” seemed interesting. I’d definitely keep watching that. – The only thing that
could get Americans excited about drama is murder. But they’ve found other things that South Korean audiences like. – Here’s the thing. I’m making fun of it, but
I could totally see myself, after like, five episodes, being like, “(Scoffs) This is so
dumb,” as I’m riveted. – You have there, again, the perfect hair. I would just kill for that hair. Constantly, constantly pushed by the wind, yet there’s no wind. But it always looks like…


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