America’s Got Talent 2018 Week 5 All Auditions Including Rob Lake, Joseph O’Brien! Got Talent Global

Hi My name is Joseph O’Brien from Columbia, Tennessee, and I’m 20 years old and who did you come here with today? I’m by myself today. So, you know all alone just You know, did you need someone at home? Do you have a girlfriend a wife or no? I I don’t have a girlfriend I’ve actually been single my entire life Actually never got a legit date or anything like I Guess like the right opportunity hasn’t come along. So have you ever stalked? Anyone many have ever what? Hey Hey even know what that means. What if snog means snogging is kissing? Me but kissed anyone then. No, I have no No kissing. No, it’s not happen It’s gonna happen maybe who knows You’re really nervous, aren’t you? Yeah. No, I’m not nervous at all Joseph take it away and good luck. Thank you so much I’ve been alone with you inside my mind To my dreams I’ve kissed your lips a Thousand times. I sometimes see you pass outside my door. Hello Isn’t he you’re looking for Knocking see it in your eyes. I can see it in his smile You’re all I’ve ever wanted in my arms Oh Hello see the sunlight in your head Again how much I care tell me how to win? Cuz I have Silver Star Good evening Oh, what is your name? My name is Rob Rob and where you from, er, I’m from, Oklahoma What do you do in Oklahoma? I am an illusionist. So this is how you make a living This is how I make a living and your family is supportive of this They are now I when I was 20 years old I dropped out of college to do this full-time and at that time my family was very Concerned that I’ve made some really bad decisions, you know, this is a life-changing moment for you I’ve been preparing my entire life for this moment. That’s how much this means to me Wow, this is your shot room is yours. Go ahead awesome To get started I need the help of a bunch of adults from the audience if you want to come up and help me out Catch a frisbee right now If you have a frisbee hold it up high stand up walk down checking over here and Maggie Would you mind joining me on stage? Sure excellent? And Tyrell, would you mind coming out as well? Heidi Nice to meet you So I have challenged myself to create real magic We have lots of eye witnesses people from all around the theater chosen at random And we also have a live video camera everybody. Say hello And To make this even more impossible. I’m going to leave the theater. I’m going to remove myself completely from the equation But first I’m going to take a selfie with Simon Got it. Don’t worry. I’ll tag you You see I want to leave the theater this way No one could think I’m trying to fool the people on stage and make it even more impossible So for all of you on stage, you have to listen carefully for my instructions. So the magic might work All right buy a round of applause let me know that you can all still hear me in the theater Very good right. Now we are going to give all of the volunteers on stage a tour of the stage You will notice in the middle of the stage we have a platform Feel free to bang on the platform and check it out as you walk by Heidi and Tyra, I’d like you to please go on top of the platform and when you get to the top Please do not move stay where you are We need another person in the back it’ll be your job to watch them behind and I need one more person below the platform watching and witnessing this as it happens from below Now my assistants are going to bring out a curtain Heidi and Tyra go ahead and hold on to the curtain and do not let go Now remember we have people watching this from all possible angles in every direction The circumstances are physically impossible for an illusion on the count of three one two three Welcome to America’s Got Talent And you are my name is Brody ray. Hi, Brody ray, and where are you from? I’m from Kearney, Nebraska Go big red middle America And what do you do for a living? I do home care for individuals with special needs that’s wonderful and Then what are you gonna be doing for us tonight? I’m gonna be singing you guys a song called stand in the light. Is that an original? No, it’s a song by Jordan Smith. And is there a reason you chose this song? Kind of it kind of applies to my life, you know Overcoming struggles and battles and what is the struggle that you’ve overcome? Um, I actually was born female. I’m transgendered Oh, really? Wow, well, we wish you the best thank you. Go ahead Did not tell you Would you sing never look back as you’re walking away? Carry them here with memories keep them inside you Feel pretty Don’t stop those tears from falling down Riding the stone becomes raging to die sweet The surface with alt o Please Shaykh ismail quote standing in the laughs She’s real So standing in the light and be seen as me What do you think about the judges Oh Simon his top his smart and he’s sure I Thought the job thing was all over the place and no one’s gonna talk about it afterwards which is why you don’t know Well visas asked him to oversee a Spice Girl. I Personally was not Wow. Oh I just don’t think it’s million-dollar To choose anyone who’ll be out? Oh, absolutely. Yeah, he’s open. You know who’s ever a weird thing? Okay Howie, would you hold your hand up for me? Okay great and I’m looking for a volunteer first with your hand up how Can you think of a celebrity for me someone famous? Okay. This is a brand-new bottle of water Julie just open up and have a little sip. Oh really? Take a sip. Yeah think of the celebrity I hold the water in your mouth and then spit it back into the bottle. Oh Yeah, yeah back in And you know wine tasting wine tasting Did you eat fish up luggage I think I never slept – you’re thinking of other Simon Cowell I’m gonna tell you get your ferreira ready, baby. It’s gonna be out. Okay, I need a volunteer You please come up yet? Oh, yeah we I’m really ticklish. I don’t want to be touched. Don’t worry about it Always having I Welcome. What’s your name, please? I’m dr. Steven Eisenberg. How are you? Are you really? Yes, I’m an oncologist and I write songs for my patients to help them heal Wow Are you from San Diego, California? And why did you decide to come on the show this year I wanted to do something for my patients They say you’ve got to get out there and spread this message of love to the world. That’s amazing And what’s the song you’re gonna sing it’s an original song about my number-one fan my mother Wow, all right well best of luck, thank you Patience have come in my way Trying to sing the Masson Something’s wrong It’s my mom Valachi mama. I left my ghost missed moved out on my own Trying to start Never My mom’s with With me for Two matzo ball soup This is mine Faline my name is Vivian. Hi Vivian, and I’m right here And where are you from? I was born and raised in Hungary. Well, that’s amazing I keep saying this people from all over the world are coming to our stage Why is it important for you to be on America’s Got Talent? I really want to show people my passion form jump rope. Is that what you do full-time? Students University student, okay. And do you think you could win doing jump roping? Of course, everybody wants to win the $1,000,000. Hey Well, you know what best of luck to you young lady Hi What’s your name? And where you’re from? Bryan Callen and I live in Oxnard California. What are you gonna be doing for us today? I’ll be doing comedy. How did you get into it? Well, that’s funny I actually ran a small business before he did stand-up I left that business. And now that business is a multi-million dollar company So I I can’t go back Okay. Well, good luck. Thank you very much Online dating. Are you kidding me? I would never do that cuz they set you up with your perfect match. Well, no. Thanks Look at me right. I’m a wiry guy for long nose. My perfect match pterodactyl Go on Tonya Say some Tanya That’s it I finished thank you very much It’s such an honor to be here, my name is Brian King Joseph. I’m from Los Angeles and I play violin I’ve dreamt of being on this stage ever since I was a kid and more recently ever since I Might not have had a chance to be on it again. So this is a dream come true for me They mean to you almost didn’t have the chance to come. Yeah I’ve been playing violin since I was four but Three years ago. I was diagnosed with a serious Nerve disease that takes away the feeling from my hands and my feet and Eventually will spread throughout my body And I wish you all the luck thank you I can’t wait to hear you. Thank you so much Hello, what’s your name? Hey, my name is Kenny Toma. Hi Kenny. Where you from? France Paris? Okay cray Why have you decided to come on America’s Got Talent this year so biggest talent show in the world and it’s my little American dream so For my act I need the you owe it on the stage You stay here on the floor like a big star Y-yes Whatever You don’t you don’t move okay, okay Don’t try this at home. It’s this dangerous. Yes, so dangerous. Okay. What is going on? Are you nervous? Yes little neighbors what is going on? Best of luck? Thank you so much. Do not move Howie What is he doing? what is going on just Don’t move Me Good evening. How are you? I’m good. Thank you. What’s your name? My name is Glenn is grace. How old are you? I’m 39. Should you win this? Where do you see yourself going? Well, I have a 11 year old son His name is Anthony, and he would love to see me follow my dreams Glennis I’m curious before we start you’re 39 you come here. You were singer. Tell me what’s the ambition the dream here. I Just felt like ever since I was a little kid I knew I was made to sing for lots and lots of more people. Are you nervous? I’m a bit nervous. Yeah, just to sing it for you guys and for you Then when you look at me there’s so much That you just don’t see buddy You were only take the time I know in my heart you Get hurt sometimes who is always wrong Can’t you see? I feel so alone Tell me I need your help Are you guys talking about houses what’s going down to Chinatown? That my start no, we are you starting who’s going first. Let’s start with what’s your name? Francois Raphael of gear Norbert Celestine air bear absence on quarantine Clement Emmanuel Nathaniel tell us for the initials of which spell front Jack sent You you see what I alright? Okay away from Wyoming obviously And how are you thirty and very single ladies? Okay Wow, there’s a million dollars up for grabs a French. Yeah. I’m just happy to be here. All right. Good luck. Are we ready? Alright. Alright, here we go. My name is Frank Jackson time doing one-liners and puns For example, I had the girlfriend named Ruth, but then she broke up with me. So now I am ruthless I Didn’t even got started yet But it’s alright as it says in the Bible you read what you saw she hooked up with a guy named Doug He broke up with her now. She’s Douglas Tell me what you want what you really really want Oh Joke is pointless. If you ever meet the girl named grace though, don’t go dancing with her very soon. You’ll find out she is Clumsy Well, this is going over like gangbusters I Didn’t like that one either I’m doing just great here. I Live in an RV with two cats, and I’d like to change that This is this thing. I like there’s only one cat I had to give the other back. I stole it I’m a cat burglar. All right My name is Franck Jack Santa and I was gonna do some more time for you But I’ve got three exes and my self-esteem is very low right now The audience is liking me too Hi Hello. Hello. How is everybody? Good. How are you doing? Very well very well. Thank you. What’s your name? And where you from Andy Huggins, I’m from Houston, Texas Tell me about you day to day life I do crossword puzzles to Dooku’s there’s at least five naps over the course of the day. I love my damn naps So, is this the big dream to do stand-up on? national television absolutely big dream good Luck So I reached my sexual peak 38 years ago I’m down to one shade of gray Too if I catch a nap in the afternoon Sex is still exciting. I never know what’s going to happen first the orgasm of the foot cramp There are some advantages to being my age Frequently people will stand and offer me their seat, which is great on the bus a little creepy in the men’s room What does that mean the toilet Just broke up with my girlfriend. Laurie. Laurie loves role-playing into bedroom Once she was a cat woman and I was Batman Well Alfred So, I will pay anybody $15,000 to find me a lady friend now she has to be kind she has to be fun and she has to be wealthy because I’m gonna oh somebody $15,000 Thank you very much Hello, my name is Troy James I work in human resources, okay So what will you be doing for us today, you’ll see well I can’t wait to see this good luck. Thank you


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