Amra Ekta Cinema Banabo (The Innocence)- [1st Look ] The Longest Fiction Feature Film in the History

Film is magic Film is life When the cine- language would be established hearing my call Heroes from all over the world will be here Andrei Tarkovsky from the land of Lenin Stanley Kubrick from USA Charles Chaplin Ingmar Bergman Vittorio De Sica Roberto Rossellini Federico Fellini Jean-Luc Godard François Truffaut Robert Bresson Yasujirō Ozu Akira Kurosawa Bernardo Bertolucci I will embrace new birth of D. W. Griffith revolution of Sergei Eisenstein surrealism of Luis Buñuel We will make a film Surrealism Impressionism Expressionism Cubism Dadaism Modernism Post Modernism Realism Magic realism Realism
Magic realism Magic realism Neorealism Poetic Realism We will make a film Hey, where is the boy who will make a film? What is the title of your upcoming film? I want to do anything to atone for my crime We shall make a film Showing And in chance we will ourselves be hero and heroine And decorated, we to watch that movie going (in a cinema hall) We shall make a film showing And if be sold, will eat Biryani (An Indian dish made with highly seasoned rice and meat, fish, or vegetables.) to our heart content and will tasty loin What kind of politics ? Which party ? Do you want to disgrace our family? (Cry) Hey! Cameraman! Stop filming ! Stop your shooting You make my life so filmy ! Stop bloody shooting! Please, do it for only this scene Please allow me to enjoy this affection from a mother for a while What is a film actually ? Does the film larger than life? (Cry) Do you still not understand? Hey Cameraman ! Are you not listening? Stop shooting! you son of a b**** Pimp of God ! Shut down your camera in my whole life , with this bloody camera You are chasing me Stop filming ! Are you not allowing me to live a comfortable life? Stop your capturing ! Hey, you son of a b**** !


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