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Today we’re in Amsterdam Oud West in the newly opened food Hallen. This is the first food hall in Amsterdam and we’re
going to check it out today. Here we go. So this was originally a tram
Depot and they’ve been under renovation for the last two years this is an
incredible renovation. They’ve kept the original features of the building
including the original tram tracks they’ve got these sky lights at the top so the sun streams in giving a beautiful light through the whole building.
The concept behind the food Hallen is that they’re different cubicles each one
speciality something else, there’s pulled pork, bitterballen, European sushi there’s
tarts and little bit of everything Wow that’s what delicious right it’s a sushi okay European version of
sushi it sounds amazing so we’re trying the Vietnamese street food this is a full pork get me style sandwich that’s delicious
clean, fresh flavors in the center there’s a bar serving the
normal variety of drinks including coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages. There are standing tables and seated tables so there’s ample space for people to sit
around and stand around and enjoy their food What are you making? We’re making homemade sausages, hot dogs what’s inside the sausage difference
again sausage also a spicy sauce Cajun pepper inside oh wow
and we also have a luxurious sausage which is forest mushrooms on the inside
and a truffle sauce that sounds incredible
we’re having a design of hot dog from bulls and dogs this one’s with mushroom
and Hazelnut and they’re homemade it’s got a really nice mushroom flavor one of my favorite courses is always
dessert and there’s a lady selling a selection of delicious looking tarts They have a shop on Harlememeerstraat and we’ve got a yuzu meringue tart and a salted caramel tart that’s delicious that was my small bite. The next one we got is the salted caramel most of the food options here under 10
euros and they easy to eat by hand and to share and that’s it for our visit to the food Hallen
it’s an incredible place it’s got a great atmosphere they’ve got a wide
selection of food at reasonable prices and it’s just amazing thank you for
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