An English Period Drama – Foil Arms and Hog

Coming soon… Starring… Elizabeth Scornington Will I ever be married? Ulysses Bretherington I’m a bastard. And Hunter Farthington Moore as Papa The only thing worse than an Irishman Is a Frenchman. Love… Look Eliza you’re 17 years old. You’re past your peak I’m 43 I’m in my prime It just makes sense. Class division… But Jeffery we’re in love. Love’s not meant for me Love is only meant for them folk upstairs. A local vicar. Any more cream buns Margery? A visiting doctor… I would recommend retreating to the country side for some fresh air And taking up smoking. Colonialism… My lord the savages are rebelling. The Scotish? No. The Irish? No. The Welsh? No The Americans? The Australians? No. The Canadians? The Novascotions? An English Period Drama I’ve heard we may have a wedding on our hands? The next time we’re having guests I’d like a little bit of notice. I’ll see you hang. Boring dancing… And people being announced into rooms… Presenting Lord and Lady Butt Rustle Charles Loggjam Earl of Doubleflush Baron Hammercock And the Earl of Barse Countess Vics… Vapour Rub. With Maggie Smith in there somewhere. Well I wouldn’t call that dancing More groping perhaps. Based on a book you’ll never read. An English period drama Keeping teenagers from the living room for generations God, the ballgowns are beautiful Urgh…. Doomdah! Hi we’re Foil Arms and Hog Thanks for watching the video Ye we are still in Australia but then we are coming home we’ve got some tour dates left In York and Leicester in the United Kingdom And we are doing Vicar Street for a run of 4 days in May Over which my birthday lands So come along to that for a bit of criac. What?? I didn’t realise it was selfie-cam It’s going to be a special show right? That’s going to be the last chance you’ll get to see ‘Craicling’ the show Before we move onto ‘Swines’ Doomdahhhhhhhhh….. Digereedoo ye I’ve been… I’ve I’ve been a butler at the Butt Rustle family for years…


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