An Interview with our Head of Theater – Maine Teen Camp

Hi, I’m Chelsea Rendlen. Welcome to the
theater here at Maine teen camp. We have an amazing program, I personally have
been in hundreds of stage productions, I also ran a comedy theater in Chicago and
New York but beyond just me we have amazing teachers here at the theatre
department that are currently in shows in New York City that have degrees in
performance and operatic singing just a plethora of talents here, that we love to
pass along to our campers. So we have classes such as, theater explosion which
is kind of avant-garde theater, really getting kids out of their shells.
We have Billy shakes which is modern day adaptation of good old William
Shakespeare and if you’re not doing a week-long kind of class there’s a big
camp show at the end of every session that we do where the campers practice
for three weeks creating an amazing production sometimes it’s musical
sometimes it’s a movie adaptation this past session with my background in
comedy I was able to bring a sketch comedy show here where the campers were
able to write everything that went into the show and perform it themselves it
was really fantastic So beyond our weekly programs that we
offer and even the camp show we do workshops, so that would be once a week
sometimes we have these incredible actors that comes through to post them
we’ve had Xander Berkeley coming through you might know him from The Walking Dead
or Sarah Clarke who’s been on 24 and also in the Twilight movies and they do these
incredible workshops with the kids and they leave feeling so inspired. So this is our beautiful space that we have kind of a more traditional theater setting
but if you want to come this way when it’s nice outside we can flip it around
and kind of do a Shakespeare in the Park type of environment where on a beautiful
night we have the whole camp set out here for an amazing performance amongst
the trees, it’s really an amazing sight to see. Theater as a whole is so
important, I know when I was a camper here being in the stage productions
gave me so much confidence it’s something I could really take home with me,
theater is a great way to be able to build up your speaking skills for groups
of people that you can relate to any profession in the future
and the camaraderie that happens when working on a theater production is
incomparable there’s nothing else that really relates to going through a whole
process for weeks and weeks in such a lovely environment as camp and then
being able to share that with everybody all of your friends coming to see it it
really builds that self-confidence and it gives the campers something to be
proud of. you

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