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A Small Place is an essay
written by Jamaica Kincaid in 1988. She was sent away from Antigua
as a teenager and she didn’t go back for 20 years. So it’s partly about how Jamaica feels
upon returning to Antigua. Also about how a tourist
might see Antigua. EMILY: I’m Trinidadian, and I find it’s very sad how little, just personally,
that Britain doesn’t know about their own colonial history. Like, I’ve been here for six years,
and still people aren’t aware of the atrocities of slavery and the continuing effects that slavery
has had on the colonies, essentially. ANNA: The relationship in Notting Hill between its historic Caribbean community, increasing levels of tourism, and how public resources
are being directed in terms of tourism, versus things that are necessary
for a community to thrive, is really important.
So I think there is a relationship between what Jamaica is talking about in terms of what’s happening in Antigua and what is happening in the UK. I think A Small Place– could be any place…
– Yeah. ..that has been affected
by these same things. EMILY: The first week was just games.
It was fun. I’m not used to doing that. It was great! And now it’s serious. (LAUGHTER) But, yeah, we’re hoping to
bring those two elements together, because it’s such a detailed text, and we want to bring it together with all the playful stuff
we’ve been doing and create something that is an experience
of both of those things – of a really stimulating,
intellectual piece of text and a really exploratory,
playful way of performing it.

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