An overweight boy tries to talk to his crush, then finds courage in an unexpected way. | Ari

Screen Australia and Azure Productions Present An Alex Murawski Film *idle noise* ARi *whistle* pass over here ari get up there stay with action *heavy breathing* *chatting* let’ go , up and down hooo that is ride like you wont stop till the end of the day shhhh even you think you show me around school it’s my best day… Ari quite re-decent Ari i am not destroy little re-decent are you familiar with that word? you need to out yourself out a little more get involved ari hey there we go can you hear me? just keep breathing you were doing so well *buzzing noises* jess.. IM A BIG BOY and now the award for the most improved and it goes to Ari come on up Ari well done Ari for wonderful effort there you go say a few words the floor is yours hurry up, Jason shut up go *clapping* Ari: Jaxon Graham-Wilson, Jess: Tearnie Coupland, Mr. McCreath: Alan Dukes, Scott: Isaiah Lane, Jason; Lewis Defina, Spin Instructor: Tam Hurly, Teacher: Anteha Hewett Writer/Director: Alex Murawski, Producer: Annmaree J.Bell, Cinematographer: Hosh Flavell, Production/ Costume Designer: Ella Carey, Editor:Danielle Boesenberg, Sound Designer: Brooke Trezise Production Manager: Nat Amoore, Production Assistant: Jamie Gray, First Assistant Director: Scott Lovelock, Continuity: Angela Miller, Accountant: Matthew Carter, Bookkeeper: Colleen Neal, Unit Manager: Jhon Frank Unit Assistant: Kurt Martin, Stills Photographer; Alex Lee, Stunt Coordinator: Spike Cherrie, Carter: Elvis Foods 1st Camera Assistant: Ben Lindberg, 2nd Camera Assistants: Michael Fairbairn & Muhib Faris. Gaffer: Reme Durrenberger, BestBoy: Richard Hawkins, Location Sound Recordist; Nathan Codner Boom Operator: Aron Dyer, Key Grip: Tony Bosch, Makeup and Hair Artist: Angela Brookes, Art Director: Isabelle Love-Dack Standy Wardrobe:Alexandra Hickmott Post Production Supervisor: Johon Frank, Colourist: Warren Lynch, Grading Facilites: IC Films, Sound Mixer: Brooke Trezise, Title Animation, Nicolo Blanchino


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