An Unexpected Meeting with ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ PAKISTANIS on an Indian Train.

Ok tell me, Who is your favourite Indian Cricketer ? They beat us in cricket so why would we like them (Laughing) What is your favorite Indian film ? There are many, Indian films are the best Love from India, Love from India India na , You learn alot What is the condition of the job, people are getting jobs? The upcoming vlog and the trip is going to be very exciting this trip or journey, it will be once in a lifetime, because I am so excited and Puneet is also too much excited Right now, we have a train to Amritsar at 08:00PM Sorry I forgot to tell you that where we are going The problem is, there is so much of excitement and I am getting confused Our Kartarpur Corridor registration that has been approved We will give you an update of each and everything Thank you so much for giving so much love till date Keep on giving like this man, I am having a lot of fun, I am enjoying it so much, hope you too So, if you want to visit Kartarpur, Pakistan Wherever you are, in any part of the world you have to come to Amritsar Right now, we have a train to Amritsar at 08:00PM It is almost 6 o’clock, and if I do not leave in 2 minutes, I will get late. So we have reached the railway station we have a train in a few minutes and right now we are going to Amritsar, from there we will go to Pakistan I don’t know what to say because there are mixed feelings, and here Puneet interrupts me and then we fought, what to say and what not to, in the vlog(JOKING) Let’s see how Pakistan treats us, how we feel on reaching Pakistan. We are very excited. And we also know that you people are also excited to know that we are going to our neighbouring country Well, she has come with complete makeup. Surbhi : No it’s not like that I am coming directly from the office and look at her (Making fun of me) She is wearing a jacket bought from Decathalon. So what, I won’t wear and why are you branding decathlon. Did you get the sponsors? Our family members were having tension that will be safe there in Pakistan What happened Ok let me tell you I am so excited, why Because where we are going, which is Pakistan Its a coincidence, I never thought we are travelling on a train and its a magic of Guru Nanak Ji Where we are sitting now, in the whole berth there are cute cute girls from Pakistan sitting here When I left home, I was thinking that I am gonna have so much of fun that will meet sisters and brothers from Pakistan in Kartarpur and before reaching Pakistan, we are getting meet Pakistanis in India itself So we met these pretty girls let us introduce them Hi Just introduce yourself My name is Lamiyah and she is my friend Marium And where are you from Pakistan Karachi, Capital City of Sindh So what is your age. 15 14 means you are school student yeah, we are classmates wow (Laughing in excitement) I have a question to ask, for us, it’s somewhat difficult to visit Pakistan How come you visit India easily Based on our community, we get the visa quite early. as compared to others then we come to India we came on 6th june and we will on 26th December this time you took we were travelling cities to cities sorry, we came on 6th December not 6th June (Laughing) you both have a very pretty smile Thank you we are shy in front of the camera Not a big deal, I am also very shy. What are your views about Pakistan So they asked our views on Pakistan So what we have heard is that Pakistan is very under-developed yaar actually, what happens is that Our perception will be different, their perception will be different but the problem is what media shows that is the reality for us(Common people) we don’t know what is the ground reality what is going on there what not but we all are equal. We all were same before I am literally telling you,
I don’t feel like talking to a stranger It feels like we know each other Girls: That so sweet of you It’s very over overwhelming feeling seriously this the fact it’s not like that we are making vlog and all It’s very overwhelming for us also. It’s been 3 days we are travelling on the train if we are sitting over here and we see Indians sitting in front of us but we never able to talk maximum what we talk is from where you are, where are you heading to? Like we are interacting with you it’s very over overwhelming for us too. Who is your favourite Indian Cricketer? They beat us in cricket so why would we like them (Laughing) yeah that’s right but they said very cutely. Forget about winning and losing But still, there has to be someone. Girl: I think I like Virat Kohli May he is Anushka’s husband And one more thing
Girls like Virat Kohli very much. Which is your favourite Indian Films There are so many. Indian films are the best but I guess”Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” It’s our favourite also I have watched it thrice in the cinema hall Have you ever watched Pakistani Drama(Serials) ? To be honest, we haven’t, You people should watch then. Please recommend, we will watch definitely Search on the Internet watch “Parey Hut Love”. You are gonna enjoy Pakistan through this movie Pakistani Dramas are also very nice I watch Pakistani dramas and after that, I read the comments everywhere it is written love from love from India and it just feels like I heard about Zindagi Gulzaar It is very good TV serial Indian dramas are all the same. uff, they have so much of repetitive dramas in there These people don’t finish the drama Pakistani dramas are short but nice and crisp. Are you people star plus fans? Avoid seeing TV nowadays. I feel today’s Generation has moved to Netflix nobody gives sh*t about TV What is your favourite food? Indian ? We tried momos first time ever in Mumbai Momos first time ? They were very nice Then you should try in Delhi also My cousin is in Delhi, he said people go to Mumbai from Delhi to eat momos. Delhi has a lot of varieties of momos. Delhi has also a huge variety of food. We tried 3 4 varieties of momos there So you are here since 6th december and now you are going back. What is experience We travelled city to city means we had long stay in Surat only for 6 days But this experience was something different because we were not with our families but friends. we fought a lot crying, fighting, laughing It was proper like a “Yeh Jawani hai Deewani” movie Friendship – fighting, laughing together we used to fight daily still we were fighting. We also have fights Fights are normal, not a big deal But it’s different with friends. Parents are also not there with us Means coming alone to India From India, you learn a lot and moreover when you are alone it’s gonna literally change us when we will return to Pakistan We need to join school on 1st jan You will miss us we will miss you may be will come to Pakistan beacuse of you You should come to our home then Briyani is very famous in Pakistan isn’t it ? Karachi is famous for it’s food. or nihari This year, in our Pakistan Studies we have a subject History in our syllabus. In that we are studying about the subcontinental history so we are learning a lot about Indians How was India as a nation ? It’s very new for us learn all this in India itself. How is Imran Khan doing in Pakistan right now Good We don’t regret giving a vote to him Recently, he has increased the taxes People had not been paying taxes for many years you know for middle class it is different suddenly they have raised the taxes but is for the betterment of Pakistan What is the condition of the job in Pakistan? Are people getting jobs? Employment level has not fallen that much, it’s there I think the business level has fallen down because of inflation and Pakistan dollar has increased significantly. So what do you think about your future? What do you want to become? Let me pass my exams first(Laughing) Seriously man, at the age of 15, my mother would not let me get out of the house. These people have come along to India from Pakistan. Mumy you should listen to these brave girls. These people have come from Pakistan to India. And this is not their first trip to India It seems that without parents you girls are enjoying your time. Yes, you can do whatever you want when you are with your friends It was your girls trip ? Hats off to your parents I will tell my mother about this vlog. to keep aside all the vlogs and watch this. Will ask everyone to subscribe to Roaming Pigeons How did you like the name? It is very unique and attractive Who thought about the name? He named Roaming Pigeons the whole credit goes to him You guys should watch our Andaman vlogs I’m not praising, but you will enjoy it Pakistan’s Currency Life teaches us so many things to roam around in unknown cities to talk with people like us and we kept on talking the whole night and morning happened. and Our Kartarpur journey begins


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