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WOW! The new Benz is here? Awesome! He’s a tiger, Dasan! Didn’t you get the number? Yes. Got it. Number 1.
I didn’t fix it because I didn’t want to be late. Then fix it quickly, man! When Vincent sees the car for the first
time, let him see it as No.1. By the way. How much did this No.1 cost? Just 4 Iakh Rupees. With 4 Iakhs, you can
buy a new car, right? That’s true. But there are 10 millionaires in this
Thrissur who’re ready to pay even 4 crores In that way, this is a
profit, Ravunni ettan! What profit? Inside, the event managers who’ve
come to host the wedding,
are trying to make it grander! If he starts spending, Vincent
spends money like water!
That’s true! We’ve ordered food for only 2000 people.
That’s a fixed amount. But we’ve invited all the employees
of the transport company&textiles. – They’re not added in this.
– Why didn’t you? Add them too! So it’s Rs.800 per extra person, and for 44 people
from textiles… 35,200. That’s correct! Vincent! Haven’t you counted the people
from our transport com pany? Drivers, conductors&workshop workers
altogether would come around 64 people. So 64 X 800. 51,200. There are 24 people who are the permanent
staff of the construction company. You should’ve checked
this earlier, right? 24 X 800. 19,200. Plus, 35,200. Plus 51,200. 1,05,600. Have you seen Rajnikanth’s
movie Endhiran (Robot)? You don’t have to be
Endhiran (Robot) for this! Business itself is a
mental calculation! You can get up now. Doctor, Wikipedia says that
Carpal tunnel syndrome can happen even when
Thyroid levels go down! Is it?
Then it must be correct. Wikipedia doesn’t lie. So we’ll do a Thyroid
test, right? Why not! We can! Our hospital gives a
good rate as well! So should I take some
medicines for the time being? Hasn’t Wikipedia said
anything about that? Well.. There are some
medicines mentioned in it..Rea” v? _ Yes! So firstly, let’s get your Thyroid
checked like Wikipedia said. By the time the result comes, I’ll also check for more
details in Wikipedia. One minute! To have until the result comes, I’ll prescribe some vitamin
tablets&painkillers. – Is it really necessary?
– Of course! I’ll have to buy them from
this pharmacy itself, right? Yes. Here you can get
original medicines! This hospital belongs to your
father-in-law, Dr. Kuriakose, right? Yes! Okay then! No more patients. People are still waiting
outside, right? They’re not patients. They are real
estate brokers here to meet you! Really? Ask them to come fast! You can go in! – Greetings!
– Greetings! Please sit down. – Is Dr.Alphonse’s duty over?
– OP is over. But there are brokers inside. He is not even concerned that it’s
his sister’s wedding tomorrow! If you leave the
space for this road, we’ll get 40 clean plots. I’ll sell ten of them. How many can you sell? – I can also sell around ten.
– That’s enough! Okay then. It’s my
sister’s wedding tomorrow. She’s upset that I’m late. Aren’t you inviting us for
your sister’s wedding, Sir’? Oops. All the lists
are completed. I’m sorry! See you! He is that Vincent’s son. The apple doesn’t fall far
from the tree, you know! Come fast, Alphie! Don’t be so restless. Dad
&Jomon are there, right? Right! Jomon! He’ll promise to do
anything&everything! But after that? He went to Coimbatore yesterday.
And he’s still not back! He’s your brother, right?
Best family! Don’t be upset, dear! Stop being cheesy
&start the car, Alphie! Your sisters will think that
I’m not being responsible! The designs are all great, right? She found them from a website! This looks really elegant. This Saree is beautiful. It will suit you
really well, Tessa. I’ll be wearing a different dress for
the reception after the Church wedding. It’s special works are
being done in Coimbatore. Jomon will bring it
when he comes back. – No juice for me?
– Of course! Lali! – Yes, grandma!
– What are their names? – He’s Noel&she’s Nora.
– What? Noel&Nora!La“, where’s my purse?That was in the pocket of your
pants I gave for laundry. – I’ve kept it in the draw.
– Which draw? Our dressing table’s draw. I checked all over there.
I can’t find it. Go get it for him.
He’s your husband, right? Hold her!
I’m coming! Just about 300 metres
away from the main road. From there, a 5 metre
wide pocket road. There are only a couple of plots left.
Tell me if you want any. Dr. Jeslie, I don’t think Dr.Alphonse would be
coming to the hospital anymore. He’s going to focus on real
estate as a full-time job. I’ve also felt that it would
be better if he does that. By the way, our Thrisshur is going
to be India’s fastest growing city! It’s better to buy
some land before that. Buddy, if you don’t want it, ask
your brother-in-law in Dubai. Alphie, who has arranged the cars
from the Church to the hall tomorrow? Isn’t that a part of the event
management contract? They said that they
can’t do that.The“ demon must have
taken that up tea’.!
Then where is he? He hasn’t returned
from Coimbatore. Did you ask Palodan
uncle to do it? Then great! If he starts ruling the Corporation
from the back seat of his wife’s car, then he won’t remember
anything else! – Brajitha,
– Yes! Here! Sign below this seal. Is it enough if I
cast my fingerprint? No! Didn’t I teach you
to draw a signature? Just draw that! Or will I have to
do that as well? Here! The guy who needs this would
be waiting on the road. Be careful when you
take cash from him. We wouldn’t know where they
keep their hidden cameras! Are you teaching this
Palodan how to take bribes? It’s only because the Mayor
seat was reserved for women, that I have to sit in this
back-seat and rule the city. There he is. Stop here, Josootty. They’re coming! Hey! What are you looking
at over there? – Namaste!
– Namaste! Namaste, madam! We’ll share one
Namaste between us. – I got tensed when you were late.
– You got tensed? – What is this?
– It’s a talisman! Talisman? What about this?
– Buttons. Give it here. Let me see. You’re still ticklish? My dear Palodan Sir,
don’t turn it around.It’snota camera.I know that it’s not a camera. I was
checking if it had ink, you idiot! Get me the stuff! Over here! Huh? Note counting machine? Here you 9°!
Happy? If you need anything more,
don’t go to the office. Just tell me. Madam, thanks! Do one thing! Get a mic&
announce this thanks to everyone! That’s not how you say it. Don’t give me that wicked look.
People will doubt us. Get going! Start the car! Brajitha, Ask them to drop you home in their
car after the inauguration! And ya, don’t forget
to get the packet. You’re so greedy! Namaste! What’s it, aliya
(brother-in-law)? Aliya, aren’t you arranging the cars
to go from the Church to the hall? No. Not me! Jomon is supposed to arrange it!
Ask him! Phew! After promising to arrange everything,
where has that donkey gone? – What about the bouquet?
– I’ll arrange it, Edathi (sister-in-law)demon?Can’t you hear me? – Don’t you have range?
– Yes, edathi! Very good range! But since I’ve been roaming here
since morning, battery is quite low. But now it’s charged. Fully charged!My dear demon,I understood what your
battery charging is! But your father&brother are
going out of control here! Enough of battery charging.
Come back fast! I’ll be right there! Don’t cut the call! I have sent a list of emergency items
on WhatsApp. Buy them as well. And Tessa asked you to get some fresh
Jasmine flowers. Don’t forget that. No. I won’t forget. Bro, is there an ATM close by? There’s one right here. Don’t move! Hands up! If you try to escape, I’ll shoot you! Move! Dude, my hand!Demon, ifs me’. Mushtaq’.!Your old friend! Now you’ve started
looting people? I was just trying to shock
you with a surprise entry! This is how you shock me? – Someone told me that you were in Dubai?
– Why Dubai? India is incredible, man! – Did you eat something?
– No! – Then come! First food, then talk!
Come! Get in. I have a car. – Is this your car?
– Yea. Sheesh! Get into my car. – BMW?
– Yeah! – How did this happen?
– It’s a big story, man! Get in! You go.
I’ll follow you. Leave all that. I know that there was no genie who made
you turn into a rich man one fine morning! Tell me your story, Mushtaq! Then I’ll tell you the truth. When I cried&pleaded, mom
gave me some gold jewellery. When I sincerely begged my brothers in
Dubai, they also gave me some money. With that money, I boarded
a bus to Tiruppur. That was my beginning. Now I’m a textile exporter. People with brains needn’t
cross the seas to make money. You can join me if you want to. We’ll grow together, man! Get some money from your dad! Ya right!
From my dad? He thinks I’m still a
little Dennis The Menace! I was just saying. If you get hold of some cash
someday, come straight to Tiruppur. – Happy?
– Thank you, Sir! It’s a great feeling to see happiness on
poor people’s faces because of us, right? Yea rig ht! Sorry! Did I make you upset by
telling you my success story? Why would I be upset? – The food was awesome!
– You liked it? I didn’t expect to
see you here at all! – It’s so late?
– What happened? It’s my sister’s
wedding tomorrow. Dad will kill me! You’re being so irresponsible&getting
drunk right before your sister’s wedding? So sad!
Grow up, man! One slap I’ll give you! Then I’m also coming for
your sistefs wedding. Come! Dude, money is like a vampiress
waiting to drink your blood! In spite of knowing that she’s
dangerous, we’ll go behind her. We’ll never feel that
we don’t want it! But I’ve kept a limit
for money&wealth. Why? I have to buy a small island for
myself in some foreign country. Then, a small private jet. A small account in some Swiss bank. And a net profit of a
billion dollars as well! That’s all!
That’s all I want! If I have more than that,
I’ll become arrogant. This is what’s
called simplicity! – You’ll rock!
– I know, man! I’m on the way to my dream, dude. Dude, police! Will there be a problem
since we’re drunk? Don’t worry, man! It’s Tamil Nadu, rig ht?
I will handle them. Let’s see! What is it, Sir? Have
you had alcohol? Please blow into this. Action here and
sound over there? Blow properly, Sir.
No cheating! Get down. Is my brother-in-law
Jomon always like this? No! He said that he got held up when he had to
hospitalize his friend, when he called. Still, if he hasn’t turned up for
his own sistefs wedding… Hold this! Aliya! What? When we took a family photo after
the wedding, only you were missing! My dear Tessa, that’s what
Photoshop is for, right? Anyway, when your children see
your wedding album in the future, their uncle shouldn’t be missing! Smile, dear! $0, good night! Dad! Still, I love you! Stop there, you! Hey Jomon, what happened yesterday? What? I didn’t see you for your
own sister’s wedding! Shouldn’t a brother have some
responsibility, my dear Jomon? If their newspapers are late, people
will say the same to you too! So go supply the rest of the
papers with responsibility! Advice! What’s wrong in what he said? You don’t have any responsibility… If you had the same responsibility
while you were studying for pre-degree, dad wouldn’t have had to go
all the way to Karnataka, and get you a payment seat
for MBBS by paying 70 Iakhs! And now, you’re sitting in your
father-in-law’s cut-throat hospital&doing real estate, right?
Leave me alone, bro!G“ may» Son’.!You’re still alive? By the way.Demon’.!About responsibility, right? Yes. How did you know? The first sight I saw when I woke
up today was responsibility! Okay then Aliya! Here you go, Joshichetta! Aliya, Jeslie told me that you aren’t going
to the hospital. I’m taking your car. – My car has gone for servicing.
– Why not? Just fill up the petrol
tank while coming back! Best family! Joshichetta, the kids have to be
vaccinated today. When will you be back? You go with Jomon.
He’s jobless, right? I’m not jobless. I have many things to do! – What do you have to do?
– Well.. Preparations.
For my exam” That’s all, right? You leave! I’ll go with
him to the hospital. Okay! He’s the only one who’s
there when needed! I’ll get ready quickly. By
then, finish your work! But.. Bro, why didn’t you come for
your sister’s wedding yesterday? This is not right! If you’ve come to work
here from Nepal, do that! If you try to advice me,
I’ll smash your head! Understood?
Go do your work! – Shameless! Fool!
– What is this, Sir’? Idiot! Hey. You’re the only one who
cares for me in this house. At least you haven’t advised
me about responsibility! Thank you! I’m content now! Jeslie’s rounds must be over.
We can see her now. Come!Hey La“!Roselin? When did she
come back from Kuwait? Hold her! I’ll just meet
Roselin&come back! – Which Roselin?
– She’s my old friend! You do one thing. Take
the kids to Jeslie. – She’ll take care of the rest.
– Me alone? Go, dear!
Just go! It’s okay! Come! Give me your hand! Look!Demon?Did you get married? Yes. It was yesterday. By sunrise, I had
two kids as well! Why? Do you have a problem? She wants to know
if I’m married! What all do they want! And where’s Chechi (sister) now?
– I don’t know! She’s babbling to some
female over there. Take the kids. They’ll take care
of the vaccination. Go, dear. During the rounds,
Daddy was asking about you. Again, about you missing
your sister’s wedding. Gosh! I don’t thinkl can bear
that torture as well. Let me escape before
he comes here. When Chechi comes, tell
her I’ll be in the car. OOPs! Let it be! Why are you like this, Jomon? He is the third among
Vincent’s children. Eldest is Lali. Her husband is a
chartered accountant. His practice is going very well! Second one.. Yea.. Her husband Alphonse.
You know him, right? It was his younger sister
Tessa’s wedding yesterday. The groom is an engineer, has his own construction
com pany&is well-settled. And this guy has been roaming around
in his car saying that he’s doing his MBA. And his MBA is a special MBA. Even after 5 years,
it’s still not over. Uncle, – I wanted to tell you something.
– What? When my friend’s father
had a cardiac check-up, they found two major blocks. I think he needs Angioplasty! So… Come! How is your friend’s family?
Are they financially sound? Yes. Cash is not an issue. Refer this hospital to them. If they go to some other hospital,
they’ll insert cheap stents. And in matters of the heart,
we shouldn’t take risks. Understood? It’s a matter of pride! So we’ll get expensive imported stents.
What say? Great! Then I’ll ask them
to come here itself, uncle! Of course! I’ll take
care of everything. Okay then Edathi! I’ll be in the car.
Just tell Chechi. Even though he’s a
little mischievous, there are some benefits like this. My dear daddy! Don’t be such a cut-throat businessman! You go on with your Pain&
Palliative and charity work! I’m worried that you might turn this
hospital I made into some charity hospital! Yes. That’s exactly my plan! At least then, it’ll be a penance
for all the sins you’re doing now! What’s going on between
daddy&daughter? Alphie, I’m going to write
this hospital in your name! This son of Vincent will never
forget how to do business!Great’.!Anyway, father-in-law&
son-in-law are a perfect match! Among the total 60, 42 are sold out. If we hold the remaining 18, we can
sell them for a higher price later. – Hold them then.
– Okay Sir. – Isn’t that Nepali boy back yet?
– No. Why Sir? I had sent him to
buy cigarettes. Over here. Call me if something comes up. I went to the textiles shop&transport
office and you weren’t there anywhere. At least pick up the
phone when I call! I wouldn’t have heard it because
of the noise here, Ravunni. Anyway, good that you came.
Get in. Vincent Sir, Sir, here are your cigarettes. (in Tamil) I asked you
to get ‘555’ cigarettes! Why are you like this, Koirala? Sir, these are the foreign
cigarettes they had. If I say ‘555’, you
should buy ‘555’. These Nepalis don’t
know Malayalam. But Nepalis know
Tamil very well! That’s also true! Go! Go! – Okay Sir.
– Come! Cigarette means ‘555’. Nothing else gives
that good feeling! Vincent, since when did you
start seeing this ‘555’? Long ago, we used to search for thrown
away beedi stubs without anyone seeing, and share it among ourselves. Have you
totally forgotten those days, buddy? You still smoke beedis because
you still remember all that! Buddy, if you have money, you
should live accordingly! I don’t understand
your money philosophy. I don’t want to, either. I don’t have a wife
or family anyway! I’ll always be happy
being your shadow. There’s only one
person in this world who has the right to address
Vincent as ‘buddy’. And you want to be my shadow? You don’t have to
be so humble! Buddy, I’m losing my sleep because you’re
making me responsible for all these things. See! It’s the advance for the property
we sold in Ollur in this sack. Since morning, I’ve been restless
like I have ants in my pants, to hand it over to you! Hold this. The internal conflict
of a brooding Benami! It’s all a joke for you!
I’m burning inside! Why are you scared, Ravunni? We are doing legitimate
business, right? Isn’t that Palodan? – Hey!
– What is it, Aliya? Haven’t you given a token advance for
the 10 acres of field at Puzhakkal? That old man is dead! His only son has
come from America. And he’s not at all interested
in selling the property. And he’s going back day after!
What do we do now? – When is the funeral?
– 3 PM today. What can we do now.. Get into the car.
We’ll go there. – What did you say?
– Get into the car! Dasa, we have to buy
a wreath on the way. Puzhakkal project is
my dream project. I can’t let it go! Are you going to do real estate
business at a dead man’s house? Not that. While
offering condolences, let me try my luck! Someone has said that there’s no right
or wrong time for doing business! Philosophy? The one who’s standing there
is his son from America. – That bald-head?
– Yes. I’ll serve the drinks.
It’s okay. You can go, dear. – Cool drinks?
– No. – Give it to me.
– I’ll serve it. Father, drinks. For you, Jose? – Hold this.
– What is this for? Brother! Don’t be sad. You should face
everything bravely! Usually, it’s the neighbours who do all
that’s needed, when there’s a death. But we’re doing this because you wouldn’t
know your neighbours here, David. I’m a businessman.
Vincent Group of Companies. Thomas Chettan, who left us
today, was like a father to me. My father’s name was not Thomas. His name was Joseph. Since he was like a father,
I rarely called his name. Did you have any business
deal with dad? No! It’s not right to say
this in such a situation. I had paid a token advance to
your dad on an agreement by word, for that property at Puzhakkal. How much was the advance? Hey, I had paid only
Rs.1 Iakh as a token. We were about to verify the rest of the
documents and sign the agreements. That’s when your father” One minute.
I’ll just come. What is this? Whose name should I write on the cheque?
Or you need a cash cheque? No. We didn’t come for that! Since you are the legal heir, we should be signing the
agreements with you, right? We came to talk about that. I’ve written a cash cheque. I’m not
interested in selling the property. If you had some courtesy, you wouldn’t have come to do
business on the day my dad died! Oh no! Since you are a busy man and since
we heard you’re going back tomorrow, we just cleared our side.
That’s all! This is what happens if you try
to make bets in a burning house!I had already warned you!Why are you still waiting here? Let me finish smoking this! And didn’t you hear a ‘Just
a minute’ when we left? – Ya. From the tone of her voice, I
simply have a small hunch that that lady is one who
decides things for David. Don’t have such hunches! We’re lucky that
he didn’t slap us! At times, calculations
can go wrong, Aliya! We’ll try some other option.
Come! Okay! Didn’t you hear that?
‘Just a minute!’. Actually, that property
is not 10 acres. There’s 25 acres. If you want to buy it as whole, I’m ready! It is indeed disrespectful to have come
for business on the day your father died. But, business is like a war. Decisions can be as
worthy as one’s life! So they have to be taken
at the right time! Ravunni, give him that sack. Will we be able to handle
25 acres together’? We will manage. There’s 50 Iakhs in this. When we sign the agreement tomorrow
morning, I’ll pay some more as advance. And after four months, registration! – Don’t you want a receipt for this?
– No. I trust you! Vincent, hats off to you! – Namaste!
– Namaste! Till noon, at this textile shop. After
noon, at the bus service office. – Anto said that’s your routine.
– That’s my routine. Tell me the matter. We’re thinking of making the Chirakkalloor
temple festival grander this year. Make it grander! Why not? We have sponsors for
Panchavadyam&music concerts. And the sponsorship for the
elephants is in the process. And we have fireworks as well! Whatever you’re interested
in, we can fix that! – Sit down!
– Okay! I’ve always been scared
of elephants&fireworks. Torturing poor animals, people getting killed
during fireworks.. I believe that no God
will like all this. But I give an amount for the Chirakkalloor
festival every year, right? – Yes. You can get that without fail. In return, you have to keep a flex of our
shop at the festival ground as well. That’s usual, right? If you become the main
sponsor this year, not just the shop’s, we can keep an awesome
flex of yours as well! A flex with best wishes from you! We’ll have some
secularism as well! There are some restless
millionaires in our city, who are worried that they are not being
respected in spite of having a lot of money and end up spending money
trying to gain that respect. Yes! But this Vincent does not
have any such worries! You don’t? I am not a Pranchiyettan!
And I don’t need any Padmasree! Anto, give him the usual. Don’t forget to keep the
shop’s flex on the field! Take it from him. He’s quite difficult, man! Dad, fast! Fast!
Brisk walk! – I’m walking!
– Now try this! Football players do this!
Slow walk&stretch. . Me?
‘ Why not? – What will people think if they see?
– Do it, dad! If you walk like this, your
cholesterol won’t come down. Your body needs activity! Look!
We’ll do a leg stretch. – Leg stretch?
– Hold it! The other leg. Get lost! This is enough for
the inaugural day. The body might get confused
if I do unfamiliar stuff! What confusion? – Don’t be so irresponsible, dad!
– Irresponsible? Look who’s talking! I have some responsibility,
at least about your health. Love for your father
is flowing abundantly! – What do you want?
– What? Dad, you will realize someday that the
love I have for you is like 916 gold. Stop over-acting and
tell me the matter! When did she come? – You’re Vincent Sir, right?
– Yes. I’m a regular customer
at your shop. – Is it?
– Yes. What do you do? I’m a teacher. Which school
are your kids studying in? Kids.. Well.. Devamatha is a good school! Enough of resting!
Come! Is he your brother, Sir’? I’m third one among this
Sir’s four children. He has two grandchildren as well! I had an early marriage! Early marriage?
Come! – Why are you jealous?
– Ya right! It’s true that I miss your mom
when pretty girls sit next to me. But even though it’s been
24 years since she died, your dad didn’t marry again
because he has great will-power! So if a girl smiles at me,
nothing more will happen! Then why did you hold your breath
& pull your tummy inside? – When?
– I saw that! Hey Vincent! – You didn’t recognize me?
– No. – I am Mariyamma! TC Mariyamma, who studied
with you in school! You’re still quite glamourous! And I’m having a tough time
with so many diseases! What happened to your leg? That’s because of my age.
What else? Then, what else is happening? Do you see other schoolmates? Ya. Some are still alive. Sebastian died last year. Which one? That policeman’s
son Sebastian? Yes. The same! How? Won’t people die
after a certain age? It’s been 2 years since
Rajappan&Claramma died. Who knows if it’s
me or you next? Talk about yourself only!
Okay then! Hey! Why are you in such a hurry? – Let us talk for sometime!
– I am in a hurry! Then I’ll come home. I’m going for a tour. I’ll
come back only after 6 months! Don’t laugh too much! So don’t you miss mom when
you saw this classmate? Yes. I do miss.
But not your mom, my mom! Dad, a friend of mine asked the
same question that girl asked, when he saw you with me. What question? Whether we are brothers. Actually, isn’t that
how it looks like? Aren’t you an
evergreen hero, dad?Demon, my dear son…come to the point. I was thinking about
the petrol prices. Since I’m running
around for everything, how much money is spent on
petrol for this car in a day? You’re worried that you’re
wasting your dad’s money! You can either walk
or take a bus! Not that. If I had a bike, that would be enough
for these small trips. Bike? No need of bikes! They’re risky! I mean.. the petrol prices.. I’ll bear that.
Anyway, no need of a bike! Give it here! – I’ll give it, Chetta!
– You don’t have to! I’ll give it! You heard me?
Koirala! – If my mom was alive..
– Then she would’ve ironed my shirt! What else? Not that. I wouldn’t have had to
beg you for a bike! You haven’t left it yet?
I forgot about it immediately! After my studies, when I’m
doing well, you will wish that. What will I wish for? You will wish that I came to you and
begged for something that I need! I don’t think I would
have that good fortune! Son, bikes are dangerous! Okay! Now don’t make a
fuss for not having one! But ride carefully,
wearing a helmet! – Thank you dad!
– Slowly! You know Palakkal Sunny, right?
The bike dealer. Go there&buy it! – What?
– Cash. I won’t give the
cash in your hand! Ask them to send the
bill to my office. I’ll call Sunny &tell him. – Isn’t that enough?
– That’s enough! In that case, I can
get a good brand. – Dad!
– What is it? You are the best dad in this world! Get lost, you donkey! – 25,000+30,000 +..
– Sir! George, how much does
a bike cost these days? If it’s an ordinary bike, it
would come up to 60 or 70,000. If it’s a Bullet, it would
be above 1-1.5 Iakhs. Gosh! Will he go get a Bullet now? Aren’t you not in this world, Sir? Here. This is the bill that came
from Palakkal Sunny Sifs office. Rs.18 Iakhs for one bike? How is it, dad?
Superb, right? And like you, I won’t waste
money on number plates.Why do we need other
numbers when we ‘naveyau’!?
Who gave you permission to
buy a bike for 18 Iakhs? Don’t say that, dad! Didn’t I tell you that
I’ll buy a good one? Good one means a
bike worth 18 Iakhs? Dad, don’t you say this
even in your sleep, that one should always
have some dignity! You drive a Mercedez
for that dignity, right? If that father’s son
drives a normal bike, it’s your dignity
that gets damaged! I will never do anything that
damages my dad’s dignity! Please don’t force me!
Very sorry! Since he has bought a
bike for 18 Iakhs, I’ll take his car, dad. The dignity would be
balanced only then. Dad, when you write your will, reduce the
price of this dignity from his share! When he got you married, he didn’t
make any compromises on dignity! And when he gets me married, he will make sure he gets
back much more dignity! – Right, dad?
– There’s no point blaming you! When God gives us all
the prosperities, he also gives one such nuisance
to ward off evil eyes! I’m stopping this fooling-around
of yours from today! Now I’m going to make
some decisions for you. And you will obey me.
Understood? – Ya. From tomorrow, you will take the
responsibility of the bus service. You should go to the office and
look into all the matters there. Only after you bring me all the accounts
&collections of every bus in the night, and verify it with me in person,I willlet you sleep! Understood, you donkey? But dad” my exam! The preparations for that. This is his only
answer to everything! You’ve been doing your
preparations for ages, right? – From now on, listen to what dad says!
– Okay, brother! Dad, Still I love you! Get in, get in!! – Trip to Thriprayar&Cherpu.
– Brother, please move. Sister, make some space.
Hey dear, get in fast. Please make some space. Stand closer. Boss’s son! If everyone’s on
board, we can leave! Please move. Didn’t you see
that the boss is here? Boss, how come you’re here? Don’t call me boss. I’m a socialist. Jomon T Vincent.
Of this Vincent Motors.. That’s right! Go do your job! – Okay!
– Hey! I’ll ring the bell! Aww! He is so simple! Okay! Let’s go! – Will you be coming tomorrow as well?
– I’ll be coming daily hereafter. – What’s your name?
– Athira.– What was your name again?
– demon T Vincent’.!
Nice specs! – You’re quite smart!
– Thank you! Which college are you
guys studying in? – When do we meet again?
– Tomorrow! Okay then! Brother! Give it to me! – I’ll do it!
– What’s the need for all that? – It’s been my long time desire.
– I’ll do it! Give me the money! – You can take rest, brother.
– Give a ticket here. Isabella? Nice! – Hey, can I take a selfie?
– Sure! Gosh! Brother, go easy on those brakes! – Try asking him. – Shall I ask? – Can you give me your number?
– Why not? Palodan uncle! Here’s the umbrella. It’s not raining, right? Why
do we need an umbrella? Hey, put the cash
inside the umbrella. We have no idea how many
cameras are around us now. Idiot who doesn’t know
how to pay bribes. So yea. This is the
license for your shop. So, you haven’t seen me
and I haven’t seen you! Hold on tight! Loudenloudefl Look who’s driving! Hold on tight! Don’t fall!
Hold on! Move, you! Come down! – What’s your name?
– Jomon. Vincent motors. – Are you the driver’?
– Driver is inside, sir. Look at him!
So innocent! He should’ve been
behind bars for this! He drove a bus without a
heavy vehicle license! You’re lucky that this poor
thing is the Mayor here. I had to pull a lot of
strings in that care/of, to get him out without being
charged for this case. If I had done this
for someone else, I could’ve counted minimum
Rs.1 Iakh on my machine! – Right?
– Of course! What do I do with this
trouble-maker, Aliya? What do I say, Aliya? Uncle, we can be relieved that
he’s out of the bus driving case. Dad, look at this. A girl in the bus, took a selfie with him
&has posted it on Facebook already! Not just one. 3-4 other girls
have also posted on Facebook. See.. ‘With my cute friend Jomon.’ Sheesh! I’m fed
up of these fans! – Let me see!
– Saw that? In between all this, he wants
to check out his fans! You know what should
be done for this? Hold his face tight and scrub it
right&left on an unfinished wall! But are there
unfinished walls here? Oh my God! Why did you get this dim-witted
sister of yours married to me? Let that be. Tell me what I should do with him! It’s nothing else! He’s going wayward because
he is not god-fearing. That’s correct! How long has it been since
you went to Church? You forgot? Didn’t we go to the Church
together last Christmas? Last Christmas? It’s been one year since that. – This is the next Christmas.
– That’s true. I’ll tell you something. Hereafter, you should go with them to
the Church every Sunday without fail. Give a proper confession, and wash off all your sins, and then come before me. – Dad!
– Don’t say a word! After doing all sorts of nonsense,
finally there’s that trick of yours! ‘Still I love you’. Go say that
somewhere else! Understood? Go to the Church first. Pray to God with all your heart
to show you the right path! He forgave our misgivings with his body, and cleansed the stains of
our sins with his blood.. Glory be to our Jesus Christ. Amen! Oh people blessed by the Lord, the sheep of His pasture, may His blessings shower upon you. Amen! May the Lord shower his blessings
&compassion upon you. May His shetering right
hand protect you. – Now, always and forever.
– Amen! Amen! I don’t know why. After praying, I feel like all my sins
are cleansed&I am a new man now! Don’t you feel so? Come. Let’s go. There goes the new man! I didn’t know that
God is so loving! I should’ve turned to
spirituality much earlier! Lord Christ is attracting
me like a magnetic force! That magnetic force’s
name is Catherine. – Is it?
– Yes. Hey. You’re trying to hit
on a huge shark’s baby! Huge shark? You know Nancy Kurian, who
has businesses in Dubai? This Catherine is
her only daughter. – Really?
– Yes. It’s actually a bumper lottery. If this happens. I’ll quit all my corruption business, and join you as your manager. Since she is Nancy
Madam’s only daughter, we will have to handle all
their wealth and property. My note-counting machine
will be working overtime! Don’t lessen her value by talking
only about her wealth, uncle! Then I’ll do one thing. I’ll find an angel-like girl from some
orphanage for you. Is that okay? Not like that. Still” But that girl has to feel
something for him also, right? Usually when he sees girls, there’s
this battery charging of his, right? None of that is
going to work here. It needs precise planning. When she’s in Thrisshur, she goes to our
Nimmychechi’s beauty parlour regularly. La Fem me! What’s your name? Catherine. I am Lali. Do you come here regularly? When I’m in town. What happened, Catherine? There’s a car parked behind mine.
It’s blocked. – I can’t take my car out now.
– Oh gosh! What will you do now? – See you then!
– Okay. Or else, you can get in.
We will drop you. It’s okay, sister. I’ll call a cab.
Or I’ll ask them to send another car. That will take a long time.
Get in. We’ll drop you! This is my brother. Oh no! I forgot to buy
baby food for my daughter. Can you please drop
me at Shobha mall? You can pick me up after
dropping her home. Okay chechi! You can sit in the front, dear. Why let Jomon complain that
you made him a driver? – Okay. Bye! At the Church, right? I didn’t say that because I
wasn’t sure if you had noticed. What are you doing now? Nothing much. MBA is over.. I mean getting over. Our family is also into business. I haven’t been
involved in it yet. And for pocket money, I’ve started doing some e-commerce
and stock exchange investments. That’s nice! Your family is a well known
business family here, right? Who told you? Your sister. So Palodan, our association members’ flats
should be in the same block, okay? Why not? And yea. I’ll get the advance money transferred
to your account next week itself. And ya, finish all the works on time! I have to go back to America! Consider it done! This is
our most prestigious project. Okay Palodan. 30 flats were booked at
one go, because of me. Even though there are no other benefits
from this expatriate association, sometimes they come
into use like this. – And one more thing.
– What? No! Already you are tensed about a 100 things.
I won’t say it! – Tell me, Aliya!
– I won’t! I said, tell me! Well.. I am your brother-in law, So you must be
tensed thinking ‘how do I pay a commission to my
brother-in-law for bringing them and in case I pay him, will
he accept it?’. Right? I swear! I couldn’t sleep all night
yesterday because of this tension. You will accept if I pay
you a commission, right? – Will you?
_ Yes! That tension is gone! Look at the guy who
doesn’t take commissions! What did you say? This is the surprise
I told you about. – You’re going to wear those jeans?
– Not that! I’m going to start this
shop in your name! I can’t let you be
reckless anymore. Before starting
something in my name, Shouldn’t you consider
my interest as well? Why are you not interested? Isn’t this part of new-generation? And to assist you, I’ve brought Tony here
from our textiles shop. Not that.
My exams. And the preparations. I’ve seen enough of
your preparations. Enough of that! If you want, you can go to Coimbatore
to write the exam&come back! Rest of the studies
you can do here! What happened? Nothing! – Tony,
– What? Don’t you have any
ladies’ items here? Your dad has asked us to
sell only gents’ items! So I will have to go
outside to get charged! You could’ve kept at
least kids’ items for sale. Hey! If kids come here, their
moms would also come along. Then you’ll lose your
concentration in business. For the time being,
we need only gents! Fine! Shall we play doubles? – Mixed doubles!
– Okay! Whom do you like in Tennis? In Tennis? Whom do you like most? One second. A message from the shop. These business deals
come up in between. In Tennis, I like Maria
Sharapova, Sania Mirza, Britain’s Laura Robson, then Romania’s Sorana Cirstea, Russia’s Maria Kirilenko. All of them are great! All the girls who play
tennis are really hot! But if any of them had invited
me for a coffee like this, I wouldn’t have gone! – Is it?
– I swear! But when you said that
we’ll have a coffee, I can’t figure out
what happened to me. If I say something,
will you feel bad? What? Or leave it.
You’ll feel bad. Come on! Tell me what it is! No! Please. Tell me! Nothing else, You are so so.. Gorgeous! See! I told you that
you’ll feel bad! I was just lying to you. Don’t take it seriously. You’re not that gorgeous! I kept on looking
and I kept on waiting, To see how the white
flower blooms, To see when the
white flower blooms! I kept on looking
and I kept on waiting, To see how the white
flower blooms, To see when the
white flower blooms! The southern winds do not know.. The spring flies do not know.. The friendly dove does not know.. No one knows about it! I kept on looking
and I kept on waiting, To see how the white
flower blooms, To see when the
white flower blooms! Is it when the night sleeps? Or when the day descends
from its chariot? Or when the jungle tree drips twilight
honey over the country roads? When did it flower?
When did its petals bloom? When did it flower?
When did its petals bloom? When the banyan leaves and
bamboo shoots were silent, sweet flower buds
bloomed in my mind, they bloomed all over! I kept on looking
and I kept on waiting… Is it beneath the garland?
Or is it where the rain-flowers sprinkle? Or is it at the branch where
the wild sparrow weaves its nest, on the banks of the
cheerful stream. Where did it flower?
Where did its petals bloom? Where did it flower?
Where did its petals bloom? Far away, where the peacock and the
cuckoo cannot reach, the sweet little buds bloomed towards me, they bloomed all over! I kept on looking
and I kept on waiting, To see how the white
flower blooms, To see when the
white flower blooms! – Dad, for me!!
– Come here! For me too! Dad, for me! 90..91..92..93.. 93?
What are you doing? I was just counting your age! You don’t have to
count all that! What is he doing? Looks like he’s
about to wrestle! Take it! Enough. Ready! ‘I Robot’. It’s a movie name. Hey! Got the name, right? Now make us guess it. Don’t make any noise.
Don’t move your lips! Bring out your talents! You! ‘Psycho’.
It’s ‘Psycho’. No? Dumb&Dumber! You are ganging up against me!
I’m not playing! It’s such a happy occasion.
Don’t make him upset! Exactly! Even though they’re saying
the truth, don’t be upset! Get lost! Okay brother. Two words! ‘Mr.Fraud’ That’s rig ht! I’ll say! ‘Prodigal Son’ That’s correct! – All of you play yourselves!
– Jomon! Hey! This boy is the limit! After starting the ready-made shop, I think
he has become little more responsible. You don’t have to worry
about him anymore. He will be the one who brings
a fortune to this family. Why? Has he bought some Onam
bumper lottery ticket? Not that, man! He has come across a treasure trove! Did you know about it? I heard them saying something.
Is it true? Of course! Some of us playing a game
as backstage crew members. Anyway, we’ve got the ball rolling. Rest of it depends on our luck. Anyway, I understood that
my children love me. Today’s party was fully
sponsored by my children. Usually they ask money for everything. But they didn’t ask me for
a single rupee for this. This time I’ll win! Play carefully! – Then I’ll cut it!
– Good move! Hey, I’ve spent all the money
for dad’s birthday party. You would’ve kept precise
accounts for it, right? That’s rig ht! And since this time he has a ready-made
shop, Jomon will also give his share. Don’t bring more shame
to Trisshur Christians! Tell me how much you spent.
I’ll pay it fully! You needn’t show your
love for Dad all alone! Already you’re spending a lot of
money which belongs to all of us. – That’s correct!
– So just pay your share alone! Play! If you say this to
Dad, I’ll kill you! Kill me! Ravunni, Jomon’s shop has clicked! Saw the rush? You should’ve done
this much earlier. Come. Let’s have a look inside. I’ll buy a shirt as well. Let it be an
encouragement for him. Okay. Okay then. Pack this one. Ravunni, you also buy a shirt. I don’t like these
ready-m ad e stuff. So come again next week.
Bring your parents as well. Bye. Thank you. That’s 6114. Tony, give me the bill for this. I’ll pay it right now. Accounts should be proper
even between father&son! Sir, you needn’t pay for this. Let this be a gift
for you from me. A gift from you? I worked with you for
some time, right? That’s why.Where is demon?Jomon doesn’t come here now. He doesn’t come? 15 days back, Jomon
sold this shop to me. He sold it to you? How much was the price? 40 Iakhs! For 40 Iakhs? Didn’t you know that I spent around
70 Iakhs to start this shop, Tony? When you came before
me 8 years back, there was some honesty
in your face. I gave you a job seeing that. But now.. In: That”demon…When your customers
look at you r face, don’t tremble like this, Tony. You will lose their trust. Just keep that in mind. Anyway, you are smart. Let your business flourish. Ungrateful scoundrel! Stop it! This is a stay order
from High Court for encroaching fields
&doing construction. You haven’t got clearance from the
central ministry of environment. Buddy, Well.. It’s just that our work is stuck
for the time-being, right? We shall appeal to a higher court! That won’t happen quickly. No! Needn’t happen quickly! It will happen gradually, right? Until then, we will go forward
with the rest of our businesses. I’m not tensed because the
construction was stopped. – Then? That day, that
property from David” When I had to buy 15
more acres urgently” I had taken a loan
from that Swamy. Okay. You had told me that Swamy
helped you back then. – Will Swamy help me for free, Ravunni?
– Then? I know that Swamy charges
a heavy interest. But.. When more than half of the
project was sold in advance, that confidence of mine which you
always talk about, went overboard! Since I thought I’m rolling
that money for a short period, Swamy gave me the money
only after I registered all the collateral security
he asked for, in his name. Textiles, transport
company, other properties, and even, everything else including
my own house&car, is in Swamy’s name now. What nonsense have you done? Couldn’t you ask me once before
doing all this? At least to me? I knew you would never allow me. I didn’t even talk to my children. Move, I say! – Where is he?
– Stop shouting! I know your problems. Give me my money! I gave you money thinking
you were decent. Your money is not lost! I’m telling you! Listen to me! Try to understand! Your money is safe. Stop shouting.
Move! Pay us our money now! Hey, stop there! What is this? Why are you taking Vincent, Sir? Shouldn’t we take action if he
cheats people by promising flats? But you should be taking
action on its owner, right? I’m Ravunni. Son of
Cheruparambil Madhavan. That property is in my name.
I am the owner of that project.Hey Auto,show him those documents! – Come!
– Sir! Ravunni! You don’t worry! What if I’m behind bars, you should be outside! Only then, we can solve all this. Be strong! Let’s go. Who are you? Didn’t you recognize me, Vincent Sir’? I am Swamy’s manager. Okay. Swamy has told me specifically that I should give you at least
one week to vacate the house. Tell Swamy that we will vacate
the house at the earliest. – Shall I leave then?
– Okay. Come here. Come! Dad, when you took such a huge gamble,
couldn’t you avoid this house at least! All this happened
because of your greed! Now all of us will suffer together. What else to do? Dad! I heard that you went
to write your exam. How was it? Will you pass at least this time? I asked everyone else to leave. While vacating the house, a scene shouldn’t be created. Dad! I came to take you. Take me? Where? I’m not coming anywhere. It’s true that Vincent
has gone bankrupt. But I will face it. I will try to get it all back. Instead, you want me to run&hide? Dad, everyone knows that
Ravunni uncle is your benami and that he has gone
to jail for you! Will everything be
over with that? We don’t have any answer to give
the people who’ve invested money. I haven’t done anything
wrong to anyone. I know that very well. Only you&I would
understand that. I won’t let you stand helplessly
in front of violent people. For the time being,
don’t stay here. We’ll figure the rest later. Listen to me, dad. Come, dad. Jomon had asked me not to
call you before you wake up. – Where is he?
– He has gone out. I’ve brought breakfast. Freshen up, Sir. We’ll go meet Jomon after that. Come, dad! Sit on this chair, dad. Sit down, dad! Mushtaq&I studied together. Don’t be fooled by his looks. He finished textile engineering
&did an MBA as well. He has actually passed MBA. Now he has a textile exporting
business in Tiruppur. With the money I got by
selling the bike&the shop, I came here. I invested it here and became
a partner in this company. When we see the news about different
kinds of disasters on TV&newspapers, we will curse God. Earthquakes, wars, tsunami, so many people are dying. An entire city can be
destroyed in one day. But, He would’ve left behind
at least a sapling, to start from scratch
all over again! Right, son? Mushtaq, can I sit here
and smoke a cigarette? Of course! We have to set
everything right, dad! Even though I invested, I
never used to come here. Dad’s Jomon won’t be a
prodigal son anymore! From tomorrow, I’ll come to this
company regularly, to help him out. – Right Mushtaq?
– Yes. So I can also relax a bit. God! Dad, I’m leaving! Wait! What is this? From now on, don’t
have hotel food. I’m jobless here anyway. I’ll know today if should eat
daily from a hotel hereafter. Try eating it first. Okay dad. I’ll be inside. So many clients? They would’ve come to
give orders, right? They are not our clients, Sir. We are their client. I’ll call them.
Talk to them yourself. Sit down. I’m the manager of Atlas
tours&travels company. The total due for Mushtaq Sir’s travel
expenses has come up to 12 Iakhs, Sir. I am the manager of Sundaram car finance. For the past 3 months, we haven’t
received any installments. All the cheques your company gave us for
the materials supplied, have bounced, Sir. Sir, I’ll talk to my partner” and settle everything
within next week. Please come back next week. He keeps going on world tours saying
that he’s going to get orders. He travels only in business class. He stays only in star hotels. He drives only expensive cars. His life is in an imaginary world which doesn’t match with the
company’s real situation. He blew up all the money
that he brought. That’s when you came in
with a lot of money. I am very sorry to say.
This is a sinking ship. This is my last day
in this company, Sir. My children are studying. If I have to go forward, I
need to find another job. Since you seem like an innocent chap,
I thought I’d warn you beforehand. Stop there! Fraud Mushtaq! Stop there, you! I knew all this would happen
someday or the other. Even if I was in your place,
the same would’ve happened. If you cry again,
I’ll break your head! I’ve lost even my last hope! Poor dad! God, how do
I tell this to him? Come. – Why do you look tired?
– Nothing. When you work for the first time
in life, this is how it is. By the time you freshen up, hot ‘Puttu’ and
an awesome chicken curry will be ready!Great’.!Long back, when I used
to go for purchasing, while we were staying
in a rented house, I used to try out some recipes
which your mom wrote for me. This is one of those items.
How is it? My mom’s recipe, right? It’s very MSW! So your dad is out now? Even though it’s mom’s screenplay,
you’re the director, right? It’s awesome! There aren’t any good Malayali
hotels in Tiruppur. Shall we try a hand at it? As if everything
else wasn’t enough!Demon,are you tensed about something? No! I just meant that we’ll build what we
have now before starting something new. I had called Alphie today. Even though he’s a miser, he said that he&his brothers-in-law
will arrange the money to fight the case. Ravunni is still in jail, right? So you should go to
Thrisshur tomorrow. Okay dad. I got what you’re saying. We agreed to spend money for the case,
because that wealth belongs to us as well. And not because we have any
sympathy for our greedy dad, who gambled everything including
this house without telling anyone. We had met the advocate yesterday. He has agreed to plead the case. We paid the advance immediately. Rest of the money, we
will pay him directly. That means that we don’t trust you, who sold the shop that dad
gave you&went away! You don’t have to trust me! I don’t need anyone’s
money as well! But this attitude of yours with which
you milk your patients for money, you had to show that
towards our dad as well? What did you say? Who asked you to take
dad to Tamil Nadu? All that’s over, Chechi. We should be thinking
what to do next. You keep quiet. Bring him back here. We will look after
him until he dies. You will look after him, chechi!
I know! And you’ll keep tabs of the food he had
and cigarettes he smoked in a book and ask us to split it. Finally when people come asking for
their money&he becomes a nuisance, you’ll send him to
some old age home. And then you’ll ask us to share
the money you spent for it!Demon’.!There’s nothing wrong
in what she said. Didn’t dad ruin everything
he earned on his own? He didn’t ruin everything, Dr.Alphonse. This Doctor status of yours, and these well-settled
husbands of our sisters, are our dad’s earnings. Those aren’t ruined yet, right? Only the money he spent
for me was wasted. Among his children, I am the only one
who is a waste. How long have I
been calling you? Why didn’t you send
a message at least? Some family issues. I heard some of it too. But why are you
ignoring me for that? Where are you now? lam.. I am in Thrisshur now. Where? I want to see you. Where are you now? I’ll come there. Now.. We needn’t meet now, Catherine. We have to! Or else, you come here. To my house. I’ll come. Everything will be all right. I have warned you many times. The guy who marries Nancy Kurian’s only
daughter needs to have some merits. It’s because you don’t know him. There will be many fair-skinned,
smart guys in town. But there are many other
factors for a good match. You don’t have the maturity
to judge that yet. Talk softly! I will talk loudly in my house.
I don’t care! You know their
present situation? Without even a house to sleep in, both
father&son are hiding somewhere! They don’t need you now.
They need your money! It’s pointless to shout at
me when you hear the truth. Can I talk to Catherine
for a minute? No madam! I must interfere in this. What your mom said is right. For Nancy Kurian’s daughter, I am not a good match. If this happened a
few days earlier, I wouldn’t have cared
about any of this. But now.. I don’t want to make
you also suffer, along with so many problems
without any solution. And I don’t want to
solve my problems, with the money I would
get by marrying you! But we have to bear this pain. Both of us. After some time, it will all be gone! How many years has it
been since your marriage? 27-28 years. Sister, give me
some butter-milk. How come you’re here, Sir? I had an interview here. Interview? My dad doesn’t know that
our company is shut. Soto survive for the time
being, I must get a job! Greetings Sir! Son, he has told me
everything about you. We have vacancy for
just one salesman post. Your job will be to get orders
for the garments made here. In your visiting card, you can be a
salesman or a supervisor. I don’t care! But this job is
very competitive. You should work like cattle! So you can join the job from
tomorrow morning! Okay? Shall I go?
Bye! Balettan! – Hi Edathi!
– Jomon, Dad is fine, right? Yes. I have a flat in my
name in Ernakulam. You both can stay
there if you want to! That won’t be right, edathi. Here, I can do any job
and no one will know. Check your account. I’ve sent some money. Oh! That wasn’t. Was necessary! Shut up!Demon’.!I heard that you got a job! One job can’t solve
all our problems. But when have you
ever done a job? That was earlier. But now I’ve started a
small cottage industry. A small business where I buy
some handicraft clothes from the weavers’ villages
and sell it to others. Maybe because I was thulped badly.
I decided to be a good man! Then do that! – What should I do for that?
– You needn’t do anything! But you will be my
partner in that as well! I don’t want your partnership
or any of that bullshit! You need it! And I don’t need your
money or permission for that. Mushtaq! Do you have ‘555’
cigarettes here? No Sir. – Do you know where to get them?
– I don’t know. In the next street,
there’s a duty free shop. – You can buy it there if you want to!
– Is it? Where is it? If you take that left
turn, there’s a temple.. Near that. – If you want, I’ll show you the place.
– Thank you! – Are you a Malayali?
– No! My wife is from Palakkad. That’s
why I know a little Malayalam. But she’s no more. It’s been 5 years since she died. That’s sad to hear. – What’s your name?
– Perumal, Sir. I’m Vincent. Did you come here for purchasing? No. My son has a factory here. It’s been a few days since I smoked.
That’s why! You want to smoke one? I don’t have the habit.
But still.. For you, I will.. Where do you work, Perumal? Sir, I am a tailor. I also used to be a tailor.
Long back. I started doing business
only after that. But I don’t have a job now, Sir. There’s a small union
problem in the factory. – But my daughter has a job.
– What job? She’s working as an account
officer in a company. – Do you stay here only?
– No Sir! It’s a little far.
We have to take a bus daily. So you don’t have a job. Shall we try? Let me see if there’s any
vacancy in my son’s company. Sir, if you can do that,
it will be very helpful. Let’s see! Come, Perumal. Hey security, why
are you sleeping? Perumal, come inside. Call the boss. It’s hot, right?
I’ll switch on the AC. Sit down please. Don’t worry, Perumal.
We’ll solve everything. Okay Sir. Who are you? Where’s Jomon?Demon?Who is that? I think they’ve come looking
for the previous M.D. Sir, this is a new management. I am the owner.Demon?I am his father. We don’t have anything to
do with the old management. It’s my fault. What? What are you looking at? Are you watching a movie?
Go do yourjobs! Go! Don’t worry Sir! Some mistake has happened. That’s all.
Come. Let’s go! Dad! Dad? Dad! You scared me! Why are you standing here without
even switching on the light? Come. I’ve brought a special
Biriyani for you today. What happened, dad? You don’t look so good. How’s your business doing? It’s progressing well! You’re getting enough
export orders, right? Yea! There are many orders. Which all countries do
you export to, mainly? Well.. To all major countries. America, Europe, Africa, Middle East. Everywhere! As far as I know, when they receive the
materials that we export, they will credit cash
to our bank account. Isn’t it called LC? You’re good! You know all this? So it means that my son has
learned how to make money! Nothing like that! You started fooling me ever since
you could think by yourself. Since we had so much money
and a lot more love, I considered it just as your
childish mischief back then. But now.. You’re still fooling me
even in this situation? Dad! Earlier, I’ve fooled you a lot. But now.. I was betrayed. I blindly trusted someone
who’s a bigger idiot than me. Why couldn’t you say
that to me then? How can I say that to you
when you’re already bankrupt? Can you bear that as well? Your dad started from nothingness. I’ve starved for many weeks. Since I didn’t have
change to travel by bus, I’ve walked for many kilometres. I had a time when I didn’t even
have an extra shirt to change into, at least once a year. Difficulties which your
generation cannot even imagine! It’s because of the mental
strength I gained back then, that I’m still not dead in spite of
all these earthquakes that happened. And you didn’t tell me anything, suffered all alone and was trying
hard to take care of me? Right? Your bloody special Biriyani
&cigarettes! Your dad is someone who ran behind
money, but slipped and fell hard. Whatever it is for, you needn’t run behind it. I can even be happy with some rice
soup and a piece of sack to sleep on! If God wants a father&son
who went behind luxury, to live modestly for sometime, we can live modestly, man! What else to do? So, we are letting go of all our
luxuries including this flat, from today. We can survive with
limited facilities, son. No one can defeat people
who have lost everything! Just be there with me! Hey fragrant breeze,
don’t you want a flowery umbrella? Spring has arrived, don’t you
want drum-rolls to welcome you? You vanished without a word
and have come back now, Don’t ever go away again! Hey fragrant breeze,
don’t you want a flowery umbrella? Spring has arrived, don’t you
want drum-rolls to welcome you? Have you wandered in search
of the heavenly flower, 0′ breeze, without coming
near me, far away! Did you get lost swimming in the
milky ocean waves, 0′ breeze? I shed futile silent
tears in my dreams! To fill these branches
with flowers again, have you silently returned? Hey fragrant breeze, don’t
you want a flowery umbrella? Spring has arrived, don’t you
want drum-rolls to welcome you? The darkness of the night will vanish, The sky will clear tomorrow, Every single flower from the
field will adorn colours! Strings of water will live
the lengths of this earth, coupled with the fragrance
of the misty moonlight! I always hoped you
would come one day, to weave the cloudy fabrics
with flashes of lightning. Hey fragrant breeze, don’t
you want a flowery umbrella? Spring has arrived, don’t you
want drum-rolls to welcome you?Yes.
(in Malayalam)
I’ve given the list of
exports to Lakshmi. Please call Lakshmi. Okay.You’re a Malayali?I know Malayalam.I haven’t received
your mail yet. Unless I get the mail, I
can’t issue the cheque. Madam, by the time I get a mobile
data recharge, it’ll be late. So if you can give me the WiFi
password, I’ll send it right away! I can’t reveal the
company’s WiFi password. She’s a true Malayali! Can I ask you something? – Go ahead!
– Sir, have you acted in Malayalam films? Me?Sir, a Malayalam star has
your exact same face-cut.
– Stop kidding, brother!
– I swear, Sir. – Shall I show it?
– Show! I’m busy.
Call me later. – Like me?
– There’s no internet! – Sir, do you have WiFi here?
– Yes! Sir, please give me the password. – Sir, you didn’t show me the star!
– Oh! Sorry Sir! Sir, this is all make-up! In real life, he looks
really handsome! Here VOu go! Hereafter, if some poor salesman asks the
WiFi password for an emergency, tell him! It’s ‘Vaidehi123’ Your name is Vaidehi, right? 123 are your initials? How is it? – You brought the old board here?
– That’s all we had left! Suits very well! Like a tomato box locked
with a Godrej lock. Check it out and then tell me. Don’t hit your head. This is it. – Is this a cave?
– Come, man! You made this in
your height or what? Huge set-up, eh? I know. Here’s the account book! You should check the
accounts from the beginning. It’s good to have a
control over me. Did you notice that the company
has moved towards a profit? 900 Rupees! Instead of the Rs.1200 you
spent to call a pick-up, if you had taken it in a bus,
it would’ve cost only Rs.100. If so, the profit
would’ve been 2000. In a bus?
Me? Who do you think you are? You sell peanuts&want
to have a lifestyle of a king? Will I become a king if
I call for a pick-up? Dude, no one has become anything without
struggling at a grass root level. When did you learn all this? I’ve just started learning,
my dear Mushtaq! I was a tailor like you before
I became the manager! Sir, we haven’t received any
orders for a longtime! Vaidehi handles the orders.
Talk to her. Okay Sir.
Thank you! Why is he looking at my teeth? Hey! Sri Venkateshwara Mills&this company
had a long term relationship. But we haven’t received
any new orders. You didn’t get any
from the manager’? Manager said that Vaidehi
madam is the all-in-all here. – I’ve given the order to another company.
– Another com pany? Which one? I gave it to an innocent
salesman who’s not over smart&doesn’t ask for the
company’s WiFi password. Oh no! Miss Vaidehi,
you’ve misunderstood me. I’m also an innocent guy! Just that I don’t look like it. If you’re going to check your mail,
I’ve changed the WiFi password. But by the time I come again, I’ll pray that your anger
towards me is gone! Shall I ask you something else too? Have you placed a
bet with someone? That you will never move the muscles
of your face to form a smile? The smiles on our faces, are the
blessings of God within us. If we don’t smile, these blessings that God wants to
distribute freely to many, would be wasted! $0.. I know it’s difficult for you. Still, just try it. It’s a blessing from God.
That’s why! That’s it! Mushtaq, don’t play around! The bus will leave now. Bro, they haven’t fixed the elastic on many
briefs that I’ve to deliver today. I’m running behind that. You do something. Call a
pick-up for today as well. Pick-up? Don’t get me talking! I’ll show you how to
live by working hard! Brother, can you help me keep it on top? Come! I forgot to work out
in the morning. Oh my God! Do you travel by the bus
daily, Miss Vaidehi? You’re still working for Sri
Venkateshwara mill, right? Yes! New orders are ready? Is this a company job or… a side-business in
between your duty? Nothing like that. Does the company know that
you’re doing a side-business? No! Then I’ll tell them! Don’t do that to me, Miss Vaidehi! I know your boss personally. Where the hell has she come from? Okay right!
Let’s go! Those standing on the
foot-board, get inside! You’ve stopped the bus
in the middle of the road! Don’t shout! The
driver will come. – He will come now.
– We have to go home! Everyone wants to go home! How dare you stop the bus? What’s there to dare in this?
Wait for some time. Diesel is over? Repair? Puncture?
How do I know? If you keep shouting”
He has gone somewhere! – Let him come! Wait!
– Hey! What’s the ruckus over there? Can’t you wait for 10 minutes? Don’t create a fuss.
Come start the bus! – They are angry. Come fast! Hey old man! What’s
your problem? Such audacity! Start the bus! You’re playing with our lives?
You can’t drive! I’ve been drinking&driving in
this route for 14 years now! And what’s wrong with you now? You know who I am?
Get lost! I will drive like this only! Leave me! The bus won’t move from here today.
Let me see how it goes! All of you go walking! – What’s the problem?
– Get lost! The bus won’t leave! If you dare, See this key! Take it! Let me see! – Thank you, son!
– Everyone, get in! The bus is leaving.
Get in! Let’s go! Hey! My bus! Thank you so much.
You saved us&brought us home. God bless you! You drove better
than the driver! Stop here, brother. That’s it! Leave it, Sir.
I’ll get it for you. Brother, when is the
next bus to the town? – Next bus is only at 7 in the morning!
-7 in the morning? Didn’t I warn you? Dude, at least now, call a pick-up and
come here quickly! Pick-up! Don’t utter
that word again! Cut the call! – Him&his bloody pick-up!
– Who is he? Standing alone? – Is he a thief?
– Sir, Sir! Can I get a pick-up here? Pick-up? To take all this to the town. You won’t get all
that over here. Is there any lodge
where I can stay? Malayali? Yes! There are no lodges here, Sir. Where will I sleep then? You can sleep anywhere. Just that some snakes
or mad dogs may come. There won’t be any
other problem! Gosh! When I saw you standing alone,
I thought you were a thief. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t think it’ll be so late. Dear, he came to get materials,
and missed his bus. He’s a Malayali.
This is my daughter, Vaidehi. Don’t be shy.
Eat well! You know why I’m
having this rice soup? This has got Vitamin E. Dad! Okay!
Pour it! Thank you! You became a big hero
by riding the bus, huh? Were you a bus driver
back in Kerala? Back in Kerala, we had many buses, of our own. Hey.. So you’ve started distributing
God’s blessings? I really liked your village. We are going to shift to the town. The construction of our new
house is happening there. So you can avoid this
daily travel, right? Yes. But the house became
bigger than we thought. It’s in the finishing stage now. You speak Malayalam very well. Mom’s house was in Palakkad. I have come there. You know what I like the
most in your Kerala? Or else, rain? Or the rivers! These are the usual
nostalgia elements! Sardine!
(Fish) Sardine? I like it fried and even as a curry! Even all of you like it, right?
Then what? Is sardine so unromantic? No!Never’.From today, the most romantic
thing in Kerala will be sardine! Phew! He has come! How come you’re so late, Sir? Is it right to be late
on the first day itself? My son was late to leave.
If he knows this, it’ll be a problem. Okay. Come. Sir, why are you standing? Perumal, this is huge! That’s why every textile
business comes to Tiruppur. You can see this only here. Sir, this is your seat.
This is my seat. Start working! Perumal! It’s been a long time since I
touched these. I’m out of touch! That’s okay, Sir. It’s not necessary that you should
do all the work like old times! Like I said, it’s enough if you do a
single stitch from morning to evening. – Single stitching means?
– Sir! You said you wanted a time-pass, right? So simply do that!
Sit down! You haven’t told me the
reason for this treat yet. Well.. Our company got a good order from
the reference you gave, Vaidehi. To be frank, we’re able to survive
now because of that! Right? Ya. Hey, we haven’t received the payment
for the building materials yet! I’ll pay some of it from
this month’s salary. I’ll settle it fully
next month, Sir. You said the same
thing last month too! No, Sir. This time I’ll
definitely pay you! Construction of our house is
going on, right? This was for that. Don’t get us wrong. We had decided something
when we got that order. That one share of the
profit belongs to you! For me?
Why? Get me that bag. I don’t need it. – Are you trying to bribe me?
– Don’t say anything. Please! Construction is going on, right?
You’ll need the money. Jomon, I… It’s time for my bus.
I’m leaving. I’ll walk her to the
bus stop & come back. – Ah! Carry on!
– Get lost! Still angry that
we gave you money? Actually, I needed some cash urgently. But I don’t have any friends who
are close enough to ask money from! When mom died, I
became a real loner. I even forgot how to smile! Even if we’re meeting some
people for the first time, you feel like you’ve met
them earlier, right? Like that, when you think about someone whom
you haven’t met for a long time, sometimes that person suddenly
comes in front of you, right? There are some explanations for
all these in Hindu philosophy. I am feeling some such
confidence in you! That’s why my pride allowed
me to accept money from you. Where is he going? I should follow him! So all this build
up was for this? 2 cents of land, 650 square feet, we can even ride an
auto rickshaw inside. In a city like Tiruppur, can someone else build
a house like this? No way! You have to agree!
Drink the milk. Take a picture of mine
along with the house! Dad! Didn’t I tell you about my friend?
He has come! You go. I’ll come! Vaidehi’s friend. Friend means” they
are thick friends! – Is that so?
– Yes. Come. Let’s go inside. Why are you being formal
with a gift and all? Housewarming, right?
Keep it! Okay. I’ll just be back. Vincent Sir, this is Mr.Jomon.
Also from Kerala. Vaidehi’s friend. – Didn’t I tell you?
– Yea! – This is Vincent Sir. My friend!
– Also from Kerala. Mr.Jomon, where are
you from, in Kerala? In: I’m from Thrisshur, Sir. I am also from Thrisshur! – Both of you are from the same town?
– Yes! Then what? Come! Let’s see the house. Come, Sir.
This is the kitchen. Saw this? Gas stove! You can boil 10 kilos of
rice at the same time! See this! A steel shelf! We can arrange how many
ever vessels in here. Apart from these, I’ll show you another
important place. Come! I’ll go get it. You are all Vaidehi’s friends? Yes uncle. If the window is open,
we can touch the sun! See this.
A ceiling fan! It costs Rs.499 and 99 paise. I don’t know why they
charge those 99 paise, Sir! See this. Look! A bathroom
inside the house! Exhaust fan? Yes! The air from outside
will come inside! If you go inside, you
can sit there in peace! We have just one life. What’s the point in
saving all our money? Spend it lavishly and you
can be really happy! – That’s correct. Right, Mr.Jomon?
– Yes, Mr.Vincent! Okay, Sir. I’ll come later” How can you leave so quickly? Dinner is ready. Have
it before you leave! Perumal said that his daughter
is a thick friend of yours? When did this happen? That” Her company gives many orders
to our company. That’s how! – So it’s a relation between 2 companies.
– Yes! Then it’s all right! Where did you get this from? You thought I won’t get it
if you don’t buy it for me? Didn’t you stop this habit? Tell me the truth.
Where did you get it from? Well.. It’s from an old stock. It was lying between the bags.
Why should I waste it? Don’t smoke in front of me! Don’t stamp on it! You don’t know how much
that cigarette costs! – I’ll find out the cost myself!
– Don’t touch the packet! Throwing away the
cigarette from my lip, throwing my packet away, who are you? My father? Your grandfather! Sir, we’ll definitely give it this time. Don’t make it late like last time.
Deliver it on time! – It’s a very prestigious order.
– Okay. No pocket? Dad! I was just giving
Perumal some company. – Come with me.
– It’s not like you think! – Jomon!
– Let me explain! What are you doing? Aren’t
you both from the same town? This is between us father&son! Your stupid thoughts
in this old age.Demon’.!– Father?
– He’s my son. Wait! I’m not that old yet. Didn’t you hide many
things from me? I hid this from you. Now we’re even. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop it! I’ll quit today! The only luxury left
for me are cigarettes. I thought I’ll at least make the
money to buy them on my own.. ‘From a distance, the Lord
appeared before him and said, ‘The love I have for you is infinite. The trust I have in you is unshakeable. But those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and
not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.’ Praise the Lord! Did you become a Father suddenly?
A priest? Who is it? Is it really you, Jomon? I can’t see properly! I’m old, right? I’ve brought a medicine
for you to turn younger. If you smoke this, you won’t grow old;
and your hair won’t gray! Who said that the hair doesn’t
gray if you smoke cigarettes? You won’t get time till the
hair grays completely! – You’ll die before that, right?
– Oh. Like that! But I never thought you would
go for a job just to beat me. Isn’t it because I want to be
with you for a longer time, that I didn’t buy it for you? I also want to be with
you for a long time! – What happened, Sir?
– Come! How do I show you how
I got beaten up? What happened to your face?
Was it an accident? That’s nothing! Okay! How many years have
you been working here? Must be around 3 or 3
and a half years, Sir. Are you haPPV7 I’m happy, Sir.
What happened? You want only this happiness in life? – What happened, Sir?
– Okay. Leave it! Saw that lady? She is our client! She has to come to India for
the first time from France. She wanted to go sight seeing. But for the past 2 days, I’ve
been seeing stars instead! From today, you have to
take care of her. Okay? – Me?
– Yes. You! Sir, I have a lot of
work in the office, Sir. That’s not a problem. Now this is your duty. I don’t
care how much you spend! This my order! Sir, she looks really scary! She’s nothing like you think. I’ve never seen such a
decent lady in my life! Your duty begins now!
Okay? All the best! Phew! Such strong punches! Hey. I am in some trouble. Can you help me out? What problem? It’s not that serious! We have to handle a VIP guest. I’ve been trying for 2
days&it’s not happening! That’s all?
I’ll be right there! Mountains, rivers,
idly, vada, sam bar! Small children, their villages! We’ll see it all! The blue sky seemed like
a moist eye, 0′ honey.. The misty clouds seemed like
dreams that swam towards us. Are you ready to sing a
couplet for my ears? I was lost listening to those
soft gentle verses, repeatedly. Is the sky and the earth
covered with flowers? The blue sky seemed like
a moist eye, 0′ honey.. The misty clouds seemed like
dreams that swam towards us. I wandered through the valleys for the
nectar of that mysterious flower, in vain. You came in like a lightning in the
achingly silent cloudy sky. Like rains in summer,
Like dreams in sleep, Like a blue blanket
on the bed of darkness. Did you open the doors with
your soft, gentle hands? The blue sky seemed like
a moist eye, 0′ honey.. The misty clouds seemed like
dreams that swam towards us. Have you seen that wonderfland
spread with love, like the meadows with
flowers that never wither? Have you heard the rhythmic
beat of the raging heart? Like the midnight moon,
and the summer flies”. You’ve become an inseparable
part of my life, day&night! Will you come along with me,
singing and dancing? The blue sky seemed like
a moist eye, 0′ honey.. The misty clouds seemed like
dreams that swam towards us. This is a diamond! This watch is also very costly! We’ll get a good
deal if we sell it! You don’t have to sell it! Let that be. But before leaving, she didn’t
call usjust to give all this. Then? That visiting card of yours? When she saw it, she thought
I’m running some big company! I didn’t correct her as well. When I printed some
nice visiting cards, he abused me like crazy! But it worked out now! I am taking back all my abuses! She does business all over the world. Even if we get 0.2%
of her business, we’ll flourish! Not only the cotton from Tiruppur, she needs the handmade silk woven in the weavers’
village of Tamil Nadu. Then shall we try a hand at it? Do you have at least a good coin
to toss&see what to do next? And you want to try a hand? It’s like a crow getting mouth
ulcer when the mango ripened! I’m leaving. And ya. Don’t dismiss that
lady’s offer completely. All the businessmen here, started from a grass root level. Think about it. Come, son! Don’t worry, son!
We’re here for you, right? You woke me up in the middle of
the night to be in silent mode? We can’t miss this chance, Mushtaq. But how? The most important thing in an
export business is a solid buyer. Since that foreigner is impressed
with you, that’s okay! But if we have to try it, we need
at least some money to roll, right? It’s a business worth crores. We can get many materials
from the company on debt. It’s a problem only if we take
it from a single company. If we take them from different companies,
we won’t owe much to each of them. With the contacts I have
now, I can try that out. Most of her requirements
are handmade garments. Those are made by the
poor weavers here. Middle-men are fooling them now
by paying them very little money! We should give a higher
price for their effort, and make them join us. So if there are 1000 weavers, the risk
would be shared among those 1000 people. To take that risk, will they trust us? They will. If they are really convinced that it’ll
benefit them, they will trust us.Their trust is our first investment.Working for many big companies
for all these years, what have you all earned? We are not very rich people. We don’t have money to pay you an
advance or buy materials for you. But.. But I have a heart that
realizes the cost of hard work. We will pay you double the money
that you’re getting right now. But unlike other companies,
it won’t take 60 or 90 days. Within 30 days, we will pay the money. But I’ll promise you one thing. I won’t cheat you! For me, my father is.. Like God! I swear on him! Trust me! Son, I trust you! I’m ready! I’m ready too! I’m ready too! ‘The time has come’ ‘The moment has come’ ‘Which is that world beyond the clouds?’ ‘Which is that shore
across the blue sea?’ ‘The moment when I spread
the wings of my dreams’ ‘The moment when I reached
the farthest branch’ ‘I will go in search of starry
flowers all over this sky’ ‘l will dive into this sea
and collect gold&pearls’ ‘Who is there to draw a
boundary in the blue sky?’ ‘Every single flower will bloom
on the mango tree in the sky’ ‘Who is there to draw a
boundary in the blue sky?’ ‘Every single flower will bloom
on the mango tree in the sky’ ‘The time has come’ ‘The moment has come’ The manager is calling you. Come! Sit down. The amount has been
credited to your account. This is a huge amount! – That’s not just our money.
– Then? We have to share it among many
poor partners who trusted us. Hey dude! Let me hold it once! Just pinch me! You believe it now? After giving them their shares, I have to go somewhere. Where were you? Couldn’t get you on the
phone for the past 2 days! And even your friends
didn’t know where you were! If I ask you something,
don’t lie to me! What? After coming here, haven’t you missed our
hometown at least once? The Thrisshur round, your morning walks” Friends&townsmen”
None of it? Leave all that. The place where you&mom
stayed for a long time, the place where we grew up, Don’t you miss that
house you made? I can now realize the value
of whatever you made. I don’t have the smartness to
win back all that we lost. But.. I got back our house alone. Initially, that Swamy didn’t agree. Then I paid him the
price he asked for, and got it registered
in your name. See you, Sister. Careful.
Give it to me. Okay then.
Don’t forget us. Okay dear.
Okay uncle. And ya, the company should still
be here even when I return. Done! But you don’t have any objection if I
call a pick-up during emergencies? No! Carry it on your
head by yourself! You should pay for all
the sins you did, right? I’ll call you. You didn’t say bye to that girl? Didn’t I say bye to everyone? Not that. I thought. Between you.. What’s between us? You start imagining things
when people interact closely. This is the problem
with your generation. But still.. Dad, we came to stay
here for a while. We might have met many
people during that time. And now we’re going back! Now they have their life
and we have our life! What else? Oh. When you made a lot of money
by doing business on your own, my son’s heart has
become tougher, is it? Have it! Ask for whatever you want! Shall I serve some
butter-milk for you? – Butter-milk with Biriyani?
– Oh! It was a Biriyani? Leave some space in your tummy! Fresh ‘Karimeen’ is ready! Who wants it? Give it to your brother-in-law! Give it to him first! Serve it for Alphie.
It’s his favourite. Dad, sit down.
I’ll serve. No. The rice soup for
me will be ready now. Ah! It’s here.
Keep it there, dear. I’ve been having rice soup
for a long time now. It became a habit! To see my children,
sons-in-laws, and family members
having lunch together; brings me a lot of happiness. And that’s not just now. Always! All the advocates are saying that we’ll get
a favourable judgement in the land case. So what’s your plan? If you’re not interested in
going forward with the project, some builders had come to
me, to take it over from you. Land value has increased a lot. There are people who can blindly
give 15 Iakhs per cent. 20 acres is not a
small amount, right? I’m not going to sell that land. And not
going to build anything over there too! If the case is favourable, we can sell a small portion to
pay the people we owe money to. In the rest of the land, I’m going
to start cultivating paddy! Organic farming! What madness is this? When I fell to the ground
from a huge height, many of my lunacies were cured, and some new
lunacies have begun! Agriculture is one among them. If you make paddy in
such an expensive land, it won’t be worth it even if you
get 10,000 per kilo for that rice. Vincent has stopped doing
business only for profits. Yes. Has the Mayor slept,
waiting for me? Dad, we’re also leaving. – Jomon,
– What is it, uncle? What your dad lost, he has
started getting back. You just want to go on like this? When will you become responsible? That’s true! When will
you become responsible? Since it’s so late today, I’ll become responsible as soon
as I wake up tomorrow morning. Then okay! – Shall we go?
– Ya. Vincent, now you’ve become my old.. That old Vincent of mine. Dad! Why are you sitting there? Come! You carry on! I’m lazy! There
was a gap, right? We’ll fill that gap. My dad? Lazy? Come! Stretch your arms! Like this.
Backwards. Dad, we’ll go this way. Isn’t that our regular route? – We need a change in between, right?
– Why? Come, dad! Greetings Sir! Greetings! Is this Tiruppur or Thrisshur? Are we still in Tiruppur? We were a little late when
we reached here last night. The taxi driver&lorry driver
didn’t take money from us. They said that Jomon has
arranged everything! Look here! So all this was
part of your plan? Well.. Since even you thought that
there was something between us, I don’t have any problem now! Hey!
Stop there! I said stop!


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