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Ganga river, Patna
This is the bank of sacred river Ganga This is Patna, the
capital city of the state of Bihar This city notorious for
sabotage and bloodshed was.. ..once known as Pataliputra. Emperors like Chandragupta
Maurya, Ashoka and erudite’s .. like Koutilya who authored
‘Artha sastra’ were born in this kingdom This is world’s
oldest university Nalanda Numerous celebrities from lndia
and abroad had their education here This is the Bhodhi tree
in Gaya situated in Bihar Buddha was enlightened
under this tree He advocated nonviolence
and universal love But in this village of Tejpur. . . As soul of your soul.. l express through silence Whether it is worry or else Whether it is burden or
distance l am leaving! The dreams l had day before and.. The stories l heard yesterday ..would not accompany me tomorrow! Thus l am approaching sans desires Apearance changes!
Mind would not rest! -Sister
-Sister -Sister
-Look l got a big conch Should you scream for that?
l was scared The children got it luckily
Why did you throw? -No dad -She is jealous
because we got it Chintu
Why do you trouble him? lt’s not like that, dear Daddy has been promoted
as Hyderabad police commissioner When we leave this
place and friends tomorrow.. ..won’t you feel bad? We stayed here for just 4 years
But we feel bad when we leave The conch has lived in this place lf we take it with us from the sea
will it not feel bad? Why we don’t have a native place?
-We have.. Since l was transferred often
l took you to several towns l have troubled you all these days
and didn’t take you to native place Look! in 4 months time l am retiring Thereafter we can settle
down wherever you want! HYDERABAD We are holding 300 kgs
You are holding just 30 grams lt may be ‘Vasthu’ (science on luck)
for you. But it is swelling for us! You know the fate of the
former commissioner who ignored vasthu While saluting he has hit the CM’s eyes
So he was suspended for 6 months Don’t you know that?
Tell us, where this is to be kept? -l have found out
-Where? This is between us
Which is west? Then you do one thing, hold this
Please hold this! Are you asking me to do? Gently!
Careful East and west juxtapose Are you singing?
l am holding 300 Kgs! That is why it is swollen, that is
the west. Keep it here Ok, keep it here!
Madam is coming! What is it, l heard some noise? We were expressing joy
for having kept it as per Vasthu You have done it nicely! Take this! -Yes madam That is why l asked you to
come fresh after bathing You look like a road side
vendor at bus stand! We are not workmen
We are policemen Yes madam, he is our Cl He has saluted you only madam
Put down your hands! Why should you do this job?
Because you shouldn’t find it difficult Besides, this is nothing new for us Are we not supposed to work in station? Today evening you will have a drill parade Please tell about us to sir without fail We can do any domestic work! Have you seen, how l have
tackled the home department? What else can you do?
What is the noise? lt is from the other side! Can l not have your mercy? ls he your grandpa?
No, he is saint Thyagaraja He is a great composer!
Did you learn music from him? No, He lived in the 19th century! We were on duty at Ravindra Bharath
a day before for a concert l saw a similar one there
So l couldn’t make out! Who was it? – He is a great singer
called Viswanatha Sastri He sings nicely!
Do you know him? l will introduce him to you! l was longing to learn music from him You can learn You . . . l am the local Cl,
these people are my staff! You talked to me only from Vizag! We have arranged everything as per Vasthu! Don’t show your sincerity here
Exhibit it in duty You will be rewarded!
Bye sir! Very fine! Why are you laughing? ls it because
l’ve lost my promotion chance? Not for that! a new commissioner
has come to tackle the criminal ACP You should be happy about that You don’t know about him He has availed loan using our pay slips! He has nexus with criminals
and runs club dances For the sake of males!
l would die! For the sake of fans
l would die! l can untie any knots! l would fall over and pulverize you! l can show you waves! l would come! l will tear you
l will make merry dancing With my charm
l would break your bones Attitude, people and war are mere waste This is another world Every second it is a bliss
And it is real! Prayer,austerity,penance
and boons are mere waste This is an intoxicating
pleasant divine offering This is always lasting l would tear
Tear the screen l would smear my brimming
youth on your bruises as medicine On Wednesdays
Thursdays and Saturday.. is like a warmth
that heats up our body! This is a legacy from olden days! Without a prompt from others Get embedded in this beauty
That is the festivity for human race! l would grab your charm like a tiger! l would subdue your haughtiness Money!
l can bend the horns! l would come! l would tear and
witness what is with in you! l would test the
capacity of the scissors! They have enthralled
you by their dance, isn’t it? My boss gives 40,000 to Mini Come here! Send Mini and keep this as commission She has been auctioned!
Leave her and auction others Why do you show your vandalism? Not vandalism
l am police thief Why do you talk like this? He is an ACP
He would talk anything lf you talk too much, you will be sliced! You are bald
What will you do with the girl? Get lost The real thing has opened out now! Who are you?
l am this area’s Sl Do you know who am l? l know you are an ACP l would have saluted
if you were in the station The hits meant for them have
fallen on you for doing illegal things l will suspend you before dawn! Hit him in the cell
He shouldn’t see the sunrise Ok sir We have got license to run the club Permission is to run
orchestra and not brothel Why are you scared for an Sl?
Talk to the minister! What about you? Are you going to hit me?
-Should l show you? Leave the public and arrest the club staff -Ok-lt’s time for patrolling Who is that? lt would be chill in winter
But how come you are sweating? lt means something
is hot in your thoughts! What are you thinking? Why do you worry unnecessarily? l have lost the diamond necklace Have we lost the diamond necklace? Did we ever consider it as an ornament? We had kept it in memory of your sister! We have lost the only
memorabilia of your sister! l think it should be his handiwork l can identify him l know how to trace him How can you file an FlR
for hitting an ACP in club? What is your explanation for that? That club is in his jurisdiction He has hit them for not giving him bribes! When l inquired about this
He has hit me also despite l being an ACP Who took the bribe?
ls it you or me? Tell me, is it you or me? Will you lie? You dared to hit
your superior in front of me Now l believe ACP’s version Why did you raid the
pub instead of patrolling? ls it because they hadn’t bribed you?
Talk to me There is a theft in my house
l’ve lost a valuable diamond necklace lt happened the same day
when l took charge Do you know how shameful it was? Are you police or a rowdy? l did the patrolling l am sure the person whom
l suspect would have stolen in your house lt happened
because you failed in your duty You have done two mistakes ln the first place
you have hit your superior Secondly you
have failed in your duty! l have not done anything wrong
lf you suspend me.. l may go to the tribunal Are you threatening me?
l will suspend you for 2 months Do you now know? Until l join duty
be in hospital! What are you looking at?
What? Write little legibly To which place are you going?
Kakinada Are you going for marriage? No l got a call my
father in law is serious l am sending my family. Are you not
going then?- l couldn’t get leave Didn’t you get leave
or you doesn’t want to go? Why do you talk like this?
Then how should l talk? Why do you talk in singular? Why should l give respect
to an animal like you? Your father in law has
give you his daughter.. ..given you dowry and has
given a scooter for you to ride He has given everything
to you and has become poor Now he has a cardiac attack
He is struggling . . . ..for his life in General Hospital But you say casually
that you couldn’t get leave You have just lend your pen
But you talk too much After all l have lend you a pen
But l am worried But he has given you his daughter
He must be terribly worried Are you a human being?
l went even for the death of my.. ..father in laws’ in law
Don’t you have any self respect? lf he has self respect, why would
he say that he couldn’t get leave? There are doctors to treat the
cardiac disease of your father in law But are there doctors
to treat his worries? Have you planned to usurp
his wealth in case he dies? You have also tonsured
your head also in advance The first mistake l did was
to get a pen from you The second mistake l did
was not asking for leave As a third person, you suspect me
My relatives would surely suspect me l will add my name also
and reserve tickets You are coming in advance l don’t know whether my dad
would survive this attack or not? Even if you come he may not survive! My jewels and the commission you brought.. ..are kept in bureau
Some thief might steal it Then l would hit your tonsured head! You stay here
l will talk to Mr.Sastri Ok uncle Mr.Sastri Why are you going backwards? lf we come perfectly. . . On what duty you have come here? -To learn music
-Are you? -lt’s him -Me?
-Yes, you His voice is nice With great difficulty
he has learned tunes Now your father has to teach him rhythm He is there Have you seen that? She came just a moment ago
But he has lost his rhythm already They are already in
rhythm but you’ve lost . . . Why do you disturb? Not me, it’s him Commissioner’s daughter
has come to learn music from you Please, if you can bless her. . .
Why are you saluting me? He has gone How ever you have passed on the matter Look Long live Why this big salutation? l should learn music from a person
like you. To get that boon! Goddess has already
given you a beautiful voice lt’s only up to you to utilize it This coming Friday is auspicious We can start from that day
Ok Master An appeal to passengers
Be careful with strangers For not paying heed to this advice You left for Kakinada
without listening to me l will flee to Kachigudda
with all your things ..and will pay heed
to government appeals l will end with this prayer ls it Easy tours and travels?-Yes Wait for a moment! Tape recorder also is here Tomorrow morning there
is a new house warming ceremony We have to shift the
things to the new house Night 2 O clock is the auspicious time Why do you shift when the thieves roam? Shut up, even police don’t ask all these! l have to search for the things
Why should you search? Stop asking the useless details
Bring 4 strong work men Lot of glass items are here
lt should be handled with care! Dear, do not small DCMs.. .. send big Ashok Leyland lorries Here lot of big fridges,
micro oven, dining table set.. ..and water set up is also there Oh gosh! Such a big
house for that dwarf guy Before he returns
l should make it a small one ls it Sarath travels?-Yes We want to shift the house urgently We have to shift the things
Send 4 lorries at 3’o clock in the night Why do you shift at midnight? lt’s my house and my wish
Why do you bother? Note down the address l didn’t understand
Tell me in Telugu 6/2/139, 3rd house . . . from the Yousufgudda graveyard When you sound horn
l will come out l have to do facials
before the lorry comes.. ..and pose like the house owner Oh gosh! how many saris are there! This is like the program ‘Pattukonte
pattu sera’ (silk sari gift program) This is waste What is this, it look strange! lt has frightened me
so it must be costly l will have it The dark patches in my face has gone
lt is as fresh as cucumber l have to check what is
in each room before it gets dry! They suspended you
even though you worked sincerely Will they keep quiet if you
file a case against a senior official? This is foolhardiness on your part! lf l keep quiet
my integrity will be suspected That is right
-Master, did you call me? Has the new girl Archana come? No she has not come
lt will be known How do you know
that she hasn’t come? Without seeing we can
identify a cuckoo and the temple bell! Seems l had seen a
lucky face today morning! May be it’s your father’s What happened, you are so happy! ls it easy to get the stolen thing back
without catching the thieves? -Thieves!-Yes l was able to catch
those two, daring my life -Two guys?
-Yes, don’t you know that? The diamond was not stolen
by one person, two guys Come Look, they are those thieves Why are you turning
your face like big men? Turn this side Put an end to your build up! Look at them
lt’s not them lt’s not them! Look properly ls it a groom seeing,
to look properly? ls this an interview,
to leave immediately? Look once again madam Make them agree! Poor man, he’s jogging from
Chenchalgudda to control his diabetic Poor man, he’s jogging from
Kachigudda to control his cholesterol Poor men, have l arrested you wrongly? To get promotion, he may even
arrest us, if he can’t get anyone They will file defamation suit
against you, if you do like this Why should some one do?
We will file a suit! Let’s go to court straight from here
Let’s go, why delay? Will you give ideas to them? What is this nuisance? Look them once again and say l can identify that thief
even in the crowd Cuckoo! stop singing! You don’t have the
voice of Suseela and Janaki Like the fragrance of the spring.. Like the flowery showers
from the blue sky.. Like the brewing honey!
Listen to this Be satisfied and go
with your heads down Cuckoo! stop singing! You don’t have the
voice of Suseela and Janaki One word! in one style … One penance, one religion
and every moment.. New melody is there
lt has the flowing speed! The never ending song is there There are ways to achieve
Come closer! Don’t change the history
Don’t change this as a new song This will not cost! How long will you stay in
your nest in the mango tree? Come to do a concert in our town! Don’t challenge little sparrows! Claps by dragon flies and
honey bees are not sufficient Win over me, if you have the caliber That is not so easy
You will require another birth to do that Master, he is my father
-Greetings! You’ve come so far
Please come inside l’ll come next time lt’s raining so l came to take her She says she is lucky
to learn the music from you That is her admiration for me She is good at music
because of her interest in it Had you come just a moment earlier.. .. you could have heard her competing
with the nightingale l have some urgent work
We’ll take leave – Ok Come dear
-Master, l’ll take leave-Good -Whose that?-l am
Sl speaking.-Tell me The one who, we have
arrested is MLA’s man Whoever commits mistake..
even if it my daughter ..file the FlR and produce in court
Not like that, sir Wipe out,father Archana is really lucky -How else could she
learn music from you?-Not that.. She is born to an
impartial and virtuous man l want Archana to be my musical heir
This desire has become stronger She is a pet child of
the goddess of music! When people admire her
l think l will also have a share in that! That’s the honor
l expect for teaching her We don’t buy such stolen gold
We have 15 branches in the city We have lot of good will We purchase only KDM gold
as per government rules But you’re in still in suspension! l will complain to ACP that
you harass us in the name of inquiry l know which gold
you buy KDM or KD’s gold?(rogue) Diamond necklace was stolen
in the Commissioner’s house l know, only you buy
this kind of diamond necklace in the city lf l come to know that
the necklace has changed hands from you.. That will be the end of it
for you and your shop! l will cooperate with you Stop! Thief! -Will you help me?
-What, Help? Yes, l have seen the thief
who has stolen in our house We have to nab him
before he escapes! l will inform the police Who is he? That’s him Who are you?
What you want? l am asking you only Will you escape? Leave him Drop the gun, it’s not locked! -Leave him at first
-Do you know who he is? He has stolen the
diamond necklace from your house l am not the thief
-Tell me, who else is the thief? Tell me You have stolen it
And are you calling him a thief? -Me?
– l saw you on that day in my house You’ve misunderstood
l am police officer Why do you discuss with a thief?
shoot him soon Who is the thief?
You will die soon -Leave him
-Tell me Why are you looking?
Shoot him! Tell me
Shoot him Tell me He is Sastri’s son You’ve saved his life by
admitting him in the hospital Now your life will
depend on his statement Let’s do one thing Let’s inform this to your father He will somehow manage it No, l know about his sincerity He likes his duty as much he likes me You don’t worry l will manage him when
he regains consciousness! How did it happen? lt was a misfire when l was
handling a revolver that was not locked ls it misfire or a suicide attempt? You’ve been suspended. Shouldn’t
you hand over the revolver? He doesn’t know all these
But he will talk about rules Didn’t he tell you that he would
go to tribunal on his suspension? Do you know what
will happen if l take this seriously? You may suspend me
for 2 more months You shouldn’t move
We have just put the sutures lt will be painful if you move His insinuations are more painful
Please leave me Why have you lied? -For your sake
-For my sake!-Yes My father wanted to
make me as his musical heir More than music he saw the rage in me! So he made me a police officer Thereafter many people came
to learn music from him But it was a mere hobby for them But when you came . . . ..he was so happy and
felt he has got his musical heir! lf he comes to know that you’ve shot me.. ..that will shatter
his good opinion on you! That’s why, l didn’t tell the truth lf your father knows the truth
l don’t think he will forgive you Because, he is first a
police officer before he is a father You didn’t do it intentionally
lt was an accident Rather than telling the truth
l thought a lie would save you! That’s the reason,
There is no other intention Just a minute My father used to tell often
God gives us relatives ..but we have to choose good friends l have understood it now l can ‘t express what is in mind l can’t also desist from telling that What is to be done today … The mind would think
much before than you! Your mind is like the rising sea tides! This is real! lt won’t rest for a moment! This is permanent
lt would stay with mind always Until now we didn’t know each other Don’t know what happened?
We have become one! We wanted to move farther! But surprisingly we
have held hands together This is a miracle done by mind! That has made us come together The story has just started
Where is the end for this? No way to find it out! God has given us all these bonds Friendship alone is acquired by you! lf there is a meaning for sacrifice
lt would last long lt would remain with you as your friend This bond has started with hatred! Don’t know how many
more twists it would take? Until time passes and
until it reaches the shore There is no way to find it out Look, this is your aunty’s gift for you
Sandal wood Veena(string instrument) She wants to see you as a good singer Chintu, this cricket kit is for you This is for you
This is also for you -Have you brought anything
for me? -Yes l have This is for you?
ls it good? So you have brought
some thing for me too!,not bad Brother take the coffee You wanted a transfer from
Delhi to Andhra, what happened to that? l got it, not to AP but Bihar Bihar!-Yes l went to your
native place Tejpur also l met your sister there Have you met my sister? Does she still look like that? You see it for yourself You asked me if l have
brought anything for you? l have bought
for you and your family.. See for yourself
how your sister looks My sister still looks the same! She looks exactly like my mother! Your brother in law is not an
ordinary person but a member of parliament He is also the
member of planning commission Do you know him? Your nephew Dad, give me Your sister also felt the
same seeing your family photo l know your families
are not at good terms! l never asked about this to you Because it’s your family matter l learnt about the Rakhi festival
from your family only You took care of your
sister as your own daughter! As a friend, can l know
how you parted? During younger days when
we played thief and police She would run to a distance
so that l can’t catch her But l never thought she would
maintain the same distance later also Ours was a joint family Our’s and uncle’s family
lived in the same house My uncle used to jokingly tell her
daughter that l am her future husband She would rejoice, though she didn’t
know what he meant at that age! There was feud between dacoits
and landlords in Bihar They killed our family members They robbed all our grains,
money, jewels that we earned My sister was trapped
under my parent’s bodies ..We rescued her and saved ourselves Our uncle and his children
also survived along with us This gave us little solace But when l saw barbaric
act of humans killing one another l thought it’s only because of illiteracy My uncle made me an lPS
officer because l was good at studies But my cousin became
a gang leader in the village When one of his men was
killed he retaliated by killing many l got my sister married to
my cousin on my uncle’s request My uncle’s daughter grew up
Along with that her love for me also grew! But l didn’t have any such intentions On Andhra lPS cadre
l was posted here Here l had acquaintance with Shailaja
We decided to live together l wanted to inform my cousin and marry her He didn’t agree for that My uncle’s daughter committed suicide
since l was in love with a Telugu girl Thinking l was responsible
for his sister’s demise.. ..My brother in law came to kill me My sister saved me
by coming across Thinking he lost his sister
because of me, he pushed me out of Bihar He distanced my sister
from me permanently lnstead he could have killed me By distancing us, he is killing us Don’t worry
You will definitely come together Yes ln whichever holy river of lndia
the rituals are held Your brother in law will come there
and his sister’s soul would rest in peace This year for the rituals
done at holy river Godavari ..he is coming to
Rajahmundry with his family l don’t think he harbors an old grudge Why don’t you meet once? Kind attention, train no 6310
Bi weekly express.. ..from Patna bound for Ernakulam
has arrived at platform no 1. Caution to the travellers
by the police Don’t cross the barricade
and enter the bathing ghat Don’t leave the children alone
Keep your things safely Beware of thieves Has aunty and others come? Vinod uncle called from Bihar
They will surely come Ok sir, l will arrange What’s the matter? Seems a MP from Bihar He’s also the member of
the planning commission.. ..He’s coming along with his family Clear within ten minutes DSP, why ten minutes? -Hey Samba
-Yes sir Don’t the Andhra police have brains? Now look at the Bihari brains! Oh gosh! This is the Bihari brain, learn from us! Just one minute,
All have vanished! Hey priest, come here Don’t know Hindi
Know Sanskrit? Stop, otherwise it will get bent Bring someone
who can speak Hindi and Telugu l know Hindi and Telugu Come dear, teach him Sir, she looks like Jaya prada She is more beautiful than her l will give you half
bottle liquor free He wants to conduct
death rituals for his sister Do it in an orthodox way! Ask his sister and
father’s name and his zodiac sign Tell your zodiac sign
and your father and sister’s name Vishwamithra is the zodiac sign
Sister’s name is Maithili Sinha Father’s name is Jaswanth Sinha
Make him understand Have you understood? Ask him whether
his sister is married or not? You girl, are you mad?
ls any one of you is there? Ask him whether
his sister is married or not -Was your sister married?
-Yes, tell him Ask him to tell her husband’s name Her husband’s name? Ranbhir Sinha lPS
That scoundrel also died on the same day Rascal, Dog
Tell him What are you looking here?
Tell there l won’t tell that
l won’t.. Will you say my living father as dead? What is this ‘Chechchi poyadu’?
Speak in Hindi Ranbhir Sinha is not dead He is alive
He is my father Look he is standing there Scoundrel, he is looking
at his sister like a thief What kind of a Bihari are you? A man like me will born
in Bihar not a thief like you l am conducting your
death rituals along with my sister’s Till now l have conducted
death rituals in 12 rivers in lndia Now l will make your daughter
do the last one in Andhra Pradesh Not in just 12 rivers, you can have
your sister’s rituals in rivers, world over lf you dare to talk again
about doing rituals for my dad.. l swear on this Godhavari
l will do your death ritual Don’t you know how
to behave with elders? Death rituals is a
sacred deed Don’t be scared
l consider you as my elder son Do it! -You scoundrel!
What do you mean by ‘Pettu’? Move, move Do the death rituals for Ranbhir Sinha
and my sister Maithili Sinha Do, what are you looking? You can understand Hindi, do it Come on, do it!
Come on, Hold it Say it loudly Throw it in the water This is the last salute
and the last death ritual Now my soul is cleansed! Shit! l did death rituals to you here
in Andhra before the local people Because l am Rana Pratap Sinha from Bihar You’ve become a . . …
in Andhra (audio muted) What are you looking?
Do you want to be an Andhraite Come Since ghosts wander during night
we have fixed night First time we didn’t know about the job
and planned it in a crazy way Why do you want these details
Send the lorry urgently Take this, keep the change l am thief of the thieves
l am a super thief Mr.Vengal Rao is not there
l know that matter, buddy! Who are you?
Waiting in the gate with a bike Are you planning to dig a tunnel? Don’t do extra
who are you? l am brother in law to
this building’s owner -ls it true?
-Check the voter’s list if you doubt This is the job done
by all un employed guys Brother in law of Vengal rao
who cheated us has come He will shift things
from the house in half an hour We can catch him red handed
if you come with people in 5 minutes Along with God’s boon
this fire will be with me until he comes Can anyone see
night during the midday? Will any one go without
robbing after seeing this house? My life will change
from this day with this money Oh gosh! Has the owner come? Oh gosh! They will hit us! Come So, we are in the same profession Have we become weak robbing separately? Shall we both collude
and do it in shift? Then why delay?
Let’s rob the entire things Come, they are here Where is Vengal Rao? He escaped after killing you
-Are you roaming as ghosts? He made us pay Rs.50 lakh
in finance deal and fled.. ..we are looking out
for them like mad dogs Will you shift the things
for him by ignoring us? So, are you not ghosts? We won’t allow you to move an inch
unless you tell his whereabouts We have to move to show?
-We can’t tell without moving -Then come
-Stop Shouldn’t the guy leading go in front? Move away Will you escape? Catch them Stop -Oh gosh!
We have to run through out our life l can’t run anymore Get up-Get up Did you seal
all the wagons properly?-Yes we did This wagon is going to Bihar Check thoroughly
Looting is more there This is the exact nose You are working sincerely
despite being suspended lf you give this to my father
Won’t the bad impression on you go away? He won’t believe
-why? He may say l have given someone’s photo
to get my suspension cancelled Misunderstanding is like the rain clouds Your father will know one day
like the clouds fade, get up lt’s coming
-What is coming? Likely to rain
Let’s go fast Why not get drenched
when it is accompanied with love No problem if we get drenched
But what about this print out? You may have to waste
one day explaining about his identity Go, it’s raining Can’t you see?
-Sorry, the bag hit her! Will get drenched, come back Stop Go fast,go Go Why did you hit?
-Don’t you know? ls it because they touched my waist? Why did you ask after knowing? They helped me while l slipped Should you feel hurt and hit for that? l mean, won’t you tolerate
if another man touches me -lsn’t it?
-Yes l can’t tolerate any one ogling
at women who are drenched lt is good, if a girl feels shy
before her beloved in private l hit him so that you need
not feel shy before all of them Let’s go Why don’t you come inside? No, it’s not good if your father finds us
-l’ll take leave l called the music school
Did you go out with Surendra? Do you know, how your father is worried? Where have you gone in the rain? With the new friend Do you like Surendra? -You mean?
-Do you like him or not? Yes l like
But he is very good man 25 years ago l was prepared
to forego anything for love But as a father now.. ..l feel it’s wrong You are wrongly about him You’ve misunderstood him That’s why, you are so close with him -What do you know about him?
-He’s an arrogant and stupid fellow -Not like that
-l don’t trust him He will spoil your life He hasn’t spoiled
but saved my life You’ve also suspected him like me The thief who stole in our house.. not him
lt is this guy We both went together He’s working sincerely
though you suspended him Though you suspect him,
he has no hard feelings You say, god will give relations
We have to choose the friends But l got a good friend
without me looking for one You can suspect me.. ..but don’t suspect him -ls what you say true?
-Yes He has saved my daughter
when she was a stranger to him lf he marries her
he will take better care The music has brought
your daughter close to me lf she stays permanently
as daughter in law with us.. ..what else we can expect! lt’s better to know Surendra’s
opinion before we decide -They are..
-l heard father -Your wish is my wish
-Have you heard him? Did you ask about
your daughter’s opinion? She said the same thing! You’re responding to my prayer and
is making my good friend my husband Munna sir Father is calling Do you remember the girl
that we saw in Rajahmundry? The one, who is like Jayaprada? l remember well My life’s desire will be fulfilled
if l spend a night with her ls one night enough? One night sir Why did you shoot him? Says his life will be fulfilled if he
spends a night with uncle’s girl l made him sleep Take this Just a minute Bring the jewels and the engagement ring.. ..l will put the sacred ash Come quickly the
auspicious time will pass l had a doubt why commissioner
wed his daughter to an Sl Don’t you know the matter? This girl went to the Sl’s
dad’s house to learn music He was already under suspension
So he has taught her love lessons! Some thing wrong would
have happened between them Commissioner would have
begged Sl to marry his daughter! That is the matter
Do you know about this? l have a fracture
lnadvertently l shook hands lt is over, come and change your sari Shall l come like this?
lt was fine, why did you disturb it? l can’t see,move aside! l know whom you are looking at l thought something else about you
But you seem to be very fast! Poor dad!, he thinks this
is an arranged marriage You . . ..
what do you talk? Brother! You have done a mistake long ago.. distancing from your sister
in order to be with me Don’t do the same mistake again! Had l not done that
l would not have become.. ..hubby to a good wife like you! Why should you have double
standards for us and our daughter? Our daughter should get an hubby
like Surendar. That would be good for her! l wanted to make you
also a musician like me! But music was not your cup of coffee! But your virtues have brought a
goddess like girl as my daughter in law l am very happy! You have taken this decision
for the happiness of your family But don’t you think it is
wrong to stop this engagement.. ..when we love each other! You will forgive me if l do wrongs But l will do any number of
wrongs for the sake of my family We have become friends accidentally! Without our knowledge
our parents decided on our wedding! But you should know better
about the decision you have taken ..whether it is wrong or right! Wait dad! lf this betrothal is to take place .. Commissioner should agree
on certain things What do you want me to agree? You suspended me and
have spoiled my career Withdraw that suspension lf l am to become your son in law .. You must promote me
to be equal to your status! Having come thus far, why do
you ask these meaningless questions? Wait dad! This is related to my life You must say sorry to me
in the same department ..where you have hit me Shut your mouth! So far l thought you don’t know only music But now l know you don’t know
how to behave with elders also Why should he apologise
to a fool like you? He brought up his daughter so dearly
He stepped down .. make you his son in law
That was his mistake When you were suspended, l thought
your sincerity was not understood! But now l know your actual colour! Had l known this earlier, l wouldn’t
have made her a laughing stock? All of you are big shots.
Forgive me for what he has done? Who are they to suspend you?
l suspend you from my life! Go away! l can’t walk any more! lt is 5 days
since l had a tea You lift me!
Who will lift me then? Which place is this?
What is it , speak in ,speak in Hindi Seems we have come out of our state
Really? What is this town’s name?
Patna city! My God! , we have crossed our nation! ls this lndia?
This is Bihar!,fool! We have come abroad! ls it the cause of the bad odour? These Keralites come where ever
we go and compete with us We asked for Rs 50 out of hunger
But you ask for Rs 100? ls it fair?
You know that we are weak! Give me that chain
Give the bracelet and wrist watch You also give that chain
Give everything to me lf we give everything to you
what will we have? Where to give?
Give it to me Hold this pistol and point
like this to people coming ..and extract a ransom from them This is the way to live in Bihar lt has no bullets
Oh Lord Guravayurappa Where to keep this? -Have you come to see how
l live without you? -Not that dad lf l get so serious l’ll inform you
Till then let me live peacefully Don’t you also misunderstand
Surendar like me? He consented to your wish. But do you know
why he acted otherwise at the engagement? He did that to save my dignity l only wished for the engagement to happen But the God who made it happen,
is your son Surendra Having become the close friends
they had planned to marry But they decided to part as
friends for the sake of.. ..uniting me and my sister’s family l expected you to become my relative
but you’ve become my dear one Only because of you, l am able to
go to Bihar happily tomorrow.. reunite with my family l invite you with you folded hands You must definitely attend
my daughter’s marriage Though he is not related to us. . . ..he understood our plight
and has become a dear one to us Had you also loved him l would’ve
refused to your aunt’s alliance As soul of your soul
l express through silence Whether it is worry or else Whether it is burden or distance
l am leaving! The dreams l had day before and
The stories l heard yesterday ..would not accompany me tomorrow! Thus l am approaching sans desires Apearance changes!
Mind would not rest! Affection is mine
Love is mine The betrayal is also mine Eyes are mine
Fingers are mine The tears are also mine Errs are mine
Punishments is mine Can’t escape it Like a storm in the desert.. Like a dried dampness.. l fight against tides
to see the dampness The game is mine
The win is mine Even the unexpected loss is mine Words are mine
Answers are mine But l remained a question mark l’ve changed my horoscope
with my own hands l am buried with the past Despite time change,
and situation change.. …l exist. Don’t hit me Look, some vehicle is coming Everyone make a move
Come on Who is it?
Come out This is Rana Pratap Sinha’s family Rana Pratap Sinha’s family?
lsn’t he our MP sir? -Don’t make any mistake
-Who are they dad? They’re dacoit
Don’t be scared -Would you dare you to shoot me?
-Forgive me sir – l’ll thrash you lt is a mistake. There is loss
of lives at both ends. -lsn’t the account settled?
-What account settled? -l’ll thrash you and kill you,
scoundrels -What would you do? Take off your hand
What would you do? Go back.
Go back you rascals You also.
Move away Pardon us. You may go.
Please go -What are you staring at?
-Get lost -What a pretty girl?
-Have you gone mad? -Who are they? -Didn’t l tell you?
They’re Village protection force Due to the existence of dacoits.. ..we require these people to
have a trouble free journey Munna, uncle is coming What is this?
Why do you cry even today? Today our brother has come
The whole family has come lt is a matter of happiness
Everyone go in. Go on. -Bless me uncle
-God bless you! -Greetings aunty!
-He respects elders, since he is son Daughter in law, he is your fiance
He is very powerful She is feeling shy since she’s going
to belong to a great family -Take her in -Haven’t you
decorated the room yet? -Do it fast
-Yes madam How’s the room? Don’t you like the room or are you
surprised to hear me speak Telugu? l had learnt Telugu expecting that
we all would meet one day.. ..and you would become
my daughter in law To share the affection that we have for
each other, language should be a hindrance Ok, you’ve come after a journey.
Get ready quickly and come. l’ve to talk a lot with you -What happened? -On our way
some dacoits attacked and injured us They even whistled at our madam Forgive me junior boss -Leave my brother -Should
l leave? Ok, l’ll leave him But on one condition.. Didn’t you whistle at my Archana? Now whistle at her in front of me,
in the same way. Then, l’ll leave you lt would be interesting
Good game. Dear, come here He just whistled at me
Don’t ask them to make a fuss Already, he had teased me Don’t allow them to make me
a laughing stock again Please ask them to stop it here
and inform the cops -What’re you asking your dad?
-Rana, it is over. Leave them. -Hand over them to the police
-We don’t call the police Come dear. Come on
Nothing would happen when we’re here -She has come. Come on,
whistle now -No sir -You don’t interfere. Why’re
you staring? Blow the whistle. Do it. Why’re you hissing? ls it a
whistle or a cycle pump? Do it properly We’ll do his funeral in a
grand manner, with drum beats Forgive me sir You scoundrel. You should’ve
done it in the first place. Why’re you talking to these wastrels? What do they say
before an encounter? -Then, why we’re wasting time?
Come on -No What’re you looking at?
Fire What happened?
Why did you scream? -What happened?
-We’ll go from here l am terribly scared -They’ll kill us also -Yes,
l too don’t like this brother in law Convince dad somehow
and refuse to this marriage Can you live without me? What is this? Have we
ever stayed without you? lf this marriage doesn’t happen.. can dad leave his sister
whom he had met after a long time? Till the marriage gets over, you and
your family should also stay here -lmpossible
-Why? G.O. has been passed by the government
to cancel Village Protection force.. Your brother in law is an M.P.
Don’t know whether he would accept or not Listen. Don’t link the department’s issue
with my daughter’s marriage lf you miss my daughter’s marriage
for this, you know what would l do? Oh astrologer! Are you checking
the horoscope or doing a penance? l am looking lt is good if l look into it separately.
But, not so jointly. There a small problem Why’re you here? Solve
the problem. Find a way out. Sure l would -ls there any problem in the
girl’s horoscope? -Nothing like that He says the horoscopes are
good when looked separately. But they don’t match when looked jointly Adorn a diamond necklace on girl’s neck.
Then the horoscope would match Yes it is there. There’s an
ancestral diamond necklace.. ..with my brother in law Haven’t l given you a diamond
necklace to gift to sister in law? lf you adorn it on your daughter’s neck,
then the horoscopes would match -What’re you thinking? -Not that.
That diamond necklace is lost -Lost? How?
-That.. There was a robbery in my house What’re talking about?
Explain me also -lt was stolen
-Was it stolen?? You are a great commissioner.
Was it stolen from your house.. ..and he is yet to be caught? Aren’t Andhra police strong enough? -Where is the diamond necklace?
-Don’t you know me? Manhandling is not good You think you’re very sincere After the mishap at Commissioner’s house,
your image got tarnished l am senior officer telling you Having taken over the diamond
necklace case, l am investigating it You don’t come into my house
and interfere. Go and mind your work Don’t harm him l beg you
Don’t harm him First you give that diamond necklace lt is true that l bought it from this guy l gifted it to ACP and he
had presented it to his wife Oh God! l knew they would come here
only after you join the duty Arrange for this diamond
necklace to be sent to Bihar You spoiled your own life
and are repenting This is your life’s writing
lf you tear off the wrong pages.. ..your life would be pleasant -What’re you saying?
-l know everything Body is here but the
soul is somewhere else Why are you experiencing
such a state of hell? Your life is in your hands lf you take the right decision at
the right time all of us would be happy Yes sister l know what to do
Shut up and go to bed lt is me, Chintu Please take us off from here Why do you say like this? -Yes, we’re unable to stay here
-Being a new place, it would be like that l am calling you stealthily
lf not for us.. ..atleast for the sake of your beloved
take us off from here -What are you saying?
-Yes uncle My sister has agreed to this
marriage only for the sake of dad.. -..but she really loves you uncle
Yes uncle. -Who is it? What’re you planning to do? lf you mistake love for
friendship only one will suffer lf you mistake friendship
for love the both would suffer ls it love or friendship between you both? Think and come into a conclusion Stop it. Why did we steal the car? lnstead of dismantling and selling
the parts, why did you bring us here? Shouldn’t we need
diesel to go to next town? Even our tank needs a fuel
won’t this tank require fuel? What’ll we do with an empty tank? This is brought from Kerala We’ll catch a guy,
take him somewhere else. . . him the gun, rub his money,
fill up the tank and go to next town -Can you come to Tejpur? -What language
you are talking? Talk in Hindi Won’t go -He is a Telugu -We’re in
Bihar now. We’ll converse in Hindi -Andhraite?
-l’ll thrash you Not Andhra but Agra Keep quiet
Do you’ve money? Such an heavy purse -lt seems like a goat’s voice
-Do you also think so? -You mean the goat
-You also seem like Telugu -NO! -Do you both drive together?
-l am the owner not the driver l am not the cleaner but the partner What are your names? lt sounds like the names of criminals Why did you stop here? Come dear Hands up! First take out the gold chain
Take out cash from the purse Take out if you’ve
any valuables in the bag What do you talk like that? Sir, first you give that gold chain
Take out cash from the purse Take out if you’ve
any valuables in the bag Or else he’ll kill you
You should say like that Also tell him that we’re thieves
who had fled from Andhra Won’t he understand it from our face? All things said and done,
remove that gold chain He is giving it -Give it to me
-l won’t give The money is for me -What is this?
-Have a look What is it? Oh God! When did
you give the gun? -That’s what l too don’t understand
-Now l’ve understood Having made so many plans,
nothing worked out -Now tell me sir. Are we thieves?
-Doesn’t he know that? -Didn’t you steal the car? -We’ll confess
it in the Police station on our way back Never mind. Stop about your plans
How long does it take to reach Tejpur? l asked at Patna
they said it’ll take 9 p.m. lt is risky to use these roads at day time
itself. But we’re going at night time.. -Why have you stopped?
-Some fools have.. ..let the cows on the road
and has left the cart too Aren’t you intelligent?
Go and drive the cows Not one or two, but there are
many cows. lt’ll take a long time. lf it is so, see whether
you’ve a different route Even the main road is muddy
How will there be another route? -They seem like dacoits -They just
don’t seem, they are dacoits -Then, we should go back
in reverse gear -Do it Shoot at them.
Don’t let them escape. Catch them.
Don’t leave them. Get down. Listen to me We have nothing for you
to rob us, ‘Dacoit sir’ Are you calling me a ‘dacoit’? We’re penniless. One who is seated
at the back seat is a rich guy He has a gold chain, he has a heavy purse
and he also has valuables in his bag -l swear ‘Dacoit sir’
-Are you also calling me a ‘dacoit’? Why’re you staring here?
Look inside -There’s no one inside -So what’re
you looking? Tie them both Kill that scoundrel Thrash that scoundrel Look here
Look over there Be careful He has killed him
Finish him off Where are you all? A mistake has happened Despite many pleadings
he came in this route at night.. ..and we were planning to kill him You’ve killed him and done a good deed Shut up. How will he
understand if you talk in Telugu? That Andhraite is a. . .
You, Bihar guy is good We both are kids l know Hindi only this much lf you leave us,
we’ll run away Just you leave us once, we
would not even wait for a gun shot -Oh god! – Andhraites are..
-..very good One guy has hit ten guys You have the habit of consuming Here you consume my food and
there you had consumed his hits Why don’t you all die? l’ll kill him today
Come on We had knocked many
doors at the specified address -But no one responded
-May they’ve gone to bed Don’t know whether they had gone to
bed or fled being scared of dacoits Had someone slept outside
the house we could have.. Those are the guys -Shall we ask them the address? -Don’t know
whether they would be interested What are you looking?
Catch that scoundrel Catch him -Come on
-l’ll also come Oh God! Some guy is running behind me
This one is running giving me the bag Look there
Shoot at him Shouldn’t leave that scoundrel You traitor. How dare you come
into our village and hit us? Catch him
Hit him in front of me Having come to Bihar, how dare
he tries his histrionics on us? l’ll slice them alive
l’ll kill them Hit him in front of me.. Oh God! l was scaring you with an empty gun
and you’re scaring him with that Why’re you lifting your hands up? You’ve told them that the gun is empty lt is better to do this instead
of them pointing the gun to us They can’t follow Telugu Enough of your laughing
Collect all the guns Our community is Telugu
None can confront us Bejawada is ours
Guntur is ours Gudiwada is ours
Nellore is ours Rayalaseema is ours
Telangana is ours At this instance,
even Bihar is ours l’ll pluck your eyes, you fool Our community is Telugu Ask if anyone of them knows
Ranaveer Sinha’s address Surendra, why’re you here? Do you know who he is? He is the M.P., my brother in law He is my nephew
Archana’s fiance, but you were.. -What is all this?
-Even l don’t understand When l enquired about your address,
they started attacking me They didn’t even let me to speak What is this culture? Those who protect the nation
are called ‘Military’ Those who control the law
and order are called ‘Police’ Seeing them carrying guns
we thought they were dacoits Who is he?
What language is he speaking? He is Surendar
My subordinate He is a dynamic and sincere officer
and our family friend also ls he your family friend?
Put your hands down He is a family friend lf he is your family friend,
then why has he come here? l was about to send
invitation, suddenly you’ve.. At least you could’ve informed.. l am an M.P. l make everyone sit
in the parliament like this But you’ve made me sit like this Since its Archana-Munna wedding
l have spared you All these.. Get up
you idiots. Get up No need to be scared
He is our family friend Though he wasn’t invited
he had come Why? Because Andhraites
and less intelligent Show it l came to handover this diamond necklace -Do you know why has he come?
-Yes l know. He had shown diamond He has come to give it
You are a good man Do you know the value
of this diamond? 20 lacs -How much did he say?
-Since he said it so loudly.. would be around 10,000 lf so, then we’ll settle here
till we get hold of it Andhraite has more brains
What are you staring at? Salute him. He has come
to give the diamond This is our Village Protection Force
and Andhra police are also strong -We are strong here
-l know The strength is here
and nothing is here in this Nothing is there in it He is our guest
We’ll go home and talk Come, let us go Not all lost things would come back
only a part would come Henceforth, be careful Before these three. . . go
to Andhra, we should.. God will give relations but
we’ve to choose friends Why do you look at me like that? ln that first touch l got
an unknown feeling Whenever l sat next to you
l remembered that first touch Whenever you spoke to me
l never heard what you spoke l used to watch your eyes closely,
try to say something but leave them untold l used to think about you
while in solitude Whenever l think l might lose you l
feel scared and cry without my knowledge Now tell me. Don’t you
also think like me? l wanted to ask all this
after our marriage Earlier l extended my hand
for your friendship Now, despite loving you, l lied
to you that we’ll remain as friends l am leaving with you,
all the happiness l had got in my life Do you also love my sister? The lie which she said to part from me.. ..l will tell such a lie
to get close to her -Seems she hasn’t identified us
-Yes she hasn’t She can’t identify anymore She won’t know that we’re thieves -What? -This engagement is so grand
We’re wondering how the marriage would be -People of Bihar are too much
-You too This is not an engagement
They’re just fixing the auspicious dates.. -..for engagement and wedding
-ls it so? We should definitely
watch this grand marriage But you won’t be here Why do you say so?
We’ll collect the silk dress, sweets.. ..and catch hold of whatever
valuable things we get and leave First you leave from here
l’ll bring everything later lf you ask us to leave suddenly
where can we go? Only weekly once there is a
train to take us from Bihar to Andhra Road journey is risky
as you’ve experienced it We’re safe only if we’re with you lt is risky if you come with me -lf you’re with me.. -He’ll
thrash off all who confronts us That too as soon as you point someone -Finish him off
-Who? -The Groom lf l finish the groom,
then who’ll marry the bride -l’ll marry her -Why do
you joke at this moment? But they’re fixing auspicious
dates for the grand wedding -l am serious -Does he
mean it? -You also become serious You also were saying that
you used to vomit in train journeys Yes, that’s why. That travel agent
said that they’ve a direct bus.. ..from Bihar to Bundar
via Hyderabad Then we’ll go by it tonight -You can marry her in a grand manner..
-..and run away -Bye! From today Archana is not
your daughter but mine That is her fortune Until 25 lac worth necklace
adorned your neck.. ..the horoscope didn’t match Don’t know how many crores you’ve
to spend for the hearts to mingle -They say 25 lacs
-Shall we cancel the journey? l too feel so But why should we spoil
our lives in this confusion lf we get 25 lacs
we could settle in life -Greetings! -What?
Haven’t you left yet? How can we leave like that? My buddy Andhraite has fallen
in love with a girl here He wants to take her to Andhra
How can l ditch him and go.. ..without any shame -Have you decided that way?
-Why shouldn’t l? Not only this girl.. Even if you want to take all girls
who’ve come here l’ll stand with you We’ve understood
your caliber and value With hard toils you’ve
found the diamond’s value Just now l found out
lt is 20 lacs -lf your hand touches it
-lt would be severed Listen all of you The priest has fixed the auspicious
dates for engagement and wedding Next week Wednesday is the
engagement and Thursday, the wedding The angel has come
Oh foreign lad! She felt shy
Oh foreign lad! The bride is in front of you Marry her right away A kiss, a kiss.. lf a kiss is adorned,
the face will bloom lf the hearts mingle
the veil will descend lf you confront me, you’ll
get spoiled like ‘pulasa’ (a fish) Overcoming obstacles is my route l am ready for romance and war
Oh Mona Lisa Just once, just once.. lf the glances mingle
it is a tight grasp Even if the three worlds come jointly
we both can confront it This slender waist girl
is seeking for her lover! Deliver your glance
and take her into dreams! Know beautiful dance
know even the lingo of silence Know even hunting, oh dear girl! lf the over garment slips, oh pretty girl! Stop the romance for sometime Even if the sight is somewhere
the mental vision is different Look at this white cheeks,
look at this dark tresses.. Look at this red lips
Oh beloved! The story is good, oh Lord Rama’s parrot! The level is same, oh chest! l’ve come in festive attire
Do what you want What are you saying? -Come here
-ls he here? -When are you leaving?
-l don’t know capturing (kabja) -We only know stealing
-What are you saying? -When are you leaving (kab jaraye)
for Andhra? -There is no place.. capture (kabja) in Andhra
You better stay here Why should you stay here? You two.. from here..
When will you go? -He is trying hard to tell us
leave for Andhra immediately -ls it? When the security loosens,
we would take what we wanted Our guy would take your fiancee And then, we would leave for Andhra Why’re you kidding like fools? You both, tell me the date.
When will you leave from here? After the grand marriage.. -..we both will go away
-Will you go after the marriage? Enjoy till then
Come on What is it? Was he asking you
when you were leaving? How come you’ve said it correctly? ln front of you they call us guests
Then he asked when would we leave? -He’ll ask that whenever
he sees you -Why? -Because, to kill you the
moment you step out -To kill us? l am asking you why
You would elope with her He’ll kill us Why should they drag us into this? -What did we do the moment we
entered the village? -We made kneel down -Would anyone bear that disgrace?
-No sensible person can bear it That’s why. lf you step out.
Your corpse will be packed off to Andhra. -This is injustice
-Tell him Because you’re taking the bride
why should they kill us? We’ll fight for justice, because.. Our community is Telugu
None can confront us -Even the marriage date has been fixed
-How will you convince sister? lt doesn’t matter how l make her agree Just show this diary to your dad
She will agree automatically Don’t you like Benares sarees?
Why didn’t you select none? Her selection is always wrong Look into this diary. You’ll know
how good Surendra’s selection is Whose diary is it? -lt is my personal diary -lt is not your
personal diary but a private diary You read it dad Please sister, let dad read it Where is Surendra? Only after seeing this diary
l understood your heart You don’t think about anything Express your love
to the girl immediately Leave it sir. That girl still
sees me as her friend Being a girl, she might feel shy You should make a step Look how good the girl he had chosen Like an husband and wife you’ve
understood the problems.. ..and have been good friends This is true friendship But the girl whom you love so
dearly shouldn’t see you as a friend Go immediately and express your love l’ll do it What? Are you confused? Which girl you were supposed to capture? -That girl
-Then who is this? That girl is the fish
and she is the bait -You’re an hunter -And we, the fools
We couldn’t understand a word Why have you removed your makeup? l’ve undersood.
You’re worrying because..’ve lost Surendra and he’ll
become someone else’s consort l am not worrying for it Why wouldn’t you?
At school, one boy used to look at me.. ..when he couldn’t get me
he went behind some other girl Do you know how angry
l felt on seeing him l wanted to pelt stones on him
This is the same case What is this?
What does it say in English? What should l do with this paper?
Should l clean my mouth with it? -What is it?
-This is Government’s G.O. You explain it to him lt is known that he’s in hit list
State Government would protect him Tell them all to hand over
their guns without a fuss He’s asking us to hand over the guns
and he’ll arrange for police protection lt’ll become an affray
and all the cops would flee See, they’ve run away
They’re stepping backwards They’ve no protection and
do you expect them to protect me? Will they protect me?
What are you saying? Ok, l’ll trust you
l’ll trust you, but.. Let two of your cops dare to cease guns
from two of my men, then l’ll trust you You both go and cease the guns Or else we would also fall like this Now, who can protect us? lsn’t he there? l forgot. Here also
we’ve an Andhra police officer Take guns from Village Protection
Force and show me power l saw you this power and
now you show the power of hand You’re our family friend
Have your grub here lt is better and good
You are safe here All lPS officers go away.
Vacate the place. We don’t need you Stop! Hey girl! How does it
bother you if l hit him? Ok, because he is your
family friend. ls that why? Never mind.
Come on laugh You were so worried for
just your friend being hit Had it been my beloved
in your place.. be ‘one more try’?
Why should there No more ‘tries’ He looks good if he holds the gun And if they hold it,
my reputation is put at stake S.P. They will surrender the guns
Collect the guns Collect the guns from all of them Policeman requires sincerity,
self confidence and guts Having come from Andhra you’ve
saved the dignity of Andhra Police l just touched them since
l had come as a guest Had l come in duty,
you know what would’ve happened He has tarnished our image
in the village as well as in our house Come, sit down Are you.. a close friend
to Archana’s family? Damn, we’ve a language problem Come here -Sit down
-Sit down l am telling you.
Sit down!! Whatever l ask, ask him
in Telugu and tell me? Have you ever loved someone? Why’re you staring at me?
Ask him Why do you bother? -How did you came across that girl?
-Why does he want to know that? What are you both talking?
Tell me also l’ll ask him and tell you Don’t you want to
tell me about that girl? Not that. Just like how
you had misunderstood me.. . . .she had also misunderstood me But the acquaintance between us
ended in friendship.. ..but my other acquaintance
turned into love Are you both talking
of doing romance? Why is he getting tense? He’s asking whether
you’re in love with someone Don’t you know?
Tell him Tell me what’s he saying -He is in love
-ln love.. with you? -Not me, some other girl
-Where is she?? She is at Andhra.
Her name is Koushalya. Koushalya, the name is beautiful ls his beloved prettier
than you? Ask him He has become cool suddenly He is asking whether
that girl prettier than me lf she is prettier,
will he marry her? -Why does he bother about her beauty?
-What’s he saying? Tell me He says she is gorgeous. He loves
her and can do anything for her Can he do anything? You don’t even know Even if someone stares at you
or touches you.. -..l would kill him!
-Why has he become serious again? lf anyone looks at me
or touches me.. ..he says he would kill them -How dare you..
-No, don’t harm him -A lizard fell on me
That’s why. . . – What are you saying? A lizard fell on me
That’s why.. Lizard? Where is it? There it is Ok, go.
You go from here. Get up -This is the last warning
-What you suspect is right? You suspect something
is happening between us You get so angry for me touching her Had she told the
truth she loves me.. What was he saying after seeing up? While stealing the diamond
if we get caught.. ..we’ll escape by saying
we’ve sleep walking disease -Will they believe it?
-lf we make believe Andhra police.. -..he’ll make them believe it
There he is What is it? lt seems you’re
in some important discussion We both have a disease
of walking in sleep. lf we get into trouble because
of it you should save us -Since when you’ve have
this problem? -Since last 15 minutes l meant, for the last 15 minutes back
he was intending to tell you Meantime l’ve told that to you -Go to bed
-Good night! -Sweet dreams -Don’t get
bad dreams – Go to bed! – Oh god! lf anyone notices do as if it is
somnambulism. Else do a casual walk l prayed that l would visit Tirupati
lf l rob diamond The way he hits us
seems we would see god directly Lord Venakateswara
if he doesn’t do anything to us .. l will come and meet you at Trupati Stay there
Night at 2 Am, where are you going? To whom are you talking? Ceaser is here!
Ask him, what happened to him? What? Means he walks in sleep!
Yes it is what you say! Here he can’t walk in sleep!
Here, at sleep he will die! Close the door and go to sleep silently Understood?
Even now he is sleeping! Both of them have no brains! Stop your acting, turn this side! How did you find out we were acting? Otherwise your shapes
would have changed! Do you want to have one more trail
Not required -Why? We have realised life is more
important than diamond Were you all scared?
l was only testing All the policemen were withdrawn! Now all of them have come back
why have you come back? Has the GO been cancelled?
No sir, CM has send for your protection Have you heard this?
Cm sir has send back all the cops .. ..for my protection
What happened to the Andharite SP? He has been transferred sir Where has he gone?
Jharkand sir ls Jharkand a dangerous place? Policemen have become like football lf kicked from here, you go there lf kicked from there, you come here What are you looking at? You want to withdraw from here?
Go All of you go inside and mind your work No fear in Bihar! Andhara police!
lf you have muscle power .. l have brain power
CM has send back all the cops This is called the political power Let it be
lt will be useful for you Diwali festival is approaching! What is ‘Diwali pandigai’?
(Diwali festival) ls it fine?
Do you like it? lf aunt likes it
lt is as if l like it Why have you come like this? Nothing! l am leaving for
my place tomorrow l wanted to inform you about it Tomorrow is the engagement
After 2 days we have the wedding Won’t you be present for the wedding? No sir, my marriage has been fixed The betrothal is scheduled in 2 days time ls it the girl whom you loved?
No sir,it is a different girl Didn’t you tell your dad
about the girl whom you loved? Not that sir!
My dad doesn’t like girls who don’t music So l didn’t want to make
him feel bad about it You are betraying
yourself and also that girl lt is wrong Surendar
l would do any wrongs for my dad’s sake You are doing a wrong thing Do you mean me
not attending your marriage? Not that,not marrying
the girl who loves you My dad has brought me
up in the last 25 years, for his sake .. ..what is wrong in me
marrying a girl whom he likes? Whom we loved before
marriage does not matter My policy is to love the girl whom l marry because she is dependent on me Such a life would be very difficult A man has birth only once
Love also has a solitary birth lf we can’t get what we love
Life long we may have to feel sorry Why do you talk like a ‘Lady Devadass’? Will love come only once in life? lf you don’t succeed in love
should one weep life long? lt sounds good to hear!
Answer my query ls your love for me true? For your dad’s sake
you thwarted our marriage .. ..and said we can remain as friends Didn’t you say all this
and agree for this marriage?-Yes ln case had you loved me really . . . ..don’t become tense
just for an example .. Assume that you love me Tomorrow is your engagement.. ..still will you continue to love me? l will .. -What for?
Why not? That is what l ask, what for? Because l love you so dearly
You are in my mind! ls this your mind? Now l know l am in your mind Similarly don’t you know
who is in my mind? What you said earlier is correct! Love comes only once in one’s life l loved you only
and continue to love you only lt is said a marriage
can be conducted by 100 lies But l have stopped
this marriage with one lie ls it wrong? After loving once
After giving out heart once lt becomes unforgettable dear! After mingling in dreams once There is no chance to part, dear! My love for you comes in the… … tears welled in your eyes This has made the love… … bond stronger! Love from your hearts
brims up unexpectedly Your life is filled with
this love unexpectedly l have no powers to drive away
guests coming unsolicited This love does sacrifices
without selfishness This love looks for
happiness in the sacrifice A sacrifice that gives pain
instead of happiness is no sacrifice lt shines like a pearl
and brings out the truth This love guides us forward! We’ve erred earlier by not
disclosing what’s there in mind Now you have to decide
whether we are right or wrong lf you say it is wrong
l’ll leave her and go You first tell me You were planning to part because of me But both of you were so dear
to each other at heart Listen dear, even God can’t
understand a girl’s heart.. ..but you shouldn’t discard
the one who has understood you Because only one in a
million gets that opportunity What are you talking about you? lnstead of my son’s hand, why is
she holding his hand? Tell me Dear, they are deeply
in love with each other Let them get married This scoundrel has loved
that Andhra girl.. . . . betrayed my dear sister
and murdered her His daughter has fallen
in love with the Andhra cop.. ..and is she trying to..
kill my son? l’ll kill her before that Why are you staring?
Kill him -Don’t do like that
-Didn’t you hear? Kill that scoundrel -Run away
-l’ll slice them Come on Come on Come on Come on quick Your anger won’t subside
however you hit me. Kill me. lf l get a chance
l’ll kill you (champestha) Scoundrel, what do you
mean by ‘champestha’? -Tell me -You’ll die
-He’s abusing in Telugu. Hit him -How dare you abuse?
-No No, don’t Don’t harm him
l beg you Leave me Do you mean to say ‘leave him’? lf l leave him, this brave man
will take this bride.. ..and do you expect to
clap hands for it? Go Hit him.
Don’t leave him. l love him Come girl. Show your love to everyone Show your love to the villagers Express it in English Say it loudly Come on prove it Hold it. Kill him and save your love. -l won’t
-Do it Leave her.
She will marry you. She’ll marry me and live with him Her mind and vision is full
of that Hyderabad guy She has to forget him They will leave you only if
you kill your love and your lover What sort of a drama is this?
What drama is this? -Hey girl! Will you kill him
or not? No -No? Shoot me Kill me for the sake of
parents for whom you ignored me Don’t hesitate
Shoot me Shoot me -Won’t you kill him?
-No. -l’ll kill him -No, don’t
l’ll kill him -Shoot him Kill him and show What did they do to Surendra? What did they do to Surendra? Wait..
Wait -Tell me about Surendra
-Listen to me What is happening? Why is everyone crying? Didn’t you say ‘l love you’ to
my son in front of everyone? Then, why do you cry? Today is your wedding.
lt is a matter of happiness. Smile. Hasn’t she become sober? Decorate her like a bride and bring her lf you don’t say what you did to
Surendra, l won’t come to the marriage You scoundrel. lf you don’t marry
your parents will also die like Surendra Today is your marriage with my son.. ..and his funeral at
the outskirts of the village, today We both are locked in a room.. ..and the key is lost Scoundrels, kill him Oh he is alive
Why is he alive? Kill him See he will be scared lf you touch him,
l’ll chop off your hand -Kill him -Will you
kill him? Kill You killed the guys who teased and
mocked at me and say it is love Are you going mad on
seeing us together? Any girl would love to marry a man But l didn’t get attracted to
him because he is a man Did you see? ln front of your eyes,
he had killed so many.. ..and has come for me..
for me lf you’re truly a man
and if you want to marry me Not your men, but you..
you alone kill him Then, l’ll accept that you’re truly a man Well said dear lf you’re truly a man,
then kill him and marry her What are you saying?
He is my son as well as yours Are you asking whether he is a man? Lower your guns.
Show that you’re a man Leave my son Else, he’ll die
Leave him You’re a man. A man.
An Andhraite. Save him Archana dear
Come on Save my son Tell him.
He’ll die You take your love
l am not bothered What are you staring?
Tell him. He’ll listen to you He’s doing it for you
l know Forgive me. Leave him
Tell him You marry him
Marry her Marry her
Come on hold it Marry her
Leave my son Andhraites face the gun and
don’t show their back to it l don’t want your life but her love She came her to unite
your both families That’s why l don’t want
to take your son’s life Reform at least now People should be earned through
love and not through guns


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