Angelica Hale: Future Star STUNS The Crowd OH. MY. GOD!!! | Auditions 2 | America’s Got Talent 2017

DAD: Five years ago, we never imagined that she would be here today. When Angelica was four years old, she started coughing and having fevers. We brought her into the emergency room, and that’s when we found out she had double pneumonia. And her kidney stopped working. ♪ Sweet ♪ ♪ creature ♪
[MUSIC CONTINUES IN BACKGROUND] DAD: Things were getting really bad really fast. They brought in a chaplain to talk with us. MOM: We thought that… we were about to lose her. ♪ don’t know where we were going. ♪ DAD: What saved her life is she got a kidney transplant from her mother. TYRA: What did Mommy give you?
ANGELICA: Mommy gave me her kidney. TYRA: Oh, Mommy give you her kidney? Oh, let’s hug Mommy.
ANGELICA: She’s my hero. DAD: It’s her dream to become a singer.
Her being here today is a miracle. ♪ Sweet creature, sweet creature! ♪ ANGELICA: If I won America’s Got Talent, I would get like a small puppy. HOWIE: Good evening! ANGELICA: Hi!
HOWIE: Hi!>What’s your name?
>My name is Angelica Hale.>And where are you from?
>I’m from Atlanta, Georgia?>Atlanta, Georgia.>How old are you?
>I’m nine years old, and I just found out that i’m gonna be a big sister. TYRA: Wow!>Who do you want to be like?
>I’m want to be the next Whitney Houston. TYRA: Wow!
ANGELICA: I want to be a superstar. HOSTS (ALL): Wow, yowza! ANGELICA: I’m so happy to be here because like, I’ve been watching your show on YouTube and now I feel like, like I’m in it, and I’m like so awesome>And not only are you in it? You’re in it –
>- to win it!
>Yeah! [audience and judges cheering and howling] Go ahead, Angelica. Win it for yourself.
>Thank you.
>You’re welcome JUDGE: Whitney Houston! [silence] [background music starts] ♪ You’re broken down and tired ♪
♪ of living life on a merry-go-round ♪ ♪ and you can’t find the fighter ♪ ♪ but I see it in you so ♪
♪ you gonna walk it out ♪ ♪ and move mountains ♪
♪ we gonna walk it out ♪ ♪ and move mountains ♪ ♪ and I’ll rise up ♪
♪ I’ll rise like the day ♪ ♪ I’ll rise up! I’ll rise unafraid! ♪ ♪ I’ll rise up! ♪
♪ And I’ll do it a thousand times again ♪ ♪ For you, for you, ♪
♪ for you, for you ♪ [audience applause grows] ♪ For you, for you ♪ ♪ And we’ll rise up, high like the waves ♪
♪ We’ll rise up! In spite of the eye [vibrato] ♪ ♪ And we’ll do it a thousand times again ♪ ♪ For you, for you ♪
♪ For you, for you ♪ Thank you. [ Standing ovation, background music restarts ] TYRA: You have a star on your hands. A star. ♪ JUDGE: I want to cry.
HOWIE: Oh my god. Oh. My. God.
JUDGES: Wow. HOWIE: O-M-G! [Angelica giggles] HOWIE: That’s so beautiful. Simon! Talk to her. SIMON: Well this shouldn’t actually happen. You’re tiny. Your voice is huge. [Angelica chuckles] I have a feeling you may be looking at a star in the future. [ audience screaming, cheering, enthusiastic applause ] ANGELICA: Thank you! HOWIE: Heidi? HEIDI: Wow, I had goosebumps everywhere! You are a clever little girl, and you said you want to be a superstar? I think that might happen for you. Let me tell ya! ANGELICA: Thank you! HOWIE: Mel B? Mel B: You are so special and your voice is so amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this with us today. ANGELICA: By the way, Mel B you’re my favorite judge Mel B: Yes!
[Simon sounds buzzer] Mel B: Go on give me a hug.
SIMON: It was all going… so well. Mel B: You are so good.
ANGELICA: [emotional] Thank you!
LB: You did an amazing job.
ANGELICA: Thank you! HOWIE: Alright. HOWIE: Angelica you said you’ve been watching this on YouTube,
and you felt like now you’re in it. I believe that not only are you in it, I predict that all your dreams are going to come true young lady. [applause] HOWIE: Mel vote. Mel B: Oh, yes, a million times over, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
ANGELICA: Thank you! HOWIE: Heidi? HEIDI: Of course it’s a yes! A big fat yes! HOWIE: Simon? SIMON: Who did you say your favourite judge was?
Mel B: Me! [audience laughs] ANGELICA: Look, I mean. SIMON: Angelica. You are absolutely brilliant. Love ya. I’m honoured that I’m your favourite judge as well. You’ve got three yesses.
HOWIE: I’m going to give you your fourth! you have four yesses! [ Angelica shrieks with joy. ]
[ Soulful background music of singing and piano begins. ] ANGELICA: Thank you ♪ ♪ dreams that you dare to dream really do come true ♪

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