Angelina Supercut: Most Dramatic Roommate Fights 😑 | Jersey Shore | MTV

(upbeat music) – Angelina’s on the phone talking 24/7. – I’ll call you in a little bit. Bye. – Like if you wanna be here,
interact with everybody. But not like I want her to. – The bridge burned. She should have came up to us like a woman the first day we got here and apologized. – When she left last summer, she was running her mouth like crazy and she was blasting
everybody in the house. She said that Tom’s better- – Too good. – Too good. – To be with me and same with Emelio. – About me? Listen all I have to say, it’s one thing to talk about us, but to bring our boyfriends into it. – She called your man a (bleep) (bleep)! – I don’t care if you
talk (bleep) about me, talk (bleep) all you want. But if you talk about my girls, my boyfriend or my family, that’s when I’m gonna (bleep) you up. (tense music) I need to have a talk with you. – [Angelina] Me? – Yes. I don’t know why you’re
on my (bleep) so hard. It’s fine to talk about me to anybody- – [Angelina] Okay. – It’s fine when I find out, but when you talk about my boyfriend that you don’t even know, he’s the sweetest kid ever in the world. – I never talked about your boyfriend. – You’re lying, just admit it. – To who? – When you were in Long Island one night you were talking (bleep) about Emelio. – To who? – Saying how did I get this guy? He’s a (bleep). – This is high school (bleep). – You are high school Angelina. – Okay. – So much (bleep) that you talk. – You’re listening to everybody else. – No. Once you start something, you keep going, that’s how you are. – You don’t know me. You don’t even know me. – I don’t wanna know you. If you have something to say, say it to my face. – And I’m looking at you right now. – Blast my boyfriend, do it all. – I don’t blast your boyfriend. – No, you do. You do. It’s pathetic. You’re pathetic. – This is awesome. – [Angelina] You’re coming at me right now with he said, she said. – [Snookie] But I know
for a fact you said it because … That’s how you are Angelina. – No I’m not. You’re listening to everybody else and you’re not listening to me. I hang out with everyone from Long Island, I’m friends with everyone
from Long Island. – [Snookie] Jenny, am
I not right about this? – I wanna be cool with everybody here, I don’t wanna fight with you guys. – You ran your mouth to my best friends. – To who? I wanna know their names. – J420, Joey Yanks, Bill. – J420, I only saw him one time. I wanna be cool with everyone here. I don’t even want any problems. – But you can’t be cool if
you keep talking (bleep). – I’m telling you, I’m
not talking (bleep). – Angelina is fessing up to nothing, that’s stupid. Why are we all gonna make up this (bleep)? We’re not because it’s real. – I’m here, I’m having this
experience with you guys. – You’re not having (bleep) with us. – I’m gonna be here forever. – You wanna get your (bleep) beat, you’ll get your (bleep) beat. You can stay, get your (bleep) beat, you can stay, get your
(bleep) (bleep) beat. You can stay and get your
(bleep) (bleep) beat. – All right. – [Jenny] Plain and simple. – Okay. (laughter) You want some pretzels, dude? – Popcorn. Popcorn. – I don’t get popcorn, got pretzels. – Got it. – Regardless if you’re
not gonna fight me back, I’m gonna swing. – Okay, but that’s not classy though. – Sleep with one f***n eye open. I’m gonna make you sweat it out. – I’m here like everybody else. – I’m gonna make you sweat it out. – Okay. Okay. – JWoww is … I see her in the gym, and
she’s throwing out combos okay. I’ve also got a little
taste of a smack myself. So I have an idea of what
Angelina’s about to go through and it’s like Rocky versus Apollo, you know what I’m saying? Rocky doesn’t have a shot right now. – Sweat it, bitch. – [Angelina] Yeah. – I got you. Don’t worry. – I’m not gonna down-grade myself. – [Jenny] Down-grade? You’re gonna get your ass beat. – Listen, I’m not apologizing
because you’re yelling at me or whatever, I’m being real. Okay, whatever. That’s mature to walk away too. (phone ringing) – [Angelina’s Friend] Hello. – Who’s this? – [Angelina’s Friend] Can
I speak to Angelina please? – No, she died. – I got no strength to fight with people. I’m not here to fight, I just wanna have fun, party. (phone ringing) – Who the (beep) is calling? Hello? – [Angelina’s Friend] Angelina died? – Who’s this? – [Angelina’s Friend] How’d it happen? – I didn’t die. – It’s gonna be a long two months. – Awww. – Angelina I even missed you. – I cannot believe you just said that. – [Vinny] You were missed a lot. – Thank you. That makes me feel good. – Angelina has something to tell you. – Me? Specifically? – [Everyone] Yeah. – Tell him. – Are you guys kidding me? – Angelina grabbed Vinny’s (bleep). [Vinny] What? – Facts. – I’m done, I’m going home. – [Woman] No. – No, no, you just got here. – You grabbed his penis? Because that’s my penis. – It is. – First of all, Vinny has to go sanitize and take 100 showers before I
ever touch that thing again. And then what are you
doing touching my man? I’m not here for one day, she touched his (bleep)? What is the deal? – Well, he knows. – I know what? I know what? – You’re obsessed with me. (laughing) – What are you talking about? – I just love (bleep) with the kid. You can dish it, but you can’t take it? Like come on, Vin, you literally love me. Just admit it to everybody here that you’re obsessed with me. – You’re a psycho. – Oh please. – The girl is delusional. Shut the (bleep) up. – [Angelina] You should
just confess your love in front of everybody. – Honestly, drop it, move on, that’s it. I’m not talking to her anymore, and that’s it. – You want a woman like your mom. That’s what you want. That’s why you love me so much, because I remind you of your mother. – Huh? What? That’s weird. – It is. – How dare you? How dare you? I don’t care if Angelina compared herself to Kim Kardashian. I don’t care if you compare
yourself to (bleep) Beyonce. Do not ever compare yourself to my mother. All I beg you to do is stop talking to me, that’s it. You bring up my name every second. I’m over here, I’m laughing at his jokes. Vinny … – ‘Cause you’re obsessed with me. – I’m obsessed with you? I don’t talk about you. – You literally love me. – You can say it, that makes it true. – You wanna marry me. – There you go. There you go. – You literally wanna marry me. – Yes I wanna marry you. You solved the code. Now can we please just
never talk to me again? – We solved the code. Don’t be a jerk off ’cause
I will (bleep) come at you. – Please. – Don’t be me a jerk off. – Come at me! Come at me! Come at me bro! – I don’t know what the
(bleep) his deal is with me. I feel like Vinny’s
self righteous attitude definitely sets me off and he’s not fun, and I don’t even know why the (bleep) he’s on this vacation
to be honest with you. – You’re so obsessed
with yourself it’s sick. – No you’re obsessed with me ’cause you keep talking about me. – I’m not, you’re actually
obsessed with me dude. You should just confess your
love in front of everybody. – Stop talking about me! – (bleep) you! – [Mike] This is crazy. Sunday family dinner went from Sunday Funday to Sunday chaos. – Watch this … Guys do you wanna see an experiment? I’m gonna walk over here, I guarantee you she talks about me. – No one gives a (bleep) dude. – I guarantee you in the
next (bleep) minute … – [Angelina] No one gives
a (bleep) about you. – 10:35. – [Jenny] Stop. – No one cares. – [Jenny] Stop. – Jenny, he goes on me too. – Stop. Just stop. – [Jenny] He truly does not
want you to talk to him. – I am not talking to you
the rest of this whole time. – No one gives a (bleep) about you, Vin. You’re on my (bleep). If I had a (bleep) you’d
be on it right now. – Wait, wait, wait. You were literally on
my (bleep) last night. – It was a joke. (laughing) – Stop talking to me. Stop talking to me. – [Jenny] Angelina, he literally … Just like leave him alone. – You’re gonna try to go hard right now. – Stop talking to me. Stop talking to me. – Sun in, sun out, bad, bad, bad. – Stop talking to me. Stop talking to me. – [Jenny] Angelina, stop. – I’ve never seen Vinny get mad and he’s (bleep) pissed right now. – Oh boy, the tension in this house, you can cut it with a knife. – Troublemaker Vinny, that’s his name. Wait until I (bleep) trash
your name on Staten Island when I get home. – Angelina’s very upset with me, but at the same time she
knows she’s responsible for Jenny and Sammie getting into a fight. So guilty. – You really are a (bleep) troublemaker. – Let Vinny sit there and nobody (bleep) cares
about what he started. – It had to do with you. I wanted you to get confronted about you talking (bleep), not her. Everybody talks crap about each other, but this one’s a lie. – Let me ask you a question. What (bleep) are you
that you have to go back to a girl and start (bleep)? – You’re (bleep) shady. – I’m not shady. – You’re (bleep) shady. – Yeah, what you grow balls now? No one wants to hear you. – You’re a truck driver (bleep). – Okay who’s a truck driver
bringing home skanks like you? – Get the (bleep) out of here. – You and your dirty grenade. You wanna ride on Mike
and Pauly’s band wagon. – You’re the dirtiest one. – I have … Honey I know I’m the best right now, so I don’t care what you
have to say about me. – All right Kim Kardashian, you’re more like the Rob Kardashian of Staten Island, you ugly (bleep). – Shut the (bleep) up. You (bleep) 22-year-old little (bleep). Ugh I hate him. I hate Vinny. I hate him. I can’t stand Vinny. Go (bleep) yourself. – I’m just shutting up so you shut up. At this point, I just don’t
give a (bleep) anymore. I don’t want the girl to effect me, you know what I mean? She’s not effecting me. I don’t care. I don’t give a (bleep) either way. Angelina, please. (intense upbeat music) – Hey. – [Male] Hi Angelina. – Oh hi bitch. – Hey. – Hey. – So I’m just gonna ask
the obvious question, why the (bleep) are you here? (tense music) – ‘Cause I wanted to make amends. – I call (bleep). Angelina has never reached out to me in the eight years, not once. She has not tried to say I’m sorry. – The last time that I heard of you, you were talking to the tabloid saying how ugly I was. – That’s not true. That’s not true. – You did quotes. You were in quotes. – I did not say that your lips are ugly. – She said lips. – Wait a minute, I haven’t talked to you in so long. – I didn’t go to tabloids. They actually asked me. – Just be real and then we’ll be cool. Just be real. Be transparent bitch. – I don’t really know the girl and honestly Angelina leaving
was totally awesome for me because then I got to come in and be part of this awesome family. – You don’t have the
bond that we all have. Why aren’t you not getting that? – You guys could make me have that bond. – No bitch. No. It’s been eight years
since we’ve seen you. No thank you. – No, no. – Jenny and Nicole are furious. This is like pent up aggression because the last time we
left Angelina in Miami, no one left on good terms. I mean I could get
slapped in the face again. – I bet you you won’t make it
a (bleep) week in this house because you are not a part
of our (bleep) family. End of the day, you have not experienced what we all have (bleep)
experienced together. – You had so long to
(bleep) be in our family and now all of a sudden you wanna come in. You could have contacted all of us and said listen I wanna be friends. It’s just too late to enter our family. – Not once did you try to make amends in eight (bleep) years. – How would I make amends to you? – Eight years. – Do I have your number? – I didn’t have you blocked bitch. – I don’t have your number. – I don’t have you blocked. – I don’t have her number. – You never twittered me. – I definitely wanna show people that I’m not this crazy girl, I’ve grown up a lot. This is the chance to redeem myself. that’s why I’m here. – You blocked me on every
(bleep) social media. – You blocked me actually. I didn’t block you. – Never did. You wanna come somewhere
eight years later? – Right now we are watching a baby hippo named Angelina get
preyed on by wild hyenas. – You have no (bleep) idea what this took. And you’re not a part of group chat. – [Pauly] Facts! – Fact! – Oh no, Jwoww is ripping
the hippo’s head off. – You guy should be like, you know what, let me try
to give this girl a shot, because we don’t really know her. – No, I know you. You’re not a nice person. – Oh my god, Nicole is (bleep) her vagina, what (laughs), I mean what! – Well, everybody’s just
getting (bleep) crazy! – Deena, relax! Because you haven’t
even been in this house (bleep) eight years to
deal with this bitch! (roommates gasp) – I’m not even, listen, I’m not even gonna get
engaged in this (bleep) – How long are you staying, I just wanna know so
Nicole can pack your bags. – She’s not packing my bags. – Why the (bleep) are you here! Why are you here! You’re here because
you’re a (bleep) chew toy. – No I’m not. – Watch. – Jenni might’ve went
home and seen her family, but she came back Jwoww! – Get the (bleep) out of this house! – I’m staying. (tense music) – Are you mad that he just
was like “Yeah I’m alright” and walked away? – ‘Cause he’s being a dick. – Oh wait, wait, wait,
are you guys talking about guys right now? Oh yeah, that’s why everyone
is being a (bleep) to me, because of why I left before. Thank you. – What did you just say? Honestly. – Not you Sammi. Well actually, no, I’ll put
you in the same category. – Actually, I think you should
shut your (bleep) mouth. – No, I won’t. – I think you should, before
it gets you in trouble. – Everybody in this car is talking about how they love guys or whatever, but I left because I loved a guy and you guys can’t understand that. – Who gives a (bleep) about you leaving! Honestly. – [Jenni] That was fine! That was fine! I respected you! I even (bleep) hung
out with you on the AC! – [Angelina] Hold on.. – [Jenni] And friended you! – [Snooki] We’re not talking about you! – [Jenni] But what it came down to was you (bleep) coming out on
blast on Mike’s cell phone running your (beep) mouth! You wanna go outside right now, we’ll (bleep) go right the (beep) outside! – [Angelina] First of all.. – [Jenni] Don’t put your (bleep) hand in front of my (bleep) face. You wanna take this (bleep) outside? – Like are you kidding me? We’re in a cab, I’m all the way in the back of the cab. – [Jenni] You wanna (bleep)
air me out right now? – [Angelina] No. In the car? – [Jenni] You wanna try
to hit me out right now? – I’m just trying to be cool
with everybody in this house, that’s why I’m trying to
talk to you’s in person. I’m trying to come back
here with a fresh start, I’m trying to be classy right now. – [Sammi] Hold on! Angelina.. – [Snooki] All night
you’re a (bleep) mosquito in my (bleep) ear! – [Jenni] You’re here
because you wanna jump on the (mumbles) If you wanna fail.. (Snooki screams) You wanna try to beat
the (bleep) out of me! – [Angelina] Noo.. – [Sammi] Angelina! – [Jenni] You wanna take
this (bleep) outside, we’ll go outside right now. (Snooki screams at Angelina) – [Angelina] That’s trashy! – That’s not trashy, you should know about trashy baby, you’re from Staten Island! Get outside! – Are you kidding me right now? Three girls against one? (Snooki mumbling to Angelina) – Can we get out? ‘Cause I don’t wanna deal
with this (bleep) (bleep) Bye! – [Angelina] No, I didn’t say anything. – [Snooki] You don’t
deserve to be here Angelina, and you’re a (bleep) white rat, and you’re (bleep) pale, and you’re nasty. – Yeah, okay, and you’re
too tan, it’s disgusting. – [Snooki] I am tan and
I like being tan, bitch! (Snookie screaming to Jenni in background) – You’re being (bleep), seriously. – What did I do? What the hell did I do? – Talking to a girl
that a.k.a was married.. – What do you think, I’m (bleep) trying to find a girlfriend? Wasn’t her boyfriend married, in Jersey? C’mon. I’m in Miami for how long? I’m not looking for a girlfriend! – No, but, I don’t know. – Don’t worry about what
the (bleep) I’m doing, don’t worry about what I’m doing. – You do not want to
play this game with us, the whole house does not like you. – You don’t want me on
your bad side, trust me. – [Mike] We’re being cool
and you hung out with us, and we didn’t say nothing, I paid the whole (bleep) bill, whatever, you had one
drink, it doesn’t matter. – Michael! Michael! – Just chill! – I love you. You know I love you. – Just what I’m saying is, you talked to some guy
tonight, I didn’t say nothing. He talks to a girl… – I didn’t even look, ’cause
I don’t give a (bleep)! – I don’t even care who you talk to! – Yes you do! You obviously do! – I love you! I (bleep)
swear I’m gonna marry you! I swear! – What?! – I would marry you! – What?! – I think about you every day! – What?! – Me and Situation did hook
up with Angelina at one point, maybe there was feelings or not, whatever it is, I don’t have
those feelings for Angelina, and she’s fine with that, so she claims. I’m ending this
conversation on a good note. Do you, and we’re gonna do us, please stay out of it. In other words, let us do us, you do you, and we’ll support you
in everything you do.. – What was I doing with, before that? – I don’t give a (bleep)
what you’re doing! Stay out of my business! – I was doing whatever, before that! – Stay out of my business. – Okay. – That’s all I’m saying. – You know I’m not like this? – I know. – You know that! – So why are you acting like this, babe? – [Angelina] You’re upsetting me! – [Pauly] I’m done with this conversation! – Because you’re upsetting me! – I’m done with this conversation. – Are you serious? (Angelina sniffles) – Babe, I know you’re
crying right now baby, but.. – You just don’t care, like, seriously! – Not cool. (Mike mumbles in background) – [Pauly] I dare you to
smack me one more time. – One more time! – [Pauly] Do it one more time, smack me. Get the (bleep) away from me! – [Angelina] Pauly.. – [Mike] Oh my god, Angelina,
you’re (bleep) drunk, get in your (bleep) bed! – Most annoying thing is, I’m
trying to end the conversation just trying to end the fight, and then I’ll walk into a
different room, she’ll follow me. – [Angelina] Like seriously,
like a 12-year old. – (Pauly angrily) Are you touching me?! Stop touching me! – I get woken up in the
middle of the night to hear Mike and Pauly screaming at Angelina, and I’m like “what the (bleep)”. Do we have a problem? – This (bleep) needs to
leave this (bleep) house, is what she needs to do! – Pauly is like, the
nicest kid in the house, so, I was pretty shocked
to see him so mad. – She smacked Pauly three
times just now, in the face! She smacked him three times! – [Angelina] Jenni! I had
nothing to do with this tonight! – [Jenni] I don’t even wanna talk to you, you’re lucky you’re drunk right now. – [Mike] You’re done! – [Jenni] What gives you
the right to smack Pauly? – I didn’t smack him! – [Mike] What?! Three times! – I didn’t smack him, I
had nothing to do with it, I walked out of the (bleep) place! – [Mike] Three times!
Three times you smacked him in the face! – [Pauly] Right in the house! – Okay, well that wasn’t (bleep) me! I didn’t do anything about it! – [Pauly] What the hell
are you talking about! – Your girl was blonde! The girl who hooked up
with you, and her friend. – [Mike] Whaaat! – [Pauly] What the hell
are you talking about, I’m talking about right now! – [Angelina] Listen, I
didn’t smack you at all! I’m standing here by myself! Everybody is over-exaggerating! – What the (bleep), are you delusional?! – Are you (stammers) delusional? – I seen drunk people before, but that was bi-polar, I’d never seen that before, I think that’s a problem. – You hooked up with a
girl I was with all night. – None of your business! – [Mike] It’s none of
your (bleep) business! – I don’t care what you guys do! – Yeah, obviously you do! – You guys are such instigators, man. – It was just like, unbelievable. We brought you out tonight!
We paid for the bill! You didn’t even chip the (bleep) in! Wow, just you know what, I’m just gonna get away from you, – Michael! – Go to sleep babe, and
deal with this tomorrow, she’s done! She’s done! – I can’t believe that she
would step on the only toes that she had in the house. The only life-line she
had was me and Situation, now she’s screwed. – [Angelina] Jenni, I didn’t
smack (bleep) Pauly at all! – Listen, at the end of the
day, that kid’s my brother, and if he can’t hit you, I can, and you’re lucky you’re this drunk. Wait till tomorrow. (upbeat pop music plays) – [Pauly] That girl is
crazy, and I don’t get mad! – [Mike] You know she’s
gonna be extra as hell. – [Jenni] Wow! (Vinny and other roommates scream) – [Snooki] Oh hey! – [Angelina] Hey! – Stop! – [Mike] Hey, what’s up? – [Vinny] Just kidding. – [Angelina] What, are you
gonna give me a high-five? – [Mike] You (bleep), girl! – Welcome to Vegas! – Hey what’s up? – [Vinny] How’re you? Good to see you. – [Jenni] Why’re you holding me? It’s fine. – [Snooki] Hey. – [Mike] Hey girl! – Are you gonna be nice to my friend? – We have things that we have to sort out. (roommates gasp in surprise) – [Snooki] You could still say hi to her! – Oh, we’re starting already. Like, we’re not even in the room yet. We’re in a public area. – [Mike] Whoa! – Where like, anybody could see us, and you talking (bleep) already girl? – [Mike] This my girl right here! – [Jenni] It’s a wonderful day, ’cause we’re actually
dealing with family (bleep) – Like what? – You wouldn’t know ’cause
you’re not part of the family. – (All roommates scream
in excitement) Ohhh! – [Jenni] Round one! – Ahh! Oh my god, it’s happening! Angelina, what the (bleep) are you doing? Oh my god! – Really? – Oh my god! – Alright, alright, let’s
sort this out in the room, c’mon guys, c’mon. – [Angelina] What the (bleep)
is wrong with you Mike, seriously? – [Vinny] Whoa, what’s
with all the hostility? – [Mike] Um, hello! – At least the silver
lining to all this madness with Angelina is that, it’s kind of like a weird distraction from all the drama that’s been
going on here with Ron. We weren’t expecting you. – [Angelina] No, we have
(bleep) to sort out, like badly. – [Vinny] Yeah but c’mon.
Breathe, take a second. – [Snookie] Girl, you
could’ve said hi to her. – (sarcastically) Hiii! But I’m not part of the family though, which is a (bleep).. If I keep hearing that (bleep), I’m gonna be dead by the time I’m done! – [Jenni] Ding, ding, ding! You started it when I
walked up the elevator. – [Angelina] No! I did not! This time around, I’m not
gonna sit there and be like, her little chew toy anymore. I’m gonna come back at you. That’s just how it is. – [Snooki] Welcome. – [Mike] Come on in, guys. – Oh, it’s really nice! – Welcome to our casa. – [Mike] Beautiful! – Really nice. – [Vinny] This is the suite. You can leave your stuff there for now, we’ll figure.. – [Snooki] Mike, do you
wanna show her to her room? – Figure everything out. – [Angelina] Where’s my room? – [Vinny] Here, come here. I’ll bring you to your room. – [Snooki] Ohh they’re going to have sex! – [Vinny] Here’s your room. – [Angelina] You’re
disgusting, you (bleep)! – [Vinny] Go in there, this
is your little hamster cage! – Don’t be an asshole! – [Vinny] I wanna put
dirty little hamster in the stripper shower because, it looks like little hamster cage, yenno? Put a little wheel in
there, little water bottle. (makes sucking sound) (laughs) – Where’s my tequila? – (laughs) He’s pushing her! – Yo, they’re fighting! – (Angelina Slaps Vinny) You (bleep) – [Vinny] You’re already starting! Did you just slap me in the face? That’s assault! I just got assaulted! – He just hit her! She hit him! – [Jenni] She hit him? – [Vinny] What the (bleep) bro, like, a dirty hamster just smacked me with her (bleep) hands, in a Vegas suite. I just got assaulted! Where’s the lawyer? I’m allergic to hamsters. This bitch just slapped me in the face! (Snooki laughs) I swear to god! – It’s been five seconds! – What the (bleep) did I do? This is not what I wanted to happen! I wanted her to come
in and be the Angelina that I enjoy hanging out with, and she’s being the total opposite. She like, starts drama
and she’s delusional. – I’ve been assaulted! I don’t feel good! – Oh my god, with the assaulting! He tried to put me in a shower! – Oh, now I have to sleep
in the same bed as her? After she assaulted me? Pauly, this is (bleep) up, bro. Pauly got slapped, I got slapped.. Yo, Pauly, we’re part of
the same crew now, bro! The Angelina slapping crew! – [Angelina] Hi! – [Pauly] You’re leaving? That’s your stuff? You’re leaving? – Alex! What, are you with her now? Are you? – [Alex] No, we’re all friends. They were like, “Oh, come back with us”. – You hooked up with her? Did you kiss her tonight? – [Alex] No, I didn’t. – [Angelina] So I’m sitting there, and I’m about to leave, I’ve had enough of everyone. Snooki walks through the
door holding my guy’s hand. Well I don’t know why you came
back here, like, with her. – Well, you should’ve
come to the club tonight! We had a good time. – They’re all a bunch of
(bleep), everybody’s fake. So I’d rather leave. Why’d you come home with her? – We all came together,
I guess, you know.. – No, you definitely hooked up with her. It’s okay because, doesn’t
really matter to me, I’m just saying. – Yo, how’s José doing anyway? (Ronnie gasps) – [Mike] How’s José? – José? Oh, he’s awesome! Why? Whose business is that? Is it your business? No. Alex, have fun. – [Snooki] Don’t even walk
into this kitchen! Go away. (Pauly yelling in background) Go away. Go hang out with Angelina. (roommates gasp and shout in excitement) Go hang out with Angelina! – [Pauly] Breakfast for the boys! – Stay over there. You’re not allowed over here. I think Angelina loves my sloppy seconds, ’cause she goes to Vinny, and then she’s trying to
go to, what’s his name, like what’re you doing! You wanna make out with me, just ask. I will say yes! After I had sex with Vinny, you had sex with Vinny . – I don’t want your, your sloppy seconds! – Obviously you do when
you (bleep) (bleep) Vinny! – [Angelina] No! No! You
just brought home Alex. Did you hook up with
him tonight? Probably. Do I care? No. – Angelina, this is why nobody like you! – Doesn’t matter! – Because you keep talking (bleep), shut the (bleep) up! – No! Don’t tell me to
shut the (bleep) up! – Seriously, every time we come home, all you do is talk (bleep)! (Angeline arguing at Snooki aggressively) – I don’t give a (bleep)
about anybody in this house! – If you don’t give a (bleep)
about anybody in the house, we’re a (bleep) family. – All of you’s in this
house are (bleep) fake! And I want you all to know, that I can’t stand any of you’s! Fake ass (bleep), all of you! – Okay, hold my earrings, please. – [Pauly] Oh yeah, this is
what’s up, this is what’s up! – Don’t do this to me right now! I’m gonna leave this house right now! (Angelina and Snooki mumbling
and shouting at each other) (roommates cheering Snooki on) – I had to move the table, because it was getting real serious, I didn’t want anything
to happen to the table, you know what I’m saying? (roommates continue to cheer on the fight) – [Snooki] Get out of here! – [Angelina] Stop! Get off of me! – [Jenni] Get off of her. Get off! (Mike laughs) – [Angelina] Stupid! – [Pauly] Busted! – Standing in one corner, four foot nine, two inches with the poof, Snooki (bleep) poppin’ Pollizi! Standing in the other corner, at 322 pounds, the Staten Island Dump! – Bring it on! Bring it the (bleep) on! – [Mike] Next thing
you know it, round two! – [Snooki] Bring it on, bitch! (roommates laugh and cheer) (tense music) – [Snooki] I’m still here! Hey! I’m still pretty! Hey! I’m still pretty, bitch! – And, it’s like beating up a baby. Snooki like, you know what I mean? She’s so tiny! Her arms are like Tyrannosaurus Rex arms. She can’t even get a full reach! It’s like (dinosaur sounds in background) – Is this gonna go to decision, or is there gonna be a knock-out? (roommates laugh) – And Alex, have fun with her too! ‘Cause, sorry, she’s nobody. – Go home! She’s crazy! – Welcome to my home! (roommates laugh) – And have fun guys. Out of everybody in the house, I thought you two were
my (bleep) true friends. – [Ronnie] You called me fake!
You called me (bleep) fake. – No! I was calling..Listen.. – [Sammi] No, you called me fake, too. – I kinda felt like, maybe
somebody would have a heart as to tell me not to go. And I kinda wanted that, and I kinda hoped for that, but, of course I was
wrong with that again. – No, no, no, no, no, you were my friend. – [Angelina] And you were
supposed to be my friend, too! – Oh, hell no. Angelina, what is wrong with you. I have been more than a friend to you. I went out of my way for you, I gave you enough respect
to be cool with me, and you blew it. I never once said I never not liked you. And when you’re friends are here, you treated me very different. – No, my friends! Listen to me.. – [Ronnie To Sam] I’m gonna go inside. – [Angelina] Sammi, I always
tried to be your friend! And you know what, you
guys have no hearts.. – [Mike] Get out of here! – Peace out, fake people! – Bye! – Yo, you look like you’re 40,
get some (bleep) Botox, bro! – [Mike] You’re a (bleep) loser! To call me fake, is, it’s just blasphemy, to talk against the leader like that. In other countries, you get hung for talking
that type of (bleep). – [Vinny] Oh my god! – That was pretty intense. – That was (bleep) nuts! – At the end of the day, there’s so many opportunities
for Angelina just to be like, listen, I’m sorry, and just start over. I wonder what’s (bleep) going
through her head right now. But that’s where Angelina doesn’t get it. She ended on a (bleep) you
note, got her ass kicked. – Tell you what though, she went out with a bang, that’s for sure! (Jenni laughs) – Literally! Six of them! (dance music plays in background) Not yet. Not yet. Too soon. – It’s obvious that Jenni still
has resentment towards me, and I’m to blame, a little bit. But, I’m trying, genuinely,
to be friends with her, and maybe we could squash this eventually? (dance music plays in background) – God! Why are you se weird? – I just wanna party and let
loose and like, have fun. And she’s just not having it. I don’t know if my approach is wrong, but I’m trying! – [Snooki] I need some ice. (dance music plays) (Snooki laughs) – At one point, Nicole puts
ice down my shirt, playfully, so I figured, why not put it down Jenni’s? (Dance music plays in background) (Snooki screams) – You’re nuts. You’re out of your damn mind. What the (bleep) is going on? Angelina is trying to pull
down my shirt, and chasing me! And since all this boob talk at dinner, saying she wants to see our boobs, I don’t want your hands on me! What is wrong with you? Stop. – I don’t know what Angelina is thinking, messing with Jenni. Roger don’t even do that yet, and he’s been married
to her for eight years! – Stop, or I will (bleep) you up. (Snooki screams) (trap music plays in background) – Jenni, let her go. Let her go (laughs) (screams in background) – Yeah, my approach is, it’s not working. – [Mike] Yo, she hit her
with the read naked, son. – Where’s my earring? – [Vinny] What the (bleep) was that? – [Jenni] I honeslty, I have
no idea what just happened. – [Vinny] Me neither. – [Jenni] She tried to
whip out my titties. – I was not. I was, I was
gonna (bleep) put ice on you. – [Jenni] I don’t know you to
know what your intentions are. I don’t trust you yet. I think I need to go home. Bring me home, or I’m gonna go to jail. – I feel like Angelina is not going about Jenni right at all. You need to talk to her so she
feels comfortable with you, you’re very aggressive towards her! You need to slow your roll a little bit, and maybe tomorrow it’ll be more positive, and you won’t end up in a choke-hold!


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