Animal Factory Farm by Theatre Makers

(rooster crowing) I’m here.
Let me lay my eggs in peace. That rooster is always on my case.
I don’t get a minute to myself. And I’m always working as an egg-laying machine for the humans.
And then they come and take my babies away. I’ll never see them crack their shells.
I just keep laying and laying… I can lay 300 eggs a year.
Before the humans forced hormone injections on us,
we only laid 85 eggs a year. (clucks) Then they forcibly rape me with some rooster’s sperm, over and over, when they want me to lay more eggs, (clucks) which is always!
There is always an egg growing in me. (clucks) But when they want us to lay eggs,
they starve us for two weeks so that our bodies lay larger eggs. (clucks)
And if any hatch as males, they kill them. (clucks) How’s that for quality of life?! Starvation drives me crazy.
(We get) so hungry we’ll eat just about anything, even our feathers. But the humans, they cut our beaks with a sharp, hot blade when were just chicks to prevent us from pecking on
our own feathers. I can still feel the pain. And look at the way my skin is growing into these bars.
I’m losing my feathers.
I’m covered in scratches and bruises. Not only that, we’re shitting and
pissing on each other all the time. It’s pretty inconvenient to push out these
shit-covered eggs. You know, I’m a bird, but I can’t even lift my wings.
However, I guess laying eggs is
better than the alternative… Dying at an early age of only six weeks! (clucks) He wants to kill me!
He wants to sell my meat to you!
And send my feet to China! (clucks) (mooing) Have you ever seen green fields? (farting) Because I sure haven’t.
All I’ve seen is this metal cage and I’m getting fatter and fatter. That’s because I’m always pregnant.
As soon as I give birth to a calf, the humans come and steal my baby. Next they rape me, so I give them more babies and more milk. Here they come now.
My milk is for my babies, not for you!
Ow! My nipples hurt from the last milking!
They force Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormones on us to increase milk production.
Nobody is meant to be pregnant all the time. Not to mention that they murder hundreds of millions of us each year. (cow slaughter sounds) While the open ocean is getting emptier
and emptier, this place sure is getting more crowded. One out of every seven of us fish here in a factory farm dies of parasites, diseases, or overcrowding in our cages. The humans are so obsessed with keeping their business going that they stuff us full of antibiotics, pesticides, and carcinogenic chemicals to
try to control bacteria, virus, and parasitic outbreaks while keeping us in these cramped pools. When you reach your second birthday, if you’re a female
salmon, the human slices you open with a machine and then scoops out all of
your eggs. Then, the humans capture the males and force them to squirt their sperm onto the eggs to
fertilize them. So if you thought we were allowed to breed naturally– humans don’t have time for that. They would rather kill us for our eggs and rape our males for their sperm. Oh no, there’s one now! (birds chirping) Oh my, so much suffering… and for what? Those humans kill us for bushmeat to serve rich people at fancy restaurants. Our body parts also become trophies, magical charms, and an ingredient in traditional medicines. It’s not like their survival depends on killing us. They poach us for fun and profit!
There is a long human tradition of killing us, glorified in movies like “King Kong.” How would the humans feel if we
killed them to take their feet as trophies for luck or magical charms? These poachers have no idea about our society, the way we gather in troops led by an adult male with several females and children. They capture us in traps and snares, which we are sometimes smart enough to avoid or escape. Some of us have even retaliated against the poachers for killing our friends and family. But they kill us faster than we can reorganize our troops!
We are going extinct! (bulldozer sounds) I’m so tired of running away from the humans and their bulldozers! I don’t understand why they hate trees and destroy our home. Because of aggressive deforestation, soon we will have no place to live. (cow burps) We don’t wear things like THAT in the forest. Hey Mad Cow, why do you dress up in those metal bars? Well, I wish it was some sort of fashion statement. (farts)
But the humans used this cage to imprison me. Why did they keep you like that?
If they catch one of us, they just kill us right away. Oh, they will kill me soon.
As soon as my body can’t keep up with the daily milkings and the non-stop pregnancies. Until then, I’m their slave, available for them to take advantage of me as they please. Those humans are barbarians!
Nobody does anything like that in nature. We kill, we hunt, but we never enslave other species.
I want you to know how it feels to be free. Oh, how wonderful! (audience cheering)
I’m able to move my legs around and everything. And do you think I can move around just anywhere?
Anywhere! Absolutely anywhere you want to go. You are free. I don’t want anyone to be imprisoned like I was. (chicken clucking)
What is this place? Hi Chicken Little, I’m free!
Yes, I’m free, I’m free! Did the humans imprison you too, Chicken Little? I’ve been in this cage all my life. Well, Chicken Little, would you like to be free? I never really thought it was possible.
But, yes, I want to be free. (clucks) What’s going on? Hey! Hey, I’m free! (clucks, audience cheering) Ahem! Uh, nobody ever notices the trapped fish!
Did you guys hear something?
Oh, I think I saw Sassy Salmon trapped in the underwater fish farm.
How can we set you free? I saw the humans messing with the lock over there. I’m on it! I don’t know how these fish farm locks work, but I’ll scratch the hell out of it with my feet.
(lock clicks) Yeah! Oh my goodness, Chicken Little, you unlocked the cage!
Sassy Salmon, you are free!
Swim into the wide open ocean and enjoy your new life.
Thank you all! I’ll enjoy it… while I can. Why “while you can”? Well… by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. But it sure is nice to make some new friends.
Let’s all hang out together, shall we?
Thank you Mad Cow, thank you very much.
I like Mad Cow.
This goes way beyond each of us and our own kind. You’re right, Sassy Salmon, this is about all of us together. This isn’t some sky-is-falling panic routine:
the sky is actually heating up!
What do you mean, Chicken Little? I think what Sassy Salmon and Chicken Little are getting at is that the humans are destroying all of us, themselves, and the
environment we all share, through their out-of-control behavior.
Yeah, for example, the fertilizer they use to grow our food generates lots of nitrous oxide. (clucks)
The humans also create the same dangerous nitrous oxide to feed us cows. When they raise so many of us just to murder us, they create and generate excess methane from our four-stomach digestive system. (four loud farts and complaining)
Awh, Mad Cow! Excuse me, excuse me. Ironically, though we cows are slaves,
the humans are actually working for us by growing more than 70 percent of their crops just to feed us cows. You know, the humans could do a big
favor for us all by growing plants to feed themselves instead. When the humans raise us fish in factory farms, the waste products reduce oxygen levels in
the ocean, resulting in mass ocean kills of nearly everything around. This in turn backfires on the humans because eating factory-farmed fish induces cancer in
human adults and developmental problems in human children. We gorillas see the massive deforestation of the rain forests to grow cash crops and animal feed. And that stops plants from removing carbon dioxide before it heats up the atmosphere, also resulting in a greater rate of species extinction than at any other time since the mass die-offs at the end of the dinosaur era. (clucks)
Right! The humans are destroying the land, the water, and the air.
We don’t know if there is any hope. What the humans do with their appetite for animals and animal products is worse than the transportation in airplanes, cars, trains,
boats, and even motorcycles. (clucks) Wait a second, these humans look like they could help us. Perhaps you guys could help us solve the problem of climate change. No, all humans ever do is take from us and kill us. Let’s find out what they think. Yeah! What can be done to stop or to prevent further climate disaster?
Tell us what you think. What more can be done? I’m going to stop eating meat! Yeah! Is there anyone else? Protect the earth! Socialism! No dairy! Um, power! Very good!
(claps) I really like these humans and what they have to say.
Yeah! Take care of the planet, that’s a good one!
Yeah! What can be done to prevent further climate disaster?
Tell us what you think can be done. Go vegan! Grow vegan. Yeah! Alright! What else can be done? Grow veganic! Woo!
Is there anything else? Ride a bike. Ride a bike, ok. One more, one more. Walk, use biodegradable materials. (clucks and cheers) That’s quite a few suggestions from the humans here today. Okay humans, looks like you guys agree with us. I bet we can work together and solve this crisis!
How about it?!
Let’s hear a “yeah!”
(crowd cheers yeah)
Come on: 1, 2, 3 (crowd cheers) (clucking and cheering) Alright! Okay, here we go. The animals of the earth could go on living without you humans.
But can you humans go on living without killing us and destroying the earth? (clucks) (clapping) English Closed Captioning by
Cameron Stark

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