Anime动态漫 | The Queen’s Strategy系统逼我做皇后 S4E5 A LEVEL TASK A级隐藏任务(Authorized/Eng sub)

Poor Su Zhaorong used the wrong plan Be exploited Luo Jieyu and Lord Yu already knew each other Does not require any framing Just grab their Evidence of association Can make these two people Die Yu Meiren speaks carefully, I don’t think Nian Xiu Gong is an impervious place. Be careful to be heard! Sister Rong no need to worry, Actually I came this time, Mainly to tell you a message, A message you will be very happy to hear! what news? Changle Palace’s owner is coming back! Seriously? !! Q… Q … the one from Changle Palace is really coming back? True, sister Rong, That is your aunt, I need your help in the harem later I should leave first, don’t want to bother you anymore. In addition to Liu Fei in this harem, Rong Zhaoy is highest position, Now that the queen is back, I don’t believe you can Can bear Luo Jieyu riding on your head all the time! The Queen is really coming back! Before the queen entered the palace, she already had great power. After entering the palace, she won the world with the emperor by fighting Lord Yu’s biological mother, The queen is coming back. This harem … No, it’s the restlessness of this palace! Luo Jieyu, drink another bowl of lotus seed soup from the emperor, You can do everything you want, good things come and go, and you will soon have a prince. No, I drank three bowls. My stomach is full I don’t know what Luan Xiaze means. Keeping sending lotus seed soup, Does he really want me to have children for him? But having a child for an NPC… After so many days, I don’t know if Princess Xiang Ning and Wei Yunxiao have made any progress! Princess, are you? Qinger! !! !! ? Qinger, I’m practicing Chunlan! Why is the princess interested in singing? I heard that Wei Yunxiao liked to go to the theatre this morning, One of the most frequently heard songs is Chunlan, So I also want to learn to sing … It turned out that she is for the commander Wei, It seems there shouldn’t be much progress between them. Otherwise, the princess will not be forced to learn singing! Although I have studied piano for several years before, But how does this seem to be wrong? Qinger, can you help me? You ask me, I don’t understand! The music score of this ancient palace It’s totally a Double Dutch to me! Should I improve my music talents in the system mall? Maybe I can sing to the emperor later, Swipe favorably! can not you do it? You are also Miss Luo The princess did not know, I lost my mother in my youth, step mom charged She wouldn’t allow me to learn these things If you want to learn, I can teach you Thank you Princess, another time But … But what? Princess, if you want to do something he likes. It’s better to start with simple things, Wouldn’t it be too difficult to sing? You’re right But Qinger, don’t you persuade me, Since I like someone, I have to work hard for it Oh, I can’t answer what Princess said! This is exactly what I said, But it was obvious that Princess Xiang Ning used the wrong direction, and she was seriously off! Congratulations to Luo Jieyu, turn on A-class hidden task: Princess Marriage! A-level hidden tasks, hidden tasks are also graded, What I don’t know about it? Hidden tasks are classified as D to A A level is the most difficult and the biggest gain! What level of hidden tasks did I do before? The hidden tasks you did before are relatively simple, Most are D-class hidden tasks, Main reward task points But A-level missions have an important feature, Is to reward the character favorability! Character favorability? If you quickly paint Luan Xiaze ’s favorability, Manbe I can quickly become a queen and return to the real world Let me talk about the mission requirements now! As the name suggests, the marriage of a princess, It ’s very simple, to help the princess get a happy marriage, Then the A-level mission is completed In particular, A-level tasks are difficult, Come on, bye! The little fox gave a satanic smile when he left, Is there anything tricky about A-level missions? Suiyu, do you know this Chunlan? Yes, this play is famous Is talking about a girl named Chunlan, she joined the army for her father. This game designer is too careless. He just used the Mulan story so casually Okay, since then I have to find a chance to go out of the palace to hear how good the play is, Made Wei commander being so obsessive! Suiyu I want to go out of the palace, can you help me think of a way? Jieyu, I can’t How can the emperor’s concubine leave the palace at will, If it’s found, it is a capital crime! Let’s go out quietly and come back quietly, Don’t alarm anyone, Would you like to go to the House of Government to get a token for the maiden’s passage, ok? Master … this … Suiyu, in this palace I can only trust you, Only you can help me! I always treat you as a sister, Rest assured, I have something to do this time. I won’t affect you! I beg you! You misunderstood! I’m not afraid of being hurt, but I’m afraid you are punished by the emperor In this case, I’m going to the House of Government to ask for a token from the palace! Suiyu … It is really my blessing to have you by my side Stop it. It’s my blessing to be able to follow Jieyu and be assigned to this Lingyue Palace System: Congratulations on getting one Loyal servant! Reward points 10,000 points! For real? Loyal servant! In other words, Suiyu is The person I can trust most and will never betray me in this world!


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