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Hey stop! Stop… Hey… You know from how long am I waiting
for this moment? You cannot escape today from me Hey stop This day is the proof
for the love in between us None can separate us now.
I love you. Hail Lord Shiva… Rasagulla…
Hey my Rasagulla… This naughty girl to loot
your heart is Rasagulla This current wire to make
your heart beat fast is Rasagulla This baby is the winged horse
to take you to the starry world This colorful world to make you
go crazy is Rasagulla This world… Will it not be yours? No place not getting hot and
no place without the babe Oh, God! She is a sweet lady Oh, God! She is a sweet lady Oh, God! She is a sweet lady Hey little Krishna come… Come dear clothes thief,
come hey heart thief Come, come my little Krishna Sweet heart my darling Krishna Catch her before starts whatsapp She steals your hearts Does your cell phone have with
no hello from a babe? Is there any use of Whatsapp
with no miss you from a Miss? Words of my baby are sweeter
than many delicacies Meeting of a babe is sweeter
than chatting and cheating This world… Will it not be yours? No place not getting hot and
no place without the babe Will this world not be
looted competing with a beauty? Joining with our hearts,
our world will be yours The guy carrying the palanquin
of our hopes is sweet That person building up
our world of hopes is sweet This world… Will it not be yours? No place not getting hot and
no place without the babe Oh, God! She is a sweet lady Oh, God! She is a sweet lady Hey, I think she was the one
doing mess at the party yesterday Looking at that style and pace,
I feel she is in first year Come on, let us look into her matter Hey stop, do you not know
to give respect to seniors?
– I know So much head strong even after knowing? What is your name? -Chitra.
Which year? First year
-So much head strong just in first year? What, are you ragging? No sir, we are showing
the way to first year classroom Stop lying, you have come to a stage of
ragging the professor Professor? Yes, Chitra and is like my daughter. She was last year topper
from psychology in our College. Not willing to let go
such a brilliant girl All professors compelled and made her
stay back as Assistant professor in psychology. She will be along with you
here in the hostel doing her PHD Then you just said first year.
-What Chitra? That is, I am taking first year classes
right sir? Thus I said first year To hell with your drama,
– Please sir, leave them Sorry Chitra, if you are a Professor,
what was that party yesterday? I will be like this for society,
but I will be like me for myself Madam, you? What Chitra How are your classes? On a side Psychology Classes Your research on paranormal
activities on the other side? Everything good madam, all students
became friends in a very short time. Thanks a lot for your trial
not to let me be left as an orphan
– Ok enough They said you are giving first seminar
this weekend on the research you did? Yes madam. Seminar is happening on the topic
the existence of paranormal activities I am going to discuss for the first time
about my research on that same day What have you finalized in your research
Is it the ghosts exist or not? Let us wait and see madam Excuse me sir It seems you called me? Yes, why am I listening to
a gossip recently A ghost is moving in the hostel? The children getting afraid Is they are saying we built
the hostel on graves Nothing like any ghost sir Before all those stories come out as
cover story, you cover all these stories Before horror programs say the basement is on graves and ghosts are in hostel Tune up their brain channel Go
– Ok sir Hey, do you know one thing? For unknown reasons,
it seems many ran away from our hostel But the truth all believe is that
there is a ghost in our hostel. It seems that is visible
to many as a shadow. Another interesting fact is that a river
existed in the place of hostel before They used to kill and
throw humans into that it seems And that our hostel was built
closing down that river… No, they would have ran away
unable to bear the torture of our warden Is she a warden, she is…
– Oh no, generator is here Who said generator?
Who is this generator? That is,
in general instead of saying a ghost… Huh, ghosts and devils… Leave all this… Peeping in the midnight while girls are
bathing,following like shadow is by whom Say whose boyfriend is doing this?
– Boyfriend? I will kill if you do crazy things… What Chitra, you too?
– What if not, madam? You have been saying the same
from the day I came. You have not cared till now nor caught
anybody. How if you say us to leave now? Hey, enough of laughing,
come on move Chitra…
– Yes madam One small doubt, all here are rascals
– Obviously Except I and you- What?
-I will ask you one thing, will you say? Ask madam All these fools are calling me
a generator.. what does that mean dear? It was me giving that name…
– What did you say? Nothing madam, generator is what
switched on when power goes That is generator Wait. Not that, I have a good name Janapriya
and why do they call as generator? That is… -No problem,
I will not misunderstand, Say it dear That is, it seems you give current to Prakash sir
when his wife is away from home right? Oh no! You rascals, do you say me so?
You will get a guy without any tube. Your entire life will be into dark.
You will have to light candles and live. Madam
-What? It seems power is gone
in the house of Prakash sir. It seems he would switch on generator
if you come. Will you go? You idiot, you…
You too say me generator? Waste fellow! I am frightened
– Why fear? No, who is that?
– There is nobody. Do not fear I will go, change my dress and come. Greek warrior… he is in my dreams… Who is it? Who is it? Who is it? Who is it? Spirits… the souls… If someone dies with unfulfilled wishes
or if that person is suddenly killed They say his soul becomes a ghost. So, how many of you believe
that ghosts exist? Oh, all most all!
Ok, how many of you saw the ghosts? None! Here is the answer. None of you saw ghost,
but believe that they exist. Why do you push it away so easily madam? You have been seeing psychic behavior
when ghost override someone,
hitting themselves There is every possibility
for being possessed Ok! Do you drink liquor?
– We do Why do you drink?
– For a kick We also get a power to speak a lot Why do that kick and power is not there
when normal? Because your subconscious mind
is activated when you drink. That pumps the energy hidden
within you. This too is the same. It happens so as mind goes hyper active
and thinking too much about the opposite Ok, let us for some time
believe the existence of ghosts. Let us think that a person became ghost
and killed the guy who murdered him. Then the guy getting killed too
should become a ghost Take revenge on the ghost
that killed, right? So many murders and bomb blasts
are taking place every day All the culprits are staying
in the jails. Why are all those killed in their hands
not taking revenge becoming ghosts ? All these criminals are
moving very normal outside, right? In just this one matter, I feel it would have been good
if these ghosts and souls existed. Here, the thing which lies here
is the biggest ghost of all It frightens getting all the waste
around nearby. All these fears would not be there
if we first get this into control That’s why let’s stop saying God in good
and ghost in bad Start believing in ourselves. Wait Chitra! – Your speech is very good
-Thank you But, there are spirits. You do not believe as
you do not have the experience. All truths seem like lies dear
untill we face those. No way,
I do not believe in such things. Anyway, thanks for the compliment. The day you believe
comes very soon Chitra. Handicrafts are very good, right?
– Just to see but not for buying. What baby, why not buy me?
There are great offers. Try for once Four are free buying me. We should know size of babe
before trying, right dude? No Chitra.. Let them go
-What is the issue it is eight…
My shoe size Chitra..- What idiot,
you think yourself as a man? I should ask that, rascal.
Only there are no bangles to hands. Come idiot, I will show
whether I am a man or not. – Hey Who are you idiot? Censor board! I do not like such scenes
happen in the society. I keep cutting. So…
– Go rascal Go! Thanks…
– One minute dear, I will just come Chocolate dear… – This… I should give you saying thanks, right? It is ok dear, you look like my sister.
She likes these a lot. Do not worry. I am not from a batch giving sedation
in trains and bus and then kidnapping If required, I will eat along with you.
– No, nothing as such. I am Chitra, working as
Assistant Professor in Wesley college I am Shanmukh and I run a business.
Shall we sit somewhere and talk. – Sure It happened so Will your sister really look like me?
– Sorry, my sister was like you. That means, now…
– No Oh… I am sorry.
– It is ok, you are here now right? We shall meet again sir. Bye
-See you soon Bye dear… Chitra from now in our hands… Oh no!
Hey… Who is that? Who is it? Who is that? Who is that? Who? Who is it? Oh no! Do not come Arrangements are great.
Family of the bride is super bro… Wow, super figure! Babe is a wow dude Hey, do not say so dude.
She is a friend of my sister. Muhurat is at 3 and here, listening to
this band all would sleep right away. Change it, man- What to change madam? Change the beat, man
– Beat… that means? Give three bangs..
– Three bangs? I do not know. What, you do not know? Hey, not like that
– Then how madam? Ok Yes… What is this Dadang danguchik? What if apple cell phone comes
in the rate of an apple? What if an Audi car comes
as a gift in Ashadam sale? What if a boyfriend paying bill comes and flop talk comes
for the film of opposite hero? What if girls go without dowry
and in laws go for a pilgrimage tour? What if wife know mischief of husband
and she gets into anger? When Powerstar and Superstar
are seen in single frame and little master retired
comes back on ground When petrol cost becomes ten rupees
and the girl liked asks you for lift When prepared questions come in the exam When teacher does not scold
even by writing from a slip When first interview attended gets a job
and gives you a great offer When Saturday and Sunday always comes and everyday is declared
holiday saying festival When gone home drinking If your wife opens the door When gone home drinking,
if your wife opens the door Instead of trying to hit on the steps
and she offers you butter milk If Pokemon and Doreman
comes and play with you If a beautiful babe is flat
for a bald headed uncle If Lord Venkateswara
can immediately be seen If Prabhas likes you and ask to marry You… Are you a lady, rascal? Hey, you raise hands on a lady?
Why did you hit? I hit unable to bear her
placing hands at will on the girls. What is wrong if a girl places
hands on another girl in friendship? What wrong..?? It’s friendship placing hands on the shoulder
What if it’s below shoulder? It is friendship placing hands on waist
and lust if placed below. Her body maybe of a lady,
but her body nature is full of manliness I am not as such uncle.
– Yes, you are as such Me?
– You are as such… That day in the hostel… Come… Chitra, leave me One small kiss… Come on, come… Will you escape from me? Chitra, I am frightened. Come on, come… Give a kiss
– Leave me Leave me, what are going to do? Come! What are you doing to that girl, sister? Have you seen? I am unable to say what you fell on me
and did being a girl. Then, is that any disease? Not disease, but fat! I felt surprised when it was said
ladies can do everything a man can. They have come to a stage
of doing even this. It is true. Sunayana!
– Sunayana Sunayana,
where were you all these days? See, how are all these talking?
At least you say the truth. All the blames you
put on Chitra are true. True?
Yes Chitra, what they are said is true. I am not missing from hostel as all
are thinking. I purposefully escaped. Chitra is the reason for that. Hiding and seeing girls at the hostel,
following like a shadow Seducing them was done by Chitra. Leave all that, it is Chitra behind the
fear of every girl in the hostel. That night when all in the hostel
went for excursion… No!
– Hey… Chitra…
– No Chitra! Hey Chitra, where are you?
– I am here Chitra!
No Chitra, leave. No Chitra… Come on…
– Hey Chitra, what are you doing? Is this any new game?
Ok, come we shall go. I will not come… Hey Chitra, I said not to do such comedy
and frightening right? Hey you, do you not understand
what I am saying? You do not know about me.
Come, let us sleep Chitra, you are doing
too much these days. No! Chitra, please don’t harm me Chitra. You look like cousin sister
of Lillyput and you give me a warning? Chitra, you are crossing the lines.
– Line, my foot! I will pluck your eyes. You called to come and sleep, right?
Come, let us sleep Come…
– Leave me, Chitra leave me Come on rascal Chitra, I will complain to warden
if you harm me. Say it to her dad,
I will finish even if six men attack me. She is a lady and I care a foot. Am I looking innocent
to be playing with you? A play should always be mine. You are finished saying yes or even no.
I will cut the throat. I saw the hidden demon
in Chitra that day. I did not understand whether
she was mad or some demon entered her. Not me knowing why she does so at times,
but she too does not know in that state With a fear that she growing as a orphan May become orphan again
if this matter opens up though I left from the hostel used to
visit hostel often for Chitra.
– Who is it? A sex maniac or a lesbian? More than that,
she is dangerous demon in lust Chitra, why at this time? They asked me to vacate
the hostel madam Chitra,
I like you a lot as a good student But I have grown up girls at home,
I am so sorry dear Chitra is like my eldest daughter,
not like but she is Chitrangada…. Who is she? She is she-male,
a torture troubling the girls She is best fit for her name I have seen girls behaving like boys I never seen an
educated girl behaving so When asked where, did you bring me
to temple without answering? Why madam? For the medicine to cure your pain
– Is medicine available in the temple? The correct medicine for your pain
is an understanding life partner Yes Chitra, a company to break
your loneliness gives you peace You would feel this marriage
is correct to yourself Astrology… You know that
I do not believe in all these right? Though you do not, family of the groom
will have such beliefs right? So!! You too do not exactly know your date
of birth to prepare an astrology cycle Thus is this pulse astrology Madam, give impressions of your thumb Huh, I am educated and can sign This is a science out of the reach
for your education madam What is this nonsense?
– Not nonsense, but sixth sense This is the science written by
Sage Agastya many years before Guessing human life long ago This is another epic which can read out
the whole life about
the birth and death of a human A wonder to bring out
name, place and every aspect
just from the impression of thumb Huh… I heard its a trick to make us say
everything about ourselves? I am a genius
if I can cheat you with my talks And you are genius if you can get to know
about your life in advance. Hail Lord Shiva! Let us see… Chaitanya
– Sir These are the papers matching
as per the lines of your thumb I will read out details from each sheet,
just answer by yes or no The sheet for which yes comes
is your sheet You were born in Pushya masam,
means in January No You are married
– What? No. You are in a teaching profession
– Yes Your age is 30 years
– No I searched all available here
and your details are not found Your astrology papers can be found
at Mahasivanadi in Vaitheeswaran temple Let us try out there Huh…
– Why are you smiling Chitra? I am getting to smile as
they are saying our life is in a leaf The research you carried out
for so many years too would tomorrow be on
a small certificate, Chitra Leave that, even our life too is in a
small break wire made by the human The day from you smiling to believe
would soon come Chitra Mr. Sarat said it all about you Chitra Though you have no answer about
the strange state you experience we have the technique
to find the answer from your brain Polysomnography,
mind reading to say in simple Look Chitra, this method is used
to get details from criminals Along with lie detector That is the machine decoding brain waves Wow… You hit the bell correctly in time What Chandu,
can you say what you have dreamt of? Oh, no sir
– No problem say When I and my wife were walking she fell
in the manhole because of her bad fate. While I continued alone,
Samantha came opposite and close to me. Then My heart shook
– Then
– Your bell rang correctly Huh… Samantha is saved
– What? In general brain works
even when we sleep. You should get into a deep sleep
where it does not work. Be awake for maximum days you can. We shall do mind reading only after
your brain gets completely paralyzed But it needs a lot of courage Chitra I thought enough to know
about my life before I die. But if you say that I will know only
if I do not blink, for sure Doctor Madam… Madam…
– Yes….No… Do not worry Chitra,
it will all set right very soon Have it Chitra
– No You should not show the anger over troubles
onto the stomach like this. Have it What happened Chitra? Are you ok?
– Excuse me Chitra… Chitra, are you ok? Maybe you are not taking
food properly and maybe thus… Come on, I will drop you at the hostel This is the right time
for mind reading sir We can know about the state
she faces by decoding her brain waves Who is he?
– That is.. Just for our courage Not courage sir, a fear. Why, will he
say some soul or ghost came over Chitra? Doctor… respect! What a respect to people like you
earning over the fear of public, idiot? You too are similar right?
But, of a little corporate style Hey, what is a discussion
with you for me? Get out What is this? Why is she behaving abnormal
though brain waves are seen normal? Doctor, did you check pulse rate?
– Normal sir Heart beat – Normal sir
– Normal? See, how she is screaming
like a deer hit by the claw of a lion… Two swords cannot be in a single shelf
and two souls cannot be in a single body See how it is
when two souls fight for one body Either the torturing soul should leave
or she should die to be in peace Hey, bloody nonsense
– Doctor, leave him Do not care about his talks, please I will not care, but Chitra lives
only when you care about what I say Chitra is not one, but two… Two… Hail Lord Shiva Sorry sir it is not her mind but her now
Better take her to some psychiatrist Psychiatrist? Best Psychiatrist in India
and did PHD in KL University We are going to
Dr Neelakantha Reddy, Chitra… Hello Chitra, come… Brother, are you a Doctor?
– Why, can brothers not become Doctors? No, but said some business… Yes, this too is business right…
With the health of people Then Shanmukha,
– Shanmukha Neelakantha, Give the file What is all this dear?
Why did you not say me? Because I myself did not believe… As my long research will lose value
by saying about my dream being someone not
believing in blind faiths Dream, what are you saying Chitra?
– Truth Relax Chitra… Are you nervous? Now you are going into deep sleep Relax… From how long you getting this dream?
– From some time Dreams are the products of our thoughts… Your thought, fear and even truth stored
long ago in your brain may comeas dreams No… I would not have cared
if it had come just for once But I am frightened getting
the same dream repeatedly Will you say what that dream,
frightening you so much is, Chitra? I have screaming not to kill that person
Do not kill him But that lady killed him hitting cruelly
Do not kill him, no! Hey… I do not know either those
people or that place You are not believing all these, right? Huh, I mean, it’s natural not to believe
the things not common right dear? Of course,
if this was said about someone else I too would have said like you That it is mad… But, not to say too is not good right?
– No, I cannot say sir Because I have no proof
to prove that as true See Chitra, sleep is a boon
given to every living being by God But, that same is a bliss for you I will help you in this matter
– Thanks For what? For giving you courage? No, for showing pity
– Come on, do not lose yourself Say me when you again get such dreams Let us see how to proceed further.
You can wait there and I will come – Ok Hi sir, that we are consulting you
from long back to Chitra…- I did not say Thank you
– I will not say too When you said to bring Chitra to me… No, I will myself go to Chitra.
Its correct to deal this case in reverse I said that because
truths would come out When a patient believes me
as a friend than a Doctor The first doubt I got
after taking over her case Were either she is into illusions or
hallucinations or she is taking drugs. That is why I tested her
blood sample and saliva It came as normal. Though brain waves were normal
in mind reading test, She behaved abnormal Finally when taking her into trance
she now said a new story I mean, she said about the dream About the dream? She said to be dreaming of seeing
a murder of somebody and trying to stop Why did she not say with us for so long? We decide her as mad if said, right? Mad?
– Yes, maybe she is mad To be frank is a lesbian You mean, she seduces attacks or tries
to kill ladies when she gets that dream? Quiet funny, get a bowl Give me your bangle Put this coin into that circle Good Try again now Missed… Target missed Will you try again? Maybe it will not fall sir. After falling in water, it is losing
weight and deviating from its path That is it! But what is the link
with Physics to psychology sir? To put this coin in circle
for the first time is conscious stage Second time water was in
between you and target and that water That i mean sleep, subconscious stage Brain controls the human & sleep is what
cannot be controlled by even that brain. Even that brain cannot
stop the dreams in sleep We often feel like someone that is pressing our neck and killing as Oxygen levels drop while in sleep But still, we cannot do anything.
That is sleep paralysis Like they say commonly as
ridden over some ghost If she does the same as you say even in
dreams, that is Narcolepsy danger stage Those with this disease feel the nonexistent
as existing because of hallucinations Such people get into severe depression A very typical case You are one of the top most psychologists
in India You are saying so means… I said typical but not impossible,right?
It is a challenge for me We get more name and money
when dealt with such cases What if problem of Chitra’s not solvable
by humans? – What? Chitra says to have seen
some murder in dream Maybe soul of that dead
is in her and making do all these You said Chitra has none
in company right? There is one mad lady right here
– Doctor What if not? why only Chitra got that
dream in so many crores of people Can say your Madam Here lies the point. Chitra is speaking
at her will about her dream How would she go to a place not existing
and see that murder going there? Finding the place coming into her
dream is impossible Because this places are not on the earth,
but only in the dreams of Chitra. Is it? Brother
– Chitra Where is this?
Where did you take these snaps? These are photos taken last month
when I went to Dover in US Dover?
– Yes Brother
– Chitra. Dover, right? Brother, he snapped in Dover it seems.
The place I get in dreams Come, let us go
-Listen Shut up I felt you are half mad till now,
you are completely mental Do you have a passport?
-No Without having a passport
do you say to have gone to America! You seen a murder at that place? Lies said by mad are more dangerous
than a stone in their hand We go mad listening to that.
Get back to your work. Go! Hey! What are you saying idiot?
– Chitra What are you saying? You are not behaving
as a brother,but not at least like a human Damn! This society till date questioned
my life. I then had no answer with me They said I am mad. Now I am questioning myself
because I have a proof now for my dream I will find out what that dream is and
what is the link with that to me This is my life and death game. No, game related with my life and
the death of that guy coming in my dream Yes… I will find it out What is all this dear?
No dream and nothing. Leave it Chitra I will not leave sir.
My dream till date had no proof If that place is real,
even that murder is real If that murder is true, His death is trying to say something to me I will surely go to America at least to answer the
insults I faced and to say my inner soul Baby Chitra, please stop I am feeling guilty about
my behavior on that day I am giving a gift
along with sorry for you My assistant Sivani, she too is coming
to America along with you Though you do not know her so far,
she knows about your pain. It helps… I do not need help from anybody.
– But we need about your care Dear Chitra If that dream is true,
to save yourself or to save others from you There should be
someone in company with you Please speak to her once Hello. Hi Chitra,
I would never look at you as a patient Similarly, you do not treat me
as a Doctor. I have a wish from long to see
America with a friend I will come
– Ok – Ok, we will meet Bye
– Suvarna, take good care of my sister Sure sir
– I said about my sister, right? We should see the end of it
– Have you taken it personal? It challenged my knowledge.
It hurt my ego. Of course,
no chance that she wins and I losing. Wish you all the best Chitra. Chitra and team! Yes… Excuse me, come on take this
– Yes Actually two beautiful girls
are coming from India I will make one flat this week
and the next in the next week I will do disco dance
with both one at a time Even my master said my life would be
flying in air with the coming of two girls Hey Kunju Ka Babban!
Do not think it is someone, it is me Keep watching, he would go on rise Chitra Coffee
– Yes Hey you baby, I love you
– Hey Oh no
– I slapped on this side I did not understand in tension madam Hey idiot
– Hey, who is the idiot, you rascal? I did not say him madam
– Yes, we know who the idiot here is What is this? Is she appreciating or
had she come to know my character? Whatever, let me change my character Madam, let us talk
while going madam
– Move Chitra Still, you should receive the people
saying Welcome but not saying I love you Ok, come on let us go
– Bring the luggage. Luggage? This babe too is very fresh sister
– Even the sandals are fresh I mean,
I am saying you are very tradition lazy Not tradition lazy idiot,
but traditional. I thought only English,
but is your Telugu too so bad? What is your name?- Kunju Ka Babban What?
– Kunju Ka Babban sister Kunju Ka…
– Babban sister Hey, put remove sister and say the name.
– Kunju Ka Babbn Yes sister, you got it?
– This sound like name of some monkey Did your mom and dad feel this name
is correct for you when you were born? I think you are very
straight forward baby I am here from Years! I am very familiar
from Mexico to Chicago You look like a vagabond
– Come on, you are squeezing me badly Still Neelakantha said,
you are only capable of receiving people but have no other works Ok, quiet baby In America, you do not
move close to the black. Is it. Yes Hey Suvarna, move on Baby, I think you are a pin
in your last birth, you are poking a lot What is that staring,
come on let us move Excuse me…
– Yes madam, how may I assist you? I need to know the details about
the lakeside murder of an Indian Do you have detail like when it happened
and which lake? – No In that case we cannot help you. If you want any clarification
and any help, there is an Indian breed officer
here who may help you. Chitra, what did the Police say? They again reminded that this
is a matter related to my life. I will start my trial Chitra Look baby, to reach the statues you
referred it is about 300 miles from here You like a company unreachable
have haunted me You are like a pain not letting
heart forget, who are you? Like a trance over heart disturbing
as a dream day and night Who are you completely
filled in my thoughts? Suvarna, I said a statue comes in my
dreams right? This is it – Is it?
– Yes Will you take me a snap with this?
– Sure This is my first victory You like a company unreachable
have haunted me You are like a pain not letting
heart forget, who are you? Cool babies,
I will show many more lakes still Is this the one? What happened Chitra?
– I feel I am losing Are you sad?
– No, I am frightened I came crossing over the seas
for victory. But still I am unable to reach the shore What baby, you always were
busy talking like a Radio Jockey Now you are very dull like
in a condolence meeting? Why do you not speak? You should do comedy when there is a
situation but not so when in frustration I do not understand which irritation is
and which frustration is. What is the matter? What, is it a flash back? Wow baby,
you said me Hindi movie formula story. Cool baby! My idea is, we will come
from death if not from the birth Hey Bobban!
– What? You too have a brain dude Come on, underestimating my brain
means even Einstein is like an innocent What comes over bald head are called
hairs, but not a hair style Will you not stop hitting at me even
when you are worried baby? Hey, stop the nonsense
and come to the matter But, to know like that
is very difficult right? Oh no, what is difficult? Select a lazy fellow
for any tough job baby Because only he knows
the way to reach that easily But, where will you get such an idiotic
lazy fellow? That is… What, is it me?
– Yes Yes, I faced a waste flower guy
last week in the club. He is… Kunjakko… Kunjakko…
Do not worry Kunjakko Hey… Hey waste fellow…
I too will order if you move aside What did you say?
You just said something, what was that? Telugu?
– Brother It is been so long since I heard
a scolding in Telugu bro. You scolded great bro I would have done it more strong
if I had know you like Telugu scolding You waste fellow giving poses for photos
when it is lightening thinking as flash Enough now dude… Wow rascal! What are these rings,
bracelet and this chain in your neck? You are glowing a lot dude,
what is your profession here bro? Construction field bro Construction field? What all do you build
and how many do you build? I build more than 1500 a year
– What, 1500? Will you have so many customers? What just customers?
I will have owners themselves. You are a very great Engineer
-Not great Engineer but a grave Engineer Grave Engineer? What do you build? The graves dude
– What, graves? Yes graves!! You dirty faced rascal, I thought
you were some great Civil Engineer and are you a corpses Engineer? You were stunned right? Look here… Single, couple,
dental I mean Dental Doctor grave… Smiley grave, Plane grave – Wait, it is
the one dying in plane accident right? Wow, you are so sharp bro,
where are you from? I am from this side of Nellore
– I am from that side of Nellore Come on… You are from that side
and I am from this side What is your name?
– Kanakamber What is that name dude?
It sounds like some flower name What is your name?
– Kunju Ka Babban What is that sounding like a mad flower? – No idea why all say so
when I say my name Face value…
– What? This is my business card,
Call my number. Bye, mad flower… Look baby, I have his phone number
and I will right away talk to him. Hello
– Hello Kanakambaram! He is kept the name of a flower… Who is it?- It is me who scolded you
in Telugu, Kunju Ka Babban Oh, you?
– Yes He has kept his name after a mad flower Come on, you are too naughty. I have a
small work with you. Where do I meet you? What do you need, you rascal? You rascal, why do you build a grave
after every sentence spoken? No, that is a different matter.
Say, where do we meet? Come to the site
– Site? Yes, site
– Where is that? Hey Kanakambaram flower,
where are you? He said site… Oh no… Hey Kanakambaram! Oh no, Nori aunty… Sorry aunty Oh no, what was that which went? Are there any ghosts? You said a site and
Is this that site dude? To hell with you Oh no! You frightened me, you rascal Ok, how if I need details
of the dead Indian graves? That is very confidential. Those details would be only in the
American Symmetry Association Is it?
– Yes In normal, it is very difficult
to take those details. Ask me something else and I will do How to make him flat? Idea! Then we shall be graved in the evening
at the pub, will you come? Is it as a couple?
– Yes. ok Say now sister Sister, I will solve your problem sister I will bring the details from America,
Symmetry Association for you sister Hi! All the details of dead Indians
will be in this There are no photos
of a few in this then? We will go to the addresses of these
without photo and see their photos. If not we may get a clue there You are the bonding
turning the hope into breathe That bonding
making my heart captive is you That it is the proof for his love… The remembrances you left
are like the lights for me The remaining remembrances
are safe with me You like a company unreachable
have haunted me You are like a pain not letting
heart forget, who are you? Chitra, how many would
we search like this? There is no rule that he would
be in the list brought by Kanakambaram. There is also no chance that everybody
murdered would be cremated & registered Maybe the murderer would have buried the
body without anybody knowing it, right? He may not even
be from this state, right? If a murder took place lakeside,for sure
it would be in the Police register That means the lake
you are searching is not a place It is an important character.
That character would speak many truths. Chitra, I travelled with you,
till now without thinking anything. But now, I feel to have come
so far unnecessarily believing you We will leave back to India, Chitra I will not come.
Instead to be stamped mad coming there, It is better I go mad here searching Chitra… Uncle… I am following Chitra
like a shadow as you said. Do not follow like a shadow but
follow carefully. She is a bit different Different, means?
A man often keeps entering into her body What is it? You said so casually like
he keeps coming and going to a house? You mean to say Chitra is spirit
personality?- Split personality dude Then how to identify the guest character
which comes often? A small snore comes
when he is entering her body Oh no, I am getting a shiver here uncle Are you the Indian who came here before saying a case?
-Thank God, Indian officer?
-I am Indian breed But not an Indian. What is the matter?
-My name is Chitra Jaya Chitra or Jyoti Chitra? Hey, I was just kidding.. I do not like either jokes or cigarettes For me to stop or throw away as you do not like You are neither my wife nor a vamp
ok cool, what is the matter you have come for? I need information about murders
that took place on the lake side This is not any information
center to say as and when you ask Investigation center Ok, who are you and why did you come? I am working as a Professor in Vizag. I am getting a dream like a lady
killing some person from some time I came to know that the place
she killed is here I need some details about that man who died. Is it a joke?
-Sir, this is not a joke but my life Ok, do you know the name of that man? I do not know
-Do you have any photo? Do you have one clue to identify that man?
-No! Hey, is that person
you are saying existed or not in real? I do not know
-Then, this is not the place you should come to It is two miles away from here,
the mental hospital Go there and say all your crazy stories,
they will carefully listen When I am saying you about the pain of a life Does that sound a story for you?
-Exactly, this is termed as cock and bull story This is termed as cock and bull story Go ahead and say your story in Hollywood
and there would be a great demand Sir, give respect
-Go!, Hey You are the person who I spoke
with great respect till now. Leave now Hey, I am neither your wife nor vamp to nod
my head for whatever you say You, pushing aside my dream as a story… Hey, what are you showing finger and talking
– No officer, please Wait!
-You! Move, move outside If you are seen again in this area…
Get out Chitra.. Hi, I have seen everything that happened He behaved very rude with you.
I am saying you sorry for that Oh sorry, I didn’t introduce myself to you. I am Samyuktha working as special officer
in this same wing. Can I ask you one thing if you
don’t misunderstand? These days, where people don’t care
about others Why are you so worried about
the person who was in your dreams? The person I am searching
is none other than my dad Someone killed my dad brutally.
I came here to know who is behind that Ok, you touched me with father sentiment.
Where are you staying? At Delver… -If you have no objection,
you can stay with me till your case is solved You may suspect me because of the interest
I’m showing in you. I don’t like a girl to be troubled travelling
so far away, that too for father Added you will not have any problem
from those cops being with me I am not any forcing you.
You can come only if you like. Ok. Wow, beautiful
-Move aside ladies Wow, what a house?
– Who is this luggage fellow? Baby, you should talk great about me, ok? I will say…
– Say All this is useful luggage
and this is useless. Oh! then fine.
-This is better… Move Move. Waste fellows. Clothes you wear are so light
and the luggage you carry is so heavy Why do you make our lives so hard? Hi, coffee..
-Hi, thank you I like sipping coffee while watching
sunrise in the morning Oh, is it? What more do you like? Swimming, Piano
-Hey.. I didn’t ask about my interest but yours. Ok, what more do you like? What you said plus going out with friends Friends!, boyfriends or girlfriends? No boys, only girls… I too , I desire girls What? I meant… both our tastes
are almost the same. Chitra, we will always support your cause. You should always smile like this. Then why not stop giving this respect
and call me with name. Good one, right?
– Yes Ok, I will go Breakfast is ready, come Yes coming Chitra, did we come here for the man coming
into your dreams or for your dad? For the person killed in the dream You said your dad, then?
– Because it is true Why did you not say to me?
– Who believed me, other than Samyukta? Still, I do not need sympathy
from you, but a support Oh, then how did you say to Samyukta? What I need from her is help
so I should say the truth for that Ok, leave that.
Don’t you know your father’s name? You should ask that to
my mom who did not say me What? Then, you saying to see the death of the
person who comes into your dream That thing is true
– True? Can we room for practice? Of course, feel free
– Feel free! Damn, dirty ghost songs… Looks like these ghosts have seen me some where As I am smart, looks like t
hey followed and came home. Hello baby, can you listen to those songs? You and your dirty nuisance, baby Baby Why are you sitting at the feet baby? Baby, are you frightened or feeling
sorry to have insulted me in the past? Oh no, should not disturb a sleeping horse
and a lady with open hairs Is she gone? Oh no, She is not here too.
Looks like she is vanished I am frightened baby Ho! are you standing there? What baby, why did you stand so far in fear?,
Come on! Oh no, why are you running so? Oh God, it is better I scroll to Nellore
than to live hiding here Wherever I go, fearing has become common! Added is this RR, my foot Who is she? Oh no, it has come directly to the house.
Oh no! I didn’t do anything, do not worry. why did you frighten me so?
– Where did you go idiot? Do you have the habit to run in sleep? Yes! when I went to bathroom
why did you run? Oh no, was it like going to bathroom? It was like running for a war on Burma. Was it so urgent baby?
-Stupid Should you go to bathroom?
-Not required, I did it out in fear Damn, you dirty idiot Hey! Who are you? I have never
seen you around here. Oh, you did not come for me?
-No I am Chitra.
-I am uncomfortable. Please take of the hands Idiot, will we not feel uncomfortable if you come
and place flowers so in the house with girls? Why do you say idiot? Even my dad
did not call me so till now, you know? Leave, I will go and complain
– Where are you going idiot? Who are you, idiot?,
Why are you talking too much? No problem even if you do not give respect,
but do not talk so like a man If you talk so like a man,
none would think of you as a girl Leave all these… Samyu!
-Hey, whom are you calling, idiot? Wait a minute
– What is Samyu, idiot? Rajesh Hey Chitra, what happened?
– Ask her like that He is my friend Rajesh. Leave him If friend, should come from front door. Guy coming so from back door is called as a thief. Hello madam, who is a thief?
We too have huge money, you know? Oh, are you a wealthy thief? Who are you madam?
– Oh, come on! I will take care of this Chitra Who is she like pepper spray
and chili powder s combined? Hey, her name is Chitra and is staying with me Oh, body guard! Have you brought in
company as your mom is not there? Why not say so? – I brought her to give
company as she has none here. We will meet outside. Go and say sorry.
– Ok I am sorry
– I am Rajesh, nice meeting you Whatever, but Samyu forgot the
anger over me with love on you. Thank you Hey, one second
-Ok How far has story of Chitra come? It is like a complete family story
with all emotions Sir Is it?
– It was horror and suspense in India Come..
-Coming Here, mystery and romance.
Oh no, I am dying to see Sir So sweet Romance? -Yes sir, she started a new story
after coming here Chitra likes a girl named
Samyukta here Sir. Love with a girl? You are in love, right?
– Why are you thinking so? The person who makes you wait is like in your heart Hey Chitra, then even mom and dad too would
keep waiting for their kids, right? Yes, it is like kids are in their heart Then, even I keep waiting for you and that? Is it?
-Then, even I am in your heart. Hey, I said love but not a lust right? There is only one format for love.
But angles are different Eat when hungry, cry when you feel sad
and let happiness be seen outside Do not hide everything inside. Go, go and call. Go!
-Thank you Say Rajesh – What Samyukta,
can’t you talk on phone? you must quite busy? I am staying with Chitra right! Angel, who is it?
– Angel? Rajesh
-Oh, ok talk You cannot talk unless
she gives you permission then Please, you are talking very wrong.
-I am talking in great frustration. Still, it is one week since we met you You are disconnecting when I am calling. You say cannot meet at home. Did you become so close?
What is this angel, very bad? Why are you desperate about her? What is she to you?
Friend, cousin, sister, We get some unknown feeling,
when you just see some people Though we do not completely know about them We feel like staying for whole life
with them If this is called love,
I will say she is my lover Lover?
-Ok or you have any more doubts? Hey Angel,
-Hey any problem? nothing
-Ok Let us go… Come Is your beloved so smart and the God of romance? Stop it dude
-Baby, who is he? He came and disturbed your life Baby, you would hit if I say. But teachers when
I was kid were eager to touch me, you know? Where, is it on the neck?
-What do say now? Hey… See! drive safe, This… Yes this… This is the lake… Samyu This is the lake I am looking for Leave me, leave me
-Wait Chitra! Yes, Baby, even Columbus may have not felt
so happy when he invented America Why are you giving so much build up
by seeing this baby? Baby, do not bite. I just have one single neck Hey Chitra, are you gone mad? Why are you asking that for new, idiot? I searched so long like mad for this lake. You put away what all I said
all these days as hallucinations right?
This is the lake. Chitra
– Believe me Leave… Leave
-wait chitra No! Please ! Here, that person was killed right here This day is the proof for the love
in between us I saw that murder happening right here None can now separate us I saw him losing his life falling in this water,
right here Did you understand who is mad now? Come on call now. Yes Chitra
-Hey Neelakantham, I found out,
I found that lake. You are extraordinary Chitra Not just the lake but I will not come from America
till I find out who did that murder Are you listening?, His voice is gone
-thought mad, but she is gone far above Chitra, what will you do now? My search ended and my game
is going to start What are you thinking Chitra?
-I will get the case reopened Chitra, the lake you found
is just a supporting character in your story What do you mean? Some times even small happiness
would not let us reach the destination You felt happy to have found the lake But you forgot the logic that
hundreds of people might die in the same lake This is America Chitra. They give more importance to
agreements than attachments here What you had was just a dream Chitra. My dream is not a lie.
-We too did not say it as a lie But the same dream should
also say some truths Chitra -Yes Chitra After getting tired of cooking for these,
what are these movies with screams again? What is this nonsense?
-Come idiot, I will see your end Why do you not leave me, even
coming here sister? It is my bad fate Hey babban, we are already frightened
and what are you in the middle? Chitra, come we shall watch the movie.
It is thrilling Why do you wake up the sleeping ghost?
– What? It is a dialogue from the film Hey babban why do you not
come out of the blanket? Oh no,I may completely out
if I am coming out, I have some old deals with that baby
-What did you say, idiot? Somehow I am frightened of her
-Hey You said you said scared at all
-No fear means, that is different. Those I am not afraid about? Say me to jump into Niagara falls
and I will jump and bring two fish Say me to climb over statue of liberty.
I will climb and even give a kiss But say about this and it’s not possible for me
-I will kill you! What are those sweet things
you have with that ghost? Shall I say? Shall I say you? Come Long long ago, that was a night full of rain I rang the bell of a house for shelter. I came out to have a snack. Are you Indians?
-Yes.. Wow, you are from Nellore right?
– What do you want? Rain with no heart is pouring outside. If you permit with great heart,
I will stay in your house for this night We do not have a great heart
– If I give 50 Dollars? I know sir, that heart of Indians
just adjacent to the shirt pocket You just said not to have a heart?
– I said no place Wow!
-Look dear, only we three stay in our house There are only two rooms. Me and my wife stay in one room,
Our maid stays in the second room Please be there!
But, do not touch the maid. Shall I play a small mind voice?
– Go on Hey Babban, he just said no place
when you just asked. He said to come in when said to give money. He is saying to sleep but asking not to touch. He is saying something without openly saying. I feel this house is somewhat different. Why everything indirectly,
why not say it directly? It is cold outside and the baby is inside,
go on dear… Come, come!
-Why are you just behind me? There is no latch inside and
I shall lock it from out, right? If I get to hear some screams from inside I should open the door right?
-Screams… What screams? Those screams? Why not? those will come…
Will you open the doors just for that? Look, not just her You should not open the door even
if I scream and say Ok? Good night! Hey! what baby,
why are you not getting connected
when I am here? I gave lot of money outside
to catch up and again a show off here to! Encourage me, When I am eager here Why are you sleeping quiet?
Do you know who I am? Roja babban Thamara babban Sampangi babban, Mandara babban Kanakabara babban, When five Babbans died after taking birth, My dad prayed for his next son to be born romantic Hey, why do you not speak?
Hello… Why are you so cold dear? I am the boiler to heat you up. I will make you hot, see… Why your legs have been wrapped ? Oh, this is a new type in romance, right? I too watched a lot on the internet. I too like such a lot. Oh no… why are all dirty
songs coming out in excitement? Hey, why is she falling over with no words
and open eyes like a dead body? Did she fell on you? It should not happen so,
It has been 4 hours since our maid died. That too my maid,
-Is it four hours since she died? My god! Hey! please open the door, Hey, my body is going numb… I said to heat you up. but smoke is coming
out from various parts of my body. I feel like going frightened if you get a mood, madam. Please let me go… From then I am so afraid of ghosts! I should have been like a Lab and
have become like a Dab… Dab… what does that mean?
– Devils Attraction Body Girls were going mad looking at my body, They used to be eager asking when would I come Ok mom, I love you.
Another important matter mom… There is a special surprise ready here for you,
by the time you are here You will go stunned seeing that surprise, bye mom! I like my mom a lot
– What about your dad? I do not know much about my dad,
except that he died in an accident When mom is with my, I never missed dad,
that is my l like my mom so much Do you like your mom so much?
-My dad was a dream which I did not have. Only my mom is true,
I was never away from my mom You are the reason to be so Chitra. Even my dad is a reason for me to be
thinking so much about you, Chitra Yes chitra, We are under the same tree. Having no father! Your concern for your father,
made me very close to you. Yes Chitra, you never said about your
mom and dad in our friendship
will you not say? I grew up in the hostel. I have non to speak with affection, but
just the friends who speak for a need Chitra, Chitra! Here, you got a call. May be someone from customer care
-Come on, speak and see Chitra Hello!
-Dear Chitra, It is me, your mom Chitra, why do you not speak dear? How are you dear? I am fine mom Did you have your food dear?
-Yes, I had mom Is that Samyuktha taking good care of you? She is taking very good care,
just like you You have been struggling as been in abroad You will surely achieve what you wanted dear! I have the confidence to achieve
anything with Samyuktha on my side, mom Be happy Chitra, I am with you, There are beautiful dolls There are many angels There are cheaters too, be careful brother Four monkeys in the game,
three monkeys very good One monkey very bad
it is torture You do not get into day dreaming Do not believe that young girl Do not be ruined by a girl She is quite fast
She will eat you up She will not care who you are She is horrific than many
of the horror characters She knows no pity or grace She has a lot of attitude
She will show you hell for sure Say Rajesh, you said to meet, It is been very long since we met, right? Yes Rajesh, I am spending all the time with
Chitra from when she come Ok, you said to speak something I am going to Australia
for two years on business trip Is it? – Yes Samyukta, You too should
come with me as my wife Let us marry Samyuktha Rajesh, I like you. I like the life with you. But I have a responsibility Chitra! I have to be in support to her,
till what she wanted is achieved. Chitra! What is this Samyuktha? Is Chitra important to you
than life with me? Damn! Push her out first from your house. I do not mind if Rajesh is not in my life.
but I have no life without Chitra. I tried saying you many times,
but you have not changed. Do not even try ever to meet me. Bye Rajesh. Hey Samyuktha, I am sorry. Samyu… Hey Samyuktha sorry, listen to me.
Samyuktha… Samyu Stop Samyu, I am sorry Samyuktha,
Please… Samyu… No! Do not kill him! Arabian Restaurant…
– Arabian Restaurant? Yes! t hat should be right here.
I saw the murder standing before that Is it?
-There, that is the one. Come on… Come
-Hey Chitra, let us go this side Let us go there.
-Excuse me, who are you? You ?
– I am the Manager of this restaurant. Ok, there should be Arabian restaurant in the same place. I saw a murder standing before that But that is seen nowhere now.
-Arabian Restaurant? I am doing business here from 20 years. I have not heard of any such name. Looks like you are here getting confused. Please you can leave! Hi bro… Some girl came to us
asking for Arabian Restaurant. Only very few know about that. But I do not understand as
how this girl knows about that. Something wrong!
ok bro, I will manage Please madam,
I heard you talking of some murder We may get into Police problems without
any links because of that We can’t face it
-Where is your brother? Maybe he would do the help which you cannot, Move… Baby, what is this trouble for me? You know, I never get up so early
even in my school days The drink I had yesterday night too is frozen
in the stomach due to this cold weather Why do you just move on like that by yourself? Why not say where are we going? Oh no, why did the atmosphere
get heated at once? You know, everything in the
stomach melted down by your sight. Baby, I will go for piss
if you permit me once. Go
-I pray you madam, bye Excuse me madam, they are calling you inside Sorry for yesterday, We have rivals in business
and thus my bro did so to you… Ok, what did you ask? Yes, this restaurant beside the lake
was once Arabian Restaurant as you said After we took over from the old owner, We changed this as lake view As far as I know, no murders
took place at this lake after we took over But you said, you have seen the murder
standing at this restaurant in your dream I can ask the old owner and say if there are any details. Ok?
– Thank you so much sir. Super collection, right?
– Yes, I never expected such deal, You know one thing… Move!
-Hey Chitra… What are you laughing rascal? Get down idiot…
– Wait Chitra! Come out, are you gone blind and driving?
I will beat you idiot… – Chitra, listen to me. He will not do anything now. come Chitra
-Take care! Who is that fellow? Who is that fellow?
How do you know that he won’t harm us He is my Ex-boy friend. I had break up with him a few months before For what? He was good initial stage, Later, he started imposing restrictions. I said break up as I did not like that.
Still he is troubling by falling behind me. Why are you calm
when he is torturing you so much? What to do? Let us take revenge if he is torturing. Life always gives a second chance Chitra. Name of that is tomorrow. If I keep thinking about my past
or keep scolding him Keep feeling jealous
about his development, when can I enjoy the slight happiness
I have in tomorrow? Chitra, do you know
what is the greatest thing in the world? It is to forgive even those
who cheated on us. To forgive is like freeing a captive But we will know only after forgiving
that we are that captive To overcome things like
revenge and anger in life. That is why love is the only thing
we have in life Remembering something that
happened in long back There is no meaning to grow revenge
thinking about it, Chitra! I am Ahora Marta…
Arabian Restaurant was mine once Lake View Restaurant owner
called and said about you Please have it
-No thanks sir My Arabian Restaurant
was doing great those days But later I sold it to others
and am taking rest. But what all you are saying sounds
like a fairy tale to me Reason for that is, You are saying, you have seen that
murder standing before Arabian restaurant. Leave about me, Can you say anything about lakeside
murders when you ran that restaurant? I heard and saw a lot as such. There was a forest alongside
of that lake There was bamboo stick smuggling
taking place in that forest. In between the smuggling mafia fight It was common that many dead bodies,
were coming afloat along with bamboo sticks No! no! Has any death creating sensation
took place other than as common as such? That too particular at the ramp
in the lake? Ramp side, No! I am not remembering anything right now.
I need some time to remember But I have a small doubt. Not many know that Arabian Restaurant existed You are saying to have seen murder
standing there. It is been 25 years since I sold that Were you born by the time, What would be your age even if you were born? That is why I said this is
like an unbelievable story. Hey, where did you went? No small baby, I went to fish market
to cook fish curry for you It is not needed whether you cooked fish
or crab curry. It is important whether you cooked
in time or not Why not you cook for this one time? What are you giving orders newly, idiot? Stop the nuisance and cook now To hell with you,
why did you torture me like this?
– Go idiot, go Hey
-What cute baby? Are you into imagination?
Can we not hit anyone even in the imagination? Go and cook idiot-
I will do, is there is no chance to escape? Once, you used to learn cooking for husband Now we have to learn cooking
to be a husband Not even one of you can do work
but you play great punches I should cook, I should clean the utensils, As there is no man support,
I came to be the elder of this family You people make me the servant of this house?
-What is your mess, idiot? I was not murmuring
I was just talking about the curry What is the menu? Eat me rascals, make curry
with my brains and eat Chitra.. Samyuktha… Chitra.. Oh my God! What Chitra baby, why are you
so calm without any comments? Cleaning is over and I will wash
if you give the clothes Wow, you gave as and when I asked.
Oh no, you are giving even without asking Yes… catch! See now,
I will wash and dry Do you know one thing? Looks like third World war
would come in 3 days These babies are doing
what all I am asking dude Did I wash the clothes, cut the vegetables… Will you throw the knife
when I said to cut the vegetables? Are you trying to kill me? You wait dude.. What baby, you are looking so cheap at me as
I am doing what all you said? You wish to do injustice to my family?
I am not married yet, did not see a girl… Wait,
-Hey wait dude Sister, he is blabbering not knowing What is that look?
I will pluck the eyes and make an omelet Your wish sister
-What are you thinking about me? After doing it all, why are you
sitting silent with the head bent? Speak out… Get up, hey get up Baby… Why is she coming so fiercely? Baby, wait… Wait, my eyes are circling Oh no… 1, 2, 3, 4…
1, 2, 3, 4, 10 completed Leave me, oh no! Oh no, looks like
she will kill me. Oh no… No! Eggs.. It is like I am washed
in a washing machine What baby, have you too come into form?
I am now retired hurt Why are you sleeping like this? Lab… have you seen Chitra?
-I saw, she has shown her real face. What happened Lab? Where is the Lab? It is collapsed
and chemicals have evaporated. Oh no! Ok, do whatever… I am going to eat. When I am crying here getting hit, You go and eat food?
To hell with your stomachs… Oh God! You asked about murders that took
place at the lakeside ramp right?
– Yes sir I remember, four murders created
a sensation took place at the ramp First is, a family killed another
family in property issues Second was, a girl was cruelly
raped and then chopped into pieces Then two small kids, twins.
They slipped while playing and died Now the fourth case and
we shall importantly say about this. Because this is not murder
but accidental death. Maybe as he was very rich,
this case had become a sensation, And most importantly,
he too was of Indian breed Who was he,
what is his name and where was he lived? How was he looking and when did he die? I can understand your anxiety. I do not know
his name and where he was living I can just remember that
he was a diamond merchant While swimming after getting drunk,
he died accidentally by hitting
his head to a rock, How would we get to know
the information about him? Those days when he died,
all the newspapers were full of his photos You can find the information regarding
his dead on those newspapers Search on papers of 25 years before,
May God bless you Thank you! Come on… Come on… Ravi Varma… Ravi Varma… Yes! ravi varma… I found you. You made me win.
No, I won you. Samyu, here…
He is my hero.
He is the one I said. He is the one who came into my dream.
-Is he the person coming into your dream? Yes, He is the replica of my hope.
He is the witness of my dreams. Till now, you came into my dreams Ravivarama, Now I will trace out
who is behind your death I will end the game of all Ravi Varma, last legal heir of Padmanabha
lake view palace They wrote as this guy died as drown in lake Have you not read?
-I did not believe, Because he did not die accidentally.
He was killed. That is why I came here
to reopen his case. Death of Ravi varma is not an accident.
It was a pre planned murder. I am the witness for that. Say if you are busy,
I will speak to the officer. Great, you have finally achieved it madam I too did not believe when you said before.
-I am sorry for that Yes, I completely believed. We got to plane in
which section is this case strong to be opened Shall we meet once in the evening,
if you do not mind? No problem, See you there. It seems some Chitra, she came from Vizag. She came to reopen the case saying
Ravivarma did not accidentally die
but was killed Me… I did not open the case,
I said to meet this evening. Ok! Welcome Chitra, climate is very cool,
Shall we talk sipping a coffee? There is a specialty of coffee here It seems relation with the girl we sip coffee
here would go till we make her give bed coffee Will you have it?
I do not have the habit of drinking coffee I have to go, once done with
the discussion about case Why, have you given appointment
to someone for the night? Ok, cool! You would say Ravi varma did not drown
in the river and someone murdered. Is it so? Yes
-Ravivarma! Ravivarma! Ravivarma! What is he to you? Father, friend The guy who ran away making
your mother pregnant? With such a beautiful body,
instead of giving me pleasure Why do you think about the dead. Hey! Yes, they killed.
So, what will you do? Oh, you know it then. I thought to have
been throwing stones in the dark But I was correctly throwing at the target then? Hey, you cannot do anything to them. That means, those behind that death…
-I said to know, right? What will you do? You cannot do anything to me,
but if I want, I can do anything to you. Huh, I will do! I know about your ego and madness. I also know how to control that too. All scream in a way when being raped
and what are you snoring? What rascal? Hey, To how many would have I shown shows?
Will you show me a show? I will show the real show What? hey!
-Hey! Hey! No Chitra, no! A dream is not a dream, Chitra is not Chitra, Say idiot!
-No Chitra! Say that Chitra will not rest till I get all those
behind you and behind this murder into light This is, these are steps Here, this is that arch, I saw Ravivarma coming down Samyu! I saw him here being happy. But, how do you know this place? That means, you cheated me
knowing it all before right? You hid this from me
-We hid the fact about a place but you, a relation Say Chitra, it is a lie that Ravi varma
is your father right? How do you know that Ravivarma
is not my father? Because he is my dad. Samyu, why do you have so much love on me? Because I can share
everything with you like a good friend. I am able to play with you like a small kid You are caring me like a dad and
supporting me like a brother That is why I like you so much.
I love you Samyu,
Somebody said to
forgive is to release the captive. Why are you not forgiving this captive then? Samyu, everyone had the first question at
me as what my relation was with the dead man. I did not have the answer to that question. A guy swimming against the sea
shouldn’t be mistaken for an opportunist It can also be the life threat, right?
-You solved my problem You gave my life a meaning
I can never cheat you as such Whosever father may be the dead,
but it was a murder I am sorry, if you still
feel that I did a mistake The day to say sorry should never
me again in between us Chitra Hello sir
-Tell me! We got a chance to know an important
matter in the case of Chitra What is that? Swamiji said the papers relating to the Chitra’s pulse
are found at Maha Sivanadi in Vaiddeswaran temple. So, – I felt it would be good
even if you come with us What? You know that I
do not believe such, right? Chitra proved many facts in this
case which you could not believe You should come at least in
our support, not about Chitra! Master, these came from very far
for the details of the girl I said about Master, details of that girl were found in
Mahasivanadu because of God’s grace That is why I asked you to come The person who had so much attachment with
dad after my mom is my aunt Malavika Devi She is the own sister to my mom. Though dad was
brother in law, he took great care like own father Chitra, Aunt has dropped mentally after dad was
gone. She is mentally unconscious now. She is finally not in a state even to recognize me.
Do not misunderstand if she misbehaves Come! Lord Siva… Prayers to the feet of Lord Siva and Parvathi
She was born in Makara Nakshatra No Swami
– No! That girl has a sister.
– No She is in the profession of teaching
– Yes Swami Right now she is in abroad
-Yes Swami That girl has…
– No problem, please say Swami She has more lust on the ladies
– Yes Swami Name of the girl with these qualities… Aunty, my friends came to meet you. It seems they want some details Chitrangada Please tell me! Is it?
-Yes! Write Chinmaya… Chitrangada belongs to Kumbhalagna.
She is very stubborn and daring. Girl with this horoscope
has more lust on ladies. Reason for that is a dreaded thing. I can say
some truths regarding Chitrangada, can you listen? Please say Swami Aunty, these came from India to meet you. It seems they need some details about dad. Please talk aunty. Aunty… Ravivarma… Have you come for me? Have you come for me? You will not go leaving me, right?
– Chitra Ravi varma! You will not go leaving me, right? Previous birth?
-Previous birth? What previous birth for Chitra? Previous birth?
-Ravivarma… You mean, Chitra was a man in last birth?
-Yes! Ravivarma is a heir of wealthy
family far away from India His sudden death is the reason
for the birth of Chitra. He is born again to repay the
balance debt of that birth As sun sign of his death and birth of Chitra,
she has the remembrances of previous birth But for this girl
-Hey Taking finger prints and
collecting the databases, You pulled out place and played tricks
saying you have identified by yourself You will know your fate when all
of you are booked in cheating case It is wrong sir
– What is wrong? Where is your Master? I said right?
-Sorry Chitra It is shocking to see aunt respond this way
when no treatment worked on her Have you come about this girl?
Previous birth! There is only one life and two truths
One is to live and the other to die Will the body turning to ashes
after death, will it get back the life? Life again, death again, Being born, dying and
reborn again, this is the cycle of creation Death is to body but not for the soul. You will understand only when you understand soul
-What I need are not emotions but the proofs Shanti Devi… Delhi and in 1930, she remembered
about her previous birth at the age of four She surprised all saying she is not from there,
but had her husband and daughter in Madhura She proved that was Lumbi Devi,
wife of Kedarnath in her previous birth Not to make it look like a Hinduism campaign,
Gandhiji had a committee that proved it was true. Ian Stevenson, dean of Virginia University. He dedicated his whole life
for the research in reincarnation He researched 6000 cases in South Asia In that, 2000 out of them from India, he is
a genius who proved them as rebirth cases. You will believe now, because
the white has certified right? We put aside if something is said by our people.
But we do PhD if the whites say something This is the bad state of our nation
-I too heard about previous birth But case of this Chitra is very surprising, Is it possible to take birth as a lady in this
birth being born as a man in previous birth? Gender change in reincarnation,
it is possible Chu Ei Fung Fi, he was born in Thailand He was died at the age of four
as drowned while playing in a river Later he was born as a girl and
said about his previous birth. It seems many sages lusting by seeing
the beauty of Rama in Tretha Yug Took birth as Gopika later in Dwapara Yug
and enjoyed in the company of Krishna How a human removes the old
dress and wears the new The soul would never vanish, but it will leave
one body and enter into another one! This is the definition of reincarnation I think you do not believe Bhagawadgita
but believe in Gandhi who followed that And thus I said so. Anything
is possible if we believe Swami! You are a Doctor right so maybe you
are habituated to believe seeing the reports First you should know about Chitra, This
horoscope is indicating a death. Go and save. We know Chitra only from intermediate.
She was already an orphan by then. She used to get along actively with all.
thus we used to treat her like our own. What about education of Chitra then?
-A sponsor was sponsored for her educated. I knew Chitra as a studious girl,
but do not know about Chitra As a known person said Chitra is
very clever and asked me to help I got her educated
-Who was that asking you? A jailer
– Jailer? Do you think Chitrangada you
are seeing any normal girl? Do you know what she
did at the age of just 8? No idea with whom did he see you,
he left you and went away Whom are you talking about, idiot?
What are those dirty words your speaking I did not feel so bad even
when your dad went away. I am feeling sad for the words you said I will kill if you again talk like this. She is talking too much every day Who is mom for whom
and who is dad for whom? Chitra is a child criminal, as killing
her mother at an age of just 8 Is this girl your daughter? No sir, I have no relation
with that girl sir She thus got away from her mom and
dad, and joined in the juvenile home But Chitra was not behaving
like a normal kid What is that? See what is she doing. Give her a punishment. Hey No! no! But she is a bright student We thought to bring her up with the
fathers to better her behavior If you need more details
of her, meet father Ignosis Chitra, mysterious girl! Hey What is this?
– They are so when I come home. You come… There should be a laughing Buddha here
-Laughing Buddha? It was broken when I
was playing in childhood Still, how do you know that the doll
was exactly in this place? I mean, they keep here
for Architecture right? That is why have thus asked. Move Hey Chitra! Hey Chitra! how could you throw
that key so correctly? Some habits come for a few by birth. Mummy! I said right? Chitra… Suvarna… Guys, she is my mom
-Hello aunty Hi, I am Shalini Devin. Nice meeting you Baby said about you that
you took a great care of her. She was never been even
for a single day without me I am surprised that she
stayed for so many days I saw your walking style. You know,
there is a royal grace in you Many say that it looks Cruel The way we think of the opposite,
they too would look the same Either to grow revenge or share love,
it depends on the eyes that see I saw about me even in your eyes what did you see?
-We got closer just in our first introduction Yes -I too am feeling
that our relation is of ages Exactly, I too felt the same
when I saw her. She is very small in age to you. You
need not respect her so much Respect is not based on the age.
But it comes based on the glow Chitra, you said you are from Vizag Where Vizag and where is this America?
Came crossing over seven seas So much trouble for my husband
There must be some relation between you I will rise from death and catch
those responsible for Ravi varma’s death Because this is not just the death of
Ravivarma, existence of Chitra Correct! It seems you are thinking
to reopen the case? Do you think you can win reopening
the case already closed? Victory and defeat are like a lady Victory comes alone and hugs when
alone like the lady giving the heart But the defeat slaps hard in
all like a heart broken lady Let us see whether the lady giving
heart or the heart broken lady comes Ok, all the best
-My full support to Chitra in this matter All girls are always in support to dad, right? It’s her husband’s case, She has to give support
– Yes She will give
-Then I need your support Oh sure, definitely.
That is my responsibility too Samyu, take the guests inside
-Ok Please go Have you seen madam?
Chitra has come from Vizag I said she is digging into Ravi varma’s case
You asked me to wait See now, she has come till your house. If we had done something right then to her,
she would not have come so far Still, I do not understand at all
about her relation to Ravivarma Mad fellow! Chitra has not come
searching about the death of Ravivarma She is Ravivarma Can you not see Ravivarma
in every part of her? That means, has the soul of
Ravivarma entered body of Chitra? No, it will not take so long if
soul wanted to enter Ravindra Ravivarma himself has taken birth as Chitra. Victory and defeat are like a lady Victory comes alone and hugs
when alone like the lady giving the heart But defeat smacks you hard
like a heart broken lady Rebirth of Ravivarma is Chitra Ravivarma is reborn as chitra to kill those
who killed him, that means me I love you
– Happy birthday Ravivarma Hey… Hey Shalini What shall we do now madam? I understood. Then he is born
again to die once again in your hands Sir, I feel Chitra might
be in a very big problem I feel many big people are involved in this
case. Maybe they would harm Chitra Let them do Suvarna
-I feel some trap maybe around her Let it be. -Why do you say that?
Don’t you like Chitra? Don’t you like Chitra?
-I like Chitra winning, but I don’t like Chitra We want hot coffee but we do not
wish to sip heat right? Chitra is the same. Experiments have many sacrificed rats
behind them Don’t you worry Sir, father is calling you Ok, father is calling
and I will speak later Come Chitra, today is his birthday Even the death day is today Samyu said so, You told
to speak about something? But not here. I am taking you to an
important place and we will talk there I will go call Samyu
– No, only we both Oh, then you will giving
finishing right there. Yes, we got to finish Chitra was not used to behave
like other children from childhood King! I was supposed to live like a King That demon killed me.
She made me a begger
I will not leave her. Will she cheat me? I will not believe in rebirth
as a Catholic But as a father I can
understand the pain she was into Chitra from childhood knows who killed her
I knew it was her goal to search and kill them And so,
– Father, one minute Come on lift Suvarana… Hello!
– Suvarna, go and stop Chitra urgently What happened sir? Is
Chitra really in a danger? Chitra is not in danger, but
Chitra herself is a danger She is a coldblooded woman
-What are you saying sir? Chitra does not have a split personality
– Then? Her behavior itself is so.
Chitra is none other than Ravivarma What?
-Chitra knows that she is Ravivarma We felt that she is being trapped
But she trapped us and came to America. Chitra has not come tracing her dream.
She came to America tracing her target She used us all making fools and
is going to fulfill her revenge A life is going to end in the hands
of Chitra, Suvarna. Go and stop immediately. Ok sir! Hey Kunjak,
– My name is Kanakambaram Sir Where is Kunjak?
– Kunjak ran away with the effect of Chitra Sir I got to tell you a truth sir, Chitra
is now going to kill a person She is Samyuktha’s mother, Shalini Devi
-Oh my God I came to know this fact on the day
we all went to the house of Samyuktha, Sir By the time I said this
truth to Samyuktha… Chitra… No please, Poor Samyuktha would go orphan Shut up!
-Sister! Will you say?
-I will not say anything, please sister no Will you go and say her that I am going to kill
– No sister… Please sister!
– Will you say? Sister! Poor Samyuktha would go orphan… Save Shalini Devi at least for Samyukta Sir
-Crap! Suvarna, it is none other than Shalini Devi
who is going to lose life in the hands of Chitra Chitra would do what she wanted. If that happens,
this murder would bring us all into a mess It should not happen so, Suvarna.
Somehow save Shalini Devi I am starting right away
and coming there. Quick… Chitra, this is that important
place I said about See Chitra, that is your own grave. I
mean, grave of Ravivarma you wanted What Chitra, why are you so silent? Is it the pain of being unable to do anything
when what you want is infront of your eyes? Though my husband’s grave is
in front, you can’t do anything Ok, have you come here for
a justice or for revenge? What is the difference between both? Justice is what society appreciates Revenge gives satisfaction only to you. What do you need?
– A justified revenge Leave that. Were parents of Ravi varma
coming into your dreams? What about wife and children of Ravivarma?
– No That is the proof for the death of Ravivarma There is no death for Ravivarma
– Yes, true My husband is really very great as you said. He is so great to take birth again to
take revenge on his wife who killed him How much more long will you
still act Ravivarma? Enough of acting, I know
that you are my husband I knew the day you came that
you have come to kill me Then, are you playing drama
knowing it all, you dirty lady? Is it for sympathy? I will not leave you, whatever drama you play. I played on my life to take revenge on you. You know how much pain did I go through and
how much was I insulted? I let myself go just for catching you. I know that I am different But it took me 25 years to know that
name of that difference is Ravivarma when I had to enjoy life like a king You ruined my life by killing me
all of a sudden I felt very happy knowing that
you were carrying my kid But you separated me from
her and destroyed my hopes As you have did so much I will not kill you so easily Blood should shed drop
by drop from your body My grave should be cleaned with it You too do not commit the same
mistake what I was done, Ravivarma! You remember the moments
feeling happy and enjoying. You remember your death
and me, who killed you But, did you not remember the
reason I had to kill you Ravivarma? Shall I say you about the Ravivarma you
do not know? Will you listen? A great diamond merchant in this country
coming from Telugu states Ravivarma, the only son
of Chandrapratap Varma Owner for the kingdom of
Padmanabha lake view! He is the standing face of money and ego and
a man not knowing what is humanity There is no person getting addicted
to bad habits. If the same get addicted to
a person, he is Ravivarma His habit is to swim alone
when he is happy The major habit of him
above all is a lady He does not rest till he sleeps with the lady
he likes by bringing her home Ripe fruit should be under my teeth
and the girl into age, Pratap Varma could not say anything
as he was the only son Pratap Varma brought me and my sister,
to America as we were distant relatives We were not brought in pity To safeguard his family prestige I could not understand at the age of 14 Come rascal, what are you showing
your styles at me? I am not the Ravivarma
to draw and feel happy Ravivarma feeling happy playing with girls! But the cheap feeling of
Ravivarma towards ladies Made me grow hatred
on him from my childhood Hey! To safeguard myself always from him The only support I had in palace
was Pratap Varma I and my sister grew up right
there with his support But it was already late to know that
I was grown up to be made a scape goat I could not say no to the wish of
that old man to marry his son I bowed my head to the love
that brought me up Who married me by force of his father But I saw the demon in Ravivarma
on the night of the marriage day What rascal, you wanted to get
on my bed coming here to work? I would wish a lady to
be on my bed every day But would never wish for someone
to be with me for life long I hid a bitter truth no lady can bear
within me, for the future of my sister My father in law did another mistake in fear
that he wrote the wealth on my name! Ravivarma that day… Pratap Varma, Do you wish to give her the
property and ashes to me? I am not the son to send you to heaven A son to show you hell
when you are alive Not lighting your pier, but will
cut your head Pratap Varma No hubby, do not say anything to father in law
-Come aside, you dirty lady! Anyone takes salary for working What are you taking the whole property? You are not any ordinary lady. Ravivarma, do not say anything to that girl. Oh no, both are worrying
so much for each other. Daddy, I have a doubt Is she a wife to me or aunt? Marriage with me and, What? Hey, I thought could not give
birth to a proper son all these days. But I understood now that I did
not give birth to a human at all Get lost! Victory and defeat are like a lady Victory comes alone and hugs
when alone like the lady giving the heart But the defeat smacks you hard
like a heart broken lady Do not feel happy that you won
and do not celebrate as I lost I will kill you for sure coming
even from the death This place is mine and
this kingdom too is mine Ravivarma leaving so has not
come even when his father died But, he returned one day suddenly Forgive me Shalini I am an orphan and if you too
do not forgive me, I will be not as a human but
will remain as an animal Please ! The humanity in me felt sad for him It made me bend to the love he showed Though I had the doubt that
he returned for his property I never hesitated a bit to
return back his property By the time I knew he didn’t come for
the property but for another person The dreaded thing to happen has taken place Hey! Stop You know from how long am I
waiting for this moment? You cannot escape today from me Seeing my sister with him in
that state before my eyes I could not bear What is this ? Nothing that you are not aware You are like a father to her You did the same with my father right? What are you talking ? Her life… Her life,
-Hey, Is it paining?
This is the only property you brought from India If it pains so much when
I enjoyed it just for one day how much pain will I when you enjoyed
my property for so long? I came to make you taste
that pain every day You should see me enjoying your
property in front of your eyes You with pain and she getting
pregnant should cry in front of my eyes Did you feel I would leave you, So easily? You made me kill my own father.
Will I leave you? I will not leave you! What is this dear? I think he found something which
he did not find in you Thus brother in law is liked me This is wrong Oh, is it wrong? If it is wrong, you get
away from this relationship. I and brother in law would get along. Shut up! I think you are doing something
you do not like for someone you like I came to ask and say a few
for someone I want Oh, have you come for a
compromise with these property papers? You are thinking it as compromise
and I am thinking it as the end What are you thinking
about life of my sister? I will not smell a flower
again, which I smelt once I did not ask about you I am saying to get her married soon Not all flowers reach the temple
Few would dry out on the bed It is wrong !
-No way out madam What shall I say to the kid growing
in my womb about this relation? What did you say?
-The kid now in my womb What shall I say to him when he asks
either about me or this relation? Can I say I was also among the flowers your
dad smelled and threw away? Shalini
-Say! The kid now in my womb! The kid now in my womb! Bear with this demon at least
till he gives a heir for this dynasty I and brother in law will get along You with pain and she getting
pregnant should cry in front of my eyes Did you feel I would leave you? Hey Shalini You gave an unforgettable gift
for my birthday This day is the proof for
the love in between us None would come in between us,
none can now separate us I love you! Yes Shalini, believe me. Trust me I am an orphan and if you too
don’t forgive me Not as a human but will remain
as an animal Believe me Shalini
-No, I cannot believe you Happy Birthday Ravivarma Hey Shalini Shalini, do not kill me I do not leave you! I too thought to die on the same moment But our kid growing in my
womb did not let me do so The love she is showing now
is making me still love For a second I thought not to kill you,
before I was killing you I thought not to make
my kid become fatherless But I could not believe that Ravivarma
who behaved like a rogue That is why I killed with my own hands I killed with great vain, but you won I could kill you but could not kill
the revenge and evilness in you With that same revenge, you took a rebirth
somewhere, grew up somewhere Roamed all around and stood back
in between us again You came reborn again to make me
stand as a culprit before my daughter But, I cannot stand before my daughter
as the culprit killing her father You are thinking to have come for
me, thinking as reborn to kill me But, you came for your daughter
whom you lost For the happiness you had to enjoy
as a father Though you enjoyed that for so long The revenge in you made you
into a demon after seeing me Did you not understand? Why did you first meet Samyukta,
coming to kill me? You behaving odd to other girls,
why did you take good care of your daughter? If so, I too will be waiting
for you and that? Is it?
-If so, I too am like in your heart Hey, I said love but not lust, right? You are taking care of me like a
father and supporting me as a brother That is why I like you a lot. I love you It is justified for you thinking
to be happy with your daughter But your revenge to kill me
is not justified If I kill you again now, you will
come back reborn again Thus for the justified revenge you are asking,
I will kill the revenge in you Shalini, no You won Though you buried me in that birth,
you made me a human in this life You won, no Shalini But I have not lost before you,
but before my daughter. Mother is a truth and father is a belief. Samyu will lose the faith knowing
the truth that I killed her father It is better to lose life that to lose faith Father is the hero for every
girl and father is the best friend. Though you could not be anything then,
now you became everything You won in this aspect I am not saying all this to Ravivarma,
but to Chitra still alive in you No Shalini
– Take care of baby, bye Shalini! Mom! Chitra, this is not the time to feel
worried, but a time to feel happy What have I achieved to feel happy sir? They say a relation for lives together
and none sees how that feels You achieved that thread and that bonding You are a bridge between two births You are a living legend, wonder,
miracle and what not? You say yes and we shall introduce
Ravivarma to the world. We will earn few crores for each episode
-Ravi varma is dead I am asking to say the same as Ravivrama How much do you need?
– I just need 20 percent. I am not asking about share,
but the fees for the treatment you gave me Samyukta has more need of Chitra
than the world please go! You are the bonding changing
my hope into breathe The relation making my heart
a captive is yours And that it is a proof for our love,
It is a proof The remembrances you left behind
are the lights for me This proof I felt is safe in my heart Samyu! What is this Rajesh? Are you selling rings? I mean, I do not know your zodiac sign Not knowing which ring to bring
for being your couple What do you need? Say! Will you marry me? ok! What Samyu?
-ok, You said ok?
-Yes! Baby, do you know we have
the marriage looks tomorrow? Who is the boy? What baby, why are you doing like
I get doubts on myself? You know how I grew from childhood?
I have not done even a work with this hand Is your hand paralyzed?
-Oh Oh no, what madam? Is this a
support for that band? Say some work for his hand,
sister. He is dying to do work. Is it making fun?
– What now, he should be given a work, right? Hey babies, where did you all go leaving me? Hey man
– Hey beauties Wow!
I need your help What do you need baby?
-No, no Hold this,
-You just need me to hold this Kunju Ka Babbn here, I stopped
huge vehicles with these hands Can I not do this alone? Go and check,
I will show you what my greatness is Go, go! We need some tough guys. He cannot do that What are there in this baby? Lions?
– Lawrence, what is he doing in this? No, lions Lions?
– We are bringing them from the Indian forest They are very wild, we
are not able to control them Oh God!
-That is why we are calling for extra stuff Oh God, to hell with your lives,
I can’t handle Reliance phones with these hands How can I handle real Lions? Oh no, why are these roaring? God! hey, come and stop…
Come on help me To hell with your lives,
Come and help No idea how many are in When Balakrishna said not to see
the second side in the film Simha I came out in the second half! How can I stop two lions with this hand [SUBTITLES BY TITLES MEDIA]


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