ANNABELLE COMES HOME – Official Trailer 2

♪♪♪ What’s this? You folks need to turn around. Pretty bad accident up ahead. Anything we can do? You a doctor or something? Or something. Nice doll. That’s what you think. ♪♪♪ Did it work? The evil is contained. How could you not tell me
you’re babysitting for the Warrens tonight? And we’ll be back
early tomorrow morning. Have fun. Don’t your parents keep
any creepy stuff around? We keep it all
locked away in a room. It’s not good for anyone
to go in there. My dad says that everything
in there is either… haunted, cursed… or used in some
ritualistic practice. -What’s that?
-The Ferryman. They put coins over
the eyes of the dead… so he could take their souls. And what about the doll
that’s in there? Annabelle. She’s in a case for a reason. Can Annabelle
come out to play? No. Ah! Annabelle is the beacon
for other spirits. Go away! -Mrs. Warren?
-Mom? Is everything okay? Something is happening
inside your house… and we’re not really sure
what to do. Can I speak to Annabelle? I’m sorry. You need to give her
a soul, dear. She wants a soul!


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