Everything you see in here
is either haunted… cursed, or has been used in some
kind of ritualistic practice. [laughs echoing] Nothing’s a toy. It’s safer for these things
to be in here than out there. Sometimes it’s better
to keep the genie in the bottle. Don’t your parents keep
any creepy stuff around? We keep it all locked away
in a room… …so we’re safe. It’s not really good
for anyone to go in there. ♪♪ What’d you do to get in there? ♪♪ [echoing]
I like your doll. What did you do? I let her out. Who? Annabelle. I’m sorry. What else did you touch? Everything. Can I play with Annabelle? I think you have
the wrong house, there’s no Annabelle here. Yes she is. I sometimes see things… …like how my mom sees things. The doll. It’s a beacon
for other spirits. ♪♪ [echoing]
I like your doll. ♪♪

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