Annie Hall [Balcony Scene] [Sub + sub cast, eng]

Why not? l don’t like to get naked in front
of another man. l see. l don’t like to show my body
to a man of my gender. – l see, l guess.
– You never know what’s going to happen. – 15 years, huh?
– 15 years, yeah. God bless. Well! Well– You’re what Grammy Hall
would call “a real Jew.” Thank you. She hates Jews.
She thinks they just make money. But she’s the one, is she ever.
l’m telling you. So, did you do
those photographs in there? l dabble? Listen to me. What a jerk.
Yeah, l sort of dabble around, you know. You are a great-looking girl. They’re
wonderful. They have a quality. He probably thinks l’m a yo-yo. Well, l would
like to take a serious photography course. Photography’s interesting because… l wonder what she looks like naked. it’s a new art
form. A set of aesthetic criteria have not emerged yet. l’m not smart enough for him. Hang in there.
You mean whether it’s a good photo or not? l don’t know what l’m saying. She senses l’m shallow. The
medium enters in as a condition of the art form itself. God, l hope he doesn’t turn out to be a schmuck like the others. Well, to me
— l mean– lt’s all instinctive. l just try to feel it, to get a sense
of it and not think about it so much. Christ, l sound like FM radio. Relax. Still, you need
aesthetic guidelines to put it in social perspective. l don’t know. l mean,
l guess you must be sort of late. You know, l’ve got to get there
and begin whining soon. Are you busy Friday night? Me? Oh, no. Oh, l’m sorry, l have something.
What about Saturday night? Nothing. No, no. You’re very popular, l can see. – l know.
– You have plague? l meet a lot of jerks. l meet a lot of jerks, too. l’m thinking about
getting some cats. Wait a second! No, no!
Oh, shoot! Saturday night, l’m going to sing. You’re going to sing? You sing?
No kidding! – This is my first time.
– Really? Where? l’d like to come. – l’m interested.
– No, no. l’m just a– l’m auditioning at this club.
lt’s my first time. That’s okay, ’cause l know exactly
what that’s like. You’re going to like nightclubs.
They’re really a lot of fun.

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