MBM: Hi This is David with Mad Bros Media. I’m here with Legendary 80’s Icon Anthony Michael Hall. How Ya doin today sir? AMH: Good buddy how are ya man? MBM: Doing Really Good. This year mark’s the 35th Anniversary of Weird Science. Do you have any like anecdotes or anything from behind the scenes you wanna talk about from the movie? AMH: Pretty good experience working with John Hughes was always awesome. So that was the third one I did in a row and he was a great guy. One of My favorites to work on yeah. MBM: Yeah Um do you have any juicy details on the upcoming role on “Halloween Kills”? AMH: You know what I can’t talk about it cuz it’s actually in the contract but it’s gonna be a good one. you know the last one made a lot of money, people really love it and it’s obviously a franchise that’s been around a long time. so I’m psyched to be a part of it you know. We start filming in Wilmington North Carolina. MBM: I’m excited. MBM: One Final Question For Ya. So you said that was your third film(Wierd Science) you did with John Hughes. I read that he based characters off of himself. You think that he saw a little bit of himself in you? AMH: That’s a good question. you know what maybe to a degree and I think just with all of us. He was like a big brother. He was really cool. He let us all try stuff and improvise You know he was very encouraging to all of us. But I think maybe to some degree he felt like that you know. Almost like a little uh a little collaborator. He would egg us on. He would really give us opportunities. We would shoot the scenes they way they were written and then we would try other things and mix it up And that was what one of his talents I think that was cool that way. MBM: Well Thank you so much for spending time with us for a couple of minutes. You have a good day today! This has been David with Mad Bros Media…. AMH: MAD BROS!


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