Anti-terrorism Special Forces 反恐特战队 01-电视剧 Chinese TV Drama[English Subtitle]

I never look the other way I never hesitate With my iron backbone I march forward without second thought You always stand straight and upright Your smile is clean and bright You pour your heart out to me Charge into danger and never look back Soar into the sky Fly over the land With you by my side Despite thunder and lightning Fly high up in the sky Dancing with the green field through the clouds March ahead and survive We are the eagles of The Republic Fly high up in the sky Dancing with the green field through the clouds March ahead and survive We are the eagles of The Republic Anti-terrorism Special Forces Episode 01 Tonight Yang Can, the unofficial trainee of Anti-Terrorist Task Force drops out of the base. He doesn’t realize how serious this is. Ma’am Na. Colonel, something’s up. It’s me, Chang Jian’an. Dropped out? Commander Chang, I’ve decided to leave Special Force. We share no common cause. Yang Can Check What’s this about? Catching deserter. Deserter? You are calling me a deserter? Deserter is someone afraid of death. I have nothing to hide. I’ve sent an email to Commander Chang. I’ll go anywhere but to you. Let alone being an unofficial soldier. We share no common cause. What are you gonna do? You don’t deserve it. Take him away. Let go of me! I quit! I’m not a deserter. Let me out. Behave yourself. You are the first deserter kept in this guardhouse. And the first from Special Force. Have fun in military court. You can’t scare me. How many times do I have to tell you? I’m not a deserter. I’m not a deserter. Major, I’ve failed you. I can’t even train a soldier. Special Force has never seen such disgrace before. Na Min can go back now. How would Yuanzheng take this? If he were here, he’d beat the hell out of him. We’ll make him behave. Move. Where are you taking me? Attention. We have received notification from the authority that Some terrorists have hijacked radioactive material from the city’s medical center. The anti-terrorism front line headquarter has given order to intercept and prevent the enemies from detonating. And drive them into our ambush. No one is to shoot without orders. Get in. Look what we have here! I was grounded a while ago. Now I’m in the command vehicle! It’s so cool. You are like a teapot without handle, only left with spout [mouth]. Sit. Attention. Focus on the target. Focus on this van. There’s radioactive material in it. Use Plan 7. Snipers land and enter the position. Look out. There’s radioactive material in the van. Lightning, Gunner You two must hit the target at the same time and stop the detonation. Lightning, roger. Gunner, roger. Roadblocks ahead. Rush through it. Alert. Good job. Look out. There’s another in the backseat. Cut the middle line. Well done Having fun? Yes. This is so much fun. We’ve shown you today what your father used to do and what his juniors do. Enough. Send the young master home. Go. Home? Why would I go home? We share no common cause. Now you’ve had your fun. We no longer owe your father anything. What else do you have to say? But wait. I’m not a deserter. I’m not afraid of death. You’re not. But you can’t stand the hardship here. You’d better go back to be an army fan and young master. I’m not leaving. Then we’ll have to drive you away. Get out. Stay out of my sight. Xiao Zhou. Don’t. I’m not leaving. I’m not leaving. Don’t. Please. I’m not going. I’m staying. I don’t want to go. Please let me stay. I’m not afraid of death. I can stand anything. I mean it. Don’t you want freedom? We don’t have freedom here in Special Force. Then I don’t want freedom. Let me stay. Just go. Don’t embarrass yourself. Please. For my dad’s sake. Let my stay. Think twice. Can you stand it? Yes. Really? Really. Still unofficial. Not a problem. Xiao Zhou. Here. Send him to the cooking team. Yes. Commander. You really sent him away? He doesn’t want to leave. So you let him back? Cooking team. Still unofficial. 8 months ago, Jin Hai City Yes. Got it. Got it. Old Gun. Get out of the highway on next exit. Sir, we’ve traced the suspect vehicle. Intensify surveillance at other key directions. Find out the terrorists’ real intention. Commander, we’ve targeted the suspect vehicle. Please give order. Intercept the vehicle and arrest the terrorists. No.1, overtake it from the left. Intercept the target vehicle. Roger. No.2, cut off its retreat. Roger. Bomb. Bomb. Bobcat, No.1 head of the Black Sun, a terrorist organization Special Force fell into the trap. Rider, carry out the final move. Yes. Got it. Tell them to get in. Hurry up. Commander. The signal we’re tracking is moving from the north of city to the south. Tiger Beach 101 101 Are you there? 101 roger, 101 roger Please give order. The terrorists are trying to get to the relocating Hongqi Chemical Plant at Tiger Beach in the north city. They are trying to detonate in the plant and pollute the upper reach of the water source, causing wide pollution in the entire region. Action, now. Got it. Special Force. Let’s move. It’s really flying! Great! What’s happening? I’m still working on it. It’s really flying! Cool! Let me have a try. Wait. Just one moment. Let me try. Wait. I need to see how it’s working. Don’t let it fall off. It won’t. Let me try. I know. Just wait. It worked! Let me have a try. We are transferring chemical materials. We’ll be there in a moment. Okay. Rider, our target is the chemical plant? You’ll see when you get there. Come on. Open the gate. The material truck is here. Yes. Wait. Where’s your note? Didn’t we just call? You did. But we also need the pass note. Please just let us in. Make a call to confirm. Aren’t we exposed? They asked for it. Put on their clothes. Wait here. Tell them to get off. Hurry. Just put them here. The four of you. Go there. Yes. You two. Go. Lightning. Go to your position. 101, Lightning is in place. The target is at spot 4 in the plant. Please give order. Roger. Divide into four groups. Encircle them around the warehouse. Be sure to control the operation range. Make it quick. Yes. We have remote control, don’t we? Why do we need an exploder? Double fail-safe. What? Yes? Boss. You have an undercover agent in your team. I’m sending you his picture. Ask how’s the guys out there doing. Brothers, anything up? Okay. Got it. Commander. We intercept a picture sent by the target SMS. Send it here. Yes. Shut down all communication networks around the plant. Now. Yes. Order Special Force on the spot to use the anti-terrorism satellite channel instead. Yes. Down button’s here. That’s the button for left. Left, right, up and down. Got it. Don’t let it fly too far. Old Gun. What? Detonate. Now? Yes. The terrorist is going to detonate. Please give the order to snipe. Wait. Our undercover might have been exposed. We’re sending you his profile. You must ensure his safety. All groups, wait for order on your spot. Wait for the action signal from our insider. Sir, a drone appears above the target. It’s not operated by us. Standby team. Attention. Take control of the operators immediately. Old Gun. Detonate. A drone! Nobody moves. Old Gun might have been exposed. Please give the order to snipe. Wait. Lightning, our insider is rich in experience. Cooperate with him. And act immediately on his order. Lightning, roger. Go. There. Don’t move. What’s happening? Don’t move. What are you doing? Who are you? Let go of her. What’s happening? There’s an anti-terrorist rat on our team. You’re not saying it’s me? It wouldn’t be them, would it? Why not? How do you prove that you’re not an undercover? The drone here tells us that one of us must have a tracking device. Fine. Then I’ll search you first. I’ve worked for Bobcat many years. He trusts me. What about them? You. Go there. Search yourselves. Now. It’s not me. Take it out. Action. Go for it! These are left by Yuanzheng. The wine pot is for me. The letter is for you. For me? He said in the letter that his biggest concern was his son. If he sacrificed, we need to take good care of his son teach him well until he grows up. How do you all end up here? Did you steal something? You…pyramid selling scam? I’m so impressed, bro. Tell you what, I’m at the supreme level with white gold. It’s all for nothing. Now you end up in jail. You look like nobody to me. Wanna know how I end up here? I’m all ears. Yang Can. Get out. I’ll tell you later if I have chance. Yang Can. What happened, mom? Yang Can. Your father is back. Salute Li Yuanzheng dropped out of the team in an overseas competition. He just disappeared. It’s a disgrace. Why? Why would he do that? Li Yuanzheng is our hero. He is the glory of our force. She’s been like this for 28 hours since she got back from the funeral. She’ll get sick if she goes on like this. I see. What’s happening here? Why didn’t you punish me? Why would we? I pulled the trigger. You had to. But he sacrificed. We saw everything that happened there. It was Yuanzheng’s last order. You had to obey. We are all gravely pained. But any one of us would make the same choice. This is a letter left by Yuanzheng. You have a new mission now. Go to enrollment office tomorrow to pick new members. This is Yang Can, Yuanzheng’s son. Get him enrolled. Raise him well as Yuanzheng wished. Li Yuanzheng is back. But he is gone forever. Yang Can can’t deal with this cruel fact. It’s like he has this fire of anger in him. But he doesn’t know what to burn. He wants to cry out, but he can’t. He’s always been like this. Since Yuanzheng had left, he grew even more rebellious. He quit a few jobs after graduated from college and spends all day on these stuff. Graduated from the University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Winner of shooting games all over the world. The boy is quite talented. Yang Can, get out of the room Where’s your manner? Yang Can. Yang Can. What’s the matter with you? I’m talking to you. I’m talking to you. Don’t you hear me? What the hell is your problem? It’s my problem now? Stay out of my sight then. Stop bothering me. I’m not bothering you. You’re just upset. Lu comes with good intention because he was your father’s comrade. That’s why he has come to you time and again. Do you think it’s right to treat him this way? Was it right when my dad just disappeared? He had his task. Task? What about his duty? His duty to my mom? His duty to me? But you can’t go on like this. You’ll get sick. Enough. Leave me alone. I’m fine by myself. Who else is there to help you? I can’t bear to see you like this. Leave me alone then. Why are you such a heartless creature? Why? Enough. I’m dying inside right now. I’m not gonna fight a woman. Hold it. I knew all your tricks. You’re quite agile, aren’t you? But you don’t have to run. You’re not so attractive to us. I’m only here for a promise. Otherwise, I wouldn’t come to you even if you beg me. Our Anti-terrorist Speical Force never needs coward or deserter, much less a narcissist. You’re just an immature man who can only play your military games. How can you become one of us? Tell you what, you won’t be enrolled even if you come. You don’t appreciate us? Right back at you. It’s your choice. He’s so cool. I think what Mr. Lu Said is right. You are only a military fan. I doubt you’ll be enrolled even if you really go there. Agreed. Trying to provoke me? What shape is it? Circle. Okay. Yang Can. Come here. You meet all our requirements. But the others are all top candidates selected from armed forces nationwide. And you are new here. So you can only be an unofficial trainee in our Special Force. To become our official member, you need to pass exams after strict training. Do you understand? Na Min. Wait a moment. What? There’s something you might not know. I only come here to prove that I can get enrolled on my own that I don’t need any shortcut. Now that I’m qualified, I’m free to leave. Yang Can, do you take recruitment as a horseplay? I didn’t say that. I only take it as an interview. Now I’ve passed, it’s up to me whether to come here. Understood? Joining the army is an honor. Please don’t insult our troops and soldiers. This… Bro, it’s a good thing that you have your hobby. But there’s no need to act proud in front of me. Okay? Why? Did you know how many miles I’ve come and how many times I’ve reported to my superior in Shandong corps for this opportunity? All of us here today have been through great difficulties? Why can’t you see how honorable it is? Well said, well said. Take your hand off me. What’s the matter with you? Honorable or not, it’s your business, not mine. I’m only here for Mr. Lu, your leader’s sake. Do you even know who he is? I promised him to come here for the exam, but I didn’t promise to enroll. Now let go of me. No. You owe us an apology for insulting us. What if I don’t apologize? Then I’ll hit you. Come on. Just try. Let him go. Listen. I wouldn’t want someone like you to join us even if you beg us. Get out. I shouldn’t have come. Hold it. So what, Mr Lu? It’s not old time, still forcing people to join the army? We are not forcing anyone. We are leading you back to your ancestor. Whose ancestor are you talking about? One more word out of that mouth! Na Min. Farewell, everybody. How could he be Yuanzheng’s son? He doesn’t deserve it! Hello? Okay. It’s Mr. Lu. Hello. Sister, Yang Can has met all our requirements. He qualifies for the army. That’s great. Thank you so much, Mr. Lu. The boy will now be under your wing. But he doesn’t want to join the army. We can’t force him to. It’s a pity. Perhaps it’s not meant to be. What it is, Aunty? Did he fail? Please talk to me. What happened? It’s all my fault. He’s so spoiled. The day you walked into my life Everything else was a blur But I was enamored with your eyes From then on my heart belongs only to you No regret Now I’m walking into your heart But I can’t have your love My bitter-sweet smile Love with a twist does need courage We both know it’s love There might be a better tomorrow We can feel this heart I’ll love you forever and ever We both know it’s love There might be a better tomorrow We can feel this heart I’ll love you forever and ever Forever and ever I’ll love you forever and ever

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