Applying to THEATRE at York U – Q’s from a Hat

[OFF CAMERA] Clap for me to sync the mic to the camera. AMY: ♫ Dododo do do doo! [OFF CAMERA] Beautiful! There’s one more… Next question. Great question! Hi I’m Amy and I’m in theatre and today we’ll be doing
questions from a hat So the National Art Centre is offering
free audition coaching if you wanted it but you can also just talk to
a trusted drama teacher get some friends and family
or you know talk to a parent if you’d like as well. [Laughs] I am actually from Alberta so
I did my evaluation online I sent in a video and I find that
the video versus in-person it doesn’t really better or decrease
your chances of getting in however coming in-person gives
you the chance to meet the teachers
meet some upper year levels kind of get a sense for the University
and to see if it’s gonna be a good fit for you. You actually can do six different options. The first one is a very popular one obviously,
it’s two contrasting monologues. The second one is you can also talk about
a time you taught in theatre The third one is you can present a portfolio of
everything you’ve done in theatre before The fourth one is you can actually write
your own piece and then perform it as a monologue. The fifth one is write a critique of
a theatre piece you’ve seen recently and then come and share your
opinion on it. And then the sixth one is talking about
your personal experience backstage, So that could be stage managing, directing, even doing props, or set design
or costume design. There’s no advantage to doing one over the other York’s very inclusive in wanting
to touch on every part of theatre. Whether you’re an actor,
whether you’re a director, whether you’re a costume designer,
you’re welcome here. And that’s what they really want out this
evaluation process is the fact that you can be who you are. So good luck with the rest of your experience and applying to York University and I hope to see you around next year! AMY: Eyyy!!!!

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