April 20, 2016 Regal Theater Kapolei VIP Event – Premiere of UHWO ACM Community Trailer

[Music plays] Now proceeds were collected from the $3 movies, the $3 popcorn, $3 soft drinks. They raised $72,588 in just 3 days.
And tonight, we are rounding up. Regal presenting each non-profit with a check for $25,000. Let’s give a big round of applause. [crowd applause] And in trying to bring a little bit more of West Oʻahu into the theater, we partnered with the UH West Oahu Academy for Creative Media. I think I got that right. On a very, very special project, which we’re extremely proud of because a bunch of students did an amazing
job on developing a trailer for us to play here in the theatre, which we’ll all share with you tonight. So thank you very, very much for the hard work, all the students in the room. Here we go. Three, two, one. Rip those tickets! Kapolei Commons now officially open. Alright Kevin, Mr. Director. How does it feel now? I feel like I want to go to sleep. Nah, it
feels good. I feel very accomplished. Yes, It feels good. Melissa. Mahea, star of the show. No, no. After today, we’re not gonna even be get…like we can’t get close to you after today. No, what? Excuse me, you have to make an appointment with her. Whatever. Yeah right. Janelle will be my manager. Janelle. Um, yeah so there’s an opening at 12 a.m. to meet Mahea tomorrow. You can’t avoid the camera forever. No don’t. No, you have to. Okay, what do you wanna know? Yeah, how do you feel? Relieved. No, more than that. How do I feel? I feel happy for you guys. Why do you say it so fast like that? I feel happy for you guys. Like sincerely, how do you feel now that the process is over? It’s all done. I hope you guys learned something. I hope you guys take away something from this. You guys are more mature and more adult
about things. And we’re going into animation. You guys going into animation. You guys make good choices. Take
this experience and run with it.

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