Aravindha Sametha Theatrical Trailer | Jr. NTR, Pooja Hegde | Trivikram | Thaman S

Your name? Just my name? Or do you want my address
and phone number as well? I asked casually. I don’t give it away that casually. Please move a little. I need space.
A little… Space… Not just her name.
I’ll give her PAN card number too. Did you ever hear about factionism? You didn’t get it, did you?
Ask me. Don’t give me that cute look. Kadurappa!
We aren’t short of men or swords. Violence… it’s in your DNA. Naarapa Reddy’s son? 30 years ago, when your grandfather resorted to violence, it was necessity The same weapon became his inheritence when your father raised it. it becomes your nature if you use the same weapon. will that weapon become a flaw by the time your son inherits it ?? On his day, a man can defeat anybody. One who stops a fight even before it stars becomes a great person The only great person. Context and person change the value of the words spoken Neelambari. There’s water 100 feet under and
a guy stops digging at 99. What do you call him? I leave that to your wisdom. This one step is equal to a hundred, sir. Try digging.


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