Archeage Unchained – The Exploit Impact & Drama

Alright so as you’re all aware, Archeage Unchained
is the current flavor of the month talking point for most mmorpg players, most content
creators. It’s quite a big thing right now having just
released a week ago. Since then I’ve done 1 video talking about
the post launch issues and I’ve tried to take a break on making videos about the game purely
because I don’t want to become known for just being an archeage unchained channel. I make other content and I’m confident it’s
pretty good, you guys should check it out and I promise you’ll find it sick. I can’t promise it will be the good connotation
of sick that we here in the UK use, you might actually be sick, I’m not liable for this
reaction. That being said, I feel like I’d be negligent
in my responsibilities as a content creator to not give you guys the long and short, the
rough and smooth of what is going on with the current flavor of the month in our genre. So yeah, today I’m going to be breaking down
and talking about the recent massive exploit that has plagued archeage unchained, the response
by gamigo and the subsequent drama that has followed. First up, the situation that led to the exploit. On the archepass, you activate quests and
then you’ll get quests of that type to complete which will then give you another one of the
same type. The quest in question, was restricted to the
high levels only, so benefited the people who were ahead of the pack and got to level
50-55 asap and involved killing a world boss, which netted 50 gold reward. The exploit was basically switching your aarchepasses
to reset your daily quests repeatedly to get the world boss kill quest over and over again. Now it’s pretty obvious this was yet another
huge oversight of the archeage team and the unchained launch. Something that should have been thoroughly
tested with a longer time on the PTS. This is also something that they could have
literally solved within a few minutes of it being discovered, by suspending the archepasses
temporarily until it was fixed. What actually happened was, the exploit got
leaked, archeage team spoke out about it and said it won’t be a bannable offense so long
as you don’t do the actual exploit portion of repeatedly rerolling to get insane gold
and then waited a few days before taking the servers down to change the maximum gold earned
from archepass quests to 10 gold. Now first point to talk about here, is that
the fix here is terrible and isn’t at all retroactive. Basically there’s a huge misconception here
about what happened. There are people who got to high level very
early and got these world boss quests repeatedly, just because the game gave it to them. They did these quests and got 50 gold from
it each time. They didn’t exploit. They shouldn’t be banned. Then there’s the people who reset their pass
over and over to get more quest rerolls and repeatedly did the world boss quests. These people should be banned permanently. The fix however is grolly inadequate to resolve
the advantage gained by the first people in this scenario. The issue here is obviously that the fix just
punishes anyone who didn’t rush to max level. They said that the quest giving 50 gold was
intended, so why then did they nerf it to 10 gold now? This literally just punishes anyone who didn’t
have the opportunity to rush to level 50 and 55 and makes the economy completely lopsided. I know there’s going to be apologists out
there who will say, it’s not even a lot of money, it’s not a big deal, you can earn gold
in other ways very easily….Yeah you can, but obviously not as easy as this, or they
wouldn’t have nerfed it would they? It’s very easy and simple logic. In any mmorpg, the first people to level cap
always have a massive economic advantage, in a lot of mmorpgs, economy translates to
power or further benefits, this is why I vehemently am against the growing trend of paid headstarts
in this genre. In archeage this is compounded by the fact
that economy equals power in a massive way, especially this early on. Ideally, the bug would have been found and
the servers would have been taken down immediately, following that everyone who had profited from
the 50 gold per kill would have had 40g taken from their account, I’ve literally seen mmorpgs
maake people’s currency go negative aand you have to pay it back if you didn’t have it
in your account which seems pretty fair and of course if you actually exploited, you should
have been permanently banned. I exploited in mmorpgs as much as I ever could
when I was a min maxer, I was permanently banned from guilds wars 2, 5 days into the
game’s launch because of exploiting and I accept responsibility for that, if you want
to game the system for massive advantages, you have to be willing to accept responsibility
and consequences. The very start of an mmorpg, having any kind
of massive exploit or unintended money in the economy is way worse than any other time. It creates a huge imbalance and should be
taken very seriously. While I’m not saying this is a game killing
issue, I am saying that the response to this was extremely lack luster and for me, not
even close to making sense. Now this isn’t even the worst part of this
whole debacle. Let’s move onto the real stuff. Since then, Gamigo came out with a statement
that they have since of course nerfed the gold to a maximum of 10 and they had banned
over 200 accounts who were found to have exploited this bug. Since then, they’ve unbanned a large quantity
of these players, including popular content creators or streamers. Now before people go crazy here, hear me out
on this one. They claim that some of these players had
just acquired a large amount of gold from the quests naturally, by doing it without
the exploit so they got caught up in the ban wave. So rightly so, they’re unbanned. There’s a huge circle jerk going on right
now over on the archeage subreddit accusing some more popular in the community streamers
of exploiting and gamigo playing favorites by unbanning them. I can’t for 100% say either way if this is
the case or not, no one can really. I will just say that I don’t think they would
do that based on the fact that it’s super terrible optics. I think most likely what happened is, they
have disproportionately large amounts of gold from doing the archepass legit, in this quote
“intended” way for 50g a pop and then when they checked to see if they actually exploited,
they found the case to be no and unbanned them. The issue here should be pretty obvious. If you have earned so much money from this,
that you’re flagged as an exploiter, you clearly need something doing to your account to normalise
things. Is this just me being crazy? These people have ridiculously good gear due
to this, a huge advantage over everyone who didn’t do it and they get to keep that, all
that happened was they got banned for half a day or something. Now I’m obviously not saying to ban people
who played the game in the entirely intended way. If that is the intended way, which they’re
saying it is, despite contradicting this massively by nerfing it right after. I’m also not saying that gamigo are playing
favorites or unbanning their friends and influencers because I have absolutely zero proof of that. I am however saying that the way this entire
situation has been handled is grossly incompetent. You can’t say in one sentence something is
an intended mechanic and no action will be taken and then nerf it to get 20% as good. You’re literally just making the gap between
people absolutely massive. This legit leaves a sour taste in my mouth
even as someone who plays the game absolutely casually and knew I’d be super far behind. At that point, I knew I’d be super far behind
due to time actually spent in game and not because they would nerf something that was
supposedly fine for everyone else but not for the people who come after the initial
rush. In terms of the actual game…I actuall am
still massively enjoying it. Just playing the game and ignoring the drama
is the best way to go about it. You always know you’re never going to be the
top 5% because there are just people who have way more time to play the game than you are,
exploit or not. The issue is that I can totally in my brain
accept that, the thing I can’t accept is things just being made harder for the rest of us
on top of that. Archeage Unchained is a good game, it’s the
most fun I’ve had in an mmorpg for a while truth be told, I wish I could play more. They are definitely going to find themselves
in a hostile community though if they keep handling things this way. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays
out I guess. I wouldn’t let this stop me from playing the
game but it definitely wasn’t handled at all well and I feel like if I make a video saying
the game is worth buying and outlining the good things, it’s also my responsibility to
make a video explaining the bad things too. I honestly really like the game and I see
that there’s rumours of a new EU server opening up. Even 1 week in and 10s of hours, I’m super
tempted to reroll on the new server with the potential less population and put in those
hours grinding back to 50+ just to avoid the feeling that people on my server have an unfair
advantage. People aare going to comment on this video
and say I’m over reacting or that It’s not a big deal and that I shouldn’t make a video
about this. People also comment on my videos saying I’m
bias and give archeage a good review because I have an affiliate link. You can’t really win in content creation unless
you’re just a drone that says only neutral things about the game so there we go. There’s probably more to be said on this topic
that I just totally forgot about and I’ll remember after I press release on the video
like there usually is. I know mid writing the script for this I had
to go do something else for a few hours and came back mid sentence and totally forgot
my train of thought so maybe this will deserve a follow up once the dust settles. Special thanks to the people supporting me
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