Arjun Suravaram Trailer – Nikhil Siddhartha, Lavanya Tripati | T Santhosh | Sam C S

Arjun must be arrested immediately Arjun must be arrested immediately You know how big a scam he has committed? Not one or two rupees, it is Thirteen crores. The world now sees him just as a worthless idiot! I am mad at you not because you lied, but because you are nothing but a lie. Not as a victim, but you must think like a reporter now These certificates that we earned through our hard work, are not mere papers, but they mean our identity. He is just a bloody kid Andhra Univeristy, Osmania University, JNTU, Certificates of all, all universities are here. What he needs is evidence. He will come after us for sure. RUNNNNN I urge every student, this is OUR problem and ONLY we MUST solve this.


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