As You Like It | Feature Trailer | Royal Shakespeare Company

Oh it was amazing.
I thought it was great… …I thought it was visually, absolutely stunning. I’d say it’s got a bit of everything. A bit of romance, a bit of rivalry. I really particularly liked the strong female lead. I loved the characters.
It’s for everyone…I think it’s for everyone. Just a good evening out.
A good evening out. The costumes, the set – it was wonderful. First of all the acting was brilliant – and I came all the way from the United States to see something like this. As a newcomer I was just blown away by it all. It’s really good. Very vibrant and lively and funny.
A good night out and great fun. It’s incredible. Incredible. They’ve got to go and see it to experience it. Plunge in, immerse yourself, get the ticket. It was a really fun play and you should go and check it out. Out of ten – ten!


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