As You Like It: Rosalind and Orlando | Shakespeare’s Globe | Rent or Buy on Globe Player

Sir, you have well deserved:
If you do keep your promises in love But justly, as you have exceeded all promise,
Your mistress shall be happy. Gentleman, Wear this for me, one out of suits with fortune, That could give more, but that her hand lacks
means. Shall we go, coz? Ay. Fare you well, fair gentleman. Can I not say, I thank you? My better parts
Are all thrown down, and that which here stands up
Is but a quintain, a mere lifeless block. He calls us back: my pride fell with my fortunes;
I’ll ask him what he would. Did you call, sir?
Sir, you have wrestled well and overthrown More than your enemies. Will you go, coz? Have with you. Fare you well.


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