Asian Drama Mix | WAKE UP! [w/ SweetChan91]

Just as misfortune come to you unexpectedly… Miracle also… Comes out of the blue… Just as we’re about to give up hope. Do you know why I don’t like you? Your attitude annoys me. Where do people go when they die? I can’t escape it anyway. I’m sorry, Sang Mi. Please wake me up. I miss you. Why?! Surely. I’ll never come back. I’m sorry. Your father… …has cancer. Please, I beg you. Big brother’s death… …was not my fault. The thruth is… All my life, I’ve been trying hard not to kill myself. At this moment… I know that with one step… I could leave this world. Why?! Are you a piece of trash? On that day, my heart was cast aside. What should I do now? I’m sorry. Jae Young! Please get me out of there! How can he live with all this? Soo Woo! I meant to let it go. But my heart aches more than I expected.

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