Ask Innis: Professor Edition (Cinema Studies)

Don’t go into any film course, especially
introduction to film study which is the course probably take as a first year student, expecting that that course will or
should like shore up your own taste in movies,
your already existing taste. One of the wonderful things about Cinema Studies courses is that they open up your eyes to all kinds of cinema that you may never have encountered before. You don’t want to close yourself off to
that possibility, you don’t want to be hostile to that
possibility, you want to embrace it. Because that’s the fun, and there is a
very good chance that you’re going to leave introduction to film study or any other
film course loving different movies than the ones that you came in loving and that’s a sign that you’ve been exposed
to new things new movies, new ideas, new directors, new film movements new national cinemas and that’s a good thing.

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