ASTRO 2019 Web drama 網劇 Soul Plate – Ep 3 Daughter tired for take care mother 女兒為照顧母親而疲倦 (Eng/中字)

SOUL PLATE Episode 3 So you’re saying She just burst through the time zone? Her human body can’t be carry this power That’s probably why she lost consciousness What if she wakes up and lose memory like a TV series? amnesia!? Grandpa Grandpa Grandpa Huh? Oh! She’ moving It seems to be a recovery consciousness. grandpa Ah, please Where am I? You guys are from SOUL PLATE? How did I get here? Let’s talk about it later How do you feel? Are you hurt anywhere? Why didn’t the necklace be worn? Necklace? Are you on diet? Oh? Some sound from your stomach when you lose consciousness Eat some Wow! It’s abalone porridge? How do you know that I like to eat abalone porridge? Ng…. ng.. Delicious Did you make this yourself? Yeah Mosquito mosquito It seems that there are mosquitoes in the restaurant. Enjoy your meal Yummy Why did you lie? What’s wrong with me? At first glance, I know that it is a reaction to lying allergies Not that I don’t itch at all What about this? You’re dry fool So this is delicious? Is he not here today? Who? No, nothing Is it the chef’s day off today? Looking for me? It’s almost time to open but I haven’t seen you I thought maybe you got fired because of you’re too mean All are right When did you start to be so nosy? What’s matter? Get go Geez, what a weirdo Ah, this Oops, did my heart flutter for him? No way, not for a jerk I know, that’s it. Fine Then why don’t you look after Mom instead Since you’re generous and understanding It’s up to you to support your mother now I will not pick up calls from hospital and you anymore Brother, manage it yourself, got it? I think you need to drink this more than water Staff is smart, this is good restaurant Ah….. I feel better now We don’t have much variety on our menu Never mind, just give me whatever the best dish here Is here a Korean cuisine restaurant? That day, my baby was so fussy in the mid night I was too tired 20 years ago Really!? Where is Mom when I need her? Hey, what’s wrong with Seojun? Mom, where did you go without a word? Seojun is keep crying Let me see What’s up with him? Seojun! He needs go to hospital! Seojun! Seojun! Seojun! You are scared, right? His fever has gone down, so it should be okay At his age, it’s normal to have fevers for no reason. Sometimes it will be shocked Have I had it before? Of course I remember how scared I was at that time Geez, Ouch… Mom, what’s wrong? Mom, why came out without wearing shoes? Can I still think of wearing shoes in a rush? mom…… nothing Mom doesn’t matter. I… As long as you and our little prince are okay Walking out in barefoot is no big deal is it? Our little prince Let’s go, Let’s go, move faster mom…… Here You took a bus to there for just buy kelp? The kelp and beef sell in that market is the best You see that the luster on the soup is different You always say have knee pain Next time I will make it with abalone Have your soup with rice Hurry to have it, the soup is going to be cold delicious? The soup is going to be cold, hurry up have it Mom How did you get here? Are you coming alone? Mom, are you regaining consciousness now? Can you recognize who I am? My pretty daughter, Youngae Mom, I am wrong Mom is so good to me Ten years….. Just because I took care of you for 10 years… I won’t be like this again in the future Mom…… You have to stay with me for a long time Stay for long time, okay? Promise me Don’t be too sad Don’t cry too much Um, I promise Oh…come on Mom is not a child Here, I promise Wait a minute Mother nursing home Ouch Mom Did you come out the hospital without a word? Wait a minute Oh, I’m sorry What are you saying? My mother passed away? My mom just.. Mom! Mom! Mom? Excuse me Did you see where my mom went? The old lady who was sitting here with me Maybe she going to the restroom Where is the restroom? You’ve been alone here whole time What did you say? My mom was just here She told me to have kelp soup Let me not cry.. Let me not cry……. Don’t be too sad Don’t cry too much Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Oooh…… Why are moms so important to humans ? It hasn’t been this sad for a while Why are you spraying that? The mist hides a man’s tears Let’s try the soup I made… Why are you taking it? I like to drink seaweed soup. This food was made for one person only Others can’t eat This is what I did. Anyway, we fulfilled our mission Do you even know recently how serious is food waste in human world ? I’ll eat it for save sake environmental… Here you glaring me like that again I’m going to smash his face in and just go straight back heaven! Come here Da Da What that? Seaweed soup and rice? It looks very tasty Oh, it’s hot Hot Hot taste it I am speechless….. Oh~ yummy Sophia? What are you doing here at this hour? I had same dreams every night Dreaming of being with someone but not seeing his face Beginning I thought it was my late parents But I saw him again today It was you Whether it is the past, future or the dream You said that we’ve never seen or met, right? But you’re wrong We have seen before Which is why you always appear in my dreams After wearing this necklace, I never had that dream again you And you guys Who are you all?


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