Asura Full Movie – 2017 Telugu Full Movies – Nara Rohith, Priya Banerjee

Smoking and drinking
is injurious to health. Smoking and drinking
is injurious to health. What happened to this city? It is filled with
stifling smoke and grime. Why doesn’t anyone object? Why should we endure this in silence? We should put an end
to this careless attitude. Don’t hesitate when you
see anyone smoking cigarettes. Smoking in public places is banned. Breaking the law will result in fine. Don’t smoke. Don’t let others smoke. Smoking results in great loss. Hunt. Hunt. When monsters with twisted
horns and puffed up chests.. ..challenge your guts,
crush them to the ground. Hunt. Hunt. Guards Team Alert! Guards Team Alert! 11 prisoners have escaped from the.. ..shadow puppet show
in the jail recreation hall. Inform the Control Room. Sir, we received information
that the escaped prisoners.. ..are headed to the quarry
at the city outskirts. Where is jailor Dharma?
Where is jailor Dharma? Come on! Hurry! Run! Hunt. Hunt. Arrogant demons,
shameless brutes, cruel fiends.. ..and conceited monsters. Goad them, threaten them,
chase them and crush them. Become a demon to these demons. Slay these animals. Hunt. Hunt. The jailor. You think you will
escape from my jail? How far will you run? “He chases.
He hunts. He crushes. He destroys.” “He chases.
He hunts. He crushes. He destroys.” “Wage a war, brave warrior.” “Demon.” “Courage is like a fire inside you.” “Demon.” “When fiends rear their
ugly heads and challenge fate..” “..he pounces on them
like a mighty warrior.” “When beasts challenge
him and cleverly break the law..” “..he displays his
wrath and upholds justice.” “Come, you are the warrior.” “He chases.
He hunts. He crushes. He destroys.” “Wage a war, brave warrior.
The battlefield is yours.” “Get ready, warrior.
Become a powerful weapon.” “He is the law that
annihilates crime.” “He is the third eye that
burns wrongdoers to ashes.” “He is the reflection of fiery truth.” “He is the proof of justice.” “He always supports the good ones.” “He makes life difficult
for the evil ones.” “He crosses the
boundaries of justice..” “ order to bring
an end to injustice.” “When fiends rear their
ugly heads and challenge fate..” “..he pounces on them
like a mighty warrior.” “When beasts challenge
him and cleverly break the law..” “..he displays his
wrath and upholds justice.” “Wage a war, brave warrior.” “He chases. He hunts.” “Unleash the fire inside you.” “He crushes. He destroys.” We give them three meals a day.. ..mutton and chicken every Sunday.. ..and teach them to earn
their livelihood after going out.. ..but they are always
planning to escape. They will never change, sir. Changing is not so easy. We try to change the ones
that come to jail, Madhava. But living inside four walls
is not enough to become good. They should be living
amidst good people.. ..but they can’t find
any good people here. Even if they find good people,
they will turn them bad, sir. Take. Take it. You ran six kilometers
at a breakneck speed. I’m sure you are tired. Escaping only increases
the seriousness of your crime. How far can you run? You are going to get
out of jail in ten days. Why did you want to escape now? My mother won’t
survive till then, sir. I’m doing prison time for her. I didn’t hit that union
leader on purpose, sir. The factory owner made
me do it in order to.. ..lessen the union problems. He promised me that he’ll
find a liver donor for my mother. But my mother’s situation
has worsened, sir. The owner hasn’t
done what he promised. What should I do? These reasons will not
turn the wrong into right. They will not reduce
your sentence too. Whatever the case is,
what you did is wrong, Malli. You should trust yourself,
but you trusted another man. That’s the problem. Madhava!
– Yes, sir? Find out about his mother
and that factory owner. Okay, sir. – Do the necessary
for his mother’s surgery. Okay, sir. Did you hear anything
about superintendent sir? It seems he had a
surgery to remove ulcers. He has to take rest for three weeks. Hello!
– Hello, Dharma! Where are you? Some birds in jail
developed new wings. I’m just clipping them. My uncle’s family is on the way.
– Where are they meeting? On the Ramapuram Road,
at Prashanth Hotel. I will take care of it.
– Dharma, is this necessary? Listen.. Dharma.. Dharma.. He will not listen. Everybody’s favorite music
director Ilayaraja’s song.. ..on your favorite FM.
Listen and enjoy. Go on. Go on. Stop. Stop. Park it that side. That side. Lower the glass. We have some work with you.
Wait five minutes, sir. “Janaki never thought
that she’ll be Rama’s wife.” “Rama never imagined that
he’ll be Janaki’s husband.” “Something that nobody
ever imagined..” “..has become a reality for us today.” Hello, sir!
– Hello! My name is Dharma Teja.
Everyone calls me Dharma. I work here in Rajahmundry
Central Jail as the jailor. I’m from Chittoor.
My lost my parents.. Sorry, why are you
telling me all this? Why did you stop my car? I need to tell you something, sir. You may or may not like this,
but you have to hear it. I want to get married
to your daughter, sir. You don’t have to go
for the matchmaking interview. Harika, wait. I think the atmosphere is hot.
Cool down. You too, sir. Cool down. Take it, sir.
– Take it, sir. Do you know him?
– Actually.. We’ve been in love
since the past three years. Not three years, five years. Dharma was my senior in college. Be quiet, Harika.
You nicely dressed up in new clothes.. go for the matchmaking interview. You should’ve told
your dad about us long ago. I’ve chosen a close
relative for Harika. I will get her married to him. A marriage doesn’t need
a close relative, sir.. needs a close bond with someone. Listen, I already made up
my mind about Harika’s wedding. So, stop this discussion
right here in the street. Don’t bring it up to my house, please. Sir, just one thing before you leave. I could’ve married Harika
and then come to you. I didn’t do that. That’s
my way of showing respect to you. But that option is still open to me. And I’m sorry for wasting
your precious time. Uncle! Nobody will ever
love Harika more than Dharma. I know Dharma very well. Earlier, I spoke my friend
in the commissioner’s office. He told me that man’s whole history. I understood his character
in the few minutes that I met him. I can’t give my daughter
to a man like him. I agree that he is
a little short tempered. But that’s because of
what he faced in his life. He lost everything at the age of nine. His parents were mercilessly
murdered before his eyes.. ..because of strife
between political parties. Those murderers got out
of prison within six months. He suffered that injustice,
he grew up alone.. ..and turned into a man
who cannot tolerate crime. He might be a good man in your eyes.. ..but he is not suited for us. When I reach home, I will
talk to the bridegroom’s family.. ..and call you back. Take care of Harika
until her course is done. Uncle! Where are you?
– I’m doing work. I asked you where you are. On my way to the hospital
to meet superintendent sir. Go on. Go about your work
after getting me in trouble. Dad is really angry with me. He said he will speak
to the groom’s family again.. ..after reaching home. Why did you directly come
to meet him without telling me? We had to tell him sooner or later. Since you didn’t do it, I did it. Didn’t you find any
other time to do it? Anyway, will you
meet me in the evening? Harika, can I call you later? You are.. Darn.. Come in, poet. Come in. I’m not a poet, sir. People like you will
never let me become one. What did I do now? I asked you for a long leave,
but you took one for yourself. What will you do after taking leave?
Will you write poems? I have only one desire in my life,
to become a good poet. I will write all
my feelings in a book.. ..and release it in the market.
Wait and watch. Your desire and your rage
are not a good fit, Dharma. What you see outside
is the just the surface, sir.. ..the poet resides inside me. Anyway, how is your health, sir? I’m okay.
I will be fine in two to three weeks. I heard you caught escaping
prisoners this morning.. ..and thrashed them well. I heard one of them
has a broken leg now. Learn to communicate
with people with words. People remember punches
more than words, sir. And in my view, good is bad. Drink this juice, sir. Just think about it.
We are in a government job. We’ve to follow some rules. Results are more important
to me than rules. Continue doing what you like. Human Rights Commission
has its eyes on you. Remember that. It seems you are a monster,
not a savior. That’s the talk in their office. I didn’t do anything
wrong as far as I know, sir. In the past, a man who
ended wickedness was called God. I’m doing the same thing
now but they call me a monster. I can’t do anything about it, sir. I will take your leave, sir.
I hope you recover soon. Dharma, I want to say one
last thing before you leave. Not everything happens as we want. Take care.
– Okay, sir. Bring them down. Get up. Get down. Get up. Get down. Go inside. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.
– We beat him up. ‘Charlie.
What is he doing in this jail?’ Sir! Good morning, sir!
Files, sir. His name is Prabhakar. The leader in Sitapuram’s
commotion case. Five years sentence. Put him in B Block. His name is Sambadu. A rowdy-sheeter. Attempted murder
case on MLA Kantha Rao. Three years sentence. A Block. Name is Batthula Kamesh.
Chit fund cheating case. Two years sentence. B Block. He has been shifted here
from Vijayawada sub-jail. Name is Chandrashekar, alias Charlie. Accused in Dilip Kotta
and family’s murder case. He was sentenced
to death five years ago. But he filed a petition
to the president for pardon. His petition is still in pending. After committing a crime
and getting a death sentence.. lived another
five years in this system. That is way more than you deserve. Pardon is for human beings,
not for you. I won’t die. I will live. A man who kills doesn’t
deserve to live. Madhava!
– Yes, sir? Put him separately in D Block. Okay, sir. I don’t care what you did
and how you lived before coming here. But now that you are here,
be on your best behavior. Madhava!
– Sir. Come on. Let’s go. Chandrashekar alias
Charlie is one of the.. ..biggest diamond merchants in India. He is a young man but is
the very epitome of intelligence. Since he lost his mother as a child,
lived away from father.. ..and grew up amidst riches.. ..Charlie had nobody
to stop him from anything. He was surrounded with
girls and money. He was arrogant. He had the courage to make mistakes.. ..and the intelligence
to get away with them. That’s how Charlie lived his life. Charlie’s father Dilip Kotta. Dilip Kotta believed
that his son will be.. ..more successful than him. But Charlie turned into a
son that he never imagined. – Hello! Charlie disliked Dilip
Kotta’s second wife Bharathi.. ..and her children.
– Why are you always with the phone? Five years after Dilip
Kotta’s first wife’s death.. ..the elderly ones convinced
him for a second marriage. Charlie did not want them
to have a share in the wealth.. ..or be considered
his family in the society. So he created fake proofs.. ..that his father and
Bharathi Devi were not married. And after Dilip Kotta’s death,
Charlie didn’t allow.. ..Bharathi Devi or her kids
to see him for the last time. Since they couldn’t bear that.. ..they started a legal
battle with Charlie. The court gave a verdict
that Bharathi Devi’s children.. ..have a share in the
wealth along with Charlie.. ..because they too were
Dilip Kotta’s children. This is rubbish!
Nobody can have a share in it! This is my kingdom. Get out! Charlie refused to
accept that verdict. He was a hot headed young man. And he was spiteful
because he lost the case. One day he went to
Bharathi Devi’s house.. Move! Get out of my way! How dare you file a case against me! Don’t you know how I am? Let her go. Let her go.
– Get lost! Dilip Kotta has only one son,
and that’s me. Children born out of
pleasure are not heirs. Don’t kill him. No. I’m Charlie! Oh God! Laxmi! Die! Do you think I will
bring garbage into my house? After that he chopped
their bodies into pieces.. ..and burned them in a mud brick kiln. During Bharathi Devi’s
search for her children.. ..the police found the
remains of their bodies. People were shocked to
hear about their massacre. The police filed a case on Charlie. Will you hang him to death?
– He was arrested and taken to the court. After hearing the arguments
on both sides and.. ..examining the evidence,
the court finds.. ..Chandrashekar alias
Charlie guilty as charged. By brutally murdering
his own family members.. ..Mamatha,
Laxmi, Pawan and Rajeshwaramma.. ..Charlie is sending a
wrong message to the society. So, under IPC Sections 302 and 303.. ..considering this as
a rarest of the rare case.. ..the court sentences
Charlie to death by hanging. Hello! I’m Yamini. Welcome to NTV. Hello! The murders of your family
have shocked the state. One of your family members
caused their deaths. How could you endure
that sorrow all alone? In the past,
whenever I faced problems in my life.. ..I used to feel sad,
but I was never scared. But with regard to my family,
I have no courage left. We have heard that you
are establishing a trust. Will you tell us about it? In our country,
many unfortunate ones like me.. ..are facing such injustices. So, I’m planning to sell this house.. ..and establish a trust
in the memory of my family. That trust will support
people who face injustices.. ..and want to fight for justice. How will you gather funds for it? I’ve applied to some
financial institutions I know. I haven’t had any responses yet.
I’m waiting. Justice has become
really expensive, sir. Injustice is everywhere
and available free of cost. That’s why people are used to it. What is this, sir? Why should
Bharathi Devi sell her house.. help people get
justice in the country? Some things are inevitable, Dharma. It must’ve taken him just
five minutes to commit the crime. He was sentenced
to death five years ago. If we still delay,
people will lose faith in justice. Yes?
– Is Harika at home? Wait for five minutes. I feel they don’t go out
unless they apply all that stuff. Why did you come so late? Are you running a beauty
parlor in your hostel? This is how a ladies hostel is. Forget about us.
Did you ever see your face? You and your dirty hair look terrible. You should maintain a
little glamour at this age. Superficial glamour
doesn’t interest me. You don’t need a baton.
You can hit people with words. Why did you call me here? I will tell you.
First give me your wallet. Don’t you have a photo of me? Why your photo? Why my photo? You will never change. Wait in the car.
Don’t smoke cigarettes. I’ll be down in five minutes. Come on, hurry up.
Get in. We are late. Hey, you three sit behind.
– Okay, okay. Let’s go. All my friends are
average looking, right? I’m the most beautiful one, right? What is this? We are going to our
friend Suji’s engagement. I will send your
car back at night. Okay? Beautiful women have more tax.
You have to pay them. Come on.
– Madam, what about sir? Your sir will take a taxi or an auto.
Come on, let’s go. Okay, sir. “Is this nameless
mischief called love?” “It is creating an unknown
flutter in my heart.” “My heart refuses to do my bidding.” “You touched me like a
light coming out of a dream.” “I forget my thoughts
when I look at you.” “I still can’t believe
that you are with me.” “I’m searching for you
when you are right before me.” “My lips are prompting me,
words are failing me..” “..but I still want to say this now.” “I’m getting close to
you by crossing all barriers.” “I’m hiding you in my heart.” “Is this nameless
mischief called love?” “It is creating an unknown
flutter in my heart.” “My heart refuses to do my bidding.” “I’m lost in your thoughts.” “I need you like air to keep living.” “I hear all your stories.” “I continue nodding
my head waiting for you.” “I constantly think about
you and call out to you.” “I walk behind you like your shadow.” “You touched me like a
light coming out of a dream.” “I forget my thoughts
when I look at you.” “Is this nameless
mischief called love?” “It is creating an unknown
flutter in my heart.” Boss! Do you remember me? I came to rob your
showroom five years ago.. ..and you broke my legs. I’m Pandu. How dare you try to steal my diamonds! Tell the SI to book
another four cases on him.. ..and put him behind bars. Now you are here.
Who will save your diamonds there? Let’s do one thing. If you
tell me where the diamonds are.. least I can live a good
life after getting out of here. They are going to hang you anyway. Come on. Come on. Come on. “He is full of devious tricks.” “He is full of devilish tactics.” “He is the mirror image of a serpent.” “He is the mastermind of evil.” How are you? Your petition to the
president for pardon.. That file has been moved up. Your favorite sweets. Sir! Have it. I met your auditor yesterday.
He said that.. told him to transfer
all the shares to Dubai. Did you come to a decision
about your locker? Charlie! Won’t you talk to me? Call up Dubai Ravi. We are going to Dubai very soon. What are you talking about? Nobody can kill me, Sarah.
I know what to do. You go. Tell me, Charlie.
In order to get me out of here..’ve to arrange bail for someone. Is DIG sir inside?
– Yes, sir. Sir! Yes, come in. It’s been a long time
since I saw you and your jail. Won’t your superintendent
joining the duty again? He’s on leave since a month. He’s still undergoing treatment, sir. Look, Dharma.
Who doesn’t have health problems? Don’t we have them?
Aren’t we coming to work? Why did you call me, sir? ‘Hmm. He is never
short of answers though.’ Hmm. What is this, sir? – Charlie’s
petition for pardon was rejected.. the president yesterday. I spoke with the state
home ministry as well. We have to hang Charlie
the coming Monday. We don’t have much time.
Go make the arrangements. ‘It is not wrong.
Killing is not wrong.’ ‘Sound the horn today.’ ‘The scriptures and
saints agree on this.’ ‘This is the essence
of holy writings.’ ‘It is justice to destroy the unjust.’ ‘It is lawful to
execute the unlawful.’ ‘It is not wrong.
Killing is not wrong.’ ‘Killing is not wrong.
Sound the horn today.’ The president rejected
your petition for pardon. I have the orders.
You will be hanged on Monday. Crime and sin are the same. Once you do them,
they will follow you till death. This is your death warrant.
Read it and sign it. I told you I won’t die.
Don’t you get it? Whether you sign it or not.. ..nobody can stop
what is going to happen. You thought it was easy to kill. Does dying look difficult? If you stopped to think for a minute.. ..your family would’ve been alive. They are not my family. Charlie! You start loving your life more.. ..when you find out that
you are going to lose it. That’s common. You did the horrible
crime of killing people.. your death is not wrong. A sad scene of his helpless death. America showed the world.. ..that a tyrant doesn’t
deserve a better death than this. Hello! Is this Bhallari Veera?
– Yes. I’m warden Madhava
from the Central Jail. We are going to hang
a man in our jail in two days. Come and make the needed arrangements. Okay, sir. I will come, sir. Son, I don’t want you to go. Listen to me and tell
them that you are not coming. Your father didn’t leave
this rope until his death. Hanging people to death
will bring their curses upon you. Mom, you say we are taking
lives by hanging them. But in reality we are giving
life to justice by hanging them. And I decided long back
that I will do what father did. What is that grease on your hands? It is very old. I had to oil it well. Many years ago,
your father hanged the serial killer.. ..Nami Kushtab right here. And now you are going to do it. You are carrying your father’s legacy. Yes. But mother doesn’t
want me to do this job. But I was waiting for the call. It is not an easy job
to hang a man to death. We have to consider the knot,
the man’s height and weight.. ..and do many calculations. We can hang a person in
a painless way too, you know. We can at least help
him to die in peace. You’ll be doing it for the first time,
are you nervous? What’s there to be nervous about?
It’s my job. Veera, how are you? I’m good, sir. He is Veera, Suri’s son.
– Hmm. He is magistrate Satya Rao. He will oversee the hanging tomorrow. Veera, is everything okay? Everything is ready, sir.
I checked everything. It will be done by evening. Heartbeat is normal. BP is steady too. He is physically fit. Does he have a last wish? No, sir.
He didn’t say a word till now. Sir! Files, sir. Did you come? Didn’t you go to class today? No, I didn’t. You are on leave today. So I came to spend time with you. I came to this town to
live in that pathetic hostel.. be closer to you. I don’t need to study
well and earn millions, do I? When my future husband
is a famous jailor.. ..I don’t have to worry about working. If you miss class one day a week.. ..the institute will disqualify you. Let them do it.
I want to stop going anyway. Do you know something?
My hand brings good luck. You narrate your poems
to me and I will type them. Then you’ll become a very famous poet. Will you still love
me or will you change? Answer me.
Why don’t you speak? Answer me. What should I say? Say something. Should I say it? I’m ready. Sir, you have a call from the office. I will come back later. What if my dad would
have taken me home with him.. ..and got me married to that man? If he would have taken you,
I would have come searching. What gives you this courage? Why would I need courage for that?
You when I’ll need courage? I’ll need courage to watch
a man being hanged before me. Sir, it is time.
Shall I ask them to bring him in? Okay. Madhava!
– Yes, sir. Charlie! It is time.
If you are ready, let’s go. “He is full of devious tricks.” “He is full of devilish tactics.” “He is the mirror image of a serpent.” “He is the mastermind of evil.” “He is the very epitome of betrayal.” “He is the face of trickery.” “He is the boss of treachery.” “He is the demon incarnate.” Charlie! Bring some water. Call the doctor. Hold his legs. Charlie! Charlie! Come on, hurry up. Sir, Charlie collapsed.
– What? He is unconscious.
I think he took some kind of drug. He won’t become conscious
until tomorrow morning. What do we do now? We’ll postpone the execution, sir.
I’ll take care of him. What are you all doing there? How did a man that is going
to be hanged get that drug? Is this how you do your duty?
This is a huge mistake. We will be in big trouble
if the media gets wind of it. Deal with it carefully.
– Okay, sir. On Charlie’s visitor’s day.. ..this girl brought
him that sweet box, sir. Her name is Sarah.
She is Charlie’s girlfriend. She is in Bangalore now. Arrange for her to be picked
up from Bangalore right now. Okay, sir. Is Charlie conscious now?
– Yes, sir. Shift him to his block tomorrow. I will give you further
instructions later. Okay, sir. Hey, wait. Where are you going? Uncle, I will be released today. Let me say by to Charlie. Wait. Take this. Boss! I didn’t think
I will see you again. You put me in jail,
now why are you helping me get out? I don’t care if it
is a friend or an enemy. I only care if it is
profitable to me or not. But how will it be profitable
to you if I go out? Why did you call me here? I want to make a deal with you, Pandu. Who do you want? Is Mutyam here?
– Just a minute. Boss, someone is here for Mutyam. I’m here to see Mutyam. Who are you?
– I’m Pandu. Mutyam knows me very well. You are his little brother, right? Brother, going to show. I don’t have personal
enmity with you, Sudhakar. If you do as I say,
you will save your life.. ..and I will get what I want. I will give you whatever you want. Take this theater if you want.
Please let me go. You work hard to earn,
but I give hardships to earn. Hey! The black letters on this
white page are worth 120 million. I want them. Kill him in a way that
nobody hears his shrieks. Burn him body in a way
that nobody finds the remains. Hello, sir! Pandu! How are you?
When did you come out of jail? Just yesterday, sir. I heard that you
came back from Mumbai. When I asked our men at the center,
they said you’re here. What are you doing here, sir? This theater’s owner
called me for a settlement. I made his theater my own. Very good, sir.
It is a good center, good place. If you demolish this
theater and build.. ..a huge shopping mall,
you can live your life in luxury. You can’t build a mall with words.. need bags of money. And it will take a lot of
time to earn that kind of money. Those who work hard to earn
money will take a lot of time. Robbers like us don’t
need that much time. Sir, I have a deal. If we do that.. ..not just one mall,
we can build many malls. What is that? Diamond merchant Charlie
is sentenced to death. I met him in jail. A couple
of days ago he cleverly dodged death. That same Charlie
arranged a bail for me. I met him before coming out of jail. You took a huge risk
to steal just two diamonds.. ..from my showroom.
I have 90 such diamonds. They are safe in my personal locker. If you do my job, I’ll give
you half of them, 45 diamonds.. ..which are worth 500 million rupees. Where is that locker? Nobody knows where my locker is. Now listen carefully to me. In a few days they
will try to hang me again. I shouldn’t die. Nothing is more important
to me than my life, Pandu. Do something.
Use whatever means you have to. But I should live. I reduced your sentence.
Go out and increase my lifespan. Go, prepare a plan. If everything is okay,
fly green kites next Thursday.. ..towards the east side of our jail,
near the watchtower. Remember it.
45 diamonds. Literally 500 million. 45 diamonds. Literally 500 million. What if he refuses to give
us diamonds after coming out? His life is more important to him. He won’t think about those diamonds. Charlie will live. How are you, Solomon?
I’ve met you after a long time. I’m good, sir. My men told us that you got
a transfer to the DIG’s office. Yes, sir. I’ve joined two years ago. Diamond merchant Charlie
is ready to be hanged, right? Yes. I need each and every small
detail about this execution. Solomon, if you do this favor.. ..I will make sure you
are well settled in life. I know you well, sir.
I will do whatever you want me to do. But please don’t forget
me after the job is done. Are you Sarah?
– Yes. Jail food suits your Charlie. But the sweets you gave
him lovingly didn’t suit him. Why is that? Speak up. Does Charlie take drugs? Yes. He takes sometimes in parties. When did he tell you
to bring that drug for him? When I came here
to meet him last week. I thought he wants
to use it for pleasure. I didn’t know he was going
to use it to escape death. What drug is that? Ketamine drug. Did he say anything else? Take Sarah into custody
for bringing drugs to jail. I will tell you. Charlie said he won’t die.
He said we will run away.. ..and settle down in Dubai. I didn’t believe him because
I thought it was impossible. I know Charlie well.
He will go to any lengths.. achieve what he desires. You might have felt that
you are helping Charlie. But you are in trouble for it. What did I do? Why are you trapping
me in it and troubling me? Some do mistakes because of ignorance. But some do it cleverly on purpose. I don’t like the second type. Take her. Handover her at the station. Okay, sir. I won’t die. I will live. I said I won’t die. Don’t you get it? Bed relations are powerful
than blood relations, sir. They do anything for them. Open the dark cell. Okay, sir. If everything is okay,
fly green kites next Thursday. Cool breeze. Green trees. Being around nature is
giving you new thoughts and hope. Maybe you think that
you’ve cleverly escaped death. You can’t escape from me. We arrested your
Sarah for helping you. Spend your last days in this darkness. Jailor! One word.
You can’t block my path.. putting me in this dark cell.
Remember that. You don’t have to push
me into this darkness. I won’t come into the light.
I won’t see the sun. That will happen only
after I achieve what I want. Jailor! You won’t be able
to see me from now on. But you will see the game I started. He looks good, doesn’t he? It seems he liked me very much,
you know. Marry him if he likes you so much. I’ll invite you for the wedding.
You can come for the feast. Don’t forget to bring me a gift. I was a fool to depend on you. Darn. You were able to stop
the matchmaking interview. But the bridegroom
doesn’t want to stop. He is pestering my
dad with his phone calls. You will not think about our wedding. My dad will not think about you. How can I think straight
with all this stress? Dad asked me to come home next week. I think he is going
to finalize that proposal. I’m scared. I understand your situation.
Don’t worry. I’ll handle it. I have some work. Meet you later. We finalized Saturday
for Charlie’s execution. Do your duties properly
at least this time. What is Charlie’s condition? We put him in the dark cell, sir. Hmm. We wouldn’t
have had this problem.. ..if you had done this before. We can physically control a person,
but not mentally, sir. You are not able
to control one prisoner. What kind of a jailor are you? If we can’t execute a prisoner
like Charlie, we are waste. Don’t worry, sir.
I’ll take care of it. He is a criminal and
he won’t escape punishment. Charlie won’t live. You will be hanged
to death this Saturday. You can’t escape it this time. Charlie should live. Are you sure he is going
to be hanged on Saturday? Yes, sir. I saw his file just now. That’s why I called you here. Charlie won’t die.
I have a plan ready. Let’s start that work today. Okay, boss. If that plan works out,
our lives will change. Sir, we need to be
careful in this matter. Because we are going
up against Dharma.. ..the man who is known
as monster in the department. Monster? Do they ever win? Give me a cigarette.
– Okay. Wow, such a beautiful song. Old movies had such lovely songs. Not just songs,
those movies had good storylines too.. ..with good sentiments. There is good sentiment
in this story too. The Palestinian government.. a death
sentence to a terrorist. The hangman’s family
killed by a mob the same day. The police confirmed that
it was done by unknown men. Poor hangman is drowned in sorrow. Good. There is good sentiment
in this story too. The Palestinian government.. a death
sentence to a terrorist. The hangman’s family
killed by a mob the same day. The hangman’s family
killed by a mob the same day. The hangman’s family
killed by a mob the same day. The hangman’s family
killed by a mob the same day. The hangman’s family
killed by a mob the same day. The hangman’s family
killed by a mob the same day. Who were the men sitting here earlier? I don’t know.
I’ve never seen them here before. Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Hello! I think you connected the story. Who are you? You don’t know who we are. There is only one
thing you need to know. If Charlie dies tomorrow,
your mother will die too. Your mother will be in danger
if you tell this to anyone. Remember that. Sir! Sir! I don’t know who you are. But Charlie’s life or
death is not in my hands, sir. Try to understand me. Hello. Hello.. Sir! Hello! Sir! Hello! Our daughter is missing. What? Buddy, everything is set.
I spoke to the registrar. Harika and you are getting
married next Thursday. We just need address proof,
ID proof and two photos. I have the applications ready.
Check them. You just have to bring
two garlands and some sweets. And.. Buddy, I forgot.
We should call our friends.. ..for the witness signatures. You will be there. Me? Not me. If my uncle
finds out that I was a witness.. your wedding,
he will get me married once again. Okay. I’m going to Harika’s hostel. She’ll be happy to hear this news.
Will you come? No, you carry on.
I’ve some other work. Oh God! What else
will you make me see? Hey! Hey! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! The person you are calling
is unable to take your calls. Do you know where Harika went? I don’t know. The person you are calling
is unable to take your calls. If you want your Harika,
you have to do something for us. That is in your hands. You are executing Charlie
in your jail tomorrow. But Charlie shouldn’t die. If Charlies dies, Harika will die. You don’t have to know who we are. Without wasting any time.. ..think about a way
to keep Charlie alive. Who are you? Where did you bring me? Let me go! Your Harika will die if
you tell anyone about this letter. Be careful. Who are you? What do you want? Sir! I want details about
all the people Charlie met.. ..and spoke to after coming here. Okay, sir.
– Urgent. Okay, sir. Someone kidnapped a girl
to help you escape execution. Who did it? Someone is trying to
help you to escape death. Who is he? This is my jail. I can do anything to
you here and nobody will know. You will die before
you are hanged to death. I will shoot you. Speak up! Speak up! Sir, I spoke to our men. After Charlie came to our jail,
he spoke to just one man. Pandu. Why would Pandu help you? Forget Pandu, jailor. You help me. I will give you whatever you want. Nobody has the courage
or money needed to buy me. Diamonds. Diamonds. Did you promise diamonds to Pandu? You fool! Why would he take
such a big risk for diamonds? He can directly go to
your house and steal them. Jailor.. Jailor..
Nobody knows where my locker is. Even if they do, they will
need my fingerprints to open it. Are you using your
trickery to save your life? You won’t live. I won’t let you live. Nobody can stop your execution. Charlie! Everyone that comes
to stop your death.. ..will come searching
for his own death. According to our jail records,
this is Pandu’s address, sir. But they said they don’t
know anyone named Pandu. He gave us a wrong address, sir. His name is Pandu.
He got out of jail recently. Find him no matter where he is hiding. Hello! Yes, Dharma! Everything ready for
Charlie’s execution tomorrow? Dharma? Answer me.
Everything ready for tomorrow? Yes, sir. Good. Call me if you need anything.
Take care. Okay, sir. “He is a blazing sun.
He is a turbulent sea.” “He is a sword ready to slit.” “Monster.” “He is a lawman that is on a rampage.” “He is a slayer of criminals.” “He is a warrior
who never backs down.” “Monster.” “Even if there is hail,
he will not stop walking.” “He is a raging beast in the ring.” “He is Shiva who swallowed poison.” “He is Krishna who hid
the universe in himself.” “This man became a God himself.” “He is a blazing sun.
He is a turbulent sea.” “He is a sword ready to slit.” “Monster.” Sir.. Nothing, sir. “He achieves his purpose
to uphold justice.” “He punishes criminals
with unbridled rage.” “Monster.” “He is Arjuna who
doesn’t need weapons.” “He is Abhimanyu who
chased death in warfare.” “He condemns the wicked
deeds of cruel fiends.” “He is a friend who sheds
tears for common people.” “He is Keshava who
stabbed the sage’s eye.” “He is Kashyapa who
crushed evil Dashakanta.” “This man became
a shield against fate.” Sir, we searched everywhere for Pandu.
We didn’t find him. What do we do now, sir? Charlie’s execution
is at 6 am tomorrow morning. Make the arrangements. Sir, what about madam? Charlie’s execution shouldn’t stop. Charlie, it is time. Let’s go. “He is a raging fire.
He is a constant war.” “He is a monster
that never backs down.” “He destroys evil men.
He annihilates betrayers.” “He punishes them like God of Death.” “He fights evil but
submits to his own fate..” “ order to put an end
to the wicked deeds of injustice.” “He is a defender of
justice and righteousness.” The court has given a death sentence.. you Chandrashekar alias Charlie.. ..according to IPC
Sections 302 and 303. The President rejected
your petition for pardon. We are following the orders
to hang you to death today. How can I lose you, mother? I know how to save you. Hello! Sir, there was a problem
in the gallows setup. Charlie’s execution is stalled. What? What actually happened? There was some technical
problem inside, sir. Where is your Dharma? Jailor sir is talking
to the technician inside. You are good for nothing men. Tell your Dharma to come and see me. Okay, sir. Sir, the technician is here. Hello, sir. It is not so
easy for this joint to come undone. Maybe the bolt became loose
because it is old equipment. Or maybe someone
removed it on purpose. That’s why the shutters didn’t open. Get it repaired immediately. Okay, sir.
– See you later, sir. Sir! Malli! Today is your release date. Are the formalities done? Yes, sir. They are done. I wanted to meet you before I leave. You helped me on time that day. My mother is safe today
only because of you. I don’t want to just
thank you and be done with it. I don’t know how I can ever repay you. You came to jail to
save your mother’s life. Do good deeds when you go out.
Mother will be happy. Sure, sir. I’ll take your leave. Don’t let anyone
come to the dark cell.. ..without my permission. Okay, sir. Sir, DIG sir wants to see you. “Give me a kiss, it’s friday,
give me a kiss.” “Give me a kiss, it’s friday,
give me a kiss.” Nothing can stop your
plans from succeeding, sir. Their fear will make them do anything. And my greed will make me do anything. Yes, sir.
All three of them did their jobs. Charlie would’ve died
even if one of them backed out. You managed it so well, sir.. ..neither Dharma nor Charlie
could find out who did it. We still have a lot
of work to do, Solomon. We have to be extra careful
until our goal is achieved. Where is Pandu? I don’t know, sir. Pandu is the connecting
dot between us and Dharma. Tell him not to be seen in public. Okay, sir. There are two reasons for
not being able to do something. One is incapability,
second is not doing it on purpose. Only one of these two is true. It worked when we
did a trial check, sir. I don’t care about that. There is a lot of pressure
on me with regard to Charlie. No matter what the
mistake was or who did it.. ..I take the full
responsibility for it, sir. I’ve been watching you
since the beginning, Dharma. I don’t like anything you do. I’ve never done anything
that I don’t like till now, sir. From now I won’t do anything
that you don’t like, sir. Stop it, Dharma.
By evening I want a full report.. ..of your failure on my desk. Okay, sir.
– What is Charlie’s status? We put him in a dark cell, sir. Watch him carefully. You can leave now. Okay, sir. He is arrogant.. ..because he has the
support of his superintendent. I will find catch him one day. Mr. Satya Rao. Are you alright?
– Yes, sir? I’m okay, sir. Was there no other
option in the morning.. ..than to postpone the
man’s execution once again? I couldn’t do anything in that regard. That was Dharma’s decision. Sir, I have some
information about Pandu. It seems he got close to
one of the girls in a brothel. I heard he meets a girl
called Surabhi very often. We might get his details
if we catch that girl. “Come here, my girl.
You are my darling.” “My darling.” “O handsome man, come to me.” “This beauty’s pleasures
are yours to enjoy.” “Hustle with me in the
night as long as you like.” “Be with me and depart
only in the morning.” “Come here, my girl.
You are my darling.” “I came here stealthily
just to see you.” “Come here, my girl.
You are my darling.” “I will ride with you all night.” “O handsome man, come to me.” “This beauty’s pleasures
are yours to enjoy.” “Come here, my girl.
You are my darling.” “My youthful body desires you.” “Dance with me and
crush me in your embrace.” “Fondle my body with your hands.” “Cross the boundaries
and show me pleasure.” “Don’t worry, my girl.
Don’t hesitate.” “We both can win in this war of love.” “Come here, my girl.
You are my darling.” “I came here stealthily
just to see you.” “Come here, my girl.
You are my darling.” “I will ride with you all night.” “O handsome man, come to me.” “This beauty’s pleasures
are yours to enjoy.” “Come here, my girl.
You are my darling.” Who are you?
Why did you directly come to my room? I have never seen you here before. Okay, five minutes. Let me freshen up. Where can I find him? You.. Are you a policeman? I don’t know who he is. Listen!
– Yes, boss? Say 20.
– Okay, boss. Hey!
– Yes? He is Dharma, right? Yes, that’s him. Why did he stop here? Where is Asian Timber Depot? We don’t know. Where is Asian Timber Depot? Go straight and take a left.
It’s on the side. Darn! Where is Pandu?
– He is at the depot. Call him right now. Darn! What happened?
– I can’t get through. Hello? Hello! Hello, Pandu! Hello! Dharma is coming to the depot. Run. Hello?
– Pandu! Hello, sir. I can’t hear you. Wait a minute.
I’m coming out. Pandu, don’t come out.
Don’t come out. Listen to me. Listen.. Hello.. Pandu..
Pandu, Dharma is coming there. Hello! Hey, Seenu.
– What? A man is coming inside for me.
Take care of him. Who do you want? Where is Pandu? Boss, he came for Pandu. Who? Our limping Pandu? Yes, boss. Is Pandu inside?
– No, boss. He is not here. He is inside. Is Pandu inside? No, boss.
– Look, I want Pandu. I think you won’t believe us.
I’ll come to the point. You won’t find Pandu.
We won’t let you find him. I will find what I came for.
I don’t need your permission. You will threaten
us in our own compound? I don’t understand how
this compound thing works. I told you what I want.
Will you take me to him? Or do you want me to find him myself? Sir wants something. Take him there. Hey! Come close only
if you have courage. Cowards better walk away.
I’m warning you. Hey! “Monster.” “Monster.” Come on! Come on! Darn! Where is Pandu? How do you know him? I know him from the
parties that happen here. I don’t know anything about him. Where is he? He is hiding in the warehouse. Sir, Dharma came for me. We need to get away,
or we will get caught. Correct. We will get caught, Pandu. Dharma knows about you.
He will definitely catch you. Your death will
benefit us in two ways. One is, you are the only
link between Dharma and us. If you get caught,
we will get caught too. Now we won’t get caught. Second is, your share of
the diamonds are also ours now. Pandu! Pandu! Pandu! Get up. Pandu! Pandu! My feet stopped and
asked me where to head next. When the torch of hope
which was getting brighter.. ..suddenly got snuffed out.. feet stopped and
asked me where to head next. When a man cheats another man.. ..and swallows him whole
like a greedy crocodile.. feet stopped and
asked me where to head next. When they were destroying the system.. laying out a funeral
pyre for justice.. ..which caught trapped
in the jungle of humans.. ..looking at that pitiful
state of affairs.. feet stopped and
asked me where to head next. Sir ! I’m a journalist
for the ‘Evening News.’ I write for the evening edition.
My name is Konda Babu. Tell me. When are you going to hang Charlie? Get lost. Sir, please tell me.
You will get God’s blessings. What will I do with blessings? Give me 1,000 rupees,
I can use the money. Sir, I have a doubt. People are not able
to digest their food.. ..even after working
hard for what they eat. How do you digest the food
you eat by extorting people? Everyone criticizes me. Is it right to sell news? Will you distribute the
paper free of cost? Tell me. You are right. Take this money. This is my number. Okay. I will update you
about Charlie’s execution. But my name shouldn’t come out. Why will we print it on your name? Our newspaper has a name.
We will print it on that name. Bye. My girl is waiting for me. How are you, Dharma? How will you be fine
without your Harika? Who are you? What do you want? Where is Harika? What is your name? Wait, Dharma. Don’t panic. I told Pandu to be careful
and not to go out in public. He didn’t listen to me and he died. If you don’t listen to me, I will
kill her. I will kill your Harika. Who are you? You are hiding behind a
mask and using a girl as a shield. If you are a man,
come to me and win whatever you want. Why are you so upset, Dharma? My reaction is intense even
when the problem is not mine. And this time the problem is mine. I thought you will
do anything for Harika. I will do anything for
her if it comes to that. Remember one more thing. My timing is extraordinary. The game will be over
before you understand it. So what? You want me to be scared? Not just you, your whole
gang is going to pay for this. What will you do? All my decisions will
be very damaging to you. Dharma, I see countless
men like you every day. You may see countless men every day. But you will see only
me on the day you die. What gives you this courage?
Who do you think you are? Do you know who I am? I will kill you and
leisurely find out about you. Dharma, leave these fights aside. Do as I say.
Give me Charlie and take your Harika. Forget about Charlie.
Bring my Harika safely.. ..and I will spare your life. So, you will do me a favor? Listen to me carefully.
I’ll give you another two days time. I want Charlie. The decision is yours. Hey, listen.. Every man has a breaking point. But I don’t see that in him. Throw this sim card. I gave him two days time. Then I’ll show him
what I’m capable of. Uncle, wait. Where is my daughter? Harika has been missing for four days. Her mobile is not working. Uncle, please. Listen to me. Why should I?
He threatened me about Harika. I know it.
Harika is with him for sure. Please listen to me, sir. Harika is not with me. But it is my responsibility
to bring her to you. Trust me, sir. Nothing will happen to Harika. You are worried about Harika’s safety. I can understand that. I want you to understand
something too, sir. I have nobody but Harika. Give me some time, sir. I will definitely bring her
back to you. Please trust me, sir. Did they finish the work in A Block? Get the painting work started. Okay, sir.
– Come with me. Harika, I’m in the middle of work.
– Come. Work? What work? You always think
about those prisoners. I live alone out there only for you. Do you ever think about me? What if something happens to me?
Answer me. Will you save me?
Or will you scold me like always? “You are my light.” “Without you I will be totally lost.” “Your thoughts haunt me.” What is this? I went to the temple.
Holy thread. It will protect you. People are going around space. But people like you
are still superstitious.. ..and tie threads like
this on their wrists. You know something? All people are like me.
Only you are different. Here, tie it on my wrist too. Go to your hostel. I’ll come
to see you after finishing work. Wait. Your work will never finish.
Even if it does, you won’t come. I know it.
Tie it on my wrist. Then I will leave. You don’t like me, do you? You trap me into doing
what you want with that dialogue. It is good if a loved
one ties this thread. Will you tie it or not? Brother,
what is madam asking him to tie? Maybe a wedding chain. Will you tie it or not?
– Hey! Won’t you tie it?
– Come with me. “I see your face.” What is your problem? Tie this. Tie it. “I’m like a temple without an idol.” “You are my light.
I’m totally lost without you.” “She walked in my shadow
and resided in my heart.” “No matter where I’m
looking or what I’m doing..” “..I see your face all around me.” Sir! I will call you later. You may go now. Okay, sir. I will wait outside. There was a meeting this morning. Everybody was really upset
that Charlie’s execution.. ..was stopped a second time. I’m transferring you from
jail operations immediately. You won’t have to
go to jail from today. You have to work here
in my office under me. Sir.. I will deal with Charlie’s
case from now on. Sir, let me handle Charlie’s case. No, Dharma.
Forget about Charlie’s case. You have no control on that jail now. I spoke to Vizag Central
Jail’s superintendent. We are shifting Charlie
there tomorrow morning. You join your new post today. Dharma! Sir!
– Charlie’s shifting is a secret operation. Keep it very confidential. Okay, sir. Boss! Boss! What is it? Today’s front page
has no special news. The whole page is empty.
What should I do? Increase the font size
of this article and print it. I will break your legs if
I see any gap anywhere. Got it? Okay. Being a paperboy for a
big newspaper is better than.. ..being a journalist
for this small newspaper.. Who is calling at this hour? Hello, Evening News! Brother, stop the printing.
I got news for the front page. Look at this. It is true that they are
shifting Charlie to Vizag jail. Darn! Daya, call up Dharma. Sir, please think about it.
It is not good to call Dharma now. It is easier to free a prisoner
when he is outside the jail. What if we attack while
they are shifting Charlie.. ..and help him to escape? Sir, Dharma is transferred
from that jail. Charlie is not in
Dharma’s control now. That’s a plus point for us. Once our job is done,
we’ll decide about Harika. Please think about it once, sir. Sir! You are shifting
Charlie to Vizag, right? Yes, sir.
– Sitaram! Charlie is not an ordinary criminal. He is very intelligent. If we give one little chance.. ..he will escape with a big plan. Don’t worry, sir. I planned Charlie’s
shifting very carefully. I’m going as the personal escort, sir. Very good.
I’m confident in your ability. That’s why I gave
Charlie’s case to you. Call me after the shifting is done. Let me remind you one more time.
He is Charlie. Beware. Sure, sir. Our plan shouldn’t
fail at any cost tomorrow. Listen carefully to me.
They will bring Charlie out of jail.. secret,
without anyone’s knowledge. We’ll get Charlie
out of there safely.. ..and take him to his locker. There we’ll take our
share of diamonds and.. ..get out of town
individually in half an hour. It is safe to be out
of town for a few months. Daya!
– Yes? Bring all our men.
Give them whatever they want. Tomorrow our lives should change. The whole plan will remain the same.. ..but there’s a small
change in the end. We’ll take Charlie
there and take our share. But there’s something
that Charlie doesn’t know. He took this huge risk
to get away from execution.. ..but he is still going to die. Enjoy! See you later. Wow! I will kill Charlie there. We’ll take his share too. It is not wrong to change
the plan when there’s a chance. I need to settle
down in life too, right? Here he comes. “He is full of devious tricks.” “He is full of devilish tactics.” “He is the mirror image of a serpent.” “He is the mastermind of evil.” “He is the very epitome of betrayal.” “He is the face of trickery.” “He is the boss of treachery.” “He is the demon incarnate.” “He is full of devious tricks.” “He is full of devilish tactics.” “He is the mirror image of a serpent.” “He is the mastermind of evil.” Come on! Come on! Run! You rascal! Take that! Hurry up! Brother!
– I will handle them. Take him. Hurry up. Go to the car. Hurry up. Sir, we don’t have enough force. We won’t be able to
handle this situation. What do we do now? Come on! Come on! Hurry up! Brother! Brother! Brother, this way! Daya, take Charlie and get
to the car safely. I will come. Come on, let’s go! Come on.
– Come on, let’s go! Let’s go! Come on, he’s coming. Run. Run. Where is Harika? Come on, fight me! Come, come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on, come! Come on! Let’s stop here. Where is Harika? Where is Harika? Ramapuram. Sandhya Theater. Go, check upon brother.
– Okay, boss. Charlie! Boss, what happened? We underestimated Charlie. I will kill Charlie there.
We’ll take his share too. I need to settle
down in life too, right? Dharma, please don’t shoot me. I will surrender myself.
I will surrender, Dharma. Don’t kill me.
Don’t harm me. Dharma, please. “Monster.” “Monster.” “Monster.” “Monster.” Hello, sir! Hello, Sitaram!
What’s going on? Is this true? Yes, sir. Our vehicles were attacked. Charlie escaped, sir.
But he hasn’t been gone for long. He will be within a radius
of 40 kilometers, sir. Send information to all
police stations immediately, sir. Alert the whole town as well. It is ridiculous. How did Charlie escape so easily
amidst such tight security? Sir, it was a well-planned attack. Dharma came on time and saved us. And all their men
died in the firing, sir. Dharma? Why was Dharma
there at that time? I don’t know, sir. Dharma! Madhava!
– Yes, sir. Take Harika home. Okay, sir. No.
– Go. Don’t be scared. Come on, madam. What about you? I have to finish something.
You go home. Come, madam. Come on. Madam, your electricity bill. Madam, open the door. Madam! Your electricity bill. Good afternoon, sir. Charlie escaped. They announced high alert
in the whole state to catch him. I’m sure he is planning to run
away to Dubai as you said but alone. What? Are you sad that
he is leaving you behind? Nothing is more important
to him than his life. I’ll give you an option, Sarah. If you help me, I will
help you get out of jail sooner. Think about it. Will you stay here? Or go out and start a new life. What should I do now? Charlie will definitely go to
his locker to collect his valuables. Where is that locker? Charlie has a secret
guesthouse at the outskirts. His locker is there. Sir, I’m SI Laxman here. Yes, Laxman. We are checking Charlie’s guesthouse. His locker is open. I think he came here
to take his valuables. We checked for fingerprints
and they matched. Are you sure?
– Yes, sir. I sent our force to Charlie’s
address that you gave me. Charlie has already
emptied his locker. Dharma, a committee is
here to do an inquiry about.. ..Charlie’s escape and
the goons that died at that spot. I need to ask you something. When I looked at those men
that died at the crime scene.. ..I understood one thing. You had the chance to arrest them. But you still shot them dead. Why did you kill them? Dharma, it’s okay
if you don’t answer me.. ..but you’ve to give
an answer to the committee. Be prepared for that. M. Dharma Teja.
Date of joining, July 25th, 2009. Six years experience. Four transfers. You didn’t work at any
place for a full two years. Why were you at the
crime scene at the time of.. ..Charlie’s escape? I went to the outskirts for some work. Did you see any of them before? No, sir.
– Who could they be? Maybe Charlie’s men. How can you say that
they are Charlie’s men? Because only his men
will try to help him escape. You had the possibility
of arresting those men. Why did you shoot them? Every one of them has
over dozen cases on his name. You can check it if you want. They won’t get caught. Even if they get caught
they won’t get punished. You are not speaking
like a responsible officer. Mr. Dharma, what do you
think is the main mistake.. ..that lead to Charlie’s escape? It is useless to think
about mistakes after he escaped. Do you agree that you break rules? I agree. But as far as I know.. ..I haven’t harmed any good men.. ..and I haven’t tolerated any bad men. We heard that you are called
a monster in the department. Is that true? Are you done with your questions? Mr. Dharma,
at the spot that Charlie escaped.. used weapons
without permission and.. ..shot those men dead when
you could’ve arrested them. We are suspending you.
You are suspended.. ..until our further orders. It’s okay if you suspend me. But when you catch
criminals like Charlie.. ..don’t give them
a luxurious life in jail. Keep all your rules aside
and shoot them right away. The department will
take care of Charlie’s case. You can leave now. I thought my future
husband is a sincere jailor. I never expected that he
will become a suspended jailor. Mom and dad will be happy to see me. What? Why are you so dull?
Isn’t the problem cleared? There’s still some left. What happened? Where are you going? I will tell you. Wait here. Dharma, where are you going? Wait in the car. Don’t come out. Dharma.. Sir! Sir! State government is doing
an extensive search for Charlie. It announced a cash
reward of 500,000 rupees.. ..for anyone who can
tell us Charlie’s whereabouts. We will catch Charlie very soon. You should lose at least three
liters of blood in order to die. You haven’t lost that much blood yet. Are you wondering why I
kept you here without killing you? How could I kill you
without first confirming.. ..whether Harika is indeed
at the place you told me? Dharma, I’m thirsty. Thirsty. Thirsty. I did a big mistake, Dharma. I became greedy for diamonds.
Please let me go. No matter who gets
greedy and makes mistakes.. ..justice will never
take the wrong path. I won’t let that happen. Dharma, I will give you what you want.
Please let me go. I won’t. Not just you,
I won’t let anyone get away. I didn’t let them get away. Should I give you shocking news? I didn’t let Charlie get away too. I killed him that day. We executed Charlie that
day according to the schedule. After Charlie’s death.. ..the magistrate and Veera
couldn’t hold it in anymore. Then I understood that
you trapped them too. I spoke to them. Without revealing that
Charlie is dead, I managed.. ..the situation by saying
that it was a technical issue. Then who were they taking to Vizag? Malli. Malli was to be released that day. I put him in the
dark cell like Charlie. Malli, will you do me a favor? Tell me, sir. That DIG asked us to shift
the dead Charlie to Vizag. How can I make a dead man walk? So, Sitaram and I made this plan. Okay, sir. I leaked the news
to ‘Evening News’ paper. Hello, Evening News! They are shifting the death
sentence prisoner Charlie.. Vizag. Brother, stop the printing. You won’t sit silently
after hearing that news. I knew you would attack. You did. You got caught. We convinced everyone
that Charlie escaped. What’s going on? Our vehicles were attacked.
Charlie escaped. Send information to all
police stations immediately, sir. I saved Harika. And also Veera’s mother
and the magistrate’s son. I solved all my problems. What happened to Charlie’s diamonds? Why keep valuable things
in a worthless place? So I spoke to Saran and
got Charlie’s locker address. Then we chopped off
dead Charlie’s hand. Before the police arrived,
we used Charlie’s fingerprints.. open the locker
and take all its contents. “He chases.
He hunts. He crushes. He destroys.” If your criminal brain
is so intelligent.. ..imagine how intelligent
a police brain is. There’s only one philosophy
that I believe in. A wrongdoer shouldn’t
get away with his crime. You did unforgivable crimes. None of you deserve
to live according to me. That’s why I punished you. You might know that death
sentences are of three types. One is hanging you until you die. Second is shooting you
dead on the road like a dog. Third is killing you silently
without telling you about it. I told you that my timing
will be extraordinary. My timing is extraordinary. The game will be over
before you understand it. Hello, Dharma. I finally got leave. Is everything okay? Okay, sir. What did you do to Charlie’s body? Our men burned it near the outskirts. Does the DIG suspect you? The saying that short
men are intelligent.. wrong in his case. Everything went according to our plan. How is Harika? What happened? Everything is set, sir.
We are going to her house now. Good, Dharma.
I was really scared that.. ..Harika’s life will be
at risk because of your actions. What did you do with those diamonds? In the bag that is before you.. ..there are diamonds,
gold biscuits and cash. They can’t bring back your family. But they will be useful
for the trust that you started. They will comfort many
who are constantly tormented.. this game of heads and tails. Those diamonds,
cash and gold biscuits.. ..belong to Charlie,
the man who took your family away. Charlie was never your son. Now he died as a criminal
for the crimes he committed. For the outside world,
Charlie has escaped. It believes the lie
that he is still alive. Only you know the truth. Whether it is heads or tails,
justice wins. It should win. Don’t try to guess who I am. We have never met. It is eternal. It is eternal. A foundation for the future. It is a punishment for crime. It is a protection for justice. It is a penance that never tires out. It is an atonement
that never backs down. When you turn a page
at the end of history.. is an atonement
that never tires out. It is justice. It is justice. A foundation for the future. It is eternal. It is eternal. A foundation for the future. Phew! I finished typing it. Your superintendent
sir called earlier. He took charge as the
superintendent of Nellore Jail. He made them cancel
your suspension orders.. ..and got you a posting with him. He asked you to join
the duty from next week. So, you finished your last poem too. What will you name your book? Looking at my attitude
many used to call me a monster. I want to name it that as a memory. What is that? “Demon.” “Wage a war, brave warrior.” “Demon.” “Courage is like a fire inside you.” “Demon.” “When fiends rear their
ugly heads and challenge fate..” “..he pounces on them
like a mighty warrior.” “When beasts challenge
him and cleverly break the law..” “..he displays his
wrath and upholds justice.” “Come, you are the warrior.” “He chases. He hunts.” “Courage is like a fire inside you.” “He crushes. He destroys.” “Demon.”


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