Asuran – Official Trailer | Dhanush | Vetri Maaran | G. V. Prakash Kumar | Kalaippuli S Thanu

‘Kalaipuli’ S. Thaanu Presents Dhanush Vetri Maaran He is always accompanied
by 10 – 15 of you men. He even carries a gun on him.
How could you let this happen? Had you brought me his head,
I would have been happier. They walked with bowed heads
and crouched backs until now. How did they get so
proud and audacious? So he’s the elder son? We must fight for what’s rightfully ours. If we own farmlands,
they will seize it. If we carry money,
they will snatch it. But if we have education…
they can never take it from us. Only rarely is a person of such courage
born into this world. It is wise to exploit that courage. ‘ASURAN – THE DEMON’
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