AT-1000(iSabela) | Curta Cinema Tormenta

Cultural Support. Hello? Hi mom. Yeah, She arrived. I haven’t turned on. We’ll see it later. And now the day I asked you to marry me. Saturday, December 17th, 8 p.m. It was a perfect night… Yes, it was. I want to close with a golden key. I want you to be my wife… Are you cold? No … It’s just the configuration you
have chose. You know I don’t wanna have
to keep reminding that! How is it to dream? – Dream?
– Yes! It’s just like… the videos that you record on your HD. Or like in a movie! Usually missing some parts and generally do not make much sense. I wish I could dream too. iSabela… My dreams are your dreams. You don’t have what to worry about that. iSabela… You’re perfect… How about a movie after dinner? More than one hundred films. Ten in holographic projection,
with dubbed audio. My testimonial? Look, there is no chance
of the oil reach the shore because my team and I
have solved everything! It was not as bad as
it could have been, right? Congratulations to me! Testimonial you ask for Tavares to do. Bye. Public relation of shit! They have been better! Their food was already tastier.
And worst, it is cold. You took to long… Will they fire me? I don’t want to leave Santos at this point. – Rick…
– What? I’m sorry. What are you was going to say? I wanto to have my own dreams! I want to dream as you do. It has only four months I took you to revision! Have neither two years of use. What the fuck! I do not understand your reaction. It’s me who don’t understands you! You want to dream for what? In a little while you will want
to start crying too. You are saying that because of that time
I found you crying hidden? Holly shit! Help! And the expiration date have not expired. Stay calm, please. I do not detect any abnormality of my system. It must be me then. But you will only see… Over a thousand contacts liking
my fucking outrage on Facebook! Scanning operating system. AT-1000: OK. Diagnosis: Negative. No virus detected. I have been gone to the movies
when you are not! She’s completely changed. I still do not know what it is, but have came out of my control. I’m thinking about changing it for a real woman. You… wanting to exchange your automata
by a real woman! And you think you are ready
to have a relationship like that? With my nearly 30 years? I am not sure where you’re going with this… But am I not prepared to be a grandmother! Mom… Do I look like grandmother Rick? After having endured
the fret of your father, all that remained was me that. Blessed the time I kicked that
skinny ass out of my life! I’m not talking about being a father… Yet. I think that’s really good! Neither home you have yet! See? A great idea for you to mind. Now I have to go. Already to late for my “Thursday’s Night Dancing”. Kiss baby. And no more crying! Movies again? Stereoscopic 4D? Did you like what you saw? We need to talk. It’s all very odd… You don’t love me anymore? And you ever loved me? You can’t just walk away. Why not? I bought you to be only mine. You are happy with me… Or don’t? I know I’m not like you, but I must try… As you do. I have the will of being an actress. Can I hug you? Smile! Are not you happy? Deleting all files. script & direction cinematographer & post cut & audio edit direct sound
soundtrack Mom Automaton #2 Thanks to
production Cinema Tormenta 2013


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