Audience React to Cast from the Storm

The film was brilliant, it was really thought-provoking,
really refreshing to hear the young people’s stories and hear them being so positive about
their new opportunities in life. I thought it was great, it was very moving
and great to see the refugee children in Australia and them being part of a supportive community. Absolutely blown away. The storytelling involved was just phenomenal
and I think the power of like, young people telling other young people’s stories was
very profound and very moving. The film is really incredible, it’s very
touching. I feel like I need to do something after watching
that. It was emotional, it was beautiful. I’m really happy that they’re happy here
as well. It’s beautifully tender. It’s good to have an uplifting story for
refugees. I think often that sort of gets lost in the
news and numbers, so it was nice, really nice, to see kids having a good time. It was incredibly moving, I think hearing
those stories from kids is such a different thing to hearing it anywhere else, or from
adults. It was just such a beautiful expression of
their humanity and what’s in all of us. It was very moving and very powerful. I just absolutely adored it. I thought it was truly remarkable. Listening to these children’s stories, really
I could cry, because I can’t imagine what they’ve been through, I just can’t. I just think they’re remarkable. Very moving. My story. My story. Your story. Your story. Our story. Our story.

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