Auro-3D, Barco’s 3D sound technology for the digital cinema industry

Ladies & Gentlemen
may i have your attention please You are about to experience now
in this theatre the future of sound based on a revolutionary
new system called Auro-3D This is a three-dimensional audio technology
that is changing the landscape of the cinematic experience Auro-3D features sound reproduction that is
more realistic than anything youve heard before It draws you into the action on-screen
fully immersing you in a spectrum of lifelike sound Natural acoustic reflections affect you as
they do in real life originating not only from around
But also above you Spatial sound can be divided into 3 different
layers Sounds coming from the horizontal plane around
us Above this is a second layer that reveals
both direct sounds and height reflections These reflections are important for our brains
to better understand the sounds originating in the first layer And the third layer revealing sounds that
come from directly above us This reproduction channel is also known as
the “Voice of God”-channel Auro-3D achieved a reproduction system that
uses these three layers to recreate the most efficient three-dimensional sound format with
the minimum number of speakers Welcome to Auro-3D Consider the beginnings of cinematic sound Early films were presented in mono At first
cinema audio was restricted to voices and simple sound effects coming from the center
of the screen much like the voice track you are hearing now The introduction of Stereo Sound made it possible
to produce sounds traveling between the left and right sides of the screen
from the left to the center to the right People believe that Stereo is two-dimensional
sound but it in actuality it is one-dimensional sound This is because all audio originates from
a SINGLE line or horizontal axis located in front of the audience Surround sound adds a second dimension by
placing speakers on the y-axis around the length of the auditorium It is an arrangement that creates a single
auditory plane around the listener Both 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound are actually
TWO dimensional sound formats and not 3 dimensional as commonly believed Of course
this 2D sound gives the audience the feeling that they are closer to the action The problem is that 2D sound doesn’t quite
feel natural To fully realize Sound in 3D
we include the missing dimension Height Auro-3D incorporates Height Channels as well
as a top channel above the audience to truly deliver a authentic three-dimensional sound
experience It is based on a groundbreaking new technology
that delivers with the magic of uncompressed audio quality on all 3 layers and with 12
independent channels Now you can clearly hear sounds coming from
both around and ABOVE the audience Wow! Did you hear that? The reflections created
by the exclusive height channels make things sound pretty real
Don’t they? This is where much of Auro-3Ds magic lies Ceiling speakers alone are not enough to get
a true three-dimensional audio effect The Surround channel – with height speakers
and ceiling speakers – allow for the creation of a more natural reproduction of Sound in Space This results in a totally new cinema experience
that is easily built on a theaters existing 5.1 Surround system With the simple addition of speakers on the
height channels these three-dimensional sounds are much more
easily achieved Here are some examples of Auro-3D in action By making use of the height channels
Auro-3D delivers surprisingly real audio effects But Auro-3D also features an important third
layer above the audience Sometimes we call that the Voice of God channel
which allows the reproduction of sounds coming from directly the listener Here are two examples of recordings made at
an airport Experience how capable the Auro-3D system
is at reproducing the exact position of an airplane as it passes by – from taking off
to flying directly overhead and finally disappearing above and behind you In this next demo
helicopters will slowly creep up from the back of the theater Close your eyes and feel them fly overhead Without Back Height Surround speakers
it is impossible to reproduce natural fly-over effects Auro-3D makes cinema feel like youre really
there participating in the action From subtle nature environments to music and
the rumblings of our mechanized world the emotional impact provided by height information
can now unfold around you Previously unattainable levels of cinematic
immersion are now possible The natural effect of three-dimensional sound
has the power to captivate audiences like never before Together with Barco
Auro Technologies brings you the cinema sound of the future


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