Aussie guy proposes to girlfriend in packed cinema. Best wedding proposal EVER!

Amy and I have been dating since we were in
high school, which was about six or seven years ago. I decided I wanted to propose to her but do
something that was maybe a little bit different and do something that she wouldn’t see coming. We got a whole bunch of our friends together
and we made a video clip to
the song ‘Rude’ by MAGIC! and we screened it in a cinema on a seemingly normal date
and get a whole bunch of our friends there both in the clip and to turn up as the suprise party and
I think we managed to pull it off. Amy I love you and I want nothing more than for you to be my wife and for us to spend the rest of our life together. Amy Jane Smith… This is so embarrassing! Will you marry me? Yes! Hey Amy it’s MAGIC! here. Amy! We heard that Liam has been working really, really hard on this proposal for you so we hope you said yes, because love takes time. We will find you. Wherever you are… Merry Christmas! Love always wins. We will find you. You guys will be happy together. We hope you guys are happy. There will be ups and there will be downs. Bye!


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