Avani – Hindi Drama Short Film | A glimpse into a woman’s life

The weather is all good Anu, I got used to it. Actually started liking it here. Anu: So, you are all set in your arranged marriage. Tell me more, what are you doing now? Preparing evening snacks Snacks !! Really?!!
you’ve become such an ideal Housewife. Ofcourse, I am Well done my girl.
What kind of snacks are you making exactly? Italian Italian!! When did you learn all these my friend?!! Actually, Karan (MY Husband) likes it a lot. So.. oohhooo
” ♫♫ But i can’t help falling in love..♫♫ ” huh?!
(Teasing) Anu..Come on yaar.. stop it now Ok,fine. What are you making in Italian, Madam? Jhalapeno popper pasta HaHa..Arey kiddo.. it’s Jalapeño
(Corrects the pronunciation) ohh.. is it?!!
There was no voice in that youtube video Recipe was in written format I watch MasterChef no.. that’s how i know it
Instead of watching daily serials like you All hail Ms.Masterchef.
Fine then, even i’ll pronounce as Jalapeño from now on. “Doorbell” Anu, doorbell’s ringing, i’ll call you later okay! Wow.. How come so early today??!! BTW, what are these packages? Hold on..let me get in first Oops..Come on in, i’ll get you some water (Hindi TV serial playing already) Would you tell me what these are, atleast now? You forgot?!! I’m taking you on my business trip,
with my colleagues no?!! ohh yaa!! So, would you wear these kind of clothes there? Come on!! these are my “wear at HOME” clothes. Wow, these seem to be really pretty But, these are like the ones Heroines wear!! They are good.. But, how do I wear them?!!! The people who wear these,
were not born in these clothes, right?! Actually, even i had the desire to wear them
But, will they look good on me?! Of course they will. Now go ahead and try them. Okay, fine then. Hmm.. good. Right size for you, no?! Size is right. But I don’t think this looks good on me. Arey, it’s not like that You just need some styling.
I’ll take you to the beauty saloon and they’ll fix everything up. That is fine, but how can i even step out wearing this. Come on Avani, all of my Colleagues’ spouses
are going to wear same kind of clothes.
Don’t worry about it. But, they must have been used to it right and i’m totally not. Also, before wearing them outside,
I should atleast get a little accustomed to these. Alright then, there are two more days right..
Get used to them. Two days!!! How can that happen in two days!!! Idea!! I’ve got sooo many new clothes stitched during our wedding.
Didn’t even wear few of them, really pretty ones. Shall I Pick from them? Even if I come in these clothes, I can’t be comfortable at all. Won’t even be able to converse with your friends. You understand what i’m trying to say right?!! Okay. Go and change. Are you sure?!! You are not hurt, right?!! No. Go on. You’re such a sweet person Karan Wow!! looking Great!! Really?!!! Not kidding right?! Ya, of course!! You’re looking really pretty. But, I’m looking a little fat no? So, should we get liposuction done now?! Varun… Stop!!!
What do i do now?! What do you mean by that?!
Just get in the car no.. How can i just come and sit?!
Everyone from office will be present at the Party.
If I look wierd, i’ll become the next topic for gossip. Why do you care about them, huh?!
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It’s not mandatory that,
everyone approves what we wear, right?! But Varun, I’m wearing this kind of clothes
for the 1st time to office. And you have no idea about
our office’s fashion police. Hello, Excuse me!!
No one is sitting so jobless, Okay?! You’re not aware of them Varun.
I’ll not be able to come like this. Ok, Fine!! You go and change,
I’ll wait here. What?!! Change the dress?!!! I’ve been working out since
the last 1 month to fit into this dress.
“I Love this dress” I’m not gonna change it!! Then, just come and sit no… let me think?!! What’s there to think in this?!!
Just tell me what to do You tell me no.. Please!! UFFF!! GOD! Ok, fine. You get in the car,
I’ll tell you what to do. hmmmm Arey, Come on now!! Okaaayy!!! What do you mean?!! Wah!! since I was not married during my last trip,
should I have stayed single even now?!! What to listen?!! Rubbish!! I’ve clearly mentioned in the mail,
that my wife will accompany me How come the mistake happened, then?!! You know what?
I’m gonna deal this with your manager. Karan?!! What happend?!! These stupid travel desk people are saying that,
they don’t know that I’m married They’ve planned the entire trip only for me. Ok, please calm down 1st. Once go and talk peacefully
Who knows, we might get a solution Arey, nothing can happen now!!
All the bookings are closed. Just watch, i’m gonna screw them now. I knew that you’d love this place This is beautiful Varun And there is no one here ,
to look at you or to judge you So just go and enjoy yourself
in your Favourite dress And if you have problem with me staying,
even i’ll go and wait at the car Come on!! look at this!!
Thank you sooooo much!! This is my favourite place Now ,it’s mine too. You’re welcome. Varun, did you call and inform our Colleagues? No. Even if they try to call, it’ll not connect. There is no network in our Mobiles Ohh ya!! There is no network in my mobile as well But, they’ll be waiting for us no? Shall we go back,
call them and then return? Please Look, I cannot go back that far.
If you want, you are free to go. Varuunn!! Ok then, go and call later ok?!
Look, don’t forget.. Ok, Madam. I’ll do that. Happy? Varun : Shall we move now?
Avani : Ok Arey, Karan!! Tickets are done for both of us!! He is too busy!!
We can’t come home for Diwali. Ya mom, he takes really good care of me!!
Don’t be silly!! Listen, the line is not clear, can’t hear you.
Will call you later. Did i do some mistake? If so, please tell me no.. I’ll do whatever you say I’ll Change myself I’ll be, however you want me to be What will I answer my mom and Dad Please don’t leave me!! Relax!! I’ll stay. Ok, go and change. I’ll Stay Go and Change I’ll Stay Go and Change Relax!! Avani Avani!! Karan : Avani, what happened? What happened Avani? Are you ok? Everything is alright no?
Avani : Lie Are you ok?
Avani : You’re lying you’re ok?!! Avani?!!Everything is alright no?!! Avani : Everything’s a lie, Everything, Everything is a lie!! Avani : Fake
You’re Fake.. You’re FAKE!! What happened Avani?! Are you ok?!! Avani : Stop! Avani : Stop it! Avani : STOP IT!! VARUN?!! Varun: Ya, it’s me!! Vaaa!! (Sighs) Varun: What happened to you?!! Varun!! Ok, Fine. Leave it What were you doing here?
Come, let’s go over there. I want to stay alone for sometime Varun.
You please go ahead. Arey, what go ahead?! Come, let’s go!!
Come on!! Karan, likes it a lot.. That’s why! There is no one here to look at you,
or to judge you. Varun! I need to say something really important What happened?
Are you asking for my permission?!! 😉 No, but please listen to me peacefully. Of course i’m calm. Now tell me what happened. That.. I.. you
(Hesitates) I wanted to tell you that… that that.. I’m I was about to say that.. Avani listen, even I have to ask you
something really important Why is Melody Sooooo Chocolatey??!! Varun, I’m a divorcee. Hello, Rohit..
did you know that Avani is a divorcee? Arey, i’m not kidding god damn it!!
She just said it herself right now!! You know what,
she literally hid it from everyone!! I really don’t understand,
how these people live so free in the society. Would she have planned and trapped me?!!
OMG!! Can’t believe this!! She used to behave soooo innocent!! I must be so stupid that,
I’ve fallen in her trap Damn!! It’s all my fault!! How do i show my face at office now?!! Everyone in there knew that I like her!! We have been talking to her
for more than an year now With her!! With a divorcee This is such a contagious disease So now, everyone at the office
are going to get divorced. I’d say only a doctor can cure this. Let’s do one thing,
take a doctor appointment for me And take it for yourself as well. There is no network in our Mobiles at all. But Varun, I was serious.
You can’t do this!! Are you sure, I can’t do THIS?!! Shall we go? Ya, to office?


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