Avengers Endgame Hulk Ending Scene – Deleted Scenes and New Hulk Marvel Movies Breakdown

for years I’ve been treating the Hulk
like he’s some kind of disease something to get rid of but then I start looking
at him as the cure 18 months in the gamma lab I put the brains and the
Brawn together and now they give me best of both worlds
excuse me mr. bull yes Julie can we go photo 100% little person the ones that
bomb you mine okay thanks say green you want to grab one with me
I’m a man your whole face he’s even saying no he doesn’t I don’t want a
picture with he’s going to know you feel bad thank you very much Oh hi
everyone it’s Charlie Marvel has released a couple clips of Hulk during
Avengers end game sort of explaining what’s going on with his ending how
professor Hulk works within the Marvel Cinematic Universe compared to a comic
book professor Hulk in what his future is going to be in the Marvel movies
because while everyone’s bummed out about Iron Man and Captain America not
being the traditional version of Captain America anymore
Mark Ruffalo actually still has one Marvel movie left on his big contract
that he signed a long time ago meaning that we will definitely see professor
Hulk come back during Marvel phase four in a big movie so I’ll explain what
that’s going to look like based on the Marvel movies that we know already
happening during Marvel phase four and there was a really cool deleted Hulk
ancient one seen during Avengers in game that we just found out about that I’ll
breakdown so if you’re brand new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get all
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between spider-man far from home the multiverse what Mysterio is doing then
the big Comic Con panel will we get the big phase 4 schedule in d23 later this
year I know there’s a lot of questions if we’re ever going to see world breaker
Hulk in any of the Marvel movies because professor Hulk is sort of the more
sensitive chatty version of the whole the brains of banner in the body in the
strength of the Hulk just a couple other versions of the Hulk
in the comics that are really notable that people are wondering if we’re ever
going to get a chance to see so I will address that during the video too but
think about it this way Mark Ruffalo signed a six picture deal he did
Avengers Avengers age of Ultron thor ragnarok Avengers infinity war in now
avengers endgame that’s five movies even though there’s been cameos cameos don’t
count towards the actors films on their contract first things first though
everybody’s asking is his arm going to be completely messed up for the rest of his
life because the current day version of Thanos his arm was still messed up when
we found him they went to him on that new version of Titan that he
created so then does that mean that it’s also going to be the same for Hulk going
forward even though he’s super smart he could probably find a way to heal
himself for now it does seem like his arm will be permanently damaged going
forward even though he was still able to fight with it like that during the big
final battle you see him here during that big Avengers Assemble moment with
that big smile on his face so even if it does really hurt like his arm is
probably permanently going to give him some pain he only gets stronger the matter he
gets so his deformity in a way will give him a little bit of an edge
but that arm will always be weaker than his other arm so yes it will be a
disability for him but not quite as much for Thanos not so much that it’ll be a
really huge problem when he appears in future Marvel movies but think about it
this way these are the Marvel phase four movies that we know about so far in
where the Hulk would be able to show up again we already know about spider-man
far from home doesn’t really seem like he’s going to be in that movie and even if
he does have a secret cameo like I said the cameos don’t count towards the films
on their contract so he still has one major starring role left the next movie
after that is going to be the Black Widow solo movie which they’re shooting right
now you’ve probably seen some of the behind the scenes pictures of that but
it’s very clearly set in the past she has her traditional red hair she doesn’t
have the mixture of blonde in red that she had during avengers endgame and Hulk
even says when he’s sending Captain America back you know man I really tried
when I snapped everyone back I tried to get NAT back but the stones wouldn’t let
me do it so this is their way of saying that the current version of Black Widow
that we’ve been living with this whole time she is not coming back but that
doesn’t mean that other alternate reality versions of Black Widow couldn’t
come back and future Marvel movies like Secret Wars
then there’s the Eternals movie after that which is going to be said thousands
of years in the past so clearly Hulk isn’t going to show up during that then
the shang-chi movie can’t really put professor Hulk in that because why would
you need a smart version of the Hulk in a shank Chi movie he doesn’t really fit
their peanut-butter-and-jelly style like thor ragnarok it’s not going to be like a
buddy comedy movie the important thing to remember is that if he’s going to be
professor Hulk forever going forward then it would have to be a movie that
will require a smart version of the Hulk so if you have a whole bunch of other
smart people already you don’t really need the Hulk
there’s guardians of the galaxy 3 as guardians of the galaxy as far as we
know for now but they already have Thor and Adam warlock to introduce so they’re
probably not going to have room for professor Hulk to have a big role during
that which means that that won’t count there’s the Captain Marvel sequel but
that also kind of seems like it’s going to be set during the past after the events
of the first Captain Marvel movie just set later in her timeline out in deep
space so at that point in history Hulk would have not made it out into space
yet so there’s no real point in putting him in that one either that only leaves
a couple of the movies that we know about there’s the Doctor Strange sequel
doesn’t really seem like you need a smart version of the Hulk in that either
because supposedly the villain is going to be nightmare
per the directors earlier comments after the first Doctor Strange movie I really
liked the character of nightmare and the concept that the nightmare nightmare
realm is a dimension I always thought that was one of the that’s early that’s
like in the first strange tale I think that’s in the introductory episode
of Doctor Strange and I always loved that that’s the director just talking a
little bit about his ideas for the sequel does doesn’t mean the villain is
confirmed to be nightmare from the comics it could be anybody because they
have access to the x-men Fantastic Four characters now really hoping they find a
way to work Mephisto into the Doctor Strange movies at some point but they
knew a black panther too and obviously it doesn’t really make sense to put a
smart version of the Hulk and that because you already have Shuri who’s
supposedly even smarter than that in black panther has enough technology to
negate any benefits to having a really strong smashy version of the Hulk he
already has a lot of tech that can replicate a lot of the strength of the
whole so you don’t really need to bring him in and I think they’re trying to
keep the Black Panther movies relatively self-contained two characters that work
really well in that genre but that only leaves Avengers 5 in a possible Young
Avengers movie the Kevin Feige has hinted at like we have the stature
version of Cassie Lang teenage Cassie Lang at the end of Avengers endgame in
much all the movies that are said in present-day now will take place after
the events of Avengers endgame so that means it’s year 2023 so when we get to
the next ant-man in the wasp movie it will still be teenage Cassie Lang unless
they do some big surprise and do a movie set during the past which I don’t think
is going to be the case it just doesn’t make that much sense they haven’t said
when Avengers 5 is going to come out or if they’re going to wait till Marvel phase
5 to release that they haven’t specified when they might do a young Avengers
movie either if that be later in phase 4 but they do say that it’s something that
they’re working on right now I wouldn’t be surprised if they waited about three
years for the next Avengers movie bare minimum three years just to give a
little space between the end of Avengers endgame and clear the dust a little bit
before we introduced that brand-new roster of Avengers with some of the old
ones coming back but also introducing a bunch of new ones the really cool
deleted scene with Hulk in the ancient one that we learned about is because of
a really big change they made in the script to the way time-travel works in
the way that she explains how the Infinity stones affect the flow of time
so during that really cool scene where she phases him out of himself and you
see the astral form of banner coming out of professor Hulk and they start talking
about it what it seems like happened in the original version of that scene that
they had to later reshoot was that the ancient one didn’t specify how the
Infinity stones affect the flow of time so she didn’t make it seem like they
would create alternate realities by not bringing them back they needed a lot of
that logic to sew up how you explained the version of Loki that gets away with
the tesseract because that’s still an alternate timeline that continues to
exist after the end of Avengers end game whereas Captain America takes all these
stones back to where they got them from so all these potential alternate
realities get sewn up like he had to take the soul stone back to Vermeer so
that he actually had to interact with the Red Skull and even though so much
history passed between them I would give almost anything to actually see that
scene between the two of them when he took that back but for those of you
asking about him taking the soul stone back wouldn’t that also then reverse
what happened to Black Widow and bring her back by consequence the way the
directors and the writers explain it and they kind of disagree on a couple things
but they do agree that you can’t get back the sacrificed black widow to the
soul stone they haven’t completely explained the logic of it only
that is sticks there’s no way to bring her back even though Captain America
puts that soul stone back beyond that Mark Ruffalo hasn’t said anything about
whether he wants to continue as the Hulk within the Marvel movies he’s one of the
few actors that hasn’t publicly said yes or no so it’s a bit of 50/50 as to
whether or not he’s going to continue being Bruce Banner after the events of his
next Marvel movie he hasn’t done the Chris Hemsworth thing yeah where you see
Chris Hemsworth going around doing all these interviews for other movies like
Men in Black talking about future Thor movies yes I totally want to do future
Thor movies I would totally love to be in guardians of the galaxy 3 as if he’s
trying to be really funny pretending like he has no idea whether or not he’s
going to be in the next guardians of the galaxy movie despite that Avengers
endgame post-credits scene with him joining the guardians of the galaxy on
the other side of that he has not done the Chris Evans thing where he’s made
like he definitely wants to leave and stop playing the Hulk
so if for some reason he decides to not resize his contract after whatever next
Avengers 5 movie that he does what they’ll probably do is just because from
a toy sales perspective not even from a story perspective within the universe
Hulk sells a lot of toys little kids love Hulk so of course they want to keep
a version of the Hulk in the universe they would probably introduce she-hulk
Jennifer Walters or an Amadeus Cho version of the Hulk so that you could
still have a Hulk with in the universe even if it’s not going to be Bruce Banner
but then for all of you wondering if we’d ever see a world breaker crazy Opie
version of the Hulk they could bring Mark Ruffalo back to do multiple
different versions of the Hulk during a Secret Wars multiverse crossover movie
that’s where you could bring back the chatty more sensitive Professor Hulk
version of Bruce Banner but you could also do a separate reality version of
world breaker Hulk pitch is completely off the chain there’ll be a really easy
way to pay off another joke like you got when they went back to the events of the
first Avengers movie during endgame and he’s all embarrassed by the previous
version of himself like oh look at me smash and all that stuff you also
probably heard that news that Keanu Reeves wants to join the Marvel Universe
and being a Marvel movie is a big character now he said a couple different
things separately news sites have been reporting that Marvel is officially
courting him for a role in a really soon upcoming Marvel movie but that’s
supposed to be Eternals which I Kai said to set during the past so when people
were asking him earlier separately whether or not he
would ever want to be in a Marvel movie he said yeah sure he basically said that
he wanted to be the new Wolverine I would totally love to be Wolverine but
obviously Kevin Feige said they’re not going to be doing that stuff right away
it’s going to be a couple years before you start seeing x-men pop up in the MCU
films and even though he doesn’t look like he’s that old he’s in his early 50s
right now and when they recast a new version of Wolverine he’ll probably be a
much younger actor who can play the character for 10 plus years the thing
about the Eternals movie though is that even though it said thousands of years
in the past the characters are literally eternal they live almost forever Thanos
isn’t eternal that’s why he’s so long-lived – he ages the same way that
Thor ages but he’s a little bit older than Thor so even though you might have
Keanu Reeves showing up during the sea turtles movie whether or not he chooses
to actually sign on for it he could still be alive in present day and show
up in future Marvel movies during present day during a big Avengers
crossover but I love the idea of Keanu Reeves showing up in the Eternals movie
with Angelina Jolie no idea whether he would play a hero or a villain but let
me know in the comments what’s the next movie that you want to see them put
professor Hulk n in the Marvel Universe during phase four and who do you want
Keanu Reeves to play in the Marvel Universe we still got that Infinity
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