Avengers Endgame Marvel Studios (Riyadh) – Movie Review – Al Qasr Mall القصر مول الرياض Vox Cinema

Hello Guys! we are here to watch avengers endgame we is undoubtedly the biggest marvel movie ever to be released ever and one of the biggest movies of the year you might say of the biggest movie of the decade i heard it’s reviews are one of the best movies ever let’s see how it is Hello Friends! today i am coming here to watch avengers endgame i believe it is the biggest movie in the 2019 so let’s see how’s the experience and we already purchased the tickets and we come here around 6 people so we are coming to enjoy the show let’s see how’s the experience and i am just expecting one thing like i have a one big concern about captain marvel how’s thanos will contain captain marvel so let’s see how’s the movie and let’s go inside expectations are concerned my expectations are really high specially after reading the reviews because everyone is saying whatever you are expecting the movie is nothing what you are expecting it’s better than what you are expecting so critics have made my expectations even more high let’s see how it is let’s see how’s the movie i have big concerns and i am very excited to see the movie let’s go inside we seen the avengers endgame it was good movie the start was little slow but it was balanced and more paced like it was not fast paced as avengers infinity war but it was good and specially i like the ending it was not that much over the top like avengers infinity war but it was good specially the end twist and how the things how it is ended it was good it was good overall watch and good you might say end of the decade as avengers was going i like the movie the movie is good enough so actually the timeline is too good or too long so they give the margin all of the superheroes so it’s good and the story line is good so basically the movie is super duper and it’s one the biggest 2019 movie it’s gone be so see ya! how’s the movie? the movie is very good i am watching cinema in saudi arabia first time i enjoyed alot with friends viewers watch this movie with friends you will enjoy a lot it’s really lovely that great is this genuine review? yeah it’s really true review nothing fake words on it and entry of captain marvel is amazing and it’s just like!


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