Avengers Eternals First Look Teaser and Marvel Comic Con Trailer Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4

Welcome back everyone its charlie we
have a brand new preview for Marvel Eternals movie they dropped a brand new
teaser, they’re almost done filming the movie so we’ll break it down
there was also an eternals trailer that was shown off as CCXP last month so
we’ll also do a breakdown to that footage after I talk about this brand
new preview this is a really cool Easter Egg in some of the Eternals characters
that ties back to a really big guardians of the galaxy scene and there’s another
really cool Doctor Strange Easter Egg so you can kind of see how they’re using
the Eternals to provide this common point of origin for a lot of the design
language and a lot of the way people’s powers work in present day so if you’re
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there’s going to be a bunch of crazy stuff coming up really soon we have the Super
Bowl next week too at a bunch of Super Bowl trailers this really cool teaser
just shows off Richard Madden’s Ikaris character in his full celestial armor
with his powers activated the design of his armor is a little bit more like the
ornate blend of Iron Man’s more recent nano armors and Avengers infinity war
and Avengers endgame in the Asgardian armors and design language that you see
with people like Thor and Odin I’ll talk about the Doctor Strange Easter Egg in a
second too because it involves some of the way their powers work this also ties
a little bit to the powers that people get from Infinity stones but the
Eternals were made by the Celestials the second most ancient beings in the
universe so their designs are based on celestial design language if you see any
kind of similarities in Thor Asgardian design language or their armor their
weapons buildings in a lot of that stuff on earth it’s because everyone is
inspired by the Celestials in some way they have this ancient hand in shape
being the way the universe developed which I’ll talk about in a second the
really cool Easter egg here you notice here especially for the Infinity stones
is the way Richard Madden’s powers work with that light bloom of energy you see
growing from his fist it’s also very similar to the look of Captain Marvel’s
infinity stone based energy when she’s using her powers most of his powers
through the Eternals comics have been pretty consistent the movie itself is
based on Neil Gaiman ‘s Eternals run from 2006 there was a miniseries I’ll
explain a little bit of that too in a second but there’s a connection here in
his powers Captain Marvel got her powers from the space stone and the tesseract
the Eternals get their different powers from the Celestials imbuing them with
the same type of cosmic energy that the Infinity stones contain remember that
guardians of the galaxy flash back with Isan the searcher using the power
stone eternity the living embodiment of the multiverse creates Celestials to go
out and garden itself garden the planets to try and create life every couple
million years the celestial host comes to see how their experiment has borne
fruit or how its failed if they consider it a failure they wipe the slate clean
and destroy all life on the planet and start over again with a new experiment
somewhere else remember during guardians of the galaxy vol 2 ego the Living
Planet is a celestial Peter quill is half celestial he’s actually doing an
extreme version of that because he’s trying to terraform of the entire
universe to become part of him so whatever planet this used to be this is
east on the searcher coming to say that this experiment did not pan out so we’re
just going to kill all life on this planet and start over again somewhere else so
it’s no coincidence that those same Celestials that came to Planet Earth as
part of the celestial host used infinity stone energy to create the Eternals so
that’s why a lot of their powers will look similar to the powers you’ve seen
from recent people in the last couple of Avengers movies remember the guardians
of the galaxy infinity stone scene where the collector is showing them the
flashback of the six ancient people trying to share the power of the
Infinity stones before being destroyed by that power those people were eternals
not the Eternals were going to see during the movie because obviously they’re
still alive and those Eternals were wiped out by the power of the stones but
when the Celestials created the Eternals there were a lot of different groups of
them living all over the earth thousands and thousands of years ago after a
couple civil wars some of them decided to leave led by Thanos his father Alaris
as named by Red Skull Thanos son of A’lars to colonize the planet Titan
millennia later danos was born tiny baby Thanos this was
actually concept art created for a young version of Thanos that we’re going to show
you in a flashback that wound up being in Avengers infinity war deleted scene
it never made it past the concept stage but this is basically what he would have
looked like when he was much much younger so don’t expect to see tiny baby
Thanos during the first Eternals movie but if it goes well and they do a
trilogy maybe we’ll see tiny baby Thanos and one of those sequels one of the
crazier things about the Eternals I don’t know if they’re going to include this
in the movie but it’s a big part of the Neil Gaiman run that the movie is based
on is that when they die they actually reincarnate there’s a special celestial
3d print that prints them a new body and just
transplants their consciousness into it so if something was wrong with them
before they died it gets fixed because it just reprints them from their
original genome so a lot of you have asked how come the Eternals didn’t help
out during Avengers infinity war and Avengers endgame like I said as they’re
basing this on the Neil Gaiman run they’ve had their minds wiped so they
didn’t know that they were Eternals they just thought that they were normal
people going about their days the whole idea with the Eternals movie is that
something happens they realize how everything has changed after avengers
endgame and that’s what brings them out of hiding the deviants are the villains
of the movie they’re also the villains of the comic book they try to take
advantage of some of the celestial of technology the Eternals been try to move
to help humanity out but here’s a breakdown of the Eternals trailer from
CC XP last month the Kevin Feige brought and showed off so drew that opens these
doors of what looked like a training camp he finds part of the Eternals
reunited with Richard Madden’s Icarus character at the front he stares at them
and says welcome feel at home then there are a bunch of different scenes of the
different main characters from the Eternals being shown all over planet
Earth being worshipped by people as gods then there’s a new scene where they all
appear together in their special celestial uniforms led by Salma Hayek’s
a Jack character there’s a bunch of quick cuts of them all gathering around
a bonfire Angelina Jolie’s Thena character appears by the fire Salma
Hayek’s Ajak character riding on horseback
they keep jumping to different scenes all over the planet that all featured
Jemma Chan’s Circe character one of the main characters of the movie then when
they all come together on the beach around that bonfire Gemma Chan’s Circe
character class Lea McHugh’s sprite character and what appears to be this
really special embrace the trailer then ends with Salma Hayek’s Ajak character
saying the people have changed us we need to protect them there’s a little
bit of footage from present-day with Kumail Nanjiani ‘he’s Kingo character in
what seems like a Bollywood sequence like he becomes a Bollywood star not
knowing that he’s secretly an eternal like the other characters but for the
most part the early trailer that they showed off it just meant to show you the
history of their characters across planet earth how they influenced a lot
of cultures how they used to be worshipped as gods this movie and this
franchise however many sequels they do will sort of be the history of the
Marvel Cinematic Universe we’ve gotten a little bit of that peppered throughout
the different films but this will just be the deep dive into that and show
how everything is connected Asgardians people on planet earth the Infinity
stones everything in speaking of everything’s connected if you look at
Psalm ‘hi acts Ajak character in this preview here just this early teaser of
what our costume and her powers are going to look like notice down here at
her hand it looks like she’s using a glyph like the magic glyphs that dr.
strange uses when he’s actually casting spells so just another detail sort of
tying what they were doing thousands of years ago to what’s happening in present
day with the current Marvel Cinematic Universe characters I know I haven’t
talked much about kit harington’s Black Knight character but they haven’t
included him in a lot of the trailer footage yet he’s one of the main
characters of the film’s so he is really important to the story but a lot of the
mythology for his character actually comes from the Avengers comics where he
and Sersei had a romance they crossed over with the Avengers a whole bunch the
reports about his character during the movie is that he does have the Black
Knight origin story as the special evany blade his special armor that comes from
his family but within the context of the movie in present-day post Avengers
endgame he’s an archaeologist who just happens to discover the tomb of the
space gods which is something from the Jack Kirby original eternals comics as
the name implies the tomb of the space gods is just a special celestial base
that they left behind when they created the Eternals that could wipe out
humanity so this sort of where he starts crossing over with the Eternals
characters and then eventually a romance develops with the Circe character like
he has in the comics it sounds like they have big plans for his character to join
a future Avengers roster and whatever the next Avengers movie winds up being
we just heard Kit Harington yes he’s a really amazing actor and this part came
up in the Eternals film that we’re doing we were so happy when he agreed to join
it and it is a part that could perhaps grow into something else in the future I
could totally see them pitching Kit Harington on doing this weird Eternals
movie which could be totally cool but also on the idea that eventually he
would get to join a future Avengers movie you also notice that Kit Harington
and Richard Madden are in a project together again they haven’t been
together on screen and say like 10 years Robb Stark and Jon Snow really didn’t
share any scenes after Game of Thrones season 1 episode 2 she’s very kind next time I see you you’ll be all in
black it was always my color farewell snow and you start so it’ll be really
cool to see them on screen together again I can only imagine what the memes
are going to be like because the Black Widow movie is being released in May I’m
expecting that’s when they’ll release the first eternals teaser trailer but if
I get any news about that I’ll include it in a future video and if we have any
big surprise footage drops we have that giant infinity Saga box that giveaway
that’s still going on there was a bunch of other stuff that just happened I’ll
try to make videos for all that stuff as quickly as possible
everyone click here for my brand new Avengers evil Captain America teaser
breakdown and click here to learn all about Doctor Strange 2 x-men stuff
going on around Scarlet Witch thank you so much for watching everybody stay
awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!


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