Avenue Q Trailer

[ ♪ SAXOPHONE MUSIC PLAYS ♪ ] ‘Such a feelgood musical and it’s so funny.’ ‘Absolutely brilliant, I thought the puppeteers were amazing, I thought the voices they cast – just stunning, really, really good.’ ‘The skill that the actors, the puppeteers have is incredible.’ ‘It’s just really entertaining and it’s kind of very true about life.’ ‘I think it’s very different to anything else out there.’ ‘Very on point jokes that are very relevant and just so well done.’ ‘My favourite show of all time, it’s fantastic, it’s socially relevant and the music’s fantastic.’ ‘I love Lucy the Slut, so much! ‘Oh yep, she’s epic!’ ‘And also Rod, because we all know that person.’ ‘Yeah, we do!’ ‘Funny, political everyone can relate to every single character in it. It’s glorious. It’s a must see.’ ‘The Bad Idea Bears were like my best friends at Uni, like I swear.’ ‘The puppets just make such serious topics quite comical and it’s just so entertaining to watch.’ ‘And it’s hilarious, it’s funny, it’s crude, it’s camp.’ ‘The people that they cast in the show are amazing.’ ‘Really funny, really entertaining, I’d give it 10/10 I highly recommend it to everybody, and it’s got lots of funny bits they’ll have you laughing non stop.’ ‘It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life!’

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