Awakening Deaf Theatre in Canada Conference

Hello everyone, my name is Jack. I’m from Seeing Voices Montreal. We have a special announcement! We will be hosting a conference titled, “Awakening Deaf Theatre in Canada”. This is our sign for it. We will be welcoming two Deaf people from Deaf West Theatre, they’re both coming from Los Angeles, California. They are a very successful theatre company, that engages Deaf and hearing actors in their theatrical productions. For example, two years ago, they produced “Spring Awakening”, here is some footage of it. ♫ Touch me! ♫ ♫ Touch me…all silent ♫ ♫ All silent…♫ ♫ Baby just tell me…tell me please ♫ ♫ All is forgiven… ♫ ♫ Consume my wine…♫ ♫ Consume my mind…♫ ♫ I’ll tell you how…where I go, when I go ♫ ♫ Touch me! ♫ ♫ Just try it… ♫ ♫ Now there that’s it… ♫ ♫ Oh god that’s heaven… ♫ ♫ Oh I’ll love you right… ♫ ♫ We’ll wonder down… ♫ ♫ Where the sins cry… ♫ That play was a famous big hit on New York Broadway, from September 2015 to January 2016. Wow! We are so grateful to be able to welcome these two famous Deaf people. Who are they? The first is artistic director, DJ Kurs. He has a few words for you all. Hey! We are thrilled to be able to join you at the conference. Deaf West was found by Deaf people back in 1991, in Los Angeles, California. It has been running till this day, still by Deaf people. We know that teamwork is very important in theatre, we cannot work alone, but require different talents to come together, in order to produce successful good theatre. It does not matter if it’s a play or a musical, teamwork is necessary for success. We look forward to bring you tips, ideas, and strategies…etc, to discuss, brainstorm, analyze, and learn from each other. Maybe we can take some tips home and you can learn something too. See you there! The second person is actor and director, Troy Kotsur. Here is some footage of him. ♫ Words that ever were… ♫ ♫ Like flowers… ♫ ♫ (ethereal music) ♫ ♫ And smother you in wild bouquets…♫ ♫ I love you…♫ ♫ I love your eyes… ♫ ♫ Your lips… ♫ ♫ Your smell… ♫ ♫ Tonight… I finally speak. ♫ ♫ You listen…I whisper words…♫ ♫ …in your ear ♫ Wow! Both of them are coming to Montreal to present workshops on Deaf theatre. There will be discussions, brainstorms, and collaborative work to bring home. Cool! The conference will take place from Friday November 9th to Monday November 12th. Please note that DJ and Troy will only present on Saturday and Sunday. If you are interested in attending, please register and there is a registration fee. Friday and Monday will be free entry for the public. There will be interpreters; ASL-English and ASL-LSQ interpreters. Cool! The conference will be in downtown Montreal. Here is the name of the hotel. Here is the map. Now here is some important information. Registration for the conference will open online this week. Please register before the deadline of Sunday October 28th. Please click the link above for the registration fee. If you are Deaf and live in Quebec, and you would like to attend but have financial difficulties, please email: We may be able to help you locate some funding. Deadline for potential funding is Sunday September 30th. If you email us in October, it will be too late. You will need to cover the cost on your own. If you would like more information, you can check the Seeing Voices Montreal Facebook page, or the Seeing Voices Montreal website. Thank you, bye!

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