AWARD WINNING GAY SHORT FILM — Thirteen or so Minutes (13 or so Minutes)

What just happened? I actually liked it What? Well, let’s see we were talking about pussy and how only real men like to eat pussy Yeah, definitely And we started talking about colleges and
football and dead end jobs Where’d you say you were from? Fort Wayne oh, right, sorry about that I like Fort Wayne Yeah? great? Where are you from? Salinas California John Steinbeck You’re related to him? No, he’s … You liked it? I did I can’t remember did you say you have a girlfriend? ahh had, have had several, yeah…have a girlfriend, had a girlfriend you? No, I…well I’ve had girlfriends But I’m not … really How did this happen ? Well…ahhh, you know, we were talking
about the shape of things you know you started this. Look, dude , I told you, I’m not one to just randomly.. jerk off ? ? Well, cripes man, maybe you should start Well you didn’t seem too opposed Yeah, I told you I liked it I mean I’m a pretty open minded guy and you seemed…you seem… pretty cool, I thought , why not ? I think someone
slipped something in our drinks our water? What? We were drinking water. You think
somebody slipped something into our water ? Coffee. I was drinking coffee. Are you like Christian ? Dude, I do not know one guy who doesn’t
jerk off at least from time to time Not one Dude, we just met and you’re asking me all these intimate questions about … We just … I mean …
I think I know you pretty damn well now Probably better than most
people in your life will ever know you It wasn’t like we jerked each other off or sucked each others’ dicks, we sealed the deal, man we made out with each other and stuck our tongues in each other’s mouths and you know sealed the deal don’t…we were really making out, like, tongues and saliva and you were… All right , stop! What’d, you black the whole thing out already? No. It’s just … I mean… Basically this is why I do not masturbate You do not masturbate because … My reality is much more
Beyond my wildest dreams Or in this case nightmares You invited me up You were going to show … What were you going to show me ? What exactly was your intention ? I was going to show a website on …
you know … The size and shape of different … and … How our anatomy fits
well … you know Want to see it now? No Thanks Like it? Yes ! Why do you keep asking me that ?
I liked . I really liked I liked . You look good, you smell good .
It feels good to be with you enough Would do it again Would you do it again? Yes definitely With any ? with you I do it again with you Why? Why me? Friend us were
at the bar for hours You told me your deepest thoughts. You told me things that no one had told
me before You were so real It felt good to be around you Is that a frigging crime? not We are not made for this.
Neither Do you know ? Roughly thirteen minutes ago
I would have agreed with you But right now , I think differently . But you ‘re going to tell me that
not you agree with me? I already explained I had not had
sex or even masturbate And not long ago I had sex I do not know … and you … It’s just … you’re very handsome … Very , very handsome And you seem to be so … I do not know … normal. I ‘m normal And you know what? You are also average Have you had … I do not know … I had … … I had never even
crossed my mind. Never. When my friends in high school
gathered to masturbate together He was not interested Although I probably would have
won a couple of bets Do you gamble ? You know . Volume, distance … You are so handsome Look, I never had
sex with a man before I never wanted to have sex
with a man before. But one thing that overrides
all rules for me. What’s that ? this My heart? No. My Heart . If it feels good here , I do No matter what. And never before
It felt good , but tonight … For the reason that it is I were talking about your cat And you told me how when you sleep
in your bed and think about your cat He comes and lays on your chest And you do not have to do anything
more than lie in bed And he starts to purr And you start to feel this
emotion that grows in your heart A great, wonderful emotion
and expansive in your heart And I was feeling that
same , standing next to you You told me your cat starts to purr
stronger and that emotion gets bigger 131
00:10:06,774 ->00:10:12,803 And your cat purrs louder … and I thought
… I think I’m feeling exactly
the same at this time And the next thing I knew
you were about me It was beautiful and wonderful Thou art beautiful and wonderful And does not mean you ‘re gay, no
means you’re not heterosexual It means you’re alive and awake What a glorious thing is a miracle! How fortunate we are
to have found us … and have had the …
opportunity to experience this! Even if it is only for a moment Dude, that’s my shirt This feels good It is true shit!


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