B.S., Electronic Media & Film; Theatre – TU’s Laura Gede

So this is a fun story. So I’m
actually a third generation Towson student, my grandfather and my
grandmother went here, and then my dad and my mom went here, and so I grew up on the Towson campus. The biggest thing that being a part of COFAC has taught me is
that integrative arts and working with one another cross-disciplinary is so so
important to creating things that really matter, and that will really be wide
reaching. All the classroom time is really great because they’re learning
and you’re developing your craft, but like it’s those times when you’re on set
and you’re making that movie without your professor standing right behind you,
that’s when you’re really are learning, that’s when you’re really growing and
that’s where I feel like I got some of my closest friends, some of the best
memories. So I guess I just like to say thank you to all of my teachers, and my
family, and my friends, and all of my colleagues that I’ve worked with
throughout my entire time here at Towson. You guys really taught me what it was to
be an artist and be a person.

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